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Top 10 Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android in 2022

This article is about Slow Motion Video Apps.Thanks to some fantastic video and photo editing apps, there is a significant rise in social media influencers. You can choose from a variety of apps on the Play Store to make high-quality content. Slow-motion videos have become the norm, and some smartphones include a slo-mo video capability. However, we will assist you in locating the best slow-motion video apps for Android that you can download and use to generate high-quality videos.

10+ Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android in 2022

In this article,you will know about Slow Motion Video Apps here are details below;

To make things easier for you, all of the apps are presented in the order of their play store ratings. So buckle up & get ready to learn about some of the best slow-motion video apps for Android.

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The Advantages of the Best Slow Motion Video Apps

• Produce engaging videos: It allows you to express your creativity, which is one of the main reasons for its appeal. Slow motion allows you to record videos and then play them back eight times slower than normal. It will allow you to make funny videos to share with your friends on social media networks.

• Convenience: The best slow motion video app is also one of the most practical. The main advantage is that you won’t need to purchase a separate computer or editing software. The process can be completed by downloading the app to your Android device.

• More features: Most slow motion video apps allow users to do more than just create slow motion videos. They also have a lot of other features, such as speed control, keyframe animation, and video transcoding. It’s a great technique to layer editing tools on top of slow-motion to fully unlock your editing potential and add numerous effects and animations to the video you’re making.

Apps for Slow Motion Video

1.Slow Motion Video Maker

Slow motion video creator is a specialised app that is one of the best slow motion video apps available. It reaches our list because of its amazing functionality, which allows you to create slow motion videos at 1/2x and 1/4x speed. It will allow you to shoot a slow motion video right from the app or select an existing one from your gallery.

The most phenomenal feature of the programme is the ability to make a video in any customizable slow motion rate. It also has an excellent reverse video option that may assist you in creating fascinating and original films for TikTok and Instagram stories.

The software also includes a little video editor with a variety of editing tools, including a background audio removal, video trim and crop tools, and a tool for adding effects and texts. Support for numerous legacy video formats such as AVI and FLV is another useful feature of the software.

Let’s say you want to make a slow-motion video that’s packed with features and convenience, allowing you to effortlessly alter your videos without requiring extensive editing skills. This programme is the best option in that circumstance. It also has a fast motion option that allows you to boost the video speed; consequently, it is one of the most comprehensive apps available.

Slow Motion Video Maker

Download a slow-motion QR-code video

H20 Studio (developer)

Standout for no cost

• Supports a variety of file types

• Has a fast and slow motion feature

• Has simple sharing options

2. Best Slow Motion Video Apps: Kinemaster

If you’re seeking for multi-purpose and best slow-motion video apps for Android, Kinemaster is a great choice.

You may use the software to make slow-motion videos, cut them, and apply slow-motion effects to them. You can also enjoy a fun experience by reversing your videos.
Aside from that, you may use the keyframe animation tool to add gorgeous effects, background music, sound effects, and motion layers to your films. You can purchase the premium edition of the software to gain access to additional features such as watermarks and professional tool presets. Also check Apps like Qubism

Kinemaster is a multi-purpose video editing programme that might be beneficial to social media influencers. The editing capabilities in Kinemaster can help you generate high-quality content.


QR-Code Download

KineMaster – Video Editor is a video editor created by KineMaster Corporation.

Cost: Free+

Features to look for:

• Keyframe animation tool

• Time-lapse speed control

• Reverse your videos

3. Best Slow Motion Video Apps – AndroVid

Androvid is a video player and organiser programme that allows you to create and edit beautiful slow-motion videos. You have the ability to improve the quality of your videos. Video speed can be adjusted and controlled, and slow and rapid motion effects can be added.

With the help of a transcoder, you may also reverse your videos and convert them to different formats. If you want to tweak every part of your video, this app could be one of the best slow-motion video apps for Android.


QR-Code Download

Fogosoft Ltd developed AndroVid, a video editor, video maker, and photo editor.

Cost: Free+

Features to look for:

• Video transcoder app

• Video frame photos

• Zip your video

4. Best Slow Motion Video Apps – Videoshop

Videoshop is a popular video creation and editing app that may help you create professional-looking videos. You may make vine videos with stop motion recording using this programme.

You may slow down, reverse, flip, rotate, tilt, and apply some fantastic filters to your video. You can use animated titles to introduce your slow-mo videos. You can select your preferred filter and apply it to your video to improve it.

The app has the potential to become one of the best Android slow-motion video apps. The software is free to download, however there are some in-app purchases.


QR-Code Download

Jajijujejo Inc. developed Videoshop, a video editor.

Cost: Free+

Transition effect

• Rescale your video

• Playback videos in reverse are some of the standout features.

5. Best Slow Motion Video Apps on Hudl

Hudl is one of the best slow-motion video apps for Android, since it allows athletes and athletes to generate high-quality slow-motion recordings. Also check AR/VR applications

Because you can make slow-motion and evaluate the whole breakdown of your video, the programme can be highly handy for winning games. You can go over all of your films and make notes that will help you improve your talents. You may generate high-quality slo-mo videos and upload them to Hudl.com.


Hudl Developer: Agile Sports Download QR-Code

Cost: Free+

• Analyze full breakdown statistics

• View your whole Playbook

• View all of your Highlights

6. Best Slow-Motion Video Apps | Slow Motion Video FX

Slow-motion Video FX is the next app in our list of the best slow-motion video apps for Android. It has a very interactive UI and allows you to effortlessly produce slo-mo videos.
All you have to do is download the app and select the option “Start Slow Motion” to get started. You can choose between 0 and 1 for your video speed. The app’s best feature is that it allows you to make slo-mo videos out of your existing videos.

You can make slo-mo films of any activity you conduct with this software. The programme is unrestrained, but there are some commercials that may be deleted by purchasing the premium version.

Slow Motion Video FX

QR-Code Download

Fast and slow motion video

Bizo Mobile (developer)

Cost: Free+

Features to Look For:

• Slow-motion with music

• Video Filters

• Baseball swing in slow motion

7. Best Slow Motion Video Apps – VLC

VLC Media Player is a well-known media player that allows you to view HD videos in slow motion. VLC allows you to play your films in slow motion up to 0.25 times. The programme can play videos in slo-mo of various formats and supports all types of media files.

The app’s UI is very basic and straightforward, making it one of the best slow-motion video apps for Android. You may also play videos in slow motion using this software. The app is available for free on all Android smartphones.


Developer: Videolabs Download QR-Code VLC for Android

Standout for no cost

• All formats are supported

• Multi-track audio is supported

8. Best Slow Motion Video Apps – Efectum

Efectum is a fantastic video editor that allows you to make and edit slo-mo videos. You can either make videos or edit videos from your library.

Slow-motion and fast-motion videos can be easily created, and timelapse video effects can be added. You may also make your films more appealing by adding background music. The software has an interactive user interface and is available for free on the Google Play Store.
Download QR-Code Efectum – Slow Motion Video Editor and Maker


Craigpark, the developer Limited Time Offer: Free+

Features to Look For:

•Rewind Video

• Video Cutter

9. Best Slow Motion Video Apps – Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2 is a highly configurable and one of the best slow-motion video apps for Android, allowing you to capture all of your films in slow motion. You may make high-quality slo-mo videos and cut them to your specifications.

You can grab specific points in the video, slow it down, and add a time-lapse effect. Depending on how slow you desire your video to be, you can slow it down anywhere from 0.25x to 4x.

Without altering the quality of your video, all of the files will be compressed. Your encoded video can also be saved to your camera roll. Although the programme is free, it does contain advertisements that may bother you at times. Also check Programming Hub Alternatives

Video Dieter 2

Trim and edit videos using QR-Code Video Dieter 2

Outplay Lab, Inc. is the developer.

Standout for no cost Set the video quality and resolution; share long-play videos;

transcode quickly; time-lapse

10. Best Slow Motion Video Apps | Slow Motion Videomaker

Slow Motion Videomaker lets you build slo-mo videos in a variety of frame rates that you can quickly share on social media.

Slow-motion videos are possible. Trim them, then slow the video down to 1/4x, 1/2x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2.0x, and 4.0x in reverse mode. You can also boost the speed of your video using the app’s fast motion feature. Slow motion video conversion is possible for all formats, including MP4, FLV, MKV, and AVI.

One of the finest Slow motion video apps for Android, it offers a simple UI, good video editing capabilities, and some unique features.

Slow Motion Videomaker

Slow Motion Video Maker with QR Code – Download Unisko Entertainment developed the camera.

Standout for no cost Features:

• Video cutter

• Support for various formats

• Backward video playback

11. Slow Motion Video Apps – Video Speed

The final app on our list of the best slow-motion video apps is video speed, which has an interactive UI and allows you to turn your films into slo-mo using some incredible editing options.

Thanks to the dynamic and interracial UI, you can slow down your movies up to 0.25x and share them with your pals with only one click. The programme supports all video formats, and the quality of your video will not be affected. If you enjoy to add a fun element to your videos, you can make fast-motion videos.

Video Speed

QR-Code Download

Video Motion: Fast Video and Slow Video

AndroTechMania (developer)

Cost: Free+


• Quick processing

• Highest quality output

Final Thoughts

We’ve completed our list of the best slow-motion Video apps for Android. We’ll be back with more intriguing articles soon, so keep proposing ideas for us to write about. You can also leave a comment and tell us about your favourite app on our list, as well as recommend some more apps that you think should be included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which slow motion video app is the best?

The best slow motion video software comes down to personal preference. Our list includes some of the most favored options in the category, and while they all have the basic capability of generating slow motion videos, some of them go above and beyond. As a result, you must pick the finest slow motion video programme on your own. Kinemaster, Android, and Efectum are some of the most comprehensive and popular options on our list.

Can I use the best slow motion video app to add customised videos?

One of the biggest advantages of utilising the best slow motion video software is that it offers a lot more than just a tool for making slow motion videos. It enhances the functionality and offers several customization choices, allowing you to do much more than just make a slow-motion video.

Is it necessary for me to get the best slow motion video app?

Many of the best slow motion video apps listed above are free for basic functionality. You can use them to make slow-motion short video to share with your friends and family. The premium option is the best choice if you want access to all of the premium and advanced editing choices and capabilities.

Is it worthwhile to invest in the best slow motion video app?

Getting the best slow motion video programme is the best decision if you are a video editor or someone who wants to show off their skills. The reason for this is that the software will provide you with more editing tools and capabilities to help you make stunning films and demonstrate your talent.


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