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Top 12 Squarespace Templates To Use In 2022

Best and demanding squarespace templates will be described in this article. Making a positive first impression when creating an eCommerce site might be important for your company. After a negative experience, 88% of visitors are less likely to return to a website.

How therefore can you be confident that the user experience and website design are in line with the requirements of your customers? Squarespace has a number of templates to help you realise your ideas and make sure your website has all it needs to catch the attention of potential customers.

We’ll go over our top picks and provide you with detailed information about the top Squarespace templates in this article so you can successfully expand your business. Overview of Squarespace

An internet platform called Squarespace may assist entrepreneurs and creative people with creating and designing their websites. When creating your web presence via Squarespace, no coding is necessary. The tool is simple to use and offers a variety of features that might assist you in realising your ideas.

For photographers, painters, and anyone else who enjoys experimenting with website design, this platform is a fantastic option. It also has a selection of eCommerce tools, which is advantageous for anyone opening an online store.

Top 12 Squarespace Templates to Use in 2022

Top 12 Squarespace Templates to Use in 2022are explained here.

Users of Squarespace have access to a huge library of website templates that they may modify to suit their needs. The majority of them have expert designs that are effortlessly adaptable to any type of website.

The Squarespace template marketplace has more than a hundred free options available. They are all really well-designed and functional.

Additionally, you have the choice to buy additional premium Squarespace templates from other parties and modify your website with those. Most of the pricing kits included with the templates are compatible with both Squarespace 7.0 and Squarespace 7.1.

For your organisation, picking the appropriate templates might be crucial.

We have placed together a checklist of the top 12 free and premium templates to aid in your decision-making so that you can be confident you’re heading in the right route.

1. Galapagos


Anyone looking to create a minimalist eCommerce store on their website might consider using the Galapagos Squarespace template.

The layout can help you build a beautiful design that provides a positive user experience.

These templates include hovering photo possibilities and a variety of product layouts to give your website visitors an interactive experience. Also check efficient Client Portal software

Galapagos also features a Quick-view option that makes your online store more convenient.

It enables prospective clients to view product details right from the page they are now on.

Additionally, it has secure payment processing capabilities and a Squarespece shopping cart system.

2. Brine


Anyone planning to launch an eCommerce company utilising Squarespace should consider Brine.

You may construct contemporary store pages that are suited to your company’s requirements using this premium template.

This design is for you if your online store will only sell a small selection of goods.

It is incredibly versatile and functional.

For instance, adding a blog to your website is a fantastic method to increase organic traffic.

In addition, this template has a number of other features.

To dazzle website visitors and capture their attention, you can add several blocks to the top banner. These blocks let you include messages, videos, or images.

For mobile devices, the Brine template is likewise relatively simple to modify.

3. Paloma


The Paloma Squarespace template is ideal for you if you want to create a new website to showcase your excellent project and have a podcast.

This template has a straightforward layout that might encourage visitors to listen to your podcast episodes and learn more about you.

A blog area can be added to the website, which is a fantastic method to advertise your podcast and grow the audience.

Paloma has a built-in player on the landing page where you may showcase the most recent and thrilling episodes of your programme.

In order to receive donations from your online community and increase your earnings, you can also add a donate button.

Such qualities can also be advantageous to course designers.

4. Ready

For coaches, advisors, or graphic designers specifically, there is the Ready Squarespace template.

offers a simple yet sophisticated design that can help you best display your work.

With the help of the contact features included in this template, potential customers can get in touch with you at any time they require your assistance.

ideal for experts who provide their services on demand.

You can add the CTA button from Ready to your sales page.

enables others to call you or make an appointment with you.

A Squarespace built-in scheduling tool, you may set this up.

5. Bailard

One of the most popular options for nonprofits and community organisations is the Bailard Squarespace design.

It allows you to build a great website for your company because of its simple design and two CTA buttons on the home page that encourage users to take a specific action.

The Home Page, News, About, Read Me, and other sections are among those included in this distinctive Squarespace design.

On the start screen, a full-screen image is followed by additional exquisitely created portions.

A shopping cart option is also included in Bailard, which can assist website owners in introducing eCommerce elements to their Squarespace websites.

Other than that, you can use this as one of the premium Squarespace templates to start a blog and express your ideas.

For this choice, there are many lovely social networking templates available.

6. Avenue

Avenue is another excellent template for building a portfolio website with a thorough gallery and showcasing your work.

Creative business owners can use this straightforward, minimalistic template to create a decent portfolio page.

The homepage, which features a grid-based style, is where it all begins.

You can provide examples of your work here.

Each moment a user relates on one of the samples, a page with further details about that specific project will be displayed.

This template contains an index that is grid-based, making it simple for you to arrange your projects.

One of the best Squarespace templates for building your portfolio as a photographer or designer is Avenue.

These Squarespace templates might be a wonderful place to start for freelancers and course developers who want to create a professional website and market their offerings more successfully.

7. Loam Bakery

Anyone running a neighbourhood company in the food service sector should choose Loam Bakery. Also check web development tools

You may incorporate food menus, articles, product pages, and more in this premium template.

There are also a lot of exquisitely made layouts available.

The capability of adding an eCommerce store to your existing website gives your visitors the option to place online orders, which is yet another fantastic feature of this design.

This can make it simple for you to turn website visitors into devoted clients.

The Loam Bakery design comes with a tonne of functionality.

You develop product pages that are mobile-friendly, collect orders for local delivery, write blogs, and publish instructional videos that can help you promote your brand.

For service-based enterprises, Loam Bakery-style templates are an excellent choice.

8. Mariana

One of the top website building templates for the fashion business is Mariana.

It offers everything you require to best display your design kits and most recent collections.

The eCommerce integration in this template enables you to do online sales.

The first screen of the experience is a full-screen home page with the most recent collection and an Add to Cart button in the upper right corner.

Mariana’s straightforward navigation and excellent segmentation make it easier for potential clients to select their preferred products.

A separate Contact page is also included in this template.

9. Carmine

Are you a planner of events?

Do you wish to spread the word about your work to a large audience?

The best choice for you might be to choose the Carmine template.

For anyone looking to develop a landing page that effectively promotes their event, this is one of the premium templates.

There are many sections that you may use to include details regarding tickets, schedules, presenters, blogs, and other things.

Carmine templates are used to create Squarespace websites, which are renowned for their simple and elegant designs.

For instance, there is room in the speaker’s portion for subtitles and brief descriptions.

To sell access straight from your website, you can also incorporate eCommerce capability. 10. Granger Vintage

10. Granger Vintage

Granger Vintage

Businesses that deal with home decor should use the Granger Vintage template.

It has a simplistic style and straightforward navigation.

Shop, About, and Contact sections are all located in the top menu.

Additionally, this design has a social media button that enables users to share their favourite products with their online contacts, increasing your visibility and establishing your brand’s authority in the eyes of your audience.

A one-click checkout option with a shopping cart is also available.

Your consumers’ entire purchasing process is facilitated by this.

One of the best Squarespace templates for showcasing one’s work is Granger Vintage, which is perfect for both interior designers and Squarespace users.

11. Forster Juice Co

The Forster Juice Co template is a great choice if you own a food and beverage company and want to create a website for your brand.

The layout is clear, and the design is easy editable.

With its integrated eCommerce and shopping cart features, this design enables you to highlight your most delectable products and sell them online to your consumers.

Additionally, Forster Juice Co. offers Contact, FAQ, and Blog areas where you may address any queries that your clients may have.

12. Fable

One of the premium Squarespace templates you may use to sell home furnishings and accents is called Fable.

It enables you to push the product in front of your target market using blog material and images.

In addition, it provides social media integration, making it simple to link all of your advertising outlets and build your brand.

With this template, it’s simple to change the fonts, colours, and other design elements to reflect your brand’s aesthetic. Also check client Portal

Fable also includes eCommerce connectivity, allowing you to launch your online store right away.

With Squarespace, launch your online business.

Squarespace might be the multiple suitable option for you if you’re seeking for strategies to launch your internet business.

You can develop your Squarespace site with the aid of a variety of nicely designed templates and draw in more visitors.

You have a lot of possibilities, like opening an online store where you may offer goods to clients all over the world.

Building a demo site and getting started on Squarespace just takes a few hours because of their exquisitely crafted templates.

But finding a trustworthy supplier is essential for a profitable internet business.

Here is where we come in.

A platform for print-on-demand called Printify is perfectly integrated with Squarespace.

Using our platform, you may sell your customised goods to a huge audience.

After a sale is made, we make sure that printing, inventory, and shipping are all handled properly.

See our detailed instructions for adding the Printify platform to your Squarespace account to get started with print-on-demand.


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Anyone who wants to build a website for their company and attract customers by showcasing their goods or services should check out Squarespace.

Following registration, you have immediate access to more than 100 templates and endless design kits that can help you draw in customers.

The selection process for your template kits is also straightforward.

To begin designing your website, simply enter their creative market, select the templates you like best, and finish.


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