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AnyRecover Data Recovery Software For Windows: A Complete Review in 2022

This article explains AnyRecover Data Recovery Software. We’ll need data recovery software to get back the important files and directories that were mistakenly destroyed. Some data recovery software can also assist in the recovery of files that have been lost or corrupted as a result of a virus, bad sectors on discs, or system crashes. AnyRecover is one such programme that can recover a variety of file types in a variety of situations.

AnyRecover Data Recovery Software For Windows: A Complete Review in 2022

In this article, you know about AnyRecover Data Recovery Software here are the details below;

AnyRecover review for Windows, we examine the features of this data recovery software to see what it excels at and where it falls short. We tested it on a Windows 10 system and were able to restore various types of data. We recommend reading the complete AnyRecover review if you’re looking for honest information about AnyRecover for Windows before making a decision.

What is the purpose of AnyRecover for Windows?

AnyRecover Data Recovery for Windows is an easy-to-use data recovery solution that may assist anyone in recovering lost data in three simple stages. It can recover data from a checklist of discs and devices, including USB flash drives, hard drives, SD cards, SSDs, and cameras, in addition to your desktop or laptop.

Data can be recovered from the recycle bin, formatted devices, damaged hard drives, computer crashes, missing partitions, and virus and malware damage. Also check Eleads crm login

You can recover more than 1001 different file kinds, including photographs, documents, movies, archives, and more. AnyRecover for Windows is available in both a free and a premium edition. You can also use AnyRecover for Mac to recover your files.

AnyRecover for Windows: A Comprehensive Review

We tested all of AnyRecover’s functionality on a Windows 10 PC, as stated above. The AnyRecover review is broken down into categories to help you better understand the tool’s usability, performance, features, support, and compatibility.

User Interface and Usability

AnyRecover for Windows (iMyFone) has a clear user interface (UI) with no unnecessary clutter. You have the option of selecting what you want to scan in specific. To scan the folder, partition, or disc, simply click the Start button.

This programme can simply restore deleted files and folders for anyone with no technological experience or skill.

User Interface And Ease Of UseAnyRecover for Windows has a user interface.

You can rapidly recover data by navigating through different sections. Pop-ups with clear messaging inform and notify you about what will happen at various phases.

The font size is too small, making it difficult to read, which is one of the UI flaws we discovered. Also, when you hover over some of the icons, there is no tooltip. Also check

System Requirements and Compatibility

AnyRecover is a Windows and Mac application. You’ll need to buy software for each platform separately. There isn’t a single tool that works across all platforms. If you have multiple devices with various operating systems, you will need to purchase the AnyRecover utility for each one separately.

AnyRecover for Windows is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and XP. There is a separate utility for macOS called AnyRecover for Mac, which is available for macOS 10.10 11.0. The Mac version of AnyRecover is more expensive than the Windows version. It works with major versions of Windows and Mac OS, which is a benefit for people who have older versions of the operating system.


On the formatted Windows PC, we tested both free and paid versions of file recovery software.

Window for scanning

The tool scans the given location until it finds all potentially deleted, lost, and damaged data. In the meantime, you can pause or interrupt the scan. All of the discovered files are organised in the folder by type, such as video, audio, documents, and others.

The majority of the files discovered by the tool have the same name as they had before they were lost or destroyed. This makes finding and recovering certain files a breeze. It also asks for the place of your choice when the files are selected for recovery. Also check most common Mac problems

The file is saved in the selected location in a folder with a time and date on it, and it is internally split by the file type folder. So, even if you recover numerous files at once, it’s still simple to locate them.

FeaturesDate and time are kept in a folder.

You can sort the File modified date section to find files that were lost in the recent seven days or on a specific day. It is possible to see thumbnails of various files, which makes recovery easier. Once the scan is complete, the number of files that can be retrieved appears at the top of the window.

The remaining time given during the scan is one of the difficulties we discovered with the scanning. It keeps growing and doesn’t indicate the correct amount of time left, making it difficult to decide whether to continue scanning or wait until we have something else to do. You can also look for the file path of any files you’re interested in. We found the data recovery process to be quite simple and quick during our tests.


AnyRecover for Windows has a high level of performance. The tool does exactly what it claims to do. The scanning process takes time, but it also relies on the disc or place where the scan will be performed.

The USB drive we scanned took a few minutes to scan because it was only 8 GB and had only been formatted once. The scan on the 25GB drive went smoothly, and we were able to recover the necessary data.

The application frequently closed on its own when the Windows system drive, which was 900+ GB, was selected for a scan. As a result, scanning huge drives can be problematic.
This is the only performance issue we’ve encountered with AnyRecover for Windows, and we’ve informed the product team about it. They have promised that a remedy would be included in future versions of the software.

The software is tiny and does not require a lot of RAM or computer resources. Actual recovery may necessitate more RAM. Although the scan may take some time, data recovery is relatively quick. In a matter of seconds, the 700 MB movie clip was recovered.


Users who are having problems with AnyRecover can look for answers on their support page for a variety of difficulties. The page is separated into parts based on the types of refunds, technical help, FAQs, and registration codes questions.

On their website, there is no live chat, phone number, or email address for customer service. If you require any additional assistance using the AnyRecover tool, you must complete a form. When you report a problem, you are given a ticket number, and you will receive a response within 48 hours. Customer feedback for AnyRecover reviews, however, indicates that their customer service is great, despite the fact that they use a form.

We contacted assistance with various inquiries and received prompt responses, and they were able to fully answer our questions.

Plans and Pricing

AnyRecover for Windows is available in both a free and a premium edition. The free plan includes all of the same features as the paid version.

Pricing And PlansPaid vs. unpaid Plan that is completely free

You can only recover three files with the free edition of AnyRecover for Windows. The size of the file you recover is unrestricted. The functionality of the free and premium versions are identical, as shown in the screenshot below.AnyRecover for Windows pricing plans.

Pricing And Plans

The premium plan for 1 PC and Windows system starts at USD 49.95 per month. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose a monthly, annual, or lifetime plan.

You can also recover an unlimited amount of data with any of the plans. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if the software fails to recover your files. Because of the way the price is set up, we recommend going with the lifetime plan because it provides the most value for money and allows you to add an important tool to your toolset for a one-time fee.

AnyRecover Data Recovery’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Every piece of software/program has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Naturally, there were a few things we liked and hated, which we detailed in our AnyRecover review. We’ve included a list of them below so you can have a better grasp of the tool.
AnyRecover Data Recovery for Windows has the following advantages:

1. The data is saved in a folder with the date and time, as well as a classification of the files recovered.

2. There are no feature limitations in either the free or paid versions of the programme, so you can get the most out of both.

3. Supports both Mac and Windows, as well as previous OS versions.

4. It takes less time to recover.

5. It’s simple to use and there’s no learning curve.

6. Offers excellent customer service via a contact form and FAQs.

AnyRecover Data Recovery for Windows has the following drawbacks:

1. The free version only allows you to recover three files.

2. The programme for Mac is more expensive and must be purchased individually.

3. The font size in the user interface is small.

4. Large drives (900+ GB in our instance) cannot be scanned.

Please keep-in-mind that data recovery is nearly difficult in some circumstances where lost data is overwritten by other files or data sanitization is performed, regardless of tools employed. In such instances, any data recovery software may fail.

The disadvantages are very minor in comparison to the benefits. You may acquire a complete feel for the product by using the free edition before upgrading to the commercial version. In addition, the programme is less expensive than other data recovery software on the market. You can buy the software and ask for a refund if it doesn’t function for you within 30 days after purchase. Also check Mega nz cloud storage review

AnyRecover Data Recovery for Windows: The Final Word

On the Windows 10 system, we recovered single files and many files in less than a minute during our AnyRecover review. The recovery process was simple and painless for anyone with no technical knowledge. This programme has a lot of great functions, and each one accomplishes exactly what it claims it will.

AnyRecover for Windows, on the other hand, does not offer the ability to scan a single folder on the Desktop or Documents folder. As a result, if you desire to find something specific on the Desktop, Recycle Bin, or Document, you’ll have to scan everything, which takes time. However, as previously said, the scanning time is dependent on the location you choose, the number of deleted items identified, and the size of the folder/drive.

We were unable to scan and retrieve data from huge system drives using the tool. So, if you have a lot of hard discs to scan, make sure you try the free version first before buying.
The fact that the same supported functionality is available in both the premium and free versions is a benefit for those who want to test the tool before making a purchase. Overall, the programme is ideal for recovering data from Mac and Windows computers and discs. It worked flawlessly for us, recovering lost data from the PC’s desktop and hard disc.


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