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Passive Income Freelance Platform?

Best ways to get Passive Income Freelance Platform through jump task will be described in this article. Have you already participated in the gig economy? Recent news reports have made a lot of fuss about people leaving their employment and turning to freelancing. In fact, the gig economy is a sizable industry with a $400 billion projected market in 2022. Is it difficult to make money there?

Passive Income Freelance Platform?

In this article, you can know about Passive Income Freelance Platform here are the details below;

To make income in the gig economy, you typically need to put up a lot of work and finish assignments. As the freelance market becomes more competitive, you often need to possess particular skills or knowledge. That’s not the only route into the field, though.

What if there was a single platform that allowed freelancers to earn both passive and active income? There is, claims JumpTask, a cryptocurrency platform that provides gig workers with microtasks. Let’s find out whether what they are claiming is accurate and if you ought to think about joining it.

What Is JumpTask?


JumpTask provides quick jobs so gig workers can supplement their income. Unusual for a platform, JumpToken has its own coin (JMPT). Jobs are completed by freelancers, who are paid with JMPT. It implies that you can acquire cryptocurrency without investing any of your own funds. Also check How To Get Free Robux

The platform, which debuted in January 2022, is expanding very quickly. More than 1 million active users indicate that many independent contractors find it useful.

JumpTask is distinguished by its distinctive method of freelancing. The platform focuses on microtasks rather than providing complicated assignments or big projects. All jobs may essentially be completed by anyone without special abilities or knowledge.

How to Get Started On JumpTask?

On JumpTask, getting started is really simple. Initially, you can use your laptop or smartphone to access their website. In actuality, the website’s design may use some improvement. The JumpTask team has, nonetheless, already disclosed that they are redesigning their website.

A crypto wallet is the only thing you require before you may earn JMPT. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. When you utilise social logins, JumpTask automatically creates a wallet using Torus. You are then prepared to gather JumpTokens. If you would like, you can later convert them for cash.

What Are Ways To Earn?

What Are Ways To Earn

Both passive and active options to earn money in JMPT are provided by JumpTask. At the moment, passive approaches include staking and pooling internet bandwidth. As an alternative, you might actively participate in little jobs or surveys to make money. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Sharing your web traffic is one way to earn a passive income. How does it function? The Honeygain app, a JumpTask partner, must be downloaded. The next step is to allow the programme to collect JMPT while it is operating in the background on your computer or phone.

Crypto staking is another passive income option. It operates much like a standard savings account. You deposit your tokens and accrue JMPT incentives instead of depositing cash and earning interest. Staking is a good approach to make the most of your current tokens.

Offerwalls and surveys are additional ways to actively earn money. Simply said, installing and using the newest apps, viewing videos, and completing puzzles are all ways to earn JumpTokens. Additionally, you can finish engaging surveys and get rewarded for offering your ideas.

The current duties may be too simple or monotonous for some folks. However, it’s vital to hold in mentality that JumpTask only launched this year! Therefore, as described in the project’s whitepaper on its website, more work kinds will be added in the future.

How much Money Can I Make?

When it comes to income, JumpTask offers a great starting point for working as a freelancer. You won’t make millions, it’s true, but $50 a month is very doable. It is possible to reach $100, but doing so would take more work. Also check freelance websites

How many chores you accomplish determines how much money you make. For instance, your income rises if you combine active and passive income generation strategies. Additionally, you increase your earning potential by using your current JMPT earnings for staking.

Last but not least, you can enter JumpTask token drawings for a chance to win JMPT. The platform runs a once-a-month Windrop event that functions like a crypto airdrop. In order to be eligible for the prize draw, investors must meet certain requirements.

Ending Word

Overall, JumpTask gives independent contractors the chance to make money both actively and passively. The platform might offer more tasks for different skill levels and a more improved website. However, according to JumpTask, both upgrades are on the way. As a result, the platform is a good option to make extra money; discover whether it works for yourself!


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