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Top 15 Best Sports Flick Alternatives in 2022

Best and official sports flick alternatives will be described in this article. Sports Flick is a sports app that Sports Flick has released on the market. It offers monthly and yearly membership plans so customers may watch trending matches at their fingertips.

Users can use a variety of filters, including category, sports type, date, time, and location, to sort the list of all the matches that are currently scheduled. With the use of their social media account links, you can share a game with your family members using the Sports Flick – Live Sports & On-Demand app.

Users of the Sports Flick app can add a match to a separate folder to view it later in accordance with their schedule and the app displays forthcoming trending matches on the home screen. To purchase the full version and keep watching your favourite sports, make in-app purchases. You can also choose to have the subscription automatically renew to save time.

Top 15 Best Sports Flick Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Sports Flick Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Live Sports TV Listings Guide

Live Sports TV Listings Guide

They may follow the results of their favourite national team and cheer them on by using the Live Sports TV Listings Guide app, which offers a comprehensive collection of listings for all future games in their favourite sports. To share the match details with your family, tap the sharing icon to upload them to your social network accounts.

The Live Sports TV Listings Guide app has a side panel where users can get details on a variety of sports. Users can rearrange the list to better suit their needs. Also check sportssignupPlay 

Users can check the participating teams in every forthcoming match, the name of the competition, and the time of the game by selecting the chosen day and date from the top of the screen. To track a match without opening the app, it has a completely editable home screen widget.

2. Universal Sports TV Plus

Universal Sports TV Plus

Users of the Universal Sports TV Plus app may find new TV episodes, movies, and other forms of entertainment directly on their mobile phone screen thanks to search capabilities. You can choose the sports you want to follow to get suggestions for sports channels that suit your preferences. This is another sports flick alternative.

Users can share the URL with their family members via email or text message and add channels, episodes, and other content to a favourite folder to view it later. You can alter the video quality of the stream with the Universal Sports TV Plus: PTV Sports Live Stream app to use less data.

By connecting their phone to an active internet connection and using the Universal Sports TV Plus app, users may start viewing a live game without having to pay for mobile data. For a better understanding of the match’s present state, you can listen to the commentary.

3. FloSports Watch Live Sports

FloSports Watch Live Sports

The FloSports Watch Live Sports app enables you to watch live streaming of your preferred games from a variety of national and international sporting events taking place all over the world. Users can place a sports channel at the front of the list of channels by adding it to a favourite folder.

You can fully control a broadcast match with the built-in remote of the FloSports: Live, Replays & Highlights app, and you can adjust the volume by sliding the slider control. Complete information about all upcoming sports and other sporting events may be found in the schedule section.

To play the game along with your family on the large screen, you can link your mobile phone to a Chromecast-enabled device. The FloSports app has a side panel where users can access the settings menu and live broadcasts of all their favourite sports.

4. Dofu Live Stream for NFL NBA NCAAF MLB, NHL

Dofu Live Stream for NFL NBA NCAAF MLB, NHL

You may receive high-quality live streams of many sports and foreign leagues with the Dofu Live Stream for NFL NBA NCAAF MLB NHL app, and you can watch them on your own time. Users can enable notifications to receive notice about forthcoming matches so they can get ready.

This is another sports flick alternative. The Dofu Live Stream for NFL, NBA, NCAAF, MLB, and NHL app includes a scoreboard with the performance of the man of the match as well as the entire scores of all your favourite players. It enables users to alter the home screen so that information is shown according to teams, divisions, etc.

You can choose the preferred league to display the full schedule of every game coming up, complete with details like the time and date of the game. To ease the strain on their eyes in dim light, it has two separate screen modes, including dark mode and bright mode.

5. SportCam – Live Stream Your Match with Scoreboard

SportCam - Live Stream Your Match with Scoreboard

With the help of the SportCam – Live Stream Your Match with Scoreboard software, sports enthusiasts from all over the world may share a live stream with their friends by posting it on social media.

To watch a game while on the go, users can type the name of the sport, the name of the match, or keywords into the search bar. The SportCam app displays details about a match, including participant teams, the venue, the time, the date, etc.

Users can start a stream by selecting the preferred sport, the colour of the teams, and the names of all the players using the SportCam – Live Stream Your Match with Scoreboard app. To see all the match’s specifics at once, zoom in on the screen. You may keep track of the duration of the match using the countdown timer at the top of the screen.

6. Onefootball


With the help of the elaborately created sports software onefootball, you can enjoy soccer and learn everything there is to know about your favourite games. This summer, you can follow thousands of teams across dozens of rivalries and events throughout the world with the fantastic One football – Soccer Scores app created by Onefootball GmbH Inc.

Enjoy news, soccer, transfers, videos, and more features with the Onefootball – Premier League and MLS News app. For your most likely clubs during preseason, the app includes all the most recent news, results, fixtures, stats, videos, and important dates. You may eloquently learn everything there is to know about foreign or US soccer teams.

With the Onefootball – Soccer Scores app, you can access a wide range of information on your smartphones and tablets, including insider news, real-time scores, rumours, real-time scores, player profiles, schedules, video channels, and much more. It’s a fantastic software that gives you access to the most recent soccer news items from international newsrooms and soccer journalists around the world.

7. SuperSport Beta

SuperSport Beta

The SuperSport Beta software is a digital sports companion that has features that let you add a sport to the favourites section so that you may receive matches and highlights directly on the notification panel. After connecting their mobile device to a working internet connection, users can watch a live game. This is another sports flick alternative. Also check NDTV sports

The user-friendly SuperSport Beta app has buttons on the main screen that provide you access to the news feed, scoreboard, videos, search bar, settings, and profile section. Users can choose a day and hour to receive alerts regarding their preferred sport.

You may browse the entire calendar of upcoming matches and sign up for alerts about upcoming games so that you can adjust your routine accordingly. The top of the screen displays all of the popular leagues and international matches, allowing users to add them to their profiles and begin following them while on the road.

8. beIN Sports

beIN Sports

By selecting your preferred sports, the beIN Media Group’s beIN SPORTS sports app will allow you to take the sports monitoring experience to a whole new level by beginning to receive alerts about match timings.

To watch the movie or receive updates about new positions at your preferred club, choose the type of content from the screen’s top menu. Users can learn about the actual situation on the field by reading a detailed description of each match in the match section of the beIN SPORTS – Live scores, news & videos app. Users can view match highlights to get a taste of the action.

You can request a previous game on the beIN SPORTS app to watch it with friends and family on a big screen device. The manual provides comprehensive teachings on how to watch a live game on a mobile device without spending a dime.

9. FlashScore


You may access about 38 sports’ expertise and information at any time with FlashScore on your cellphones and tablets. FlashScore is a fantastic product that FlashScore Inc. launched on the market and offers one of the most genuine applications to quickly gather accurate information about several sports. In any of the 6000+ rivalries, the programme allows you to choose your most likely matchups, players, or entire teams.

With its broadest coverage, you may get updates on almost 30 different sports, including tennis, football, hockey, rugby, and cricket. The Flash Score app allows you to follow more than 1.2k football competitions in addition to more than 6K competitions from around the world. You can receive up-to-date match data, lineups, goals, and all other relevant information about the current game thanks to its beautiful and intuitive notification and alert system. Selecting the most likely matches is required, and you must then wait for your cell phones to inform you of everything.

This is another sports flick alternative. With live commentary, live tables, match reviews and recaps, line-ups and head-to-heads, and more, the FlashScore app provides tables and match details. Simply download FlashScore on your smartphone to receive notifications and learn more about your favourite or crucial game moments.

10. Goal.com


Goal.com is an all-in-one sports app that delivers the most recent news and perhaps the fastest live football scores right to your pocket so you can be informed about the leagues and matches that are most likely to interest you whenever and wherever. Goal.com is a unique product that Goal.com has released onto the market. It offers the most recent news, instant goals, alerts, transfer updates, cards, top players and teams, head-to-head information, and more.

On your smartphones, the app offers unique match stats so you may learn everything you desire. The app offers in-depth articles about sports, goal alerts, rumours about transfers, match stats, and a tonne of other information related to matches. You can delve into a vast array of information on objectives and breaking news topics using the Around the Clock News tool.

By using the Goal.com app, you may be the first to learn about transfers from the greatest online sources. The app offers worldwide coverage of the English Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, Serie A, Ligue 1, and other competitions.

11. FotMob


FotMob provides a wealth of information on your favourite matches in your most likely leagues, including live match summaries, live scores, match commentary, stats, news, fixtures, and much more. NorApps AS Inc.’s outstanding platform, Soccer Scores – FotMob, gives you access to all the facts, narratives, scores, and nearly all the necessary information about the matches you enjoy watching on TV.

To make it simple to follow your most likely players and teams, FotMob – Scores, Video Highlights, and News App offers tailored news and customizable notifications. Enjoy lightning-fast match updates and never miss one of the game’s memorable moments. This is another sports flick alternative.

You can also benefit from tailored news updates and push notifications for the players and teams you are most likely to follow. You may access live scores, TV listings, pre-match analysis, live text commentary, tailored news content, and a wealth of other useful information about matches with the Fot Mob App – Soccer Scores app.

12. LiveScore: Live Sport Updates

LiveScore: Live Sport Updates

An aesthetically designed sports software called LiveScore: Live Sport Updates keeps all sports sports up to date with the most recent results and live sporting action directly on their smartphones and tablets. LiveScore: Football Scores & Sports News is a cutting-edge product created for the market by LiveScore Ltd. that enables all sports fans worldwide to remain up to date on the action whenever and wherever they choose.

The app provides you access to everything you need, including real-time updates, match tracking, match headlines, head-to-head history, team lineups, and breaking news. Everything you could possibly need, including cards, goals, overs, wickets, final scores, and fixtures, is available in one location with the LiveScore: Live Sport Updates app.

The LiveScore app includes a ball tracker that enables you to see pitches, view all breaking news, receive immediate sports notifications, and take advantage of the fastest updating of the most recent stats and results for live events taking place all over the world.

13. Forza Football

Forza Football

Forza Football, created and distributed by Forza Football Inc., is perhaps one of the best football apps and home to an exclusive community of more than 5 million devoted football lovers worldwide. Forza Football – Videos and live scores for soccer You may get all of the major league or international matches’ live scores via an app on your smartphones and tablets. Also check sports tracker

You can watch live scores, video highlights of games, and football updates for more than 420 renowned football leagues worldwide with the Forza Football – Live Soccer Scores app. It’s the perfect app for accessing live games, football highlights, team news, and information about all the exciting leagues from around the world.

This is another sports flick alternative. It makes sure you never miss any important match updates like team news, starting lineups, or the ability to download live video highlights of any match taking place anywhere in the world. A great app for receiving exclusive information on women’s football, including the Summer World Cup, is Forza Football – Soccer live Scores & Videos.

14. 365Scores


A cutting-edge software, 365Scores, enables you to follow the top sports, including important soccer tournaments that you enjoy watching on TV. An nicely designed sports software called 365Scores – Live Scores provides information on the NHL, NBA, Wimbledon, NFL, Spanish LaLiga, English Premier League, and other leagues.

You may access live scores, roster changes, signings, trades, and more about international rivalry. You can also access IN-Match Commentary and real-time statistics. You can enter the more than 50 million ardent sports lovers worldwide who use the 365Scores – Live Scores and Sports News app to experience live scores, in-depth data, future schedules, news updates, and league standings directly in the palm of your hands.

Your favourite matches’ updates are always available thanks to the 365 Scores – Live Scores app, which brings everything related to sports. The app offers in-depth coverage of more than ten sports, including baseball, volleyball, handball, rugby, ice hockey, tennis, and cricket.

15. Eurosport


You can experience the latest sports news and updates directly through your smartphones and tablets thanks to the unique Eurosport app. You may get information on the most exclusive sports with the help of the excellent sports app Eurosport, which was released on the market by Eurosport Inc. It enables you to experience sports news in the most sophisticated and optimal way. This is another sports flick alternative.

With this software, you can accurately obtain all the major games and races with text-based live commentary. A team of its journalists solely updates the app’s more than 150 sports news stories. You can watch news analysis videos on the Eurosport app as well, so you can learn everything completely and completely.

The app includes a calendar and real-time results for all the sports you’re most likely to watch, such as tennis, pool, cycling, and more. Exclusive web charts featuring journalists, athletes, experts, and others are also available on the Eurosport app. It almost completely covers all of the most important and exclusive rivalries in the world of tennis, cycling, football, and many more sports.


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