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Top 15 Best Mebos Alternatives in 2022

Best and most reliable Mebos alternatives will be described in this article. Mebos is a programme that converts audio files into editable text that may be read again and altered as necessary.

This is fantastic for generating a transcript of an audio interview to use when writing a blog post or article. It’s also perfect for podcasters, bloggers who want to produce a transcript of their podcast, and authors who want to make a transcript of an audio interview.

It keeps track of all incoming information so that it may be later reviewed, updated, and converted into text format. Data for voice memos is supported. Users can listen whenever they wish and even store the material on a computer. In comparison to other programmes of a similar nature, Mebos additionally provides speech recognition software with great accuracy.

Real-time transcribing, a 99 percent accuracy rate, language support capabilities, ease of sharing and file saving are just a few of the key components.

Top 15 Best Mebos Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Mebos Alternatives are explained here.

1. Bear File Converter

Bear File Converter

Office documents, audio, image, and video files may all be converted to the format you want using Bear File Converter, an online media converter.

This might be programmed and then offered to paying clients as an application.

The Converter provides a wide range, making a product that is straightforward and easy to use for everyone. Also check Inventory Management Software

The tools can also be accessible online, so there is no need to download any software in order to utilise them.

The Bear File Converter is distinctive because it offers a variety of services that are flexible enough for customers to customise their conversion however they see fit.

There are numerous tools available, including converters for 3D model files, audio files, calculators, eBooks, images to HTML5 APPs, file mergers, office document converters, and much more. This is another mebos alternative.

Overall, Bear File Converter is a fantastic product that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

2. Go Transcribe

Go Transcribe

Go Transcribe is a real-time transcription service that uses AI to convert audio recordings to text.

To ensure accuracy, a professional transcriber is assigned to each voice file.

Despite being a crucial component of language and communication, transcription is frequently disregarded by contemporary technology.

The days of making audiotapes and typing up the transcriptions are long gone.

By eliminating obstacles to communication and collaboration, the service enables teams to communicate more quickly and efficiently.

The programme gives users access to the transcription of the recorded audio into the text box and lets them enter straight into the text box.

3. Podcast Transcribe

Podcast Transcribe

A practical method for transcribing podcasts is to use Podcast Transcribe, an audio voice transcription service.

The greatest automatic voice recognition technology, human editors, and transcription API work together to provide the solution.

Our website will automatically create a textual transcript shortly after you upload the audio recording.

The media and journalism industries, where time is of the essence and the majority of the job is still done by hand, also greatly need this solution.

These services stand out from the competition due to their versatility in supporting audio formats and their capacity to deliver an accurate transcript in a timely manner for a reasonable cost.

Audio comes in a variety of formats, including WAV, WMA, MP3, AIFF, OGG, and AC3.

All of these and more are manageable using Podcast Transcribe.

It can be used by anyone who wishes to convert their audio files into a text format, including podcasters, musicians, journalists, students, bloggers, and others.

4. Txtplay.ai


Txtplay.ai is a platform for converting media to text and creating subtitles and closed captions that lets users create transcriptions, closed captions, and subtitles.

The media content is transformed into rich text and translated into several languages, which can be tailored to a particular target.

It’s wonderful for companies and organisations that want to text-encode their media content for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community to have digital accessibility.

As a result, a strong web-based service was created that enables users to enter material (video, audio, photos, or documents) and convert it into text or subtitles, giving them access to useful information.

You might read the news in your mother tongue more quickly.

It can enhance your enjoyment of entertainment and make reading more pleasurable.

This is another mebos alternative. Any type of audio or video clip can be processed by the lightning-fast conversion to create text or subtitle files with an precision of up to 99 percent and a turnaround time of minutes.

The time to market is greatly shortened for customers who need a text or subtitle file for their customers but do not yet have an audio file for their content.

5. Scripto


With the help of an automatic transcription engine, the file and media transcription software Scripto eliminates the tedious data entry process.

It takes use of text-to-speech and speech recognition technology, enabling people to delegate time-consuming transcription work to computers and free up their time for higher-value jobs.

It has applications in a wide range of industries, including law, finance, and health.

You may quickly import your stuff from these storage sites and turn it into text documents using the built-in social networking and file-sharing platform tools.

This makes it simple for you to distribute the transcripts with your team or clients by downloading them yourself.

A variety of audio and video formats are supported by Scripto.

Transcripts can be made from mp4, avi, mpg, Flv, Mkv, WebM, WMV, and mp3 files.

To guarantee that everyone on your team has entry to all document versions, including their checked-in comments, share projects throughout your team.

6. Listen N Write

Listen N Write

With the help of the audio and video transcription programme Listen N Write, you may create accurate transcripts from your audio and video content.

Just upload your file, and the transcriptions will be quickly returned for editing and publication.

Many transcriptionists use the programme nowadays for recording, transcribe of dictations or interviews, editing, and speech-to-text conversion.

You may effortlessly convert your speech to text with it, and you can also record meetings, conferences, interviews, lectures, and other events. Also check P apps alternatives

With its built-in word processor and the ability to include time markers, Listen N Write has unique features that make transcription work easier.

Additionally, it supports the following formats: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, AVI, MPG, WMV, OGV, FLV, VOB, and TS.

7. Transkripshun


Using Transkripshun transcription software, users can convert audio or video to text on a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer. This is another mebos alternative.

Journalists, documentarians, podcasters, and anyone else who wants to quickly translate an audio talk into text can use the programme as transcribing software.

Additionally, the tool offers batch/bulk audio to text conversion.

Everyone can utilise Transkripshun, a machine learning-based translation service that is offered for free to all users.

The gadget can handle entire conversations without losing any context because it employs the same technology that Google uses for its translations.

You can quickly locate the words inside your audio files because it converts your audio into searchable text.

It fits on your computer and is portable.

It is simple to use and gives you a sneak peek at the finished transcript.

8. Scribe by Thence

Scribe by Thence

Using the online audio transcription tool Scribe by Thence, you may turn recordings into text.

The service instantaneously sends the transcript of voice recordings, interviews, lectures, and more to your email after transcribing them.

You might wish to give Scribe by Thence a try the next time you want to record a meeting, an interview, or some other audio content for the purpose of transcription.

It is the least expensive choice on the market in terms of pricing, costing only 4 cents per minute, and it requires no account login.

9. Streamr


Streamr is a live streaming, transcription, and video translation programme powered by artificial intelligence.

The business provides data infrastructure for the emerging sharing economy using its distinctive combination of blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies.

Data shared between nodes is strongly guaranteed to be immutable, legitimate, and persistent by the network.

It interacts in real-time while utilising artificial intelligence to provide a more authentic and natural experience.

This is another mebos alternative. The programme can convert spoken words into text, transmit live video, record it, and translate it in real time.

The programme is perfect for classrooms, training seminars, live events, meetings, and conferences.

To help gradually raise the level of service quality, each encounter is evaluated and monitored in real-time.

Any device or operating system using any contact platform can use streaming software.

A neural network that is always learning to do better powers it.

The software makes it simple to switch between video transcription or live streaming, which can be included into any blog.

10. Ebby.co


Natural language processing is used by the AI-based audio-to-text transcription software Ebby.co to turn audio input into text.

It enables organisations to record, manage, and share audio.

Ebby uses patent-pending technology to transform audio files into text so you may quickly and easily produce organised documentation.

The platform may customise character style, word style, and word colour for a range of applications in addition to converting voice to text.

Additionally, it offers real-time updates so users can watch the text being typed out as the voice is being recorded.

Journalists and even reporters on the ground who need to take field notes can also use it.

For those taking notes for court trials, business meetings, seminars, or any other event when taking numerous notes is required, this live updating tool has enormous potential.

With the benefit of the Google Translate API, users may also perform automatic translations between languages, including Hindi, English, Spanish, French, and more.

11. Rythmex


You may turn any kind of audio file into text using the audio-to-text converter freeware Rythmex.

The most recent methods for speech-to-text conversion are used, including Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks, and GRU.

It can process files in the following formats: WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, M4A, AAC, and AC3. It outputs a human-readable text document in each of these formats. This is another mebos alternative.

With MS Word or other equivalent software, the resultant document is simple to alter.

Using Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or any other social media, email, or instant messaging apps, written text can be exported to a PDF file and shared with others.

Recording random thoughts and listening to messages are both beneficial.

12. pmTrans


Any sort of audio file can be converted into text using pmTrans’s cross-platform audio transcription software.

The most recent methods for speech-to-text conversion are used, including Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks, and GRU.

It transforms audio, mp3, and music files into editable document formats for copying and pasting.

PMTrans can be used to extract text from any audio file, including songs, podcasts, and recordings.

By taking notes during lectures and interviews, you can write notes, outlines, and even entire articles.

Use a high-quality microphone to record audio files, or listen to audio files on your computer, to produce transcripts, memoranda, and meeting minutes.

13. Sonix


With Sonix, an intelligent audio-to-text transcription tool, you can easily turn audio files into text documents.

It is simple to use, entirely automated, quick, accurate, and dependable, and it makes use of machine learning and natural language processing technologies.

Different cloud services including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box.io allow users to upload, modify, and manage audio files or communications.

Sonix makes it simple to collaborate and lets an unlimited number of individuals work on a project at once.

Since transcription is done in real-time, as opposed to other services where the transcription needs to be reviewed later, you can always see what is being transcribed as it happens.

This is another mebos alternative. It supports all audio files, including mp3, FLAC, wav, and more, may be used online or off, and the transcribing process can be completed in as little as 15 seconds.

The programme can be used for many other things, such as talks, interviews, lectures, and more.

14. Speechnotes


Speechnotes is a web-based transcription and transcribing method that incorporates cutting-edge transcription technology and a human intelligence system to provide its users with an incredibly quick and precise transcription system. Also check Qubism alternative.

The Notepad will be immediately saved with all of the speeches.

It provides a free speech recognition text editor with professional features in a distraction-free setting.

You don’t require to download or establish anything in order for Speechnotes to function in a web browser on your computer.

Even so, no registration is necessary.

Everything is set up to be used.

For this transcribing application to function better, you only need to utilise Google Chrome.

15. Fraim


Fraim, currently called Askd, is a fully functional transcription service provider that enables users to download the transcript in the form they require and even use the safe Fraim Channel to share the most recent, searchable, and interactive media with others. This is another mebos alternative.

Dealing with the services it provides is simple. You must upload a file in both audio and video formats first. This uploading will take place in a safe setting. The next step is to choose between the manual or professional transcription services that are offered. Once completed, the transcription will be available for download in the format of your choice.

The ability to share freshly searchable and interactive media with members of other teams is one of Fraim’s strongest features.


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