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Top 8 Best Anime Tosho Alternatives in 2022

Best and official anime Tosho alternatives will be described in this article. You can download free software, comic books, TV episodes, movies, and other media via the Anime Tosho torrent portal. This platform, which is community-based, is updated every day with the most recent and high-quality media. Every episode and movie is uploaded in an uncompressed codec with a resolution of at least 1080p, and if possible, 4K. You can explore the most popular and trending shows or use the search box with choices for date, size, and grade filtering.

The availability of many download choices is a standout feature. You can download from both the direct download links and the magnet links. Additionally, there are a lot of direct links available, which helps to spread the server load and maximise download speed. In conclusion, Anime Tosho is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of your options.

Top 8 Best Anime Tosho Alternatives in 2022

Top 8 Best Anime Tosho Alternatives are explained here.

1. AniRena.com


You may download free movies, TV shows, anime movies, and much more at AniRena.com via the BitTorrent protocol. Due to the community’s constant updating of the most recent and recently published content, obtaining premium media access is simple. Search the media or pick from the available categories, which include raw, anime, hentai, drama, manga, etc. In addition to movies, you may download music, software, OS utilities, games, and much more. This is another anime tosho alternative. Also check Anime KaizoKu

All of the media is uploaded in the greatest quality available, including 1080p, 4K, and high bit rates for the x264 codec. The results can be sorted by leechers, seeders, downloads, file size, date, etc. AniRena.com is an excellent tool that you can take into account as one of its substitutes all in all.

2. Nyaa


The service on Nyaa Nyaa.se has been terminated. It was a well-known Japanese BitTorrent torrent provider for anime films. For customers who enjoy animated films of all genres, the website was the best torrent source. They can watch all different kinds of anime films at Nyaa.

Even anime films with explicit themes are available here. One of the largest groups of people who enjoy and enjoy watching anime films is Nyaa, it was reported. It can be used to browse torrent files in the categories of cinema, audio, software, photos, literature, action, and others, as well as in animation-based movies.

3. ExtraTorrent


The most popular independent torrent search engine and BitTorrent platform in the world is ExtraTorrent. It is renowned for being a source of authentic torrent files, which it freely distributes to consumers. This is another anime tosho alternative.

ExtraTorrent’s cutting-edge search engine system is its key benefit. With just a few keystrokes, our search system offers consumers the best and most convenient way to quickly search for and discover their favourite torrents.

4. Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan is a Bit Torrent-based torrent library designed for Japanese users that solely contains Japanese content, such as manga, anime, and made-up movies. Without registration or content restrictions, all independent content is available for free. You may choose the file and download it with ease thanks to the user interface’s straightforward design and simple navigation.

The torrents are organised into a list with all the required information listed beneath them. The torrent you’re looking for may be found in the category section or by using the website’s search function. Every torrent also includes a link to the original website. Overall, Tokyo Toshokan is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of your options. Also check AnimeVibe¬†

5. RuTracker.org


Users can download torrent files of music, movies, audiobooks, PDF files, and many more types of content at RuTracker.org. Users of all ages can take English, German, and other language classes offered by the platform, which even allows users to learn a foreign language through it. This is another anime tosho alternative.

Users can utilise it to download torrent files containing videos on martial arts and food. Although the platform is initially only available in Russian, it may be translated into other languages using the browser’s built-in translation tool. Users can download the newest movies, TV episodes, and even books and publications.



One of the swiftest torrent search engines, XTORX gives users immediate access to torrent files. It has a straightforward user interface that enables users to locate the name of the file they’re looking for and click the search icon. The website shows consumers every result that may lead them to the torrent URL where they could download the files. Users of the website can access the most trustworthy results from the web and even from other torrent websites. This is another anime tosho alternative.

Even older websites like The Pirate Bay, 1377x, etc. can still be used by users to access the results. Users of XTORX are given the choice to look for the best available torrent file, which they may click and download with ease, and to search for any software, movie, or other utility they desire. Finally, it is free and integrated with the BitTorrent programme, allowing users to download their content.

7. AcgnX Torrent

AcgnX Torrent

AcgnX Torrent is a community-based torrent site that enables you to download a variety of media for free, including movies, TV episodes, anime movies, and more. The content is posted in the best quality attainable. The robust search engine returns the most pertinent results based on your keyword input. The search can be ordered by date, size, time, and seeders, or it can be filtered with categories. Overall, AcgnX Torrent is a fantastic programme that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

8. Nyaa Pantsu

Nyaa Pantsu

A community-based torrent platform called Nyaa Pantsu offers free media, including as movies, TV shows, comic books, notably Manga comics, music, and much more. Although the majority of the information was from Eastern Asia, it was global in scope. The platform was initially designed to replace Nyaa. You can use the search bar to look up anything, or you can select a category to view the most popular media. This is another anime tosho alternative. Also check Dubbedanime

There are further choices for filtering, such as category, sort by seeders and leechers, size, date, etc. To begin the download without any fuss, search for the item and click the magnet link. Overall, Nyaa Pantsu is a fantastic torrent platform that you may use as one of its substitutes.


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