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Best Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tool for Windows

This post will explain home bandwidth monitor. Network Bandwidth monitoring is definitely needed as it can assist you recognize performance problems on a network. With keeping an eye on network bandwidth, one may determine that a specific computer on the network is consuming so much bandwidth which might be an indicator of an infection. It ought to always be always a major priority for all in order to know exactly what is going on in your network at all times.

Best Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tool for Windows

In this article, you can know about home bandwidth monitor here are the details below;

So here are the 15 finest free Bandwidth Monitoring software application for Windows 10 and earlier variation that can be utilized on home and office system:

 NetWorx– A free Bandwidth Monitor Tool

It is an easy and helpful software that monitors your bandwidth use. I have been utilizing this free software in my office to monitor individual System information intake. An excellent tool for home and workplace for bandwidth monitor.

It has the ability to tape network information and calculate your internet speed and other numerous connections utilizing this tool free of charge. It can also assist you to identify any possible reasons for the network concerns. NetWorx ensures that the bandwidth limit does not cross defined limits set by the ISP. It can likewise notify malware like Trojan horses or any dishonest attacks. Also check developer home office setup.


– System admin can set restrictions so that users will not be able to remove the data usage report.

– This tool provides you a clear concept of the information usage on a daily basis, weekly, monthly to yearly basis.

– If there is an enormous flow data, there is an alerts option that will signal you.

– You can transform log reports into numerous formats like Word, Excel, and HTML

 FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor

FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor is light in nature & is a tool for Windows. This tool is given with a modest interface & assists you with an active graph that offers an idea of your existing network usage. This use data can be inspected through a graph and if you do not want to see the graph continually, you have the alternative to decrease it also.


– You have the liberty to run it from anywhere on the hard disk or store it on a USB as it is portable.

– It has various functions, for instance, URL grabber, Traceroute. You can likewise get UPnP NAT and likewise e-mail alert services.

– You can personalize the Interface like altering the colors or brightness level.


It assists the users to have a close look at the usage of web that is separately plying in the background. You can get the outcome bandwidth use highlighted in the mode of charts and tables on the interface. To start with, you require to unzip the bandwidth, edit the configuration file, run the batch declare “Install Service” After that, you need to introduce the BandwidthD app from the services to see the graph of the bandwidth use. It is essential you have Wincap variation 3.0 or above to install this program.


– By default, it has the capability to keep a record of use up to 400 days.

– It has the ability to watch on the usage of TCP/IP network subnets and put together HTML files. It then showcases charts yo teel about the use.

– bandwidth can deal with different platforms and windows is among them.

 BitMeter OS

It is an able bandwidth meter that assists the users to check their internet connection. It exhibits a graph that offers you a concept of the overall time of upload and downloads for a particular duration. With the help of numerous charts, you have the enjoyment to keep an eye over the use of your internet connection. Through the History window, you can have a concept on the internet consumption modifications in the last couple of hours, days or months.


– The bandwidth is figured by downloads and uploads separately, and also gives an idea of the merged total of the whole as well.

– The inquiry window helps you with the documents about network usage for any particular day.

– It signals you when the bandwidth usage is exceeding the limit level.

 ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

It assists you to keep a track on the internet traffic and bandwidth usage with for the whole time predetermined by you. You can get data from the interface. It provides you a clear concept about the network traffic status from brief to a very long time, i.e. like an entire month. There is an image in the system tray which assists you with further details on web traffic & bandwidth usage. This software is pretty light on the hardware & helps the system to work smoothly. Also check college homework.


– It gives you the freedom to set up the network interfaces from the settings menu for keeping track of works.

– Its user interface is instinctive and that makes it easy to i.

– Keeps an eye on the internet traffic and bandwidth usage with for the whole time predetermined by you.

 PRTG Bandwidth Monitor.

PRTG can evaluate the traffic in the network and helps you with in-depth info in type graphs and charts. The download speed is quite fast which requires your network monitor to run quickly. This software ensures of smoother server speed and nullifies network blockage. It likewise keeps an eye on added tasks like upload time, action time and a lot more. It likewise has the capability to support a wide range of sensors together with bandwidth monitoring & network analysis.

It is a beneficial tool for Windows to pursue your internet intake. Its user interface is quite a capable one where you can complete the majority of your works without barriers.


– It starts building up information data as quickly as you arrange a sensor to keep a watch on your bandwidth speed.

– It can download sensing units like router, site and network user interface.

– Overview page helps you to monitor the bandwidth information in type of charts, charts, and tables.

 SolarWinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor.

SolarWinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor can be called as the best software application if you are plying SNMP based gadgets. This freeware checks real-time & showcases the crops in the form of visual representation which can be surely understood. It assists you to sort out material and also troubling scale to see whenever the usage goes beyond the preset limitation.


– The launch of the tool you need to enter any information related to the SNMP based gadget.

– It will give you visual representation about the designs to be joined and which criteria need to be repaired.

– If there are 2 individual tasks from your SNMP based gadget, there will be two separate signals imagining the traffic into the device.


NetSpeedMonitor helps you to keep a vigil on your internet connection at all times. It has the capacity to track the speed of your network throughout any kind of upload and download, which, while doing so helps you to observe the volume of information transferred. It helps you with the overall info about the information used for a single day. It can likewise track the data used for a full month. You can likewise modify interface with the alternatives like size and position or typefaces.

This software is quick and has the capability to record the tracking function starting from one second to 24 hours. It also showcases the history of network use with the help of charts or straight in the main window. This tool is very quick without any errors throughout the entire procedure. Also check creative wall art.


– Its interface is quite basic and the design is not an intricate one which makes it easy to use.

– From the menu, you can easily begin or stop the tracking procedure.

– Added settings are there utilizing which you can see the comprehensive volume of web information transferred and gotten for a specific day.

 Rokario Bandwidth Monitor.

It has the ability to keep an eye on your network connection speed and it is free to download. It is a lightweight tool that offers you an over-all data about the information flow with the assistance visual expressions. After you release the program, you have to pick the interface you wish to be linked to. In the next means, it rises to highlight the info about network speed.


– You can alter the interface settings utilizing right-click on the icon in the system tray.

– There are numerous features in the totally free version and the captivating one is the real-time database. It also has the alternatives to personalize and show settings.

– This tool, after getting set up is not quite challenging to operate. It can likewise be set up or personalized.

 Cucusoft Net Guard.

Cucusoft Net Guard is an invaluable tool for your windows. It can keep a rigorous vigil on your broadband use. This software is likewise totally free to download. It has the ability to improve your web speed and erases any harmful software application that might use your web covertly. If there is any malware and virus, this tool reacts and erases it without wasting time. It is compatible with all Windows variations, including Windows 8.


– It has the capability to determine the estimated bandwidth for a specific.

– It keeps eyes and safeguards any misuse of your bandwidth.

– It likewise supplies you with a Powerful Graphic Bandwidth Usage Report.

 ManageEngine Realtime Bandwidth Monitor.

This is a cool software which offers assistance for keeping a stringent vigil of the network traffic. In the complimentary variation of the software application, it allows double connections that assist SNMP to be followed. You can get the message concerning the bandwidth intake at the device level and an interface-level. It also helps you to find the applications and offers that are consuming the most network bandwidth quickly with this tool.


– The total result of the traffic, with the help of a firewall program, is showcased through visual illustrations and table structure.

– The table provides you a solid concept of the minimum, maximum, and typical speed.

– You have the view the network information daily, monthly or every year as you want.


It’s a web based open bandwidth monitoring tool that subtracts monitoring your system in real-time. It works on almost all internet browser like Chrome, Mozilla, and so on.

This is a normal tool with which you can examine the speed of your internet with ease. The great part is, it is available of any kind of hazardous infection or spyware. It assists you to complete the real bandwidth speed that you in fact spend for. It also assists you to get network traffic tracking in real-time. It also has the function of integrated traffic examining that watches on the network speed. It this procedure, the tool is helped with visual engravings. All 3 modes can be tailored by you to fit your needs.


– It is a very accurate tool which provides you to see the data use and when you are going to topple the summit level.

– With some setting in the program, you can set the upper limit of Upload and download.

– After the network connection has actually reached the optimum level, this hassle-free tool deliberately disconnects it.

 BitMeter 2.

BitMeter 2 is a terrific application that has the capability to observe your computer system’s network bandwidth. It can also retain a watch on the speed of your internet speed through graphs. The upload & download speed is described with the help of this chart. It is bestowed with basic text and is straightforward to follow. You have the liberty to set up manual and automated backups of the application. In this procedure, it assists in recuperating activity history and setting. It also highlights the hourly, everyday and regular monthly analysis of your network activity.


– It is totally free and has limitless functions. It is likewise free of any spyware and adware.

– It helps you to tailor the screen.

– Though the size of the application is little, it has various functions and details.


ntop is a tool that has the capacity to detect and show the tally of hosts tapping the network. It is quite pleased with the majority of Unix platform or  MacOSX, & Windows. This tool likewise hands you an user-friendly, encrypted web user interface for the realtime and traffic info.


– It helps to identify traffic according to IP address, port, L7 protocol, throughput, Autonomous Systems (AS).

– There are alerts alternatives to spot unusual and suspicious hosts.

– It can alert you to discover any network problem that can obstruct the speed of your web.

Reward Tips: If you are ready to spend a few dollars, then you might think about DU Meter which is an exceptional tool. If you want to utilize it for office then you may likewise try OpenNMS.


So, these were the 15 top free Bandwidth Monitoring software application for Windows. You can pick any among them to assist you to monitor your computer’s network bandwidth and let your system run smoothly. Make a wise choice according to your need.


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