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Top 15 Best Ungerboeck Software Alternatives in 2022

Best ungerboek software will be described in this article. Ungerboeck Software offers you everything you need to manage your events and venues at the greatest level of professionalism. It is a complete event and venue management suite.

This software can enhance the experience of any event, including concerts, important sporting events, plays, and congresses. The software’s strength comes from its ongoing development of cutting-edge software solutions and its experience in planning international conferences and events. No matter where an occurrence takes place, it may be managed independently and simply with the help of software tools

The software solution’s innovative approach to project management and financial handling is one of its hallmarks. The software records every transaction fully independently of the country in which it was made, as well as every national and international event and every single registration. This enables transparent management of every event’s profit.

Top 15 Best Ungerboeck Software Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Ungerboeck Software Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Arcat.XP


Arcat.XP is an event management tool that makes it simple for hosts, participants, exhibitors, and sponsors to manage events from beginning to end.

It enables users to do a variety of things, such as produce automated event invitations, track attendance, organise event sessions, and manage agendas, as well as construct event registration forms and accept payments online.

It is utilised in several occasions and conferences all around the world.

With regard to functionality, usability, and design, Arcat.XP offers a number of new features, including Day and Night Mode, more than 200 pre-built icons for use in the schedule, agenda, map view, etc., support for multiple languages, and a number of organisation types for events like conferences, seminars, workshops, reunions, dates, and workshops.

Additionally, it offers total connectivity with email marketing tools and payment gateways.

Other features include pre-event communication and invitations, speaker and attendee profiles, event promotion, and event registration.

2. B3App


B3App is a platform that facilitates the planning, execution, and management of events.

This is another ungerboeck software. The platform makes it simple for event organisers to put up a gathering, for participants to locate gatherings and remain up to date on the newest developments, and for sponsors to quickly choose worthwhile gatherings to fund.

It offers event planners a user-friendly interface that enables them to design their events and invite guests in accordance with each event’s particular registration criteria.

Additionally, it offers a dashboard that organisers may use to keep tabs on their funds, logistics, and attendee data.

The capacity of B3App to dynamically create attendee registrations and deliver real-time updates to the participants based on their registration status is its most significant feature.

You may collect online payments for tickets and other purchases, send out reminders about the event, and message your attendees privately.

Additionally, you can create tickets for free events using its online registration system, or you can pay a one-time fee to unlock enhanced capabilities.

3. ConventionSuite


The enterprise-level event and exhibition management software ConventionSuite was created with the goal of streamlining, organising, and optimising the whole event planning process.

Key characteristics include versatility, elegant drag-and-drop interface, ease of use, and complete access 24 hours a day. Also check screenwriting software

With total control over every facet of event lifecycle management, it is designed specifically for the requirements of major enterprises and conferences.

It enables event planners to design, oversee, and assess events like trade fairs, seminars, conventions, and conferences.

With its many capabilities and emphasis on customization, ConventionSuite manages all facets of event preparation.

Other functions include handling event data including speaker biographies, exhibitor details, venue information, schedules, and much more as well as importing and exporting data from other software.

Additionally, ConventionSuite offers social media marketing and integration, providing event planners with direct access to a global audience of millions of people.

4. EventsWallet


The ideal platform for managing conferences, trade exhibitions, and real and virtual events is called EventsWallet. It can be difficult and expensive to plan and carry out events.

Meeting organisers must deal with calendars, RSVPs, and billing in addition to scheduling speakers and handling on-site logistics. This is another ungerboeck software.

Through the integration of event management and technology onto a single platform, EventsWallet streamlines the procedure.

In order to free up event managers to manage their events, it offers end-to-end solutions that link planners with attendees and providers.

It gives you access to all the data you require to successfully host your event.

Online collaboration allows event planners to add, modify, and manage events as well as speakers, participants, and exhibitors.

They can share personalised documents, forms, and surveys with attendees and registrants, track registrations, collect money, and share bespoke materials.

Attendees may interact with one another before, during, and after the event thanks to the ability to publish films and presentations and readily share content on social media platforms.

5. Grenadine Event Software

Grenadine Event Software

You may manage your event with the aid of Grenadine Event Software, which also makes it easier to plan, work together, and communicate with all of your team members and attendees.

You can create events with ease, automate activities and processes, and manage online registration.

This software can help you save time while organising, managing, and interacting with all of your team members and attendees, whether you are planning small gatherings or large conferences. This is another ungerboeck software.

Anyone may construct a stunning and mobile-friendly website for their events thanks to the extremely user-friendly and simple features.

You can make it appear beautiful and exactly as you want because it has many customization options.

In addition to many other capabilities, it offers on-the-spot publishing, social sharing, ticket sales, sales reports, and integrated reports.

Overall, Grenadine Event Software is a fantastic programme that you can take into consideration as one of its substitutes.

6. Wisembly


A cloud-based event management software called Wisembly is used to organise, plan, and carry out events.

You can control every element of an event, including lead generation, logistics, presentations, and registration.

In addition to providing a set of APIs for customising pre-built connections to existing systems, it offers pre-built integrations to more than 150 applications.

Any type of event, including conferences, conventions, congresses, and exhibitions, can be managed.

Online registration forms, easy social media integration, thank you emails, event journals, seamless checkout, email templates, a chat feature, polls, quizzes, brainstorming, and collaboration are just a few of the key features.

This is another ungerboeck software. Planning an event involves meticulous attention to detail, and you cannot afford to take any chances with the process’ overall smooth operation.

With the aid of this software, event planners can create and manage events while on the go and interact with their audiences more deeply.

Overall, Wisembly is a fantastic platform that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

7. Digitevent


A strong event management software called Digitevent focuses on a variety of events, including conferences, workshops, training sessions, and product launches.

It has a dynamic interface that is simple to use and intuitively built to help you manage your event planning efficiently.

Digitevent has all the tools you need to run an event, with built-in templates for events of all sizes.

There is no better platform for designing and managing events, from managing registration, speakers, attendance, polls, surveys, and sponsorships to managing the entire programme.

Any kind of function can be accommodated by the all-in-one design.

The latest news from the top performing artists can be found on a mobile app that focuses on events, and you can also find out more about your favourite performers and events. You can also reserve tables and seats for events.

The software enables the presentation of the event schedule along with details about the event, including its location and duration.

8. A2Z Events

A2Z Events

Businesses may develop, administer, and collaborate on events with A2Z Events, a cloud-based event management solution. The procedure of creating and carrying out events should be made simpler.

The software includes a wide range of capabilities, including free event templates, integrated calendars, interaction with maps, personalised branding, sharing documents, and more. The software makes it easier for event planners to oversee their events from beginning to end. Also check Photo Stitching software

This is another ungerboeck software. From the discovery stage to invitations, attendee management, and forward-facing event applications so guests can follow the festivities, it enables you to manage and plan events. Utilize the power of your business intelligence by providing thorough reports and useful data that will enable your team to quickly comprehend event performance on all fronts, from planning to sales and engagement to attendance behaviour and beyond.

All things considered, A2Z Events is a fantastic alternative for event management platforms.

9. Klik


Klik is a personalised engagement platform for brands, marketers, and e-commerce businesses that makes it simple for them to connect with and communicate with their customers across a variety of channels and generate meaningful interactions at scale.

It offers a straightforward and user-friendly platform for real-time engagement that helps businesses to scale their customer service and enhance relationships with their clients. Klik offers the features and tools needed to build competitions, sweepstakes, assessments, and more.

This is another ungerboeck software. It makes use of the most recent technology to make it simple for you to handle your promos. By utilising this platform, you can raise brand recognition and generate more registrations, purchases, and email sign-ups. Businesses may create, implement, and evaluate interactive mobile campaigns using its tools.

Klik has the resources you need to be successful, whether you need to advertise an app, encourage downloads, or focus heavily on conversion.

10. CrowdQuestion


CrowdQuestion is a comprehensive social event platform that gives event planners the tools they need to plan, advertise, and manage their events.

It is a stunning & straightforward user interface that puts everything in the event planner’s hands.

This software may simplify the planning process for you whether you’re organising a wedding, small conference, or significant event.

By changing the focus of an event from being a location where people connect to a community and by creating a setting that enables event managers to both attract new participants and forge lifelong ties among them.

Visitors have the option to create events, invite friends, and advertise them on Facebook and other social networks.

After the event is created, users may edit every aspect of it, including the title, images, and price. They can also set up RSVPs and even add a custom map location.

11. Invent App

Invent App

With the help of the event management platform Invent App, you can arrange meetings, get-togethers, conferences, retreats, and more. The focal point of this software is the calendar feature.

In addition to offering practical features like reminders and day views, it provides users with a convenient way to organise events, meetings, and vacations. This is another ungerboeck software.

The platform gives you the ability to promote and sell your events, manage your team, guests list, and attendees, and give them a method to communicate with you and one another throughout the event.

Your attendees may search, sort, and filter all of the amenities from an event, including sessions, exhibitors, sponsors, maps, and even messaging, once you’ve set up an event using the mobile app.

Attendees can easily buy food, tickets, and sponsorships within the app without having to dig out their wallets or even carry cash or credit cards with them.

12. Cvent Event Management

Cvent Event Management

Meeting and event planners may build, manage, advertise, and analyse their events with the help of the Cvent Event Management platform.

This is another ungerboeck software. Everything you need to manage a great event is included, including a variety of venue selections, virtual maps, entertainment schedules, sponsorship opportunities, audio-visual equipment, and printing possibilities.

Because of this, finding, reserving, and managing the venues required for events of any size is made simple for event planners.

Utilize this tool to reduce expenses, boost productivity, and provide your most essential clients a truly memorable experience.

Now that the planning process has been streamlined, you can concentrate on giving your clients an easy-to-use experience and making the most of your events.

Users of the website can easily discover nearby events by category, date, and location.

With capabilities to manage finances, resources, venue selection and contracts, scheduling and registration, networking opportunities within the event app, and much more, the platform strikes a balance between process and creativity for event planners.

Additionally, its integrated system encourages increased involvement in meetings and activities and lessens the need for manual data entry.

13. Idloom-events


Idloom-events is a comprehensive event management software that supports event planners in organising and overseeing their events. A ticketing system, an organizer’s dashboard, and an app that attendees can use to browse and plan their calendars are all included in the full range of tools for creating events that are available. This is another ungerboeck software.

It gives event planners all the resources, data, and insights they require to make their events successful.

Within the app, attendees may check the entire itinerary and reserve complimentary tickets. To be informed of any changes, there is also the option to subscribe to event updates. It provides you with everything you need to arrange your events and is easy to use, strong, and adaptable.

The platform comes with everything you need, from registration to advertising, to conduct hassle-free, unforgettable events while saving time and effort.

Whether you’re planning an annual retreat or a sizable festival, the objective is to make your event as simple as feasible. Also check game recorder software

Additionally, it takes just a few clicks to invite participants, collect payment from ticket sales, post updates on social media, and receive comments from reviewers.

14. ClearEvent


Event managers and planners can access a full toolkit for event administration using ClearEvent, an all-in-one event management software.

The software includes everything, from event registration to ticketing to participant management.

This is another ungerboeck software. It can simplify not only how event organisers keep track of the details of executing an event but also how agency workers handle the events for their clients.

ClearEvent is a sophisticated yet simple-to-use solution for event planners of all sizes, from huge corporate events to your neighbourhood school carnival, with real-time updates, ready-made templates, and a full host of automated tools.

The software offers all the capabilities you require to promote and manage your events, serving equally as an organiser and manager.

In addition to being an organiser, it’s a fantastic tool for people who want to efficiently manage their time.

To prevent them from getting buried behind a mountain of other work, pin your most crucial tasks to the top of the board.

15. Samaaro


Samaaro is an event management platform that gives planners a simple, efficient way to oversee every aspect of an event. This is another ungerboeck software.

Visitors can interact with other guests, share images, and find intriguing individuals nearby on its real-time social networking platform.

The organisers are also given crucial information so they can address any difficulties as soon as they arise and keep everyone updated on the meetup’s progress.

With special capabilities like real-time booking, real-time invoicing, service provider on-board, pay on arrival, and more, it aids in developing, managing, and marketing any type of event.

Samaaro is here to employ technology to bridge the gap between the event’s planners, participants, and service providers.

Users may control every facet of their events using its platform, including registration, tickets, payments, and fundraising.

The platform offers services to users who are interested in arranging events, including event planners, marketers, companies, and other individuals.


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