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How To Cast Your Android Screen To TV Complete Guide

This post will explain Cast your android screen to tv. Life is big and so need to be your screen! Genuinely said, its a various satisfaction and experience of seeing things on the cinema specifically when it concerns binge-watching on Netflix, music videos on youtube, images and videos from your last vacation and far more.

Nowadays innovation is such that you can connect your smart phone to your TV and see all that is on the web and your cellphone on a big screen. To make it happen there are numerous options, it’s not simply that your mobile phone needs to be suitable with miracast.

How To Cast Your Android Screen To TV Complete Guide

In this article, you can know about Cast your android screen to tv here are the details below;

Through this post, we will present you to a few of the very best applications which will assist you sync your smart phone with your TV so that you can delight in all the entertainment on the larger screen together with your family and friends. Also check Cricket wireless exceed login

1. Chromecast

Chromecast provides a convenient and easy method to connect your Android screen with your TV. It operates actually if your device is not suitable with Miracast, the Chromecast functions as a bridge in between your TV and Android screen.

With Chromecast there is no necessity of the Wi-fi to connect machines, all you require to do is to follow the below-given actions:

  1. Connect Chromecast with your TV’s HDMI port.
  2. Now, press the Chromecast button.
  3. Finally, select your device and continue seeing!

Cast your android screen to tv

2. Cast Your Smart TV Directly

Cast your android screen to tv

This might not work for all gadgets as this requires smart TV because wise TV’s come with the integrated WiFi connection therefore there is no requirement to bridge any device. For a direct device connection, you should have Miracast on your phone. Nevertheless, a couple of compatible Android apps feature the cast icon. Also check Things You Should Avoid Doing When Decorating

To connect, follow the given actions:

  1. From your Android phone select Settings and after that go to Display.
  2. From here, select an alternative to either Cast or Settings to link the Phone and TV.
  3. Now, select the Screen Sharing alternative, followed by picking your device to cast.

Cast your android screen to tv

You might need to leave your screen while casting is going on. If you do not see any casting choice, your Android phone might not work with this alternative or there might be different settings to cast based upon the phone maker.

In such a case, look for the casting settings by referring to your maker’s website.

3. Roku

Roku, an option to Chromecast, operates in a similar method. Just observe the below given steps to know how to attach it to your gadgets.

  1. Attach Roku gadget to the HDMI port of your TV.
  2. Now setup screen matching by going to Home and then to Settings.
  3. From Settings navigate to the System choice followed by picking Screen Mirroring.
  4. After this, pick the way you wish to link your device.
  5. Link your Android phone device by following the approaches to connect to the smart TV.

Cast your android screen to tv

4. Amazon Firestick

Amazon Firestick is definitely the most commonly utilized device to connect your Android Screen with your TV. Just follow the actions to know how?

  1. Connect Amazon Firestick to your TV.
  2. Then, utilize your Android phone to pick the Firestick gadget.
  3. Now, just follow the exact actions you use to cast your wise TV straight.

Cast your android screen to tv

5. Link utilizing HDMI Cable

Cast your android screen to tv

Linking your Android device through HDMI cable might sound a bit old but trust me, it works the very best for the Android phones with USB-C type port. For this, you will require an HDMI to USB-C cable television, else you may require to search for an HDMI cable that works for your Android device’s port.

After establishing a connection, follow the below-mentioned actions:

  1. From Your TV, select the HDMI input to try to find your Android device.
  2. fter this, you may get a prompt to select the connection type on your Android phone.
  3. Then, simply let the connection facility.

6. Connect from Windows 10

The above-mentioned approaches were to cast your TV with your Android device, however if you are interested in linking your android phone to your Windows 10 computer system then that is likewise pretty much possible if you have the Connect app. Follow the below-given actions to link:

  1. Click the start and type Connect in the space provided.
  2. Now, pick the Connect app once it appears.
  3. Follow the very same steps which you use to connect your Android phone and your TV.

Keep in mind: In some cases, it will require to close the Settings of your Android phone before anything appears on the screen of your computer. Additionally, for Linux users, the methods work the very same. Also check podcasting

7. DLNA App

DLNA app supplies a choice to stream the media files from your Android gadget. Bulk of internet-based TV’s featured this performance. However, it is very important to be careful about adhering to your media, you can not stream anything that has Digital Rights Management which implies no Netflix or youtube.

With the DLNA app, you can likewise link other devices like your Computer or tab.

8. LocalCasts

LocalCasts enable you to stream media from your Android phones such as videos, music and images to your DLNA device or smart TV.

The app permits Chromecast targets streaming so that you can share your file on a TV by preventing matching of the full screen. In addition, you can zoom, turn and pan your images while sharing them with the Chromecast device to put them into usage such as making discussions.


Screencasting supplies a terrific method to forecast your Android gadget screen onto a big screen of your TV so that you can delight in viewing your favourite movie or series on a larger screen or perhaps workaround with the media files in your Android phone.

The post brings you lots of alternatives to cast your screen to your TV. So select the 1 which is numerous appropriate for you and continue viewing!


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