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Top 10 Best Game Recorder Software For Windows in 2022

Best game recorder software for windows will be described in this post. Gaming is undoubtedly one of the most favored forms of entertainment, as hundreds of new and popular games can be downloaded and played. A game recording software comes in helpful for professional or experienced gamers who prefer to show off their talents to their buddies. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten game recording software for Windows.

Top 10 Best Game Recorder Software For Windows in 2022.

Top 10 best game recorder software for windows are explained here.

1. Open Broadcaster Studio

Open Broadcaster Studio

4.3 out of 5 stars

Free of charge

One of the most favoured and best game recorder software for Windows users is Open Broadcaster Studio. It’s a simple to use free and open source tool for video recording and live broadcasting. This sophisticated software makes screencasting a breeze and allows you to record your favourite game in no time. Also check game cheat code

Pros: • OBS has a variety of video source filters, including image masking, colour correction, and colour keying; • The software makes it simple to add new sources, duplicate existing ones, and alter their parameters.

  • It captures and mixes high-performance real-time game videos.
  • It works with all streaming services, including Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live.
  • Creating scenes is a little difficult.
  • The learning curve is steep.

2. Bandicam


3.6 out of 5 stars

Price: $39 –

Bandicam is a straightforward tool that allows you to record a variety of 2D/3D games as well as HD videos on your computer. This software is not only one of the best game, video, Webcam, and screen recording tools, but it is also one of the best software for recording iTunes, YouTube, video chatting, Skype, and PowerPoint without any problems.

Pros: Compared to competing software, Bandicam records files in a lesser size.

  • It’s a small screen recorder for Windows that can record anything on your computer screen, including intense games and high-definition videos.
  • While recording, you can count a mouse click effect and animation.
  • It comes in 52 different languages, including Bulgarian, Russian, and Kurdish.
  • There is no support for live streaming.
  • The trial version counts a watermark to the top of the video.

3. Dxtory


3 out of 5 stars

The cost is $ 35.50.

Dxtory is one of the finest game recording software for Windows, capable of recording various audio sources and supporting third-party video codecs as well as broadcast output. It’s a movie capture software for DirectX and OpenGL programmes. The software is available to try for free, although it does have certain limits.

Pros: • You can record original pixel data and acquire the highest quality by using a lossless video source; • You can edit screenshots with margin, scaling, and clipping options, and export them in a variety of formats.

  • When saving recordings during gameplay, there is a considerable lag.




3.6 out of 5 stars

Price: $ 37.00 – free

FRAPS is a universal Windows tool that works with games that use DirectX or OpenGL graphics. It may be used to take screenshots as well as record video and games on your computer screen. While you’re playing games, this real-time video capture is running in the background.

Pros: • It authorises you to take a screenshot with only one click; • It is a lightweight, user-friendly software; • Fraps comes with good setup settings that make your work a lot easier than you expected.

  • It records audio and video at resolutions of up to 7680×4800 pixels at bespoke frame rates ranging from 1 to 120 frames per second.

Cons: • There are no video conversion choices with this powerful tool, and it adds a watermark and saves the captures in BMP format.

5. Shadows Play

Shadows Play

3.9 out of 5 stars

Free of charge

ShadowPlay is a GeForce Experience add-on programme that records and captures your best gaming experiences. It’s the simplest & most convenient method to capture and share high-quality gameplay videos, screenshots, and livestreams with your friends and family. The most profitable feature about this software is that it is hardware accelerated, which means you can run it in the background without worrying about video capture slowing down your software. Isn’t it fantastic? Also check Programming Hub Alternatives


  • This programme allows you to manually record gameplay footage in up to 4K at 60 frames per second for as long as you wish.
  • You can share screenshots and recorded games on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Google.
  • It allows you to add camera and custom graphic overlays to your livestream to make it more personal.

Cons: • It takes up alot of space on your hard disc; • You can’t do both twitch broadcasting and shadow recording at the same time.

6. WM Capture

WM Capture

3.2 out of 5 stars

Price: $ 39.95 – free

WM Capture is the best game recorder software for Windows and the highest quality video-from-screen recorder ever made.

Pros: • This versatile tool can capture live streaming video.

  • It’s not only a fantastic way to record your favourite movies, intense games, HD video, and video Chat sessions, but it’s also the simplest way to record audio tracks from a microphone or speakers.
  • It offers extremely high frame rates, resulting in the highest-quality video and audio.
  • This software can be a little unreliable at times.
  • There are no hotkeys.

7. XSplit


4.3 out of 5 stars

-$9.99 -$9.99 -$9.99 -$9.99 -$9.99 -$

XSplit is a simple yet decisive live streaming and recording software that’s ideal for creating video content with your favourite video games. Unlike other systems, this one can use third-party apps like TwitchAlerts to improve game streams.

Pros • It’s simple to use software that enables for drag-and-drop visual integration. • It offers a helpful and responsive technical support team. • It features a unique cloud software function.

  • It is free to test with some small restrictions until you decide to buy it.

8. Plays.tv


3.5 out of 5 stars

Free of charge

Plays.tv is the foremost platform for gamers to record, replay, and relive gaming highlights, and it’s yet another best game recording software for Windows users. It keeps track of your gaming sessions and recognises the best moments in popular games. More than 300 games are available on Play.tv.

Pros: It lets you to make clips and highlight reels in seconds, customise them with unique text and stickers, and share them on social media.

Cons: • In addition to recording your game, it occasionally records what you’re doing on your computer.

9. D3DGear


4 out of 5 stars

The cost is $ 34.95.

D3DGear is a game recording and live streaming software that allows you to simply record games and movies in high quality, compact size, and with minimal lag. It measures video game framerate (FPS) and displays it on your computer screen automatically. D3DGear also allows users to toggle framerate on and off using a hotkey.

  • It supports BMP, JPG, TGA, PNG, PPM, and HDR picture formats.
  • If a low disc space condition is observed, the software automatically identifies it and tells the user to stop recording movies.
  • It enables you to employ modern 3D technology to reduce the influence of video game performance on movie recording.
  • The ‘Push-To-Talk’ feature is supported.

Cons: This app does not authorise you to record any browser components.

  • You will not be able to choose your own frame rate.

10. ZD Soft Screen Recorder

ZD Soft Screen Recorder

3 out of 5 stars

Price: $ 39.00 – free

Last but not least, ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a fantastic game recorder for Windows that records your computer screen with sound and saves it as compressed video files in a variety of formats. Also check Daddylive.fun Alternatives

Pros: • It’s a strong and simple-to-use programme with flawless audio and video synchronisation and multi-monitor support. • ZD Soft Screen Recorder can record numerous audio sources at once, such as playback and voice devices.

Cons: When using this software to record your games, it may have an impact on your game performance.

The ten best game recorder software for Windows users are listed below.


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