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Top 11 Best CXT Software Alternatives in 2022

Best CXT software Alternatives will be discussed in this article. One of the leading ship management platforms for logistics requirements in the market is CXT Software, which offers its services across North America. It offers all the tools necessary for your entire on-demand courier operation, enabling you to expand your business. The user-friendly features offered by CXT Software assist the driver in completing his tasks of dispatching, delivering, and picking up the client’s order. Increase your productivity by utilising the seamless connectivity of your courier software with clients and backend operations. CXT Software’s 24/7 customer assistance is a requirement for this type of organisation and is one of its key features. Instead than using bots to address your problem, team members are constantly available.

The software’s goal is to improve client satisfaction and persuade them to shop with you. The user-friendly smartphone software is designed to assist the on-the-go courier workforce, with no fancy features or in-depth training required to become an independent contractor. With real-time analytics and measurements, the strategic dashboard improves performance and gives you the ability to adjust your plan.

Top 11 Best CXT Software Alternatives in 2022

Top 11 Best CXT Software Alternatives are explained here.

1. WorkWave Route Manager

WorkWave Route Manager

The software WorkWave Route Manager delivers logistics operation management, including pickup, dispatching, and product delivery to the customer. You may view every movement of the driver and real-time car operations thanks to its sophisticated GPS capability. The software has an API that addresses your sophisticated routing needs and is targeted towards developers. It offers a superb strategy for route optimization that not only boosts effectiveness, productivity, and profitability but also lowers operational expenses and raises revenue by forcing more driver stops during free time. This is another cxt software.

With WorkWave Route Manager, you can automate delivery routes quickly, increase visibility and accountability, and satisfy and even exceed client expectations. With the help of an intuitive mobile app, you can easily schedule and deploy your techs and teams, operate from any location with real-time tracking information, and reduce the workload in the field. You won’t miss any appointments because the app immediately tells you when the driver leaves the stop or arrives at the destination. Overall, WorkWave Route Manager is a terrific service to increase the efficiency and productivity of your delivery management operations.

2. Onfleet


Onfleet is an easy-to-use delivery management software that streamlines productivity and effectively controls your delivery operations. The business offers its services across a variety of sectors, including food and beverage, e-commerce, pharmacy, supermarket, courier, retail, and furniture. You can give the finest client experience and streamline your operations with the aid of Onfleet. You can consolidate routing and dispatching activities by viewing real-time tracking data on the user-friendly interface.

To advise the quickest and most effective path, the integrated route optimising algorithm computes time, capacity, places, and traffic. By limiting the search results by time, text, customers, delivery tasks, status, and a lot more, it enables you to concentrate on what important to your team. By sending the appropriate driver to the appropriate location and time, you may cut down on labour expenses and service time. Your fieldwork is made simpler by the Onfleet mobile app thanks to its mobile management and controls. Other features include the expected delivery time, a delivery confirmation, and a safe driver conversation.

3. OnnaWay


Your delivery operation will be easier than ever thanks to OnnaWay’s delivery management software. Even without GPS, you can rack your drivers and orders in real-time on the map thanks to the cutting-edge algorithm. Simply select the closest driver on the map, allocate the order, and remotely dispatch orders to your drivers’ phones in no time. Customers may follow their orders in real-time to stay informed, as well as you. With text notification options and contactless delivery, the expected time of delivery is also displayed on the dashboard. Online ordering, API integration, fast order receipt notification, streamlined and efficient routing for numerous orders, and many more are other standout features. This is another cxt software.

You may monitor operations, place orders, receive invoices, and operate remotely thanks to the smartphone app. You can receive payment on schedule with minimal paperwork. You may enhance customer experience and productivity by offering staff and consumers live chat assistance around-the-clock. Overall, OnnaWay is a fantastic solution to increase your company’s revenue.

4. Sendcloud


One of the most widely used shipping platforms in Europe, Sendcloud integrates to more than 80 e-commerce sites and carriers. Tracking, label generation, selection, packing, and returns are all made simpler with automation. You don’t have to spend hours manually completing labels, printing them, and handling other shipping-related activities. You can ship with over 35 different carriers and choose the one that is ideal for you. Prices that have been pre-negotiated result in decreased shipping expenses and discounted labels that draw in more customers. You may easily switch between carriers to choose the best courier choice, and orders from many shops can be merged to be controlled on one dashboard.

Top marketplaces with integration capabilities include Magneto, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon. The four main courier services used for parcel delivery are UPS, DHL, DPD, and GLS. With sophisticated monitoring and email notification tools to let customers know when their packages have arrived, Sendcloud enables you to strengthen your brand. In the end, Sendcloud is a terrific tool to streamline your shipping process, enhance productivity, and utilise it.

5. Courierscripts


This is another cxt software. For both small and large organisations, Courierscripts offers cloud-based courier and logistics tracking software solutions. Excel sheets, billing, and inventory are all made unnecessary by it. The logistics software from Courierscripts automates and streamlines the management of all your courier operations. You can have a dashboard with dynamically improved monitoring and all of the business summary and analytics. This enables you to evaluate the state of your company’s operations and take wiser decisions.

To complement your existing template, you can edit and make your own mailing labels or package slips. Manage your orders, ship in bulk, and perform a single action on a number of choices. With features like quick tracking, shipping costs, monthly reports, online booking, import, export, invoices, bill payments, and much more, overall efficiency not only promotes usability and productivity but also enhances the client experience. For the purpose of not restricting the customer, you can interface your system with significant logistical businesses like Amazon and Shopify with all supported payment channels.

6. Journease


Journease is a company that offers delivery and courier software services, streamlining all sizes and types of transport operations. It offers all the tools necessary for your entire on-demand courier operation, enabling you to expand your business. In order to enable the driver satisfy his needs for dispatching, delivering, and picking up the item for a client, Journease offers some user-friendly features. With automated booking, billing, a client database, and integrated mapping, owner-drivers have more control over a process. With the help of these capabilities, you can focus more on expanding your business and less on administrative concerns. Customers and the backend of your organisation gain from enhanced productivity thanks to the smooth connection of your courier software.

With Journease, you can automatically invoice each delivery operation, which virtually eliminates the time spent producing invoices. Other capabilities include email integration, supply management, POD recording, multi-vehicle, self-offering, business logo import, and management reporting. For both small and large enterprises, Journease is one of the best delivery and courier management services out there.

7. Shipsy


For the purpose of automating commercial processes, Shipsy offers logistics and delivery solutions. Tracking, label generation, selection, packing, and returns are all made simpler with automation. You don’t have to spend hours manually creating labels, printing them, and handling other shipping-related activities. One standout aspect of Shipsy is Prices that have been pre-negotiated result in decreased shipping expenses and discounted labels that draw in more customers. You may easily switch between carriers to choose the best courier choice, and orders from many shops can be merged to be controlled on one dashboard. This is another cxt software.

The Shipsy Track solution is made to handle tracking container movements on a daily basis. The software improves collaboration and visibility while lowering total supply chain expenses. All containers from all shipping lines may be tracked and traced in one location using a single platform.

8. ShipStation


Retailers may import and manage their orders using the industry-leading e-commerce and shipping management software solution, ShipStation. It has many fun features and doesn’t restrict the variety of selling channels from which the user can import information. To facilitate unhindered fulfilment, it interfaces with several popular market locations and shopping cart programmes.

It also enables you to easily locate well-known payment gateways, BI tools, and email providers from the extensive list of accessible connectors. You can add your preferred delivery service or carrier without paying any money at all. ShipStation is also one of the few totally mobile-optimized representatives of the e-commerce sector, which means that customers receive a unique application to track and handle orders from various mobile platforms.

9. Notifii Track

Notifii Track

Apartment offices and corporate mailrooms may easily log packages in and out online with the help of Notifii Track, a mailroom management and package tracking software solution. With this, consumers may capture signature proof of pickup or delivery for true accountability and receive notifications automatically via email or text message.

This is another cxt software. Notifii Track is a comprehensive package tracking software that includes all the top tools and features, including partnership integration and status tracking. One of the best features of this platform is its searchable history and reporting capabilities, which allow customers to rapidly search for a package and provide reports on daily and monthly package totals, pickup speed, and other important metrics.

10. Route4Me


Route4Me is a clever route planning software that reduces costs and saves time through expert planning and fleet optimization. The software enables small firms to maximise production from the outset in order to boost daily revenue. You can deliver packages on schedule while saving money on fuel and maintenance by taking the short way. This will raise client satisfaction with your service, which will increase your customer base.

With Route4Me, optimising the vast fleet is now quick and simple. Because you are constantly aware of the routes, traffic, and stops, you do not need to worry about where to drop off your delivery. Advanced team management, audit logging, activity streams, custom data add-ons, field services, and Ultra high-resolution mapping are just a few of the operations that the software is delivering in one location. Additionally, you can add advanced support features like telematics, navigation maps, eCommerce platform integrations, notifications and alerts, vast data, APIs, and more.

11. GSM Tasks

GSM Tasks

The web tool GSM Tasks offers a variety of services for fleet management, field service, route optimization, and other uses. For the quickest and multiple efficient delivery of any product, it provides the most precise and accurate routes. Additionally, it makes it simple to organise jobs and connect various tasks to one another. Users can follow the driver’s whereabouts on the road and the fleet’s travel distance with the use of fleet analytics, which aids in effective vehicle management. With the help of this application, you can send the client a worksheet that has been accurately documented and has been signed. This is another cxt software.

Sygic, Google, and Waze maps are supported by GSM Tasks for locating the fleet’s location. It permits the sending of personalised alerts or notifications to clients to let them know when tasks are started or finished. Mobile apps that alert drivers of every activity, date, and time allow users to manage their fleet. It provides consumers with digital documentation that is paperless and data extraction from Eat24 or Grubhub for fleet optimization. This software enables simple drag-and-drop calendar display and administration along with real-time task updates.


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