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JoinPD Introductions, Teacher And Student’s Access In 2024

Complete guide about JoinPD will be described in this article. How does the idea of modernized education sound to you? Tempting, right? To cater to your curiosity, JoinPD comes with intricacies in the education realm that will change your educational experience. This virtual platform allows teachers to interact with their students and conduct online classes conveniently and efficiently.

JoinPD Introductions, Teacher And Student’s Access In 2024

In this article, you can know about JoinPD here are the details below;

Teachers can easily create online classrooms, distribute assignments, and interact with students and their parents alike. Via podcasts, and live webinars. Even students can share their screens, and notes and contact their fellows via video-conferencing. Like all other online platforms, it surged to its success during COVID-19 when students could access their learning materials uploaded by their teachers.

What Is JoinPD?

JoinPD is a virtual and embedded web platform that surged to new heights during the quarantine period. It allows teachers to create presentations, assessments learning activities, and sideshows that will be helpful for the students.

Users can access multiple prompts and templates facilitating their experience on the portal. Students can access these online-generated presentations and learning materials by the unique IDs provided to them by their teachers. Live testing and assessment sessions help teachers better evaluate their students’ performances. There is an unusual ID for each presentation providing much-needed segregation and flow. The user-friendly interface is tempting enough to explore and is a great help in the long run.

There are versatile categories available for you to browse with fun elements integrating both enjoyment and learning.

How To Access JoinPD As A Teacher?

Navigating Pear Deck is easier than you can realize. You must follow some self-explanatory guidelines to get started with this virtual platform as a teacher.

  • Initially, you need to get on the Pear Deck site, and choose ‘Teacher Login’.
  • You will be redirected to the select the account you prefer to proceed with. You can choose a Gmail or Microsoft account, whichever suits you.
  • You have to your site log in to your Google Drive or OneDrive.

How To Access JoinPD As A Student

  • You will be most likely asked a few setup queries, answer those and move ahead.
  • Allowing access may require you to click on Authorize and add your credentials at this point.
  • Add your institution and the zip code. If you are not on the premises of the US, you have to write down your school’s name and zip code as it won’t be shown in the list.
  • Here, your work starts where you have to create presentations by choosing any of the in-built templates provided to you.
  • Make an engaging presentation through the JoinPD.com code and your access plan will be activated.
  • Once you have made this, it will be available to students.
  • If you prefer using this Pear Deck Add-on with Google Slides, just add your Google account and you are good to go.
  • However, if you use a Microsoft account, then open the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • You can even copy your created presentation link and share it with your students for their convenience.

How To Access JoinPD As A Student?

To get started with JoinPD as a student requires you to follow few steps that will be done in a matter of minutes.

  • To initiate your access, you first need an ID code or maybe a link that your teacher will provide you.
  • Get on the official website
  • Make your account with a Microsoft or Gmail account and Starr by clicking on ‘Student login.’
  • JoinPD: Introductions, Teacher & Student’s Access, Features, Merits, Pricing
  • After logging in with your credentials, now you will be required to join the presentation which is accessible through the link and code.
  • Paste the code here and you will be joined.

Distinguished Features of JoinPD

JoinPD comes with excellent features setting it apart from other similar educational websites. This distinguished platform proves to be handy in so many regards, which we will see here.

Webinars & Workshops: You will be facilitated with on-demand webinars and workshops that allow you to join them at your convenience. These are most likely organized and generated by experts in the educational field.

Hands-on Learning Modules: This module are specifically designed to engage students and teachers alike while integrating technology, training, management, and assessment tactics.

Students can have an excellent learning experience through these well-designed modules significantly contacting to teaching practices.

Multiple-choice Assessment: Undoubtedly, it’s an excellent feature bringing a great change in the educational world and allows easier assessment.

Teachers know answers by heart and can quickly assess their students’ performances by the answers they select.

Draggable Content: It gives a fun edge to your typically boring study patterns. You can add interactive elements like boxes and shapes through which students can share their ideas and thoughts while teachers prioritize important details and add essential informational tidbits.

Embed Websites: Switching multiple sites just to get some content may be extremely exhausting. JoinPD seems to be a great solution as it brings all your web-based resources into a single presentation of slides.

You have to the copy the website URL and paste it into slides. A preview will be created for you that is customizable by allowing you to adjust the position and font of the content.

User-friendly Interface: The navigation is fluent with an engaging interface; you won’t get bored and tired by being on the site for hours.

The color scheme is such an eye candy and treat to your vision.  You can access anything on the navigation menu bar.

Versatile Library: Specially for educators, there is vast data including teaching plans, strategies, research articles, and other assessment features allowing you to maximize your experience at this virtual platform.

Monitoring & Certification: It allows teachers to track their progress like what they have learned so far and how it’s valuable in their teaching journey.

They can earn certificates that showcase their abilities and come in handy in their future aspirations.

Merits of JoinPD

With these brilliant features, you are well aware of the advantages JoinPD offers.

  • As a teacher, you can have real-time responses either through conducting polls or by asking questions which even allows you to better understand the students’ learning potential qnd are they grasping the concepts or not.
  • If you are a teacher, you have a dozen merits while using this platform. You can generate presentations by using text boxes, and multimedia icons making the educational experience much better.
  • You can even evaluate your students’ performances by the time it took them to complete and understand presentations and their ultimate conduct in polls and multiple-choice questions.

Merits of JoinPD

  • JoinPD: Introductions, Teacher & Student’s Access, Features, Merits, Pricing
  • You don’t have to be tech-savvy to understand this platform as it’s self-explanatory just follow the steps and you are on the right track.
  • Teachers can even share students’ performances with their coworkers through emails and text messages as everything is possible at this site, a great collaboration of academia.
  • It helps greatly in distance learning as it is an efficient tool and is not time-consuming.
  • It allows great compatibility with multiple devices namely PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, iPhones, and Android devices.

Is JoinPD Free?

This Pear Deck platform provides three pricing plans that are chosen by its multiple users. These plans include Free, Premium, and customized plans for selective schools and districts.

Free Plan: The widely opted plan by teachers and students. Users can access free classrooms, integrate Microsoft and Google, and provide templates. Students can easily present and attend educational sessions that suffice for their performance and cost not even a single penny. Also check flowchart software 

Premium Plan: It comes with all the free features along with some additional ones namely an audio feature and a highlighting of student’s names and progress.  It even allows you to see which student has already submitted work and what is their progress so far. How much does it cost? That’s something you must be wondering about, so the subscription comes with 149.99/year.

Personalized Pricing Plan: It targets different schools and districts where there is a need for freemium plans i.e., free and premium plans for their teachers and students. Additionally, it allows for efficiency reports, training, and much more. So have you decided which plan will suit best your interests, and why?


In conclusion, JoinPD by Power Deck is greatly facilitating users associated with academia. Teachers can create presentations and sideshows with hundreds of templates available to them on the site. They can add fun elements like text boxes, animated characters, polls, and other educational yet entertaining aspects that actively engage students. Students can access the learning materials by the unique ID codes given to them or via URL.

The features are customizable, convenient, and efficient, a perfect solution for virtual and distance learning. JoinPD comes with free, premium, and personalized plans and you can select any of your choice

Give it a thorough look to know all the information that will be useful and share your opinion with us.

FAQs on JoinPD

How do students interact with Pear Deck?

Students are given an ID code which they can either click on or manually type after joining on the official site. They will get access to presentation slides and answer questions.

How many students can join Pear Deck?

Almost 30 students can join Pear Deck and showcase their learning abilities by participating actively in question-answer sessions. Also check

Is Pear Deck easy to use?

Yes, it’s an extremely easy platform to use with numerous free tools. Joining is easier as well as putting questions into slides. A summary provided at the end helps in a better understanding of overall progress.


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