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Top 14 Gumroad Alternatives In 2022

Best gumroad alternatives will be discussed in this article. A well-liked e-commerce option for digital entrepreneurs and producers is Gumroad. You don’t require a website or hosting assistance if you use Gumroad.

Simply upload your item to the site, give it a description, decide on a price, and provide clients with the URL.

key attributes

List goods and offer them for sale directly, or place the coding on your website.

Memberships and subscriptions enable you to create recurring income. A “Pay what you want” option allows customers to set their own price.

You can better understand your audience and product preferences with the use of analytics.


Increases the cost of each transaction

Only a few modifications are possible.


For each sale you make, Gumroad will deduct a certain proportion of your earnings.

As you reach earning milestones, the charge is reduced.

Following are the various fees based on your lifetime earnings:

0% to $1,000: 9% plus 30 cents per transaction

$10,000 and up: 7% plus 30 cents per transaction

$10k – $100k: 5% plus 30c every transaction

From $100,000 to $1,000,000: 3% plus 30 cents per transaction


2.9% plus 30c for each transaction

Top 14 Gumroad Alternatives to Sell Products and Get Donations In 2022

Top 14 Gumroad Alternatives to Sell Products and Get Donations are explained here.

1. Soundwise


Soundwise, an alternative to gumroad

The only device on this list that is specifically designed for podcasters and other producers of audio content is Soundwise.

You can utilise it to generate income by selling premium podcasts and audio programmes or by giving them out in order to grow an email list that you can then monetize.

key attributes

Offer rentals and subscriptions, or charge a one-time cost for audio programmes and premium podcasts.

To offer potential clients a taste, provide free trials and samples.

Create sales pages for your programmes that are optimised for the web and mobile.

Gather listener input to enhance your offerings.


Pricing Direct integration with a small number of software

Among Soundwise’s four paid plans are:

Beginning: $23 per month

Additional: $59 monthly

Positive: $119 monthly

Platinum monthly fee: $469

On AppSumo, though, you can get it for life for just $59 upfront.

There is even a 15-day trial period so you may try it out.



HYPAGE is a unique take on a product bio page.

You can earn money off of your bio link by selling digital goods, joining a club, or making donations. Also check adobe illustrator alternatives

HYPAGE features a built-in payment processor that enables you to immediately collect payments to streamline the procedure.

key attributes

Sell digital things including memberships, courses, and premium gated content Acknowledge fan requests and contributions

Increase email signups from website visitors


Consists of extremely few integrations


Three plans comprise HYPAGE:

Free: $0.01 each month

In favour: $19 monthly

Business: $39 per month

On AppSumo, you can also get it for life for a one-time fee of just $49

Although HYPAGE doesn’t provide a trial, you can use the free plan to try it out.

3. Payhip


Payhip resembles Gumroad in appearance, but it concentrates on digital goods and offers paid plans. This is another Gumroad alternative.

You can either lower or remove your transaction cost right away, depending on the plan you choose.

key attributes

Sell memberships or online courses that have a one-time price or that bring in regular income.

Invite affiliates and use the affiliate system to manage them.

Create sales pages that convert well using the store builder Restrictions

few possibilities for customisation

The high transaction rate for the free plan is 5%.


Payhip provides these three plans:

No Monthly Fee Ever: Free

Additional: $29 monthly

Pro: Only $99 a month

You can push it out using the free plan even though there is no trial available.

4. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

A simple alternative to Gumroad for digital downloads

Easy Digital Downloads creates it easy to sell digital goods from your WordPress website, as the name suggests.

This plugin offers extensions that you can utilise to increase functionality, which is one of its best advantages.

key attributes

Make your WordPress website a digital items store.

e-commerce website

Keep customer information up to date and monitor KPIs like client lifetime value.

Accept credit card or PayPal payments Restrictions

Works only with WordPress blogs

No option for a monthly payment


Five payment options are offered by Easy Digital Downloads:

Personal Pass: annually $199.50

Long Term Pass: $399.50 annually

Professional Pass: annually $599.50

All Access Pass: yearly cost of $999.50

Although there is no trial available for Easy Digital Downloads, there is a free version of the plugin.

5. Samcart


Samcart is a well-liked solution for marketing and selling digital goods and services, including coaching. Also check Cryptocurrency wallets

It is primarily recognised for features that increase your average order value, such the order boost and one-click upsell. This is another Gumroad alternative.

key attributes

Create attractive checkout pages that convert well.

Conversion rate and ROI are improved through one-click upsells, order increases, A/B split testing, and reporting.

Pay whatever you wish

enables users to choose their own prices


Only the Grow and Scale plans, which are quite pricey, include features like upsells and order increases.

There isn’t a free option.


Samcart offers three paid packages.

launch price: $49 monthly

Increase: $99 monthly

Typical: $199 monthly

6. Sellfy


Sellfy is an online store that allows creators to sell both physical and digital goods.

To assist you increase sales, it provides options like email marketing, coupon coupons, and upsells. This is another Gumroad alternative.

key attributes

Make a stunning storefront where you can display all of your goods.

List and sell things, both physical and digital, as well as subscriptions.

Offers the option of printing products as needed.


For users to sell digital goods and subscriptions, they must purchase a premium plan.


Sellfy provides four paid choices:

Free: $0.01 each month

Beginning: $29 per month

Organization: $79 per month

Added: $159 monthly

7. Patreon


For creators to accept ongoing financial support from their audience in exchange for exclusive material, Patreon has become very popular.

Numerous creators provide different membership tiers where they provide premium content and extra benefits.

key attributes

Fan membership fees that are paid on a monthly basis can help you financially.

Develop connections with customers by posting posts

Integrates with a variety of platforms & tools


There is no choice to take one-time payments.


Three plans are provided by Patreon.

All three are free to join, but you must pay a different commission for each one.

They are as follows:

Basically: 5% of your income

Professional: 8% of your income

Premium: 12% of your income

You might also want to read our essay on Patreon alternatives if this model appeals to you.

8. Hyax


With Hyax, you can sell nearly anything.

This comprises real and digital goods, training programmes, and memberships.

Additionally, you can build funnels and landing pages to market your goods. This is another Gumroad alternative.

key attributes

To sell things or to encourage them to sign up for your lead magnets, create landing pages.

Make multi-step funnels with order bumps and upsells.

Accept PayPal or Stripe payments Restrictions

No free plan, and every plan is expensive.

Only those who pay for the Advanced plan or higher pricing can remove branding.

Hyax offers three paid packages:

Entry-level: $99 per month

A level: $199 monthly

Business: Special pricing

A trial version is available for free.

9. SendOwl


A cost-effective solution for selling digital goods, such as memberships, online courses, ebooks, audiobooks, and photography, is SendOwl. This is another Gumroad alternative. Also check Blockchain Development Companies 

It may be integrated with Shopify as well as your website and blog.

key attributes

Sell goods over a variety of channels, including social media

Promo codes, cart abandonment, one-click upsells, and pay-what-you-want pricing are a few features that increase conversions.

Limit downloads to avoid product sharing


Few possibilities for customisation


There are four ways to pay with SendOwl:

Just the essentials

$9 monthly

The norm is $15 per month.

Monthly premium: $24

Organization: $39 per month

10. E-junkie


Another website where physical and digital goods can be purchased is E-junkie. This is another Gumroad alternative.

You can accept payments through a variety of payment methods, and it is really affordable.

key attributes

Affordable price options with monthly minimums as little as $5

To stop ebooks from being distributed, stamp the buyer’s name, transaction ID, and email onto the books.

Use download codes to make offline sales.


Not the finest user interface for your checkout pages and storefront.


Four payment options are provided by E-junkie:





A 30-day trial is also available.

11. ThriveCart


Since ThriveCart just costs once and gives you lifelong access, many people choose it over Samcart.

Joint venture agreements, financial predictions, and subscription saving capabilities are just a few of its intriguing features. This is another Gumroad alternative.

key attributes

Automatic sales tax calculation aids in charging the appropriate amount.

Create upsell and bump pages at checkout to increase average order value.

Affiliate centre aids in affiliate management and revenue growth.


There is no problem or free plan available, and the entrance cost is expensive.

Both of ThriveCart’s premium plans include:

Lifetime Account with ThriveCart: $1,995.

$2,995 for ThriveCart Pro.

There isn’t a trial or free plan.

12. Shopify


Everyone is aware that one of the greatest ecommerce store builders is Shopify.

But few are aware that it provides apps that facilitate the sale of digital goods like ebooks and video courses. This is another Gumroad alternative.

key attributes

You may market and sell downloaded goods and online courses with Shopify’s Digital Download App and other third-party applications like Thinkific.

Provides a variety of additional applications and integrations

Provides free email marketing tools for acquiring and growing subscribers.


It can be pricey to subscribe to Shopify and its premium applications.

Shopify offers three paid options:

Standard: $29 per month

Shopify costs $79 a month.

A level: $299 monthly

13. PayKickstart


Although you can collect one-time purchases, PayKickstart is most recognised for its subscription billing system, which accepts recurring payments. This is another Gumroad alternative.

It can be used to market services, software, ebooks, and courses.

key attributes

Accept credit cards, wallets, PayPal, and even bank transfers as forms of payment.

The customer lifetime value is increased and churn is reduced thanks to the subscription management feature.

Run and monitor affiliate programmes with the aid of affiliate management.


Prices are on the pricier side and there is no free plan.


Three paid plans are offered by PayKickstart:

Beginning: $99 per month

Increase: $199

Scale: $299

14. WooCommerce


An open-source e-commerce platform for WordPress websites is called WooComerce.

Additionally free to use, it aids in the creation of stunning landing sites and stores. This is another Gumroad alternative.

key attributes

Add e-commerce capabilities quickly to your WordPress website.

You may rapidly set up a store and begin receiving payments with the use of themes and extensions.

Customize stores using builders such as Elementor or a qualified designer.


Only applicable to WordPress-built websites Pricing

WooCommerce is open source and free to use, however premium plugins and themes cost extra.

Have you found a good Gumroad substitute?

Free to use, Gumroad is a fantastic tool.

However, those high commission rates may cut into your earnings and reduce the amount of money you have available to reinvest in your company.

For this reason, it is preferable to use a different strategy where you pay a monthly fee and receive a larger share of your profits.

There are numerous options available, depending on your spending limit and the kinds of goods you sell.

Samcart is better for online courses, while Soundwise would be ideal for promoting premium podcasts.

Visit the AppSumo store to find even more ways to save money.

We frequently offer discounts on programmes like Soundwise and HYPAGE.

Simply pay a one-time fee, and you will have access to these products forever.

FAQs for Gumroad

Is selling on Gumroad simple?

Yes, using it is fairly simple.

Share the product links with potential customers after you upload your products and set the price.

What is the most effective Gumroad substitute?

Gumroad’s best substitute is Payhip.

It delivers a lot of the identical parts and also has paid options that reduce or do away with commission fees.

Like Patreon, is Gumroad?

Despite the fact that both tools are well-liked by digital artists, they are very different.

Gumroad is solely dedicated to selling digital goods, whereas Patreon’s features are focused on accepting recurring membership payments and nurturing your supporters.


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