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Top 15 Best Free Search Tools for Windows 10

Best and demanding search tools for windows will be discussed in this article. Have you ever used the system search to look for a programme, file, or folder only to find that doing so takes longer than doing it manually?

The majority of Windows users probably confront this conundrum.

Despite the fact that Windows Search has always had a few cool tricks and hints, it has never been as advanced as the search capabilities of Mac or Linux.

Windows 10 has narrowed the gap in many respects, but it’s still slow and unreliable.

In fact, you could be better off using one of these free third-party Windows search tools.

Top 15 Best Free Search Tools for Windows 10 In 2022

Top 15 Best Free Search Tools for Windows 10 are explained here.

1. Everything


Even if Windows 10’s Enhanced Search Mode is always reliable, third-party programmes have a place.

Everything is frequently praised as being among the fastest Windows search tools.

It’s quite easy to use: just install it, launch the software, and wait a little while for it to index your entire system (It can index a fresh Windows install in under a minute).

After completing that, all you have to do is start typing anything into the text area to start seeing results right away.

It will also always be instantaneous if you let Everything keep track on system changes in the background. Also check tiktok tools

The best part is that it is small, using less than 5MB of RAM and 1MB of disc space.

The finest tool available for sluggish, older computers is this one.

2. Listary


Listary is most likely the most distinctive piece of software on this list.

Its design is really simple, and until you need it, it stays completely out of the way.

Start entering when you wish to search.

That’s how simple it is.

Additionally, while you enter, Listary will display a live list of all the files on your system that fit the query. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

Listary is also capable of carrying out tasks like Copy Folder Path and Open Folder.

Listary even allows you to rapidly navigate to another folder by simply inputting its name.

Listary Pro, which costs $20, is necessary for some of its better features.

Even so, Listary Free offers a tonne of power and adaptability, which is just one of the many reasons it is included on this list of the top Windows File Explorer file management extensions.

3. grepWin


One of the most helpful tools you’ll have at your disposal if you prefer a more hands-on approach with your computer is grepWin.

It allows you to search across any directory tree and locate files by comparing their contents to your search criteria (regular expressions are supported).

If you’ve ever used Linux, it’s essentially the grep command (one of the most important Linux commands to know), but it has a cool UI and is made for Windows.

This will drastically decrease the quantity of while you need to search the next time you need to search a specific line of code or piece of documentation.

4. AstroGrep


If grepWin doesn’t suit your needs, AstroGrep is a fantastic substitute.

Although slightly less sophisticated and simpler to use, it accomplishes the same task—finding files that match your search query by content rather than file name.

AstroGrep allows you to specify which file types to search, see file contents, and save or print the results for further use. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

Future improvements could let users search through files like PDFs, MP3s, ZIPs, and RAR archives.

Since its inception in 2006, AstroGrep has seen frequent modifications.

5. SearchMyFiles


At first sight, SearchMyFiles can appear hopelessly archaic, but it’s surprisingly adaptable.

Utilizing filters and wildcards, you will be able to construct complicated search queries once you get beyond the small learning curve. This is another Search Tools for Windows. Also check YouTube video downloader tools

Search, for instance, all recently produced files that are between 300 and 600 bytes in size and contain the word error.

You can transport the application on a USB stick because it is small, portable, and doesn’t need to be installed.

Additionally, NirSoft maintains thousands of other practical tools that are all free, secure, and portable.

6. Exselo Desktop

Exselo Desktop

Exselo Desktop is a great free search tool for Windows 10, although it’s not as widely known as some other alternatives. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

It connects with Outlook, offers a straightforward user interface, supports robust search searches, and securely exchanges data.

Exselo is able to search network and cloud repositories in addition to local discs.

The Free edition is feature complete, which is the best part.

Support for numerous users is the only distinction between Free and Enterprise.

7. Duplicate & Same files Searcher

Duplicate & Same files Searcher

A tiny portable application called Searcher that detects all files with identical content is under 1MB in size (not by file name).

As a result, scanning may be a little slow, but you may filter and specify settings to make it go more quickly. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

Additionally, the application can replace the duplicate files with hard links, which are essentially shortcuts to a single file, saving you space without causing any harm in the process.

Can you estimate how much space on your hard disc duplicate files take up?

You may be surprised at the solution.

More often than we’d like to admit, duplicate files might occupy a significant amount of storage space whether they are image, audio, or video files.

8. Registry Finder

Registry Finder

The free programme Registry Finder makes it simple to navigate through the registry.

This tool is useful when you like to see all recent modifications made because it can search keys according to when they were last edited (e.g., for troubleshooting). This is another Search Tools for Windows.

Despite Windows 10’s enhanced search capabilities, the registry is still very rudimentary and needs a lot of work.

Finding keys can be slow and laborious, whether you want to fix registry mistakes or make a few usability modifications. For this reason, Registry Finder excels.

9. UltraSearch


JAM Software is the maker of UltraSearch.

They also produced the well-known TreeSize hard disc space recovery application.

With a focus on simplicity and speed, UltraSearch provides the fundamental search tools as well as a few extras.

The Master File Table is directly searched to operate (MFT).

The search window displays all relevant file information.

It also shows the overall size and free space of each partition on your computer.

Showing folders and/or files in a search, excluding filters, and printing the search results are further possibilities. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

10. FileSearchEX


FileSearchEX is the tool for you if you prefer the search interface from Windows XP.

The search interface is comfortable and familiar, and the app itself is portable and consumes little system resources. Also check web development tools

The free version is a trial, but only in the sense that the search window will time out rather than the application expiring and ceasing to function. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

Open the window, conduct your search, and then shut it.

You should be okay if you act quickly.

The search performance is adequate overall.

Even while it isn’t nearly as speedy as the other apps we tried, it is still a good alternative because it is faster than the built-in Windows Search.

11. Launchy


A clever programme called Launchy is designed to take the place of the Start Menu, Taskbar, File Explorer, and desktop shortcuts. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

If you’ve ever used a Mac, Spotlight might look familiar to you.

Launchy indexes your entire system and enables you to quickly start files, apps, folders, and bookmarks.

Most people believe that Launchy can only launch apps, however if you enable the feature, it can also search files and folders.

Launchy by pressing Alt + Space, selecting the gear symbol in the upper right corner, selecting the Catalog tab, selecting File Types on the right panel, and then clicking “+” to add additional file types and directories to the search.

12. Wise JetSearch

Wise JetSearch

For Windows 10, Wise JetSearch is a free search tool.

It is capable of searching all important file kinds from local storage and removable media, including music, photos, documents, and videos.

Whether they are detachable discs or secondary discs, Wise JetSearch can search all hard drives and partitions.

It is compatible with many drive types, including NTFS, FAT, and exFAT.

Using a Wise JetSearch is a good substitute for the built-in Windows Search tool because of features like Quick Search and Preview Pane. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

13. FileSeek


FileSeek is your best option if you’re a Windows power user searching for more control over your searches.

You can utilise regular expressions to be more exact in your search instructions with its Advance Querying function.

The Tabbed Interface feature comes next.

You know how on Windows you have to wait for a search to finish before you can look something else up?

You won’t have to wait like that any longer thanks to FileSeek.

You may quickly search across several files with Tabbed Interface.

The search results can also be filtered by size and date (including creation, modification, and other dates).

Additionally, the search results can be exported in formats like CSV and HTML and can be copied to the clipboard. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

For those of you who operate Windows 10 frequently, FileSeek is an appealing option thanks to these and much other capabilities.

After installation, you’ll also get a trial edition of the Pro version, which, after a short while, reverts to the free version.

14. Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack

A free Windows search tool called Agent Ransack is accessible for both private and business use. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

We enjoy this programme since it provides results right away without requiring you to access the files and then conduct the necessary research.

Through this tool’s printing, exporting, and reporting features, you can also distribute the search results to other people.

Another free commercial Windows search tool is Agent Ransack.

Although it’s essentially the same product by the same firm, the creators have branded it as FileLocator Lite for commercial purposes.

15. DocFetcher


Are you a fan of open-source software? You’ll probably enjoy DocFetcher then.

It is a free, open-source desktop search tool that enables lightning-fast search through zillions of files on your computer. This is another Search Tools for Windows.

“It is comparable to Google for your local files.

The application is provided available under the Eclipse Public License and operates on Windows, Linux, and OS X “According to DocFetcher’s webpage.

Numerous file kinds, including PST, HTML, RTF, ODT, MP3, JPEG, plain texts,.zip, and many more, are supported for search.

The pro-privacy stance of DocFetcher is accompanied by support for both 32- and 64-bit architectures, which can be confirmed by looking at their freely available source code.

Which Free Windows Search Tool Do You Prefer?

Go ahead and choose one of the aforementioned tools for better and quicker search results.

Even if the default Windows 10 search is improving, there is still a long way to go before you can completely rely on it.

Although Windows 10 may have numerous features that irritate and anger you, the number of users means that there will always be third-party software available that fills in the gaps left by Microsoft.

These useful Windows search tools are evidence of that.


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