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10 Cash Advance Apps and Payday Advance Apps

Best Cash Advance Apps and Payday advance apps will be described in this post. When you’re struggling to make ends meet, you can access financial resources like cash apps and payday loans. Fast money borrowing is now simpler than ever thanks to technology, though each service varies slightly.

You can early deposit your paycheck into your account using cash advance apps. These frequently cost nothing or have a small fee. Depending on your income, payday loan apps or payday advances offer a short-term loan with a high interest rate.

Either of these services can be of great assistance when you need cash to get through until payday. If you’re unprepared, apps with high fees or interest rates can also make it difficult to recover. You can make the best financial choice by reviewing the list of cash advance and payday advance apps below along with their key features.

Top 10 Cash Advance Apps and Payday Advance Apps In 2022

Top 10 Cash Advance Apps and Payday Advance Apps are explained here.

1. Possible Finance

Possible Finance

Possible Finance provides a fully licenced and regulated alternative to payday loans that is still a loan. Without a credit check, you are eligible to borrow up to $500. As an instalment loan, you pay back the loan over several pay periods in a series of payments, giving you time between payments to collect your thoughts. Also check free music apps

To help borrowers build credit histories, it’s possible to report all payments to the big credit bureaus. In-app users can postpone payments for up to 29 days without affecting their credit. Possible also provides a fee recoup programme to reimburse recent bank fees.

Important characteristics:

No credit check loans up to $500 are available.

Installment loans are simple to repay, and payments may be postponed for up to 29 days.

To establish a credit history, payments are reported to the major credit bureaus.

The fee recovery programme reimburses the user’s bank fees.

Ideal for:

Developing credit

Flexible borrowing with options for repayment and rescheduling


Should be a resident of one of the 10 participating states (OH, ID, WA, TX, FL, LA, CA, IA, MI or AL)

A licence or other ID issued by the state

The app supports bank accounts

Three-month history of transactions

Positive balance in a bank account

2. Branch Payday Loan

Branch Payday Loan

Branch is a financial app with built-in budgeting, checking accounts, and wage advances. If your direct deposit is made to your Branch checking account, you can receive up to $100 of your paycheck two days earlier than usual.

Although this feature is free to use, there is a $3.99 transaction fee to access funds right away. If not, you will have to wait three business days to receive the money. Branch additionally permits $500 cash advances with employer-paid membership.

Important characteristics:

Before payday, advance $100 to receive payment two days early.

With membership fees, advance amounts up to $500.

Features for budgeting and fee-free checking accounts

Ideal for:

Significant cash advances

People whose employers collaborate with Branch


Consecutive direct deposits to a supported bank for two months

A debit card from a bank that is accepted

Evidence of spending patterns Branch deems appropriate for your budget

3. Brigit Payday Loan

Brigit Payday Loan

Brigit is a simple-to-use app that can make it easier for you to get the cash you need. There is no claim or credit assessment with Brigit, which is one of its major advantages. Using an app like Brigit is a fantastic solution if you need access to money but have bad credit. This is another cash advance apps.

Additionally, Brigit provides a free repayment extension service, an automated paycheck advance for about $10 per month, and an instant funding option. You can make money using the app’s partnership programme and budgeting features.

Important characteristics:

Unchecked credit advance of up to $250 with no interest

You can manage your cash with a budget, overdraft protection, and payment extensions.

Ideal for:

Those with bad credit scores


Sufficient activity in bank accounts (monitored over a few weeks)

An account balance that is not zero

A minimum of three consecutive deposits from the same employer

Minimum daily average balance the day before and the day after payday

4. Kora Cash Advance

Kora Cash Advance

For college students, Kora is a cash app that provides a range of financial management tools. Users can borrow up to $2,000 with no membership requirements or additional fees for personal or academic needs. According to their financial situation, borrowers can select a repayment option with a fixed APR.

Users of Kora can track their spending, keep an eye on their credit, and even compare their spending patterns to those of other nearby students, in addition to its lending options.

Important characteristics:

Student-focused financial guidance and monitoring

Fixed monthly payments with no fees based on your loan and APR

Credit monitoring in-app

Enhances credit

Ideal for:

College and university students


Need to be at least 18

Has to be a citizen of one of the 21 participating states (AZ, AR, CA, FL, IL, IA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NE, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN, UT, WA, and WI.)

Current college or university students (Proven through a .edu email address.)

Social Security number proof of identity

Electronic bank statements are required.

5. CashNetUSA


Through its mobile app, CashNetUSA provides instalment loans, payday loans, and credit lines. The majority of the functionality is somewhat condensed but still comparable to what is offered online or through a store. You can make payments, apply for a line of credit, ask for an extension, get loans worth thousands of dollars, and more. This is another cash advance apps. Also check battery condition monitoring apps 

Be mindful that welfare rates will be high and can reach hundreds of percentage points, just like with the majority of payday lenders. In contrast to other apps, there are no tips or membership costs, and the interest and fees are disclosed in a way that complies with regulations.

Important characteristics:

Even with a low credit score, you can still obtain a line of credit, a large instalment loan, and payday loans.

Apply for a loan, ask for a loan extension, and repay loans all through the same app.

Ideal for:

Users who are willing to pay high interest rates and large loan amounts

Those with bad credit scores


Should be a resident of one of the 26 participating states .

Dependable and consistent source of income

Checking account that is open

American national or permanent resident

6. Chime


This is another cash advance apps. A popular feature of Chime, an online bank, is the ability to create new checking or high-yield savings accounts directly from the app. Additionally, Chime provides a SpotMe feature that shields customers from overdrafts up to $200 without charging them.

Additionally, users have two days’ advance access to their paychecks. The banking options offered by Chime are touted as being fee-free, with no overdraft fees, no monthly fees, and no minimum balance requirements.

Important characteristics:

Up to $200 in overdraft protection with the SpotMe feature

Members have two days before payday to access their paycheck.

Banking without fees

Ideal for:

Users who desire two-day early payment


Membership in Chime is necessary to access early paychecks.

A monthly qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more must be made to the account.

7. Dave Cash Advance

Dave Cash Advance

Dave’s goal is to provide members with affordable cash advances so they can avoid exorbitant overdraft fees. With a $1 monthly membership fee, you can receive a cash advance within three business days, though there are membership options that allow you to receive payment sooner. $100 and $200 are the starting and maximum cash advance amounts.

In addition to payday loans, Dave offers some awesome features, such as the capacity to report your rent payments to credit bureaus in order to raise your credit score.

Its lengthy delivery times and low initial withdrawal cap, however, can be ineffective.

Important characteristics:

Features for tracking your spending and your rent to improve your credit

One dollar a month is all it costs to join.

Processing for a simple cash advance takes three business days.

Low withdrawal limits have a $100 minimum and a $200 maximum.

Ideal for:

Those users who desire regular small advances

Monitoring banks effectively and preventing overdrafts


Dependable pay with direct deposit

Monthly evidence of additional discretionary income

8. Earnin Payday Loan

Earnin Payday Loan

With the advance of the payday loan app Earnin, you can get your money the same day that you ask for it. Once you’re established, you can withdraw up to $500 per paycheck but your initial withdrawals are only allowed to be $100. This is another cash advance apps.

Users of Earnin can tip the app however much they want for its services; there are no membership or access fees. Also check P apps alternatives

The app not only offers cash advances but also a Health Aid feature that bargains with your doctor about medical bills. Additionally, Earnin has in-app shopping partners that give you extra cash back as well as Balance Shield, which alerts you when you might be at risk of overdrafting.

Important characteristics:

Interest-free advances of up to $500 per paycheck and $100 daily are available.

Keep track of future costs to avoid overdrafts

Use the app to negotiate your medical bills in order to lower them.

Get up to 10% cash back when you shop at well-known retailers.

Ideal for:

Users who demand small advances frequently

Medical debt and expense management


Your checking account will receive more than 50% of your direct deposit.

A consistent pay schedule

A permanent workplace with reliable timekeeping

9. Empower Cash Advance

Empower Cash Advance

Two days before payday, the Empower app offers cash advances worth up to $250. Users of Empower receive a specific debit card with free use of 37,000 ATMs. Automatic cash advances are given out without any additional costs or interest rates. This is another cash advance apps.

Total cash advance withdrawal amounts are provided based on the user’s financial situation and previous interactions with Empower. A $25 cash advance is available to new users who make at least $500 per month, and with better financial standing and continued cash advances, the maximum is raised to $250.

Important characteristics:

Daily account monitoring and automatic savings deposits

Two-day cash advances of up to $250 are free of interest and fees.

Sage advice based on your banking and spending patterns

Ideal for:

Users who prefer small, frequent withdrawals

Monitoring savings targets


Average monthly income of over $500

Two $100 or more deposits in the previous two months

Within the last 30 days, a balance of over $100 for at least 10 days.

10. MoneyLion Mobile Banking

MoneyLion Mobile Banking

Cash advances, praise builder loans, checking accounts, worked investing, private loans, credit score tracking, and other services are all available through MoneyLion, an all-in-one mobile banking membership. This is another cash advance apps.

A fee-free checking account and interest-free cash advances are essential products. Although MoneyLion does accept and track tips, there are no fees for cash advances. A membership with MoneyLion costs $19.99 per month and grants access to advanced features like a credit-building loan with a 5.99% APR.

Important characteristics:

A credit-building loan of up to $1000 and a cash advance on your paycheck of up to $250 each

Get a fee-free checking account, managed investing, credit score monitoring, and more.

Shopping at large retailers to earn cash back

Ideal for:

A banking and cash advance solution in one


Open checking account that is at least two months old.

Regular deposits of income

The balance in the checking account is consistently positive.

What Apps Enable Money Lending?

In the example, 7 out of 10 payday loan borrowers use the advance to pay for regular, essential expenses like rent.

You can borrow money when you need it from a variety of banks, credit unions, and cash advance apps. Cash advance apps may have withdrawal limits for early users and bank account and employment requirements. The processing of withdrawals typically takes a few days, though you can frequently pay a fee to receive your money immediately.

You may also be able to submit an in-app loan or cash advance application through your bank or credit union. Find out what mobile borrowing services your bank provides by asking them.

How to Obtain a Cash Advance

Online, on mobile apps, and at physical lenders are all places where payday advance services are offered. You will be required to provide financial information, such as proof of income, bank statements, and possibly access to your checking account.

Payday loan companies will want to know that you have a sufficient advance of regular income to repay the loan, a healthy bank account balance, and good spending habits. The payday lender will resolve what services are unrestricted to you & go over repayment options, fees, & good rates associated with their benefits after receiving your personal and financial documentation.

The Function of Check Advances

A check advance is a modest, short-term, unsecured loan that is typically paid back on the borrower’s following payday. The terms check advance loan, payday loan, cash advance, and short-term loan all refer to the same thing.

In order to determine whether to loan to you, a lender will look at your state identification document and your proof of income, which is typically a pay stub. The borrowed amount is due on your next payday or, for some alternatives to payday loans, it may be due up to three months from that date. Additionally, lenders charge a percentage fee — typically $15 for every $100 borrowed — based on your loan amount and state regulations.

Use Cases For Cash Advance Apps

If you need to pay bills or other pressing expenses, cash advance apps let you access your paycheck earlier. They can help you avoid overdrafts and other banking fees and are useful when you’re in a bind.

When a borrower has sound financial habits, typically has money left over after covering expenses, and is secure in their power to pay rear the withdrawal plus any fees or interest rates, cash advances can be very helpful.

If you can avoid it, it’s not a good idea to frequently rely on cash advances. While some cash advance and payday loan services are relatively inexpensive, others have APRs as high as 700%. Paying back and recovering from recurring, expensive fees can be challenging. Consider having a money discussion with a financial expert to find alternatives and better your financial situation if you believe you rely heavily on cash advances.

Utilizing a Cash Advance App: The Costs

Typically, users of cash advance apps are charged transaction fees, membership fees, or interest on the money borrowed. While some cost is typical, there are increasingly more free and inexpensive options available.

Transaction costs might be offered as a mandatory “tip” to the service or as a set rate. The cost of a monthly membership ranges from $1 to $19.99. Traditional payday loans and instalment loans have high interest rates that can reach 700% APR.

What Happens if a Cash Advance App Can’t Be Repaid?

A payday advance app may ban you from using its services if you don’t pay it back. The payday advance app will nevertheless keep attempting to withdraw money from your bank account, which could result in a buildup of overdraft fees. When you stop using the app’s services, make sure you can repay your payday loan and disconnect your bank account from the app.

At Possible, we think that compared to traditional payday lenders, our customers will find it much simpler to repay their loans. We offer our consumers the possibility to extend their payments up to 29 days without any negative effects to their credit, in addition to lower APR than many other lenders.


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