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Best Tools to Keep Any Software/App Always on Top In Windows and Mac In 2022

This article explains Tools to Keep Any Software on Top. Time management and success are inextricably linked. In today’s world, where we are always multitasking, the amount of time we spend in front of our computers is crucial. We sometimes require critical apps to be constantly on top, whether we’re using Windows or Mac. Keeping a specific window at the top eliminates the need to look for and re-access the app every time we require it.

While Windows and Mac do not have such a feature built-in, several third-party programmes allow you to maintain a software or app window on top at all times. Let’s have a look at a list of tried and true solutions that make it simple to maintain your app windows on top for convenience and simplicity of use, whether you’re using Windows or Mac.
In Windows, there are 7 techniques to keep an app window always on top.

Best Tools to Keep Any Software/App Always on Top in Windows and Mac in 2022

In this article,you know about the Tools to Keep Any Software on Top here are details below;

As previously stated, Windows does not have an inbuilt feature that allows you to maintain your programme windows on top of the screen at all times. If you want such a feature on your Windows machine, you’ll need to use one of the third-party applications listed below.

1.  AutoHotKey

AutoHotKeyey is a free, open-source scripting language for Windows that lets you write scripts for a variety of activities such as form fillers, auto-clicking, and macros.

You’ll need to write a single-line script to keep your current window on top at all times. You can accomplish this by developing a simple script and running it

The instructions below will assist users in getting started with the AutoHotKey software.

How to Use AutoHotKey Instructions

1st step: AutoHotKey can be downloaded for free. By right clicking anywhere on the desktop (or even the File Explorer menu), selecting “New” and then “AutoHotKey Script,” you may create a new script. Also check Underrated instagram tools

Step 2: Call your new file whatever you wish.

After you’ve created the new script, right-click it and select “Edit Script.”

It will launch the editing programme you’re using, in this case notepad.

Step 3: Finally, paste

SPACE: Winset, Alwaysontop, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, NNow is the time to preserve it.

Step 4: Now double-click the script to launch it. On your system tray, you’ll notice a green “H” logo.

Step 5: Now press Ctrl + Space to place any window on top of the others.

To undo the operation, press the same buttons again.

The Ctrl + Space combination can also be edited and changed.

2. TurboTop


TurboTop is one of the most user-friendly programmes available. “Always On Top” is the only feature it’s made for. TurboTop is the finest alternative for you if you don’t want to juggle about different aspects of programme or software.

The utility rests comfortably in your system tray and allows you to pin any window to the top. When you click on its icon, it shows you all of the open windows. To make any of the windows stick to the top, click on it. It’s as simple as downloading and running it.

Simply go to the system tray & uncheck the window, as indicated in the screenshot, to unpin it.


3. WindowTop


WindowsTop is a free programme that runs on all Windows versions from 7 to 10. It permits you to keep your Windows 10 programme window at the top of the screen at all times. You may utilise WindowsTop to minimise the window, enable dark mode, and change the transparency of the window in addition to maintaining it on top.

WindowsTop is available in two versions: free and paid. You can upgrade to the pro version if you want more sophisticated features. We recommend the free edition of WindowsTop because it accomplishes the task at hand.
• Free version – no charge;

• Pro version – $5.99 per year

4. Pins for your desk

Pins for your desk

DeskPins is a free and lightweight programme that allows you to maintain your app window at the top of the screen in Windows 10. The software just has one feature: it keeps a certain window at the top of the screen. Also check Checklist In Google Docs And Google Sheets

Simply select a pin from the DeskPins app and click on the window you want to keep at the top. Such pins can be added to any app or software that you want to stay on top of.

Price: Free

5. OnTopReplica


OnTopReplica is a free solution for keeping Windows 10 windows on top. It differs from the other alternatives on the list in that you can make a duplicate of the window you desire on top.

Simply select the window you desire to keep on top, and then change the window’s size. It permits you to pick & choose the part of the window you wish to see. To see something clearly, you can zoom in on the window. Positioning lock, configurable opacity, and cloning of a specified section round out the list of features.

Free of charge

6. AquaSnap


AquaSnap is a fantastic multitasking solution that keeps one app at the top of the screen at all times. To make the app window translucent and always on top, simply shake it. Then give it another shake to return it to its original state.

Window Docking, Window Tiling, and Window Snapping are among the other functionalities available. You may adjust the window on the screen by docking it. Simply drag & drop your windows to the screen’s sides. It will adjust to fit half or one-quarter of the screen automatically.

Personal, Professional (Standard License), and Professional (Professional License) are the three versions available (Site License). AquaSnap works with all versions of Windows, from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

• Personal – free

• Professional (Standard License) – 18 USD

• Professional (Site License) – 599 USD

7. Tray Minimizer (7.4t)

Tray Minimizer (7.4t)

4t Tray Minimizer is a very powerful tool that not only keeps your app windows on top of the screen, but also allows you to conduct various operations on them. The tool is simple to use, adaptable, and available in both a free and paid edition. It adds buttons to the title bar that allow you to alter the appearance of your windows.

The pro version includes more advanced capabilities such as configuring how your favourite application is minimised to the system tray and rapid launch of your preferred application. It has a “Stay on Top” button that keeps the window at the top of the screen.

Any application can be minimised to the system tray, any window can be rolled up to its title bar, the app window can be made semi-transparent, and you can gaze at the one in the foreground. Also check privacy tools.

• Free version – no charge; • Pro version – $19.95 per year

The Best Mac Apps for Keeping App Windows Always on Top

1. Afloat for Mac

Afloat for Mac

Afloat is a Mac OS X application that allows you to keep any software window on top at all times. It makes use of SIMBL (SIMple Bundle Loader), a Mac OS X programme improvement loader created by Mike Solomon.

It enables third-party developers to change and extend the functionality of Cocoa-based applications without having access to the source code.

Afloat is easily available from the Mac’s Window menu and requires SIMBL to function. Here’s where you can get the SIMBL you’ll need.

It allows you to control all actions with a few hotkeys, although you may find that using the mouse is more convenient. The tool is simple to operate. Simply go to the Window option of any window and select the desired option; “Keep Afloat,” “Transparency,” and so on.

2. The Floating Browser- Helium (free)

The Floating Browser- Helium (free)

Helium, a floating browser for Mac OS, enabling you to watch videos while working. It offers an adjustable translucency mode that allows you to work while viewing your material.

Helium does not intercept mouse clicks when in Translucent mode. You can click, drag, and scroll behind your floating window, and the floating information will remain unchanged.
It can be used not just to view movies or TV shows, but also to maintain other windows at the top of the screen. This includes any papers over top of everything, such as tutorials or the slacker window.


As a result, making the most efficient use of our time becomes critical. When working on a number of multifunctional programmes or software windows, the key tools described above can assist you in keeping the app windows always on top. You may not only work with numerous projects and windows open with ease, but you can also prioritise them as and when you choose.

If you’re using a Mac, you won’t have any further alternatives. When it comes to Windows, on the other hand, you have a variety of possibilities.


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