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Top 8 Big Data Solutions for Small Businesses In 2022

Big and most demanding data solution for small business will be described in this article. This tutorial provides an overview of big data as well as a list of eight small business-friendly big data solutions.

Big data is information that is too huge, complex, or quickly moving for many conventional data processing techniques. Big data can assist your business in resolving important problems, enhancing its cybersecurity, and developing an effective data and analytics strategy.

Some of the most well-known big data solutions available today include SAS, Qualtrics, and Google Analytics.

This post is for business owners who want to use big data to strengthen their operational procedures.

Big data is a topic that is always being discussed.

Companies that have access to actionable data can market to clients more successfully and efficiently, design and produce goods that address particular requirements, boost revenue, improve operations, more correctly predict the future, and even better manage inventory to contain associated costs.

But can your company afford to benefit from it?

Small businesses use the same tools larger corporations employ in order to compete successfully in today’s market.

Of course, small firms lack the resources that a large corporation would have, such as data scientists, analysts, and researchers.

In order to level the playing field, there are numerous ways for your small business to collect, examine, and make sense of the data you already have.

To that aim, we’ve compiled eight big data solutions for small businesses; but, before doing so, we urge you to familiarise yourself with big data’s fundamentals and significance.

Describe big data.

Big data is information that is too massive or complicated for analysis using conventional data processing techniques.

Take into account the following three V’s of big data to better comprehend this definition:

Terabytes or petabytes of storage space can occasionally be used to store unstructured data that has been received in massive quantities, like Twitter data streams.

(By contrast, a Word document typically just consumes a few dozen kilobytes.)

Businesses need additional processing power as a result of the growth in the amount of data being received simultaneously online.

Consider the variety of file extensions in your database, including MP4, DOC, HTML, and others.

Your data will be more diversified the more extensions you view.

Key takeaway: Traditional processing techniques might not be able to keep up with big data because of its great volume, velocity, or variety.

Big data’s usefulness to business

Big data is advantageous to organisations since it:

Find the root causes of problems, flaws, and failures as soon as possible.

Immediately generate coupons at the point of sale in accordance with a customer’s purchasing patterns.

Recalculate an entire risk portfolio quickly.

Recognize fraudulent or malevolent online behaviour before its worst effects happen.

Complete data and analytics strategy elucidation

We’ll describe how today’s big data solutions can support you in achieving these objectives below.

Key takeaway: Determining your data and analytics strategy from top to bottom and resolving difficulties are just a few examples of how big data can be used for business.

Top 8 Big Data Solutions for Small Businesses In 2022

Top 8 Big Data Solutions for Small Businesses are explained here.

1. SAS



According to SAS, a pioneer in business analytics software and services since 1976, being a small business is no longer a barrier to collecting market and business insight.

Whether your company is small, moderate, or large, SAS can transform your data into insights that can assist guide decision-making and offer a new perspective on your industry. This is another big data solutions. Also check Benefits of Digital Technology

SMBs (small and midsize businesses) encounter many of the same difficulties as major corporations.

SAS’ simple analytics, automated forecasting, and data mining allow organisations with little resources to work more efficiently.

These insights aid businesses in overcoming obstacles so they can expand and compete.

SAS’s advice to SMBs is straightforward: “Determine what’s working.

Fix the problem.

And look for fresh opportunities.

For further information, price, and information on SAS’s free software trials, get in touch with them.

2. Alteryx


Complex business intelligence analysis doesn’t need to be complicated.

Alteryx provides sophisticated data mining and analytics tools that also make information easy to comprehend.

To assist you in making wiser business decisions, Alteryx connects the internal data of your company with information that is readily accessible to the general public.

With the use of these insights, you may make interactive graphs, stories, and graphics from the dashboard.

It also provides team discussion tools for collaboration.

Alteryx can offer department-specific data, such as marketing, sales, operations, and customer analytics, in addition to business data. This is another big data solutions.

The platform also supports a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, media and entertainment, retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, and financial services.

For price details, get in touch with the business.

3. Kissmetrics


Are you aiming to boost your marketing ROI?

With Kissmetrics, you can analyse, categorise, and interact with your customers depending on their behaviour.

Based on client behaviour, you can use Kissmetrics to generate, manage, and automate the delivery of one-off emails as well as recurring email campaigns.

The platform gauges the effectiveness of campaigns beyond opens and clicks.

Additionally, the business introduced Kissmetrics for E-Commerce, a tool that is intended to boost your Facebook and Instagram ROI, lower cart abandonment rates, and encourage repeat business.

You can access online training and instructional tools, such as marketing webinars, how-to manuals, articles, and infographics, as a Kissmetrics user to enhance your marketing initiatives.

This is another big data solutions. For the first 60 days of your onboarding, you receive a dedicated customer success representative who will provide you with strategic advice on how to make the most of the platform. Also check Tech trends

The monthly minimum for plans is $300.

4. InsightSquared


You don’t have to waste time mining your own data and laboriously evaluating it with one spreadsheet after another when you have access to InsightSquared.

Instead, to automatically gather data and extract useful information, InsightSquared integrates to well-known business solutions you undoubtedly already use, like Salesforce, QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and Zendesk.

For instance, InsightSquared can offer a multitude of sales information using data from CRM software, including sales and pipeline forecasts, lead generation and tracking, profitability analysis, and activity monitoring.

Additionally, it can aid in the discovery of trends, as well as of your sales team’s successes and failures.

The set of products from InsightSquared also includes tools for marketing, financial, personnel, and support analytics, as well as custom reporting that enables you to slice and present data from any source in any way.

InsightSquared provides a free trial and has modular, expandable service plans.

For pricing, get in touch with InsightSquared.

Author’s note

Are you searching for CRM software for your company?

Use the following questionnaire to request free information from vendors if you need assistance deciding which is best for you:

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

To start collecting data, you don’t need complex, expensive software.

Your website could be the first resource you use.

Small businesses have access to tools like Google Analytics, the company’s free digital analytics platform, to evaluate website data from all touchpoints in one location.

You may extract long-term data from Google Analytics to identify patterns and other important information so you can make informed, data-driven decisions.

For instance, you may make better decisions to achieve the objectives of your website or online store by tracking and analysing visitor behaviour, such as where traffic is coming from, how audiences engage, and how long visitors stay on your website (known as your bounce rate). This is another big data solutions.

In order to improve your social media marketing strategies, you can also evaluate the traffic on social media and determine what is and isn’t working.

For a better mobile experience, you may learn more about customers who are using their mobile devices to browse your site by analysing mobile visits.

To sign up for Google Analytics for your website, follow these steps.

6. IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics

The advanced and predictive business analytics offered by IBM’s Cognos Analytics are easily accessible to small firms, unlike many big data solutions that are designed for exceptionally educated data scientists and analysts. Also check technology trends

The platform automates the process for you rather than requiring any expertise to use sophisticated data mining and analysis techniques.

With the help of this self-service analytics solution, which offers a range of data access, warehousing, and refining capabilities, you can easily prepare and present data to inform your decisions.

IBM Cognos Analytics combines all of your data analysis projects into a single platform, in contrast to the several analytics solutions that concentrate on a specific area of business.

It is applicable to all data analysis tasks, including those related to marketing, sales, finances, human resources, and other aspects of your business.

With the use of its “natural language” technology, you may spot issues, spot patterns, and gather insightful knowledge to respond to important queries like what ultimately influences sales, which transactions are most likely to close, and how to keep staff happy.

For price details, speak with IBM.

7. Tranzlogic


It’s no secret that credit card transactions contain a wealth of useful information.

Tranzlogic, a provider of customer intelligence, now makes this information accessible to small enterprises without the big corporate budget, when it was previously only available to organisations with significant resources.

Tranzlogic extracts and analyses proprietary data from credit card purchases in collaboration with merchants and payment systems.

This is another big data solutions. This data can be used for a combination of tasks that help you make wise business decisions, such as measuring your sales performance, analysing your customers and customer segments, enhancing promotions and loyalty programmes, launching more successful marketing campaigns, improving business plans, and more.

Starting with Tranzlogic doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

Because it’s a turnkey programme, there’s no need for programming or installation.

To access your merchant portal, just log in.

Tranzlogic can provide you with price details.

8. Qualtrics


Research might be the solution if you currently have no rich sources for data.

You may perform a wide range of studies and surveys using Qualtrics to get high-quality insights for data-driven decisions. This is another big data solutions.

Additionally, the business recently unveiled Qualtrics Experience Management (Qualtrics XM), a suite of four applications that enables you to manage and enhance the experiences your company offers to all stakeholders, including clients, partners, users, prospects, employees, suppliers, citizens, students, and investors.

The four fundamental company experiences—customer, employee, brand, and product experience—are measured, prioritised, and optimised with the aid of Qualtrics XM.

In addition, Qualtrics provides market research tools, survey software, advertisement testing, concept testing, and real-time analytics.

The business can also assist you with employee reviews, exit interviews, and surveys.

To talk about price, contact Qualtrics.


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