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Goniometer A Tool for Measuring a Joint’s Range of Motion

This post will explain goniometer. A goniometer is a gadget used in physical therapy to determine a joint’s range of motion (ROM). There are 2 “arms”– one that is stationary and one that is movable– that are hinged together. Each is positioned at particular points on the body with the center of the goniometer lined up at the joint of interest. Inbounds marker on the hinge enable the therapist to precisely determine ROM in degrees.

Goniometer A Tool for Measuring a Joint’s Range of Motion

In this article, you can know about goniometer here are the details below;

Though you can quickly buy one yourself, a goniometer is suggested for appropriately trained health specialists who understand how to use it for finest results. For example, a therapist might utilize the tool to acquire a baseline series of motion measurement of a particular joint after an injury. After an intervention, they may determine once again to assure that the treatment is effective. Also check stockings for winter.

The word goniometer is obtained from the Greek words gonia & metron, which mean angle and stress, respectively.

 Types of Goniometers

A standard goniometer is pretty fundamental. It is normally made from clear plastic, sometimes metal, and some cost just a few dollars.

They can be found in various dimensions: Small goniometers are indicated to measure variety of motion about the joints of your fingers, thumbs, & hands. Large goniometers are utilized to measure your hips or knees.

While one of the most basic kind of goniometer is a physical tool, brand-new types have actually been established. Most significantly:

– Digital goniometers: Studies have shown that they’re as accurate or better than the basic variations.1.

– Goniometers that strap to a body part to determine series of movement while you move

– Goniometer apps on portable devices like mobile phones: These utilize your device’s accelerometer and gyroscopic innovation to measure changes in the position of the phone. You just open the app, location your phone in the appropriate position on your body part, and move your body through its offered series of movement. One study discovered this technique to be equally effective to standard goniometers in terms of determining series of movement.2.

Keep in mind, just an experienced specialist ought to be using info about goniometric measurements to make medical decisions.

 Why Goniometers Matter.

While strength gets a lot of attention, variety of motion is an often-ignored measurement of it fitness. It is a sign of versatility as one ages.3.

If your therapist utilizes a goniometer to measure your range of motion and keeps in mind a decreased motion from your standard, they can help you enhance your joint’s movement with stretching and other interventions. Repeat use of a goniometer can assist measure your development. Also check neck massagers .

A research in the Journal of Aging Research observed that as males and females hit retirement age, they lose an average of 5 to seven degrees of range of motion in their shoulders and hips each years.

Increased (or protected) range of movement implies better movement and injury avoidance long term.


One thing to ask any physical therapist: How do goniometric measurements figure into your total rehab program and assessment? While a goniometer can be used efficiently to measure joint series of motion, the quality of that motion– how things are moving– might be of equal significance. Your PT ought to take both amount and quality motion into account when evaluating your condition. Also check blanching skin


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