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Top 15 Best Payroll Software Systems In 2022

Best payroll software systems will be described in his article. QuickBooks Payroll is the top payroll software. The comprehensive accounting platform provides you with a powerful payroll processing module that conceals practical automation capabilities and innovation tools behind a straightforward user design.

Any company that wants to advance and flourish must have compliance-aware, full-featured payroll software that enables you to create precise employee salaries and disperse payments in a variety of ways. However, ineffective payroll management lowers employee confidence and exposes significant dangers that could jeopardise your company’s best laid plans.

For example, your payroll method should be able to keep up when numerous businesses switch to remote labour as a result of COVID-19. The system need to be accessible to payroll workers from any location and on any gadget.

In this post, we’ve completed the crucial process of researching the software and rating 15 of the top payroll programmes for small businesses based on their features, costs, vendor dependability, level of customer service, available integration channels, and scalability, among other factors. You ought to have a good notion of which one to choose once you’ve gone through all of these.

Top 15 Best Payroll Software Systems in 2022

Top 15 Best Payroll Software Systems are explained here.

Payroll is one corporate process that cannot slow down as a result of the limitations and stay-at-home advice to control COVID-19. This is not just due to the fact that it manages a company’s money, but also—and more significantly—because it is in charge of paying personnel. Many people whose lives are being saved by those working on the front lines of the pandemic would cease to exist without their paychecks. Furthermore, according to statistics, nearly 50% of American workers will quit their jobs if they have problems receiving their payments.

The usage of antiquated payroll methods, such as spreadsheets, is one of the many payroll issues that could contribute to this issue. With these, you might not be able to consolidate your system, automate your procedures, or maintain compliance standards. Additionally, it consumes a substantial portion of your staff’s time. In fact, a survey found that 27% of HR staff members devote the majority of their time on managing payroll procedures, which are primarily carried out manually. This time could have been reasonably spent on activities that required greater focus.

How Much Time Does HR Staff Spend on Payroll Tasks?

Additionally, you might want to think about researching the most recent advancements in payroll systems. One example is the growing use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in financial transactions, such as payroll payments. It has been shown to be economical, and many people laud how simple it is to put into practise.

Blockchain was first created as a cryptocurrency accounting system. Today’s distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based innovative system has been improved to manage employee payments while upholding confidentiality and openness in the recording, processing, and sharing of payroll data.

1. QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll

Within QuickBooks Online, there is a QuickBooks Payroll module that functions. You can submit payroll for your entire staff up until 5 PM on the day before payday using the convenient and cost-free 24-hour direct deposit feature. They have recently introduced a new same-day direct deposit feature. This is another Payroll Software Systems.

The user interface, like many QuickBooks modules and products, is fairly simple to understand. Additionally, it has a full complement of capabilities for payroll and tax compliance. You receive automatic tax updates from the module as well. To maintain the accuracy of your payroll, it cleverly monitors the most recent state and federal tax rates. Additionally, it’s simple to file and pay taxes directly on the platform. The tax forms are also easily accessible.

However, Intuit also offers a standalone version of QuickBooks Payroll if you only need a full-service payroll system. This includes the potential for same-day direct deposits as well as professional assistance from US-based payroll professionals. But the QuickBooks suite is not included.

The platform works nicely with Intuit goods such nonprofit accounting software, factory accounting software, and many more. Naturally, it works with every QuickBooks product. In addition, mobile apps for Android and iOS are available for QuickBooks Payroll. The base monthly cost for the independent Full Service Payroll solution is $24. Currently, the price has been reduced from $80. Additionally, each user pays $4.

Principal Elements of QuickBooks Payroll

  • A new capacity for same-day direct deposits
  • Support from specialists in the US
  • Time tracking and posters for labour laws
  • Services and 1099 forms for contractors
  • Quick, limitless payroll runs

2. Gusto


Gusto is a dependable platform that includes capabilities for compliance, benefits administration, and payroll software. It is intended to support the expansion of small enterprises in the US. It also makes it simple for these businesses to manage the HR requirements of their employees. The programme also includes reliable payroll services, an appealing user interface, and powerful automation and innovation tools.

The platform offers everything underneath one roof and enables customers to streamline their business procedures. From payroll to benefits, this. Additionally, payroll tax computations, payments, and even submission can all be automated. This can make it simpler for you to adhere to internal and external norms and laws.

When you sign up for a Zeal free trial, it’s simple to explore the features in more detail.

Today, Gusto serves the payroll needs of over 40,000 US companies. Additionally, it works nicely with a wide variety of business software and systems, including Bamboo HR, Receipt Bank, FreshBooks, Xero, Deputy, and QuickBooks, among a large number of others.

Three pricing options are available. First, the least expensive plan, the Core plan, is created to support smaller teams. The base monthly cost is $39 + $6 for each additional user. The Complete version, which has an additional base price of $39 per month, is the second option. It costs $12 per user per month. This is a more sophisticated variant made for busy, expanding businesses. Finally, the premium version created for enterprise use is the concierge plan. It has full HR certification assistance, including HR specialists with HR certification. Its base monthly cost is $149 + $12 more for each user.

Characteristics of Gusto

  • Payroll management that is error-free
  • Simplify the administration of benefits
  • Facilitate tax compliance and reporting
  • Simple controls and dashboards
  • No binding contract

3. OnPay


OnPay is one of the most well-liked solutions in the category since it is simple to use and offers a wide spectrum of functions. The product’s numerous highly scalable applications make it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. This cloud-based technology can automate tax filing and payment operations in addition to streamlining payroll processes. The system, which also has the ability to manage different operations like compensation and benefits insurance, makes it simple to enter payroll information including hours, tips, reimbursements, and bonuses. Also check Benefits of building a digital business

Whether for full-time or contract staff, this powerful platform can manage an unlimited monthly payroll and can adjust to the W-2 and 1099 needs. User selection will determine whether they pay by check or direct deposit. Users must first apply for the feature and pass a risk assessment exam in order to use it. OnPay is among the most affordable payroll software options available because to these features and others. This is another Payroll Software Systems.

The solution works well with a wide variety of corporate systems, including accounting, timekeeping, and HR software platforms like Xero, TSheets, Vestwell, Zenefits, and Magnify, among others. The monthly cost for the service starts at $36 and increases by $4 for each additional user. As a result, the monthly cost for five users is $56.

The Essentials of OnPay

  • No monthly pay limits
  • File and pay all taxes using the site.
  • Facilitates multi-state payroll
  • Accessible across all 50 states

40 or more payroll reports

4. Rippling


Rippling is a comprehensive HR platform that manages hiring, training, payroll, employee benefits, and a lot more. Through no-code workflow automation, many payroll and HR operations can be made simpler. Employers in the HR and payroll departments can also benefit from enterprise-grade analytics by utilising Rippling’s thorough reporting solutions. Additionally, the software functions as an IT management tool that enables companies to remotely manage employee devices and apps.

Rippling’s comprehensive HR software enables you to centrally manage and automate all of your HR-related tasks. These consist of hiring, integrating and removing employees, training, payroll, and benefits. The software is quite adaptable and may be modified to fit the needs or work procedures of your team. Rippling, which was created specifically for payroll, synchronises your HR data with payroll so that your staff won’t have to perform laborious data input or manual computations.

Another crucial component of payroll that is effectively managed on the Rippling platform is compliance. Automatic compliance with all forms, from I-9s to W-2s, rules, and regulations pertaining to employee remuneration and taxes can lessen HR’s burden. Rippling’s automatic tax filing option makes it simpler to file taxes as well. It automatically calculates payroll taxes and submits them with the relevant local agencies as well as the tax authorities. Rippling offers a quote-based pricing option with monthly user costs beginning at $8.

The Essentials of OnPay

  • Automated processes for approval
  • Employee database that is unified
  • Special reports
  • Auto tax compliance and filing

5. Trolley


Trolley, originally Payment Rails, is a platform for payouts that enables companies to transmit payments to any nation while ensuring tax compliance. Businesses can use Trolley to transmit large payouts across borders without having to figure out convoluted organisational structures or open up local bank accounts.

Growing companies that want to enter new foreign markets might employ trolley. Businesses that use online markets and platforms to pay independent contractors, affiliates, advertising, and freelancers can also make use of them.

Businesses now have an easy way to transfer payments on-demand to more than 220 countries in more than 135 local currencies thanks to Trolley. The recipient can confirm their bank account and automate returned payments thanks to this comprehensive payout platform, which also enables the sender to follow payments in real-time. Trolley also assists businesses with digitising their tax compliance procedures to make tax season less difficult for them. This is another Payroll Software Systems.

The sender can observe each step of the transaction in the payment status view thanks to Trolley’s live payment tracking feature. However, a recipient widget can be set up to make it simpler to input and verify bank account information. The tax compliance component, meanwhile, offers a wide range of services, including the collecting of digital tax forms, TIN matching, and IRS E-FILE reporting.

Trolley may be coupled with a number of programmes, including Quickbooks, Xero, Slack, and Salesforce, to expand its usefulness. For businesses, it provides two set price plans and one quote-based pricing. Set price packages begin at $49 per month.

Characteristics of a Trolley

  • Live transaction tracking
  • Workflow for payment approval
  • Quick payments
  • Current exchange rates
  • The receiver widget

6. Xero


Regardless of the industry, Xero is a top financial collaboration programme that is made to fulfil the needs of small businesses. This approach is regarded by accountants as one of the most practical tools for managing financial operations. Our experts discovered Xero to be user-friendly and to offer capabilities that aid in bridging crucial accounting gaps.

Even non-accounting professionals will find Xero simple to use since it makes even the most complicated financial ideas pleasant. For instance, it makes double bookkeeping simpler and more user-friendly for non-experts. The major factor in Xero’s ranking as a top application on our list is its usability. Another benefit is that you can use the advice of Xero’s professional advisors even if you haven’t employed a bookkeeper’s services.

Xero is a New Zealand-based business that was established in 2006 and currently has 20 offices throughout the globe. It currently connects with numerous commercial software programmes, including Carbon Analytics, Bode Tree, Harvest, and Synergy 8. Additionally, it offers native apps for Android and iOS smartphones. Affordable pricing packages begin with the Starter Plan at $20 per month. While the Premium plan only costs $40 a month, the Basic Plan is $30.

Specifications of Xero

  • Reconciliation and links with banks
  • The invoicing and purchasing modules
  • Currency conversions
  • Unlimited free email support resources

7. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now

A cloud-based HR solution for midsize organisations is called ADP Workforce Now. The payroll and benefits management modules are excellent. Additionally, these are linked to other essential HR tasks including onboarding and time and attendance management. A wizard for creating benefits plans is also included.

In addition to the benefits of cloud-based payroll processing, the solution provides a COBRA events module that alerts employees to how they can comply with COBRA regulations. Having IRS forms available also simplifies compliance. The system can also produce helpful reports that you can utilise to gain actionable insights. These are clearly visible in a dashboard with good design.

Additionally, the site gives you access to status and confirmation data for enrollments, beneficiaries, dependents, beneficiaries, premiums, and coverage levels. A self-service application is also available for employees. They can use PCs or mobile apps for Android or iOS to access information like pay and perks. This is another Payroll Software Systems.

In addition to others, it smoothly connects with Cronforce, Performance Pro, and iCIMS. Last but not least, the seller will only offer ADP Workforce Now with a custom quote.

Important Elements of ADP Workforce Now

  • Keep all data, including HR, benefits, and time tracking, in a single database.
  • State agencies instantly get new hiring reports
  • Web-based payroll that features instant gross-to-net computations for each submission
  • Tax filing and deductions that are automated and include built-in mistake checking

8. Paycor


Paycor is a sweeping Human Capital Management (HCM) venue that integrates effective payroll solutions with strong HR management abilities. Paycor, one of the best HRIS systems available today, takes care of everything from hiring and onboarding to tax compliance, payroll, reporting, and all in between.

The dashboard’s features may be completely tailored to your organization’s needs, and it is quite intuitive. Additionally, you may handle all of your HR management procedures, payroll and tax compliance, and worker’s compensation under one roof. You can therefore keep track of employee time and other crucial information using its robust reporting features.

Because of its extensive features, Paycor has been used by more than 30,000 SMBs since 2005. Also check CXT software Alternatives

Your employee-related operations can be streamlined and integrated with Paycor in a scalable way. The platform also connects with numerous other business systems, including ESR, PayCard, WageWorks, and Ameritas. Additionally, it offers native iOS and Android apps to keep you linked to your business wherever you are at all times.

Paycor is specifically designed for commercial needs. As a result, a confidential quote is provided.

Specifications of Paycor

  • Integrated with elements of HR management software
  • Contains a module for onboarding
  • Tax and payroll compliance
  • Highly-customizable

9. Justworks


Payroll, HR, benefits, and compliance software known as Justworks is made to make business operations involving people more effective. It features cutting-edge capabilities that make it simple to quickly onboard new employees, select the employee perks you wish to provide, and keep track of working hours and fluctuating schedules. The management of all facets of employee remuneration and HR administration is made simpler for payroll teams by tools for payroll tax filings, automated deposits, and integrations with well-known accounting software.

Businesses or entrepreneurs with a combination of full-time, part-time, or freelance staff can benefit from Justworks’ assistance in streamlining payroll. Users may manage payrolls online and automate direct deposits for all kinds of employees with ease. Hourly and salaried employees may receive payments on a weekly or biweekly basis. Setting up automatic reminders and notifications for upcoming payments is also simple. This is another Payroll Software Systems.

Growing companies that must manage numerous compliance, regulations, and tax needs in various states can utilise Justworks to streamline operations and make it simpler to comply with legal requirements and regulatory bodies. Justworks prepares tax returns for employers and offers updates and information on labour law changes that may affect your company. Additionally, crucial employee paperwork like the I-9, W-2, and 1099 are gathered in one location for simple and quick access.

Justworks provides two price ranges. The Basic plan begins at $44 per employee per month, while the Plus plan begins at $89 per employee per month.

Principal Elements of Justworks

  • Direct deposits made automatically
  • Payroll Management
  • Tracking of Sick Leave and Vacation
  • Calendar management

10. EPAY Systems

EPAY Systems

EPAY Systems is a complete HCM solution with effective tax and regulatory compliance management and payroll management modules. These are combined with productivity and time management. As a result, it is an integrated HCM platform that handles everything from hiring personnel to processing their retirements.

Users can monitor and manage timekeeping for payroll as well as organisational compliance with internal and external norms and laws. It assists you with these by making things simple in addition to offering a straightforward dashboard. Additionally, even if you lack formal experience, you can manage payroll operations thanks to the platform’s architecture and design. The EPAY Systems also allow you to handle payments, file taxes, and do a lot more. This is another Payroll Software Systems.

The tool also makes it simple to create reports and manage personnel by pay group. It can even manage your taxes and create benefit programmes for you. It can also adjust to various compensation regulations, such as overtime regulations. Additionally, it is adaptable to contracts and accommodates shift differentials. To keep you respectful and up to date, EPAY has a comprehensive knowledge base of labour laws and reports.

Additionally, the platform supports common benefit plans like COBRA, FMLA, and HSA/FSA. Additionally, it offers native apps for Apple and Android smartphones. EPAY Systems are implemented in accordance with your company’s demands. It is only accessible through quote-based plans because of this.

Characteristics of EPAY Systems

  • Simple tax preparation and payroll processing
  • Budgeting modules, timers, and mobile time tracking
  • Monitoring compliance with 1094/1095 forms
  • Create reports and benefits automatically

11. Vibe HCM

Vibe HCM

Human capital management (HCM) suite Vibe HCM unifies team communication, payroll, HR management, and talent management on an one platform. Its features include pre-boarding/onboarding, candidate monitoring for recruiting procedures, and even engagement tools that foster greater social and workplace connection.

For enterprises with more demanding needs, Vibe HCM offers Vibe Edge, a software solution including HR and team collaboration tools. Payroll, time and labour management, manager/employee self-service, and compensation management are a few examples of HR features.

This is another Payroll Software Systems. The module’s communication functions also include employee notifications, pulse surveys, billboards, and endorsements. Businesses can still alter the module to fit their specific organisational setup, workflow, and culture. Users of Vibe HCM can access all features whether they are using desktop computers or mobile devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones since Vibe HCM leverages progressive web application technology. Customers can choose from quote-based programmes from Vibe HCM.

Characteristics of Vibe HCM

  • Prior to and after onboarding
  • Employee involvement resources
  • Payroll and HR management
  • Peer criticism

12. SentricWorkforce


SentricWorkforce is a payroll and HR software that simplifies processes for better personnel management. With its cutting-edge features, customers may be more productive while handling activities like payroll and tax preparation as well as hiring, spending management, time monitoring, and data analytics. This is another Payroll Software Systems.

SentricWorkforce eliminates the need for HR personnel to spend hours manually creating different employee forms. The platform automates tasks for payroll taxes, leave/time off deductions, expenditure reimbursements, and other crucial payroll-related tasks.

HR departments that struggle to manage employee paperwork can switch from their present paper-based method to SentricWorkforce’s digital platform. E-signatures, talent acquisition, paperless onboarding, benefits, and tax filing are just a few of the many document management duties that the software can perform.

Additionally, the site keeps you up to date on new regulations and policies that may affect your business. SentricWorkforce assists you in adhering to several labour, health, and tax requirements, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA), COVID-19 Legislation, State/Local Sick Time, Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and others. A quote-based plan is available from SentricWorkforce and starts at $2.50 per check.

Essential Elements of SentricWorkforce

  • Payroll and tax preparation
  • Budget management,
  • Management of documents
  • Compliance

13. Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud

For companies of any size, Sage 50cloud offers accounting, inventory, and payroll management. For the UK, the solution provides a standalone payroll application. In the US, full Sage Payroll Services are accessible. The UK version, on the other hand, offers precise and automatic payroll generation and management with a focus on making sure that all UK payroll, tax, and pension rules are complied with in full. Additionally, an optional Pensions Module is available to automate key procedures, which should save you a tonne of time and eliminate the possibility of human error. This is another Payroll Software Systems.

Sage 50cloud also equips your company and staff with practical self-service tools. Additionally, you may ask staff members to register on the cloud application so they can see their payslips and submit the essential timesheet data. You and your workers may feel secure knowing that no important information will ever get into the wrong hands since access is tightly secured.

The platform works flawlessly with numerous products from Microsoft, QCommission, Realtrac, and other companies. Additionally, it includes native apps for Apple and Android smartphones.

The Pro plan is priced at $44.97 per month, while the Premium plan costs $69.62. After then, the enhanced Quantum plan costs $175.87 per month.

Important Sage 50Cloud Features

  • Track payments made via mobile and internet channels with support for several currencies

Retirement Module

  • Sample pay stubs
  • Maintain Class1A company car records
  • Pay with the software itself



HRAPP is an HR software created for Indian small businesses, much as the prior solution. Once more, this is ideal for companies with branches and employees in India. Through straightforward controls, a clear interface, and strong features, it facilitates payroll and other HR tasks. Additionally, it unifies all HR-related activities under a single, central portal. Also check Firmbee alternatives

This is another Payroll Software Systems. The capability of HRAPP to do more than just process payroll and track productivity is one of its distinctive features. You can manage loans and even process advanced salary thanks to it. Additionally, you can control allowances within the system.

The system offers a variety of payroll formats that banks need. Additionally, the application seamlessly incorporates ICICI Banking services. As a result, you can pay your employees directly without being taken to the ICCI web. As a result, you can pay them directly through the system.

Furthermore, HRAPP helps you with your compliance to local Indian tax legislation and standards.

Additionally, it has native apps on Google Play for Android devices. The Lite Plan costs $250 per month for 25 employees. An additional employee will cost you $5 each month. For the same number of employees, the Pro Plan begins at $500 per month. However, extra ones have a $7 monthly fee. The Enterprise Plan, which costs $700 for 25 employees and adds $10 each extra employee per month, is the last option.

Key HRAPP Features

  • Sophisticated loan and salary management
  • Budget management

Productivity monitoring

15. Zenefits


A web-based solution called Zenefits assists small and medium-sized enterprises with their HR functions, such as payroll management and other things. Business intelligence, insurance benefits, customer service, and onboarding are just a few of the things that are incorporated within it. It incorporates all these powerful functions under a simple, user-friendly dashboard. This is another Payroll Software Systems.

Additionally, the platform enables you to centrally store all pertinent data and automate various business operations. Additionally, among other things, you may keep track of deductions, earnings, taxes, perks, employee hours, and leaves. It makes everything incredibly convenient and streamlines HR management.

Financial and performance management tools are both easily integrated with Zenefits. Salesforce, Slack, Carta, Abacus, Appraised, Zugata, Intuit QuickBooks, and Uber are just a few of the numerous items on the lengthy list. Additionally, there are native apps available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Every supported employee receives Essentials for $8 per month as part of the pricing structure. This contains fundamental functions including time tracking, scheduling, and benefit management. The most popular plan, Growth, costs $14 a month per employee. Performance management and compensation management modules are part of this. Finally, the Zen plan has a monthly cost of $21 per employee. It has a module for managing well-being.

The Essentials of Zenefits

  • Requests for PTO on the go
  • Organizational chart for a company
  • Management of life and disability insurance
  • Zen plan’s wellness management module

Which Payroll Software Is Best, Then?

You should currently have a solid idea of which of these 15 top payroll programmes to use for your software. Numerous governments and businesses are updating their tax laws, legislation, subsidies, furloughs, etc. in response to the COVID-19 situation. Professionals in payroll find it very challenging to keep up with the changes as a result. Payroll software should therefore offer contemporary features like automation and compliance.

Take advantage of free trial offers to acquire a feel for the payroll software you believe can meet your company’s demands. You can readily sign up for a free trial offered by the seller for Xero, for instance.

The rest of the things on the list are the same. If money is limited and you’re looking for free payroll apps, however, be sure to read our guide to the Best Free Payroll Software for Small Businesses in 2022.


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