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Top 15 Best ExpanDrive Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding ExpanDrive Alternatives will be described in this article. Users can synchronise all of their cloud storage accounts at once with ExpanDrive, a flexible programme for managing cloud storage accounts. If you want to quickly map your local volumes to a range of cloud storage services, this is the one you should look for. You will then have access from a single location to all of your cloud storage accounts. The key advantage of using this programme is easy file access without excessively complicated synchronisation.

The most recent version offers greater cloud storage options and background data transfer and save speeds than ever before. Once installed, it will create a virtual drive that connects all local file drives and cloud storage services so that users may start sharing data among various platforms. The user-friendly interface’s interaction with the new finder and explorer allows you to access any file you require.

Top 15 Best ExpanDrive Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best ExpanDrive Alternatives are explained here.

1. WebDrive


This is another expandrive alternative. Using WebDrive is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring all of your cloud accounts together in a single location. You can manage every cloud storage account you have thanks to the centralised desktop-based platform of this cloud management solution.

You may quickly access mounted WebDAV, SFTP, and cloud servers by using this programme. As soon as you start using our cloud management tool, you’ll realise that you’re treating your online data just like you would your local data.

In order to handle all of your data over the clouds and increase your cloud storage capacity, WebDrive is the best platform. With this one piece of software, you can still access all of your combined local and clod files. Users using WebDrive can edit files on corporate SharePoint servers and SFTP servers in the same manner they can on a PC. Also check meal delivery services

2. Air Explorer

Air Explorer

Yandex, Baidu, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, HiDrive, and many more types of cloud drives can be managed by Air Explorer, a multifunctional and multifeatured cloud storage management tool. All cloud storage providers, both well-known and unheard-of, can use the wonderful cloud storage management solution that Air Explorer offers.

If you want to manage all of your cloud servers and have rapid access to them, Air Explorer is a simple application that comes with all of the necessary functionality. One of Air Explorer’s major characteristics is the fact that all cloud-based files are directly administered.

With this tool, you may additionally encrypt the data before uploading it to the cloud storage account. Users can create numerous accounts from a single server thanks to it. By linking all of their cloud accounts and synchronising files between their PC and the cloud, this program’s extra functionality enables users to expand their storage capacity.

3. CloudXplorer


The CloudXplorer cloud storage management solution enables users to systematically evaluate and manage their storage accounts. For Google Storage, Amazon S3, and Azure Blobs & Files accounts, this feature-rich client is designed. This simple-to-use tool was designed primarily to make it easy to manage the aforementioned cloud storage accounts. After syncing their compatible accounts with the system, users can access saved content, manage content, and do a number of additional tasks. This is another expandrive alternative.

A multithreaded uploading and downloading system, the ability for users to organise accounts into logical categories, a drag-and-drop file and folder management system, and an interface similar to Windows Explorer are just a few of its distinctive features and capabilities.

4. S3 Browser

S3 Browser

An easy-to-use and intuitive Amazon S3 client for Windows is called S3 Browser. For the benefit of the readers, it should be noted that this application is not designed to manage several cloud accounts; as a result, the ideal option if you only want to manage Amazon S3 is this Browser. Users of this freeware utility can save and retrieve data at any time and from any location using simple web-based management services. With the help of this programme, files can be transferred across a global network of edge location systems.

Using this browser, you can securely upload and download files to and from Amazon S3. You can post your articles using it as well. Its buckets can also be explored, added to, and removed. Because it supports multiple S3 accounts, all compatible storages, data integrity checking to ensure reliable file transfer, versioning, full support for popular infrequent access storage classes, an intuitive CloudFront Manager, management of even very large files, and many other features, its streamlined features and capabilities set it apart from other comparable products.

5. Use Ftp

Use Ftp

Windows users can mount their FTP server folders as local drives on their PC by using the command-line utility FtpUse to move data between local drives and network drives. The fact that this programme provides simple-to-understand choices that let users make the most of the FTP server and use it like a local hard drive connected to their PC is one of its strongest advantages. Also check Accunity services

The drive letter you previously assigned to each drive will appear next to it in the Windows Explorer when you map drives using this tool. Now there is quick access to the new drive. Users of the FtpUse software can specify the name of the device that is attached to or disconnected from an FTP server.

Users of FtpUse are free to manually enter any password required to access the FTP server. As we will only mention in the concluding paragraphs, users can configure the TCP port number required to connect to the FTP server. By doing so, they can enable the debug mode and even erase the established connection.



You are able to connect the majority of their web services as well as cloud storage accounts with the aid of the freeware programme IFTTT. Once you start using these various account management solutions, you’ll be able to access your accounts on a new level from a centralised platform. The program’s capacity to automatically create a weekly archive of discoveries and to enable you manage all online actions from your PC, much like you can handle local files and data on your computer, is its strongest feature.

This is another expandrive alternative. Almost all online services are combined by this program’s unique applets technology so you may access them all from a single PC. the additional special system services, such as the regularly used cloud storage options. You may make shortcut programmes using IFTTT as well. IFTTT is among the top web applications and cloud management systems accessible today.

7. AnyCloud


With AnyCloud, customers can manage all of their cloud storage accounts and even email services from a single platform. AnyCloud is a versatile data management tool. By using this tool, one can quickly combine all of their clouds onto a single platform. It automatically compiles all of the content and provides users with a single, simple-to-use system to access it from any location.

It offers a private library with all of the emails and social media stuff. All of your data will be organised, making it simple for you to find the information you’re looking for. Users of AnyCloud can transfer all of their data between cloud accounts and make it available from any location.

8. Mover.io


Users of Mover.io have access to three different types of cloud management solutions: a system for cloud migrations, a system for managing cloud backups, and a system for transferring data across clouds. Users have more privacy and data encryption capabilities thanks to its end-to-end encryption mechanism. Users can always have access to all of their data thanks to the cloud data migration technology. This platform’s end-to-end encryption, scheduled data backup management system, excellent cloud management plans, and constant incremental data backup are its primary benefits. Another benefit is that it is extensively supported by on-premise servers and all cloud storage companies.

This platform’s ability to quickly authenticate using safe OAuth and even other conventional credentials is one of its strongest features. Mover.io’s popular connectors include numerous more in addition to Dropbox, Box, Google FTP, and Amazon S3. The users of this programme can manage their transfers and make as many schedules as they require using the automatic scheduling system. The key component of this programme is its infinite and extendable scheduling capacity. Users can manage all of their data more expertly thanks to the bulk data migration solution. This is another expandrive alternative.

9. CloudHQ


A multi-cloud management tool called CloudHQ also provides its users with an integrated backup solution. One of the main features of this platform is that it provides users with real-time data synchronisation and transfer systems and always enables them to monitor cloud accounts. Users of the cloud can even maintain a backup of their data and files by using this application. From a local PC, accessing cloud accounts is identical to accessing local files. The key benefits are that it enables users to connect numerous productivity apps to cloud platforms, connect additional cloud storages to their cloud platform, and take use of real-time backup of their cloud-stored data. Also check Whiplash Alternatives

The three premium editions of CloudHQ are CloudHQ Premium, CloudHQ Business, and CloudHQ Enterprise in addition to the one free version. There are few features and actions available in the free version. However, depending on the plan selected by the consumers, the remaining expensive versions give the most sophisticated features and capabilities. For users that must manage several cloud storage accounts from various cloud storage service providers, CloudHQ is one of the best cloud management programmes.

10. Cloudberry Drive

Cloudberry Drive

With the help of the cloud management tool CloudBerry Drive, customers may control and mount their S3 cloud accounts on Windows computers as either external drives or cloud storage drives. Windows users can use this programme to interact with their cloud account in a manner similar to how they would with a local file on their local PCs. There are two standard versions of this Drive available: CloudBerry Drive Desktop and CloudBerry Drive Serve. While Drive Server is available for Windows Server, the desktop version is for Windows PCs.

The program’s unique features and capabilities include advanced data encryption, support for both FTP and SFTP, the availability of predefined HTTP headers, and a queue thread count system. Users can also map Amazon S3 as a network drive, drag and drop files to it and vice versa, use it with third-party applications, automate the process with a command-line interface, and use it with third-party applications. Your choices after installing this programme include which Amazon S3 account to use, what drive letter to give your virtual drive, which files to mount, and other options. Once mounted, the disc can be used in the same way as other local devices on your PC. You may simply share files and data in a two-way fashion using the drag and drop capability.

11. TntDrive


This is another expandrive alternative. TntDrive is a cloud management tool that lets Windows users mount their storage accounts as portable or network drives for the cloud, particularly for Amazon S3 Buckets. It stands out from the majority of Amazon S3 Buckets and file management programmes since it makes it simple and easy for users to access their files and data.

With the new version of Windows Server and all Windows operating systems, it is completely compatible. TntDrive’s operation is straightforward and straightforward; it basically functions as a Windows service, and the mapped drive will always be accessible even if no one is signed into the server. Except for the space you actually use, TntDrive will never charge you.

12. StableBit CloudDrive

StableBit CloudDrive

Multiple clouds and file-sharing accounts can be managed from a single platform using StableBit CloudDrive. To handle all of their clouds, it gives its consumers the option of full drive encryption. It enables users to construct a virtual hard disc that is distinct from your PC’s actual hard drive. It essentially puts all of the customers’ actual data in the cloud of their choice, while they can also save the files locally. Every data management and sharing operation will use the industry-standard AES 256 encryption technology.

Nobody will ever attempt to access your information without your knowledge and consent. This program’s adaptive caching technique enables you to choose the data you wish to access most frequently and keep it locally for quicker access. A full round encryption system, a safe technique to secure data both online and offline, an adaptive local caching system, predictive prefetching, metadata pinning, data integrity, and many more features and functions are available in this programme. This is another expandrive alternative.

13. FileCloud


In essence, FileCloud is a file synchronisation and sharing solution that lets users transfer data between different cloud storage accounts and manage several clouds. If you’re tired of manually logging into each cloud and would prefer to do it from a single platform, this is the approach you should take. Thanks to this technology, your cloud account can operate exactly like your local file system. The two main services offered here are FileCloud Server and FileCloud Online.

You can manage your own private cloud storage, such as a file sharing and synchronisation solution, by integrating it with your own IT infrastructure and storage platform. This software enables remote file access, data security, and self-hosted system-like solutions.

14. DriveMaker


The shareware freeware DriveMaker allows cloud users to map and mount their FTP sites and various cloud storage accounts. Using this tool, users of Windows and Mac can easily access all of their cloud accounts, FTP servers, and local discs on their desktop PCs. This tool is available in two different interpretations: DriveMaker Free and DriveMaker Paid. In comparison to those of the free version, users of the subscription version have access to a greater variety of features and functionalities.

This is another expandrive alternative. It is the most creative replacement for FTP clients due to its extensive feature set and capacity to mount FTP DVDs. Its key advantage is that it syncs with the installed antivirus programme automatically, allowing you to scan the online FTP site using the FTP drive letter. This application allows users to virtually manage their files. DriveMaker is one of the most popular FTP servers and cloud management programmes online.

15. UniFile


Users of the cloud who have paid subscription fees have consistent access to all cloud storage providers thanks to a new level of data management software called UniFile. Although this cloud and remote data management technology is available for personal use, it was developed to mobilise corporate data. Start utilising this tool and grant access to the data to the other team members working on joint projects. If you’re tired of using rigid file storage management programmes, this application can help you have a flexible working style and have fast access to the data via remote servers. This is another expandrive alternative.

It offers users similar cloud-like access options to those offered by the majority of clouds and remote data management programmes. Non-technical users would mostly benefit from using this application because it will enable them to edit native files with common tools and give them access to editing features. Even non-technical individuals can access it via mobile devices. Even across many platforms and systems, users can synchronise data and files. Using this user-friendly application, they may quickly and effortlessly integrate with an existing enterprise security system.


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