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How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working In 2024

How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working will be described in this article. Tough luck! Waiting all week to the enjoy the latest release of a series you’re hooked on very frustrating. Especially if you already made day’s plans around this.

How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working In 2024

In this article, you can know about How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working here are the details below;

Disney Plus great infrastructure and one of the most solid server systems out there, but even with this being the case, the platform is not immune to failure from time to time.

But don’t worry, you came to the right place for answers. Below, you’ll find a list including the 12 most common issues that could be behind your current bad experience with the service, as well as some simple ways to address each one.

Disney Plus not working could mean several issues, such as seeing a black screen, noticing subtitles are out of sync, being stuck in the buffering screen, being constantly logged out, and much more.

The 12 Common Issues That Keep Disney Plus From Working

Streaming platforms have a very complex design and programming. Given how many factors are at play when we stream our favorite content, it’s no surprise that there can be so many possible problems that arise while we’re watching something.

#1 A Black Screen

I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about. You launch Disney Plus hoping to watch your favorite series, everything seems to be normal, and then, suddenly, all you see is black.

This can happen for various reasons; however, the most common culprits are a bad internet connection, corrupted cache & cookies, or server failure. Luckily, we have a guide specifically meant to walk you through getting rid of the black screen you’re seeing.

#2 Out-Of-Sync Subtitles

Yet another sign that Disney Plus is not working is out-of-sync subtitles.

Whether you use subtitles because you’re hearing-impaired, or simply because you’re watching a foreign movie/eating, having these titles be perfectly in sync with the video playing on the screen is crucial.

This could be happening due to server failure on Disney Plus’ end or as the result of corrupted cache & cookies, as well as a slow internet connection. These are just a few of the potential causes of this situation, there are many more to check to permanently solve out-of-sync subtitles on Disney Plus.

#3 An Infinite Buffering Screen

Streaming has been around for years now, so most of us are sadly well acquainted with the annoying eternal buffering screen that sometimes won’t go away. No matter what colors streaming platforms use, or how many loading percentages they add – it will always be frustrating to have to wait to enjoy our favorite content.

When Disney Plus is not working because it’s apparently stuck on an infinite buffering screen (spinning wheel), it might be because your internet connection is failing, or the content you want to watch is currently unavailable.

This could also be happening for many other reasons, such as your streaming devices being outdated. For a full list of potential culprits and detailed solutions, take a look at our specialized guide on fixing Disney Plus being stuck on a spinning wheel.

#4 Being Constantly Logged Out

Talking about frustrating things, few events can test your patience as much as being constantly kicked out of the platform for no apparent good reason.

One moment you’re singing along to “Let it Go”, and the next you’re looking at a welcome screen asking for your login information. What gives?

Typically, this happens either due to you using a VPN (streaming platforms don’t like that), corrupted cache & cookie files, or an outdated version of the platform. There are other elements that could be at play, so to cover all bases and try every solution, take a quick look at our guide on being constantly logged out of Disney Plus.

#5 Blurry/Flickering Video

If you’re old enough, you probably remember watching Pokémon on the TV and squinting every time Pikachu used Thunderbolt, as the screen would flicker like crazy.

Those are wonderful childhood memories, but what can you do when the flickering is not voluntary?

In the event that Disney Plus is not working due to a flickering screen or extremely blurry video playback, first, you’ll want to look at your internet plan’s speed to make sure it’s enough for your needs. Provided that it is, and you’re using an external streaming device (Amazon Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, etc.), I also recommend you check the integrity of your HDMI cables/ports.

For all other potential culprits and solutions, make sure to read our guide on fixing flickering video on this platform.

#6 Choppy Audio

Modern audio playback technology is incredible. Surround sound systems get better by the day, and even headphones and TV speakers have reached levels of fidelity never seen (or should I say heard?) before.

But what happens when you can’t enjoy your favorite content because the audio on Disney Plus is not working?

Audio issues can manifest themselves in many ways, including popping/crackling, and stuttering. You might also notice the dialogue is out of sync or simply too quiet.

In any of these scenarios, it’s important that you start looking at the bigger picture, and double-check the specifics as you advance. This means that you should start taking a closer look at your sound system’s cables, then check the ports they are connected to, and finally start messing with your TV settings and Disney Plus configurations.

#7 Content Blocking

If you’re familiar with the wonders of VPNs, you know how great they are for accessing shows that would not normally be available where you live. However, as we discussed in previous sections, streaming platforms hate this software for various legal and marketing reasons, so they do whatever they can to block subscribers using them.

If you’re currently using an active VPN connection and notice that the content you were previously enjoying seems to have stopped working, there’s a very good chance that you have been caught and access has been restricted.

There are many workarounds to this, and some will still let you keep using your VPN undisturbed. To learn what you can do about this, please check out our guide for when Disney Plus is not working with your VPN.

#8 Unavailable Features

Getting what you’re paying for is essential. Whether you’re talking about purchasing vegetables at the supermarket or getting billed monthly for a streaming service – maximizing the bang for your buck is always a good practice.

So, when Disney Plus is not letting you take advantage of features that should be included in your plan, you can quickly feel frustrated, and with good reason.

One of the most common issues Disney Plus users notice is that their downloads are not working on the platform, or that Dolby Vision is not available. This can happen for various reasons, including corrupted cache & cookies, a bad internet connection, a bad VPN, or an outdated version of the service. Also check How to fix Slack not receiving notifications on Windows

#9 Console Difficulties

Modern gaming consoles are incredible, as they not only provide us with the chance to play our favorite video games but also allow us to access almost any streaming platform in the world.

But what happens when performance is lacking or even non-existent?

As you might have experienced already, now and then streaming platforms can run poorly on gaming consoles. This can happen for various reasons, including a damaged Ethernet cable, an outdated console, or an active VPN connection:

To find all the potential causes of bad console performance and the most common solutions to them, please check out our guide on fixing Disney Plus running slowly on PS5.

#10 Missing Content

Few things are as annoying as falling in love with a show, and noticing one day that it’s gone and nowhere to be found. Also check How to fix Zoom echo issues

When this happens, you’re typically greeted with either an Error Code number or another message explaining that the title you want to access is no longer there.

And while many times this is true, sometimes the platform is making a mistake, and your show is still available. Addressing this situation is very simple, and one of the most effective methods to doing so is fixing the “Oh No, Something Went Wrong” message.

Typically, this prompt appears due to server issues, an outdated streaming system, an unstable internet connection, and some other factors.

#11 Login Difficulties

Moving on, let’s talk about those times when you’re sitting on the couch, ready to enjoy your favorite show, only to be greeted by an issue that affects your streaming experience.

Login difficulties can manifest themselves in many ways, and they’re all quite frustrating. But luckily, addressing most of the causes behind them is very easy. Oftentimes, something as simple as closing and relaunching Disney Plus, turning off your VPN, and updating your streaming devices will do the trick.

For a full walkthrough of the potential causes and solutions, please check out our guide on fixing a blank screen when logging into Disney Plus. There, you should find all the answers you need to get everything back to normal.

#12 Location Issues

How many times have you logged into Disney Plus hoping to get some entertainment, only to be greeted by a message saying that you’re traveling and thus can’t access your profile?

If the answer is “way too many”, then you’ve stumbled upon the holy grail of solutions!

There are several reasons why this platform might think that you’re traveling – obviously one of them being that you actually are. If so, congratulations! Have fun on your trip.

But if you’re comfy beneath the blankets at home, then the streaming service is clearly making a mistake.

There are many culprits to this situation, such as an active VPN connection, improperly configured location settings on your devices, and server failure. For a full list of potential factors to blame and detailed solutions to address each one of them, please check out our guide on what to do when Disney Plus thinks you’re traveling.


When Disney Plus not working, you can quickly start to feel frustrated and maybe even regretful of having paid for a subscription to this service.

Hopefully, this little guide has helped you better understand what the issue might be and how you can address it as soon as possible to get back to having an enjoyable streaming experience. More often than not, something as simple as disabling your VPN, resetting your modem, or clearing your cache & cookies will do the trick.

Thank you very much for the sticking with me all the way to the end. If this article proved useful and interesting, I encourage you to check out our other resources available below to become a Tech Detective yourself!


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