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Top 9 Best DirectFB Alternatives in 2022

Best and official directfb alternatives will be explained in this article. The web-based platform DirectFB gives you full access to a software library that you may use for your Linux operating systems to handle input devices, accelerate graphics, and more. It is an open-source platform with a comprehensive License based on the GNU Lesser’s public licence. Its resources may be used as an alternative to the X Window system, and its API compatibility allows it to work with video devices. It is a portable platform that operates without difficulty with limited memory or storage.

In order to deploy the X Window server successfully, it also provides its services to game creators. Additionally, you may modify all of its features to make them fit with your system. As a result, DirectFB is the best solution available in its category, and you may acquire resources for your system for nothing.

Top 9 Best DirectFB Alternatives in 2022

Top 9 Best DirectFB Alternatives are explained here.

1. Mir


Mir is a web-based, open-source platform that lets you create graphical user interfaces and gives you all the tools you need for a successful deployment. Users or members of Unity make use of this platform because it is intended for the company’s future users. The flexibility of this platform’s capabilities and ease of use for interface shells other than Unity are its finest qualities. This platform is consistent with a wide range of gadgets, including laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and cell phones. This is another directfb alternative.

It provides you with services that are reliable and secure and enables interoperability with all of Ubuntu’s products. Additionally, it offers you full instructions and advice for a proper deployment. As a result, Mir is the best choice available in its category, and you may leverage its services to develop user interface shells.

2. Y Window System

Y Window System

The Y Window System is a platform that enables you to boost the responsiveness of programmes identical to any locally based app while also enhancing the speed, functionality, and efficiency of the applications in your operating system. You may choose from a variety of widget classes, and they can be stored to the server with ease. The widget set can alternatively be kept on a secure server that is accessible to you. It effortlessly incorporates the loaded theme, which aids in rendering its functions.

Because every widget uses the same type of theme, every server and, eventually, every desktop seem to have the same appearance. Additionally, it enhances the hardware system’s functionality and lets you change some of its features to suit your needs. As a result, Y Window System is the finest solution in its category and assists you in effectively implementing the programme on your system.

3. Wayland Display Server

Wayland Display Server

Wayland Display Server is a web-based communication technology that enables you to enhance communication between the displayed servers’ and their corresponding clients’ servers. The protocol is implemented in C since it is the same language that it was created in. Window manager compositing is the primary duty of a server that uses the Wayland protocol, which is referred to as a Wayland compositor. It is a free and open-source platform that provides you with basic X Window server-related functions.

This is another directfb alternative. It is a simple protocol that gives you all the instructions you need to effectively construct the server. Additionally, it has a legitimate licence called the MIT licence and is approved for use with the Linux operating system. Wayland Display Server is the ideal option for you if you wish to enhance server connection.

4. Xynth Window System

Xynth Window System

The Xynth Window System is a web-based programme that provides capabilities that are alternatives to the X Window System and is used for resource deployment with a minimum amount of resources. It has a C programming language and an LGPL licence. You can utilise the client window’s surface-level direct memory access. It includes a built-in image render and supports the numerous plugin themes in real time. You may quickly change the features thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

It is a simple piece of software that operates well at low bandwidth. You may make advantage of its characteristics, which allow for overlay drawing. Additionally, you may utilise this product remotely with full desktop support. Xynth Window System is therefore the greatest choice in its category, and you may effectively deploy the resources with it.

5. Metisse


An interface on your desktop may be implemented seamlessly using Metisse, an open-source software programme. It enables you to create a variety of desktop environments that you may tailor to meet your needs and specifications. This programme makes it simple to merge the already-existing graphical interface and may be used to construct a Façade system interface. Its features are easily customizable, and its UI is straightforward, reliable, and user-friendly. This is another directfb alternative.

This programme lets you combine your system’s interface with a variety of games and may be used to copy and modify operations. Additionally, its setup and use are quite straightforward, and you may obtain full customer assistance. As a result, Metisse is the top choice in its category, and you may develop the interface with ease.

6. XQuartz


With the help of the open-source programme XQuartz, you may use the X.Org and X Window systems in your macOS operating system. You can use the X Windows system with the very minimum of resources thanks to it. You may use its libraries and related software to install Windows resources on your Mac desktop with no problems. It enables you to modify its features in accordance with your needs and you may use it with several operating systems.

The programme is straightforward and quick to use, and it offers full customer assistance if you run into any problems. Additionally, you may obtain the licences for it during installation. XQuartz would be the best option for you if you wish to integrate X.org resources and the X Window system into your Mac operating system.

7. X.Org


A community-based platform called X.Org enables you to easily deploy or build the X Window System on the client server. It provides you with Xlib and XCB protocols or modules for implementing an X Window System. The X.Org foundation offers comprehensive information and resources in the form of packages that include certification in the event of charges or fees, an assessment form for the rectification of codes, and distribution of donations in the form of financial rewards. It provides detailed instructions for creating a website.

This is another directfb alternative. You may have access to the code, whole package, and in-depth papers thanks to its international development team. Additionally, the X.Org server is compatible with popular operating systems including Unix, Linux, Windows, OS X, and macOS. X.Org might be a suitable choice for you if you’re seeking for a full platform for the creation of an X Window system.

8. MicroXWin


MicroXWin is a web-based platform used to install X Window systems on several types of hardware, including desktop computers and mobile phones. The toolkits for X Window systems also use the Xlib API, which is completely compatible with its features and tools. You may use this platform to create a better interface and to enhance the functionality of your Linux desktop’s graphical user interface. You may get minimal latency and two times quicker visuals on this open source platform.

It is a lightweight platform, which accounts for its small memory footprint and compatibility with the X11 and Xlib layers. Additionally, it supports all common programmes and Windows managers. Its open-source library is available to you. As a result, MicroXWin is the ideal platform for installing the X Windows operating system on your desktop and other devices.

9. Fresco


An alternative to X Window System, Fresco is a web-based windowing system platform that provides you with a robust and organised graphics toolset. It has a fantastic drawing interface and a number of backends. You can link the various processors with a server to enhance the communication abstractors by accessing its various dynamic module loading. Because it is open-source and totally free software, you may customise these functionalities to meet your needs. This is another directfb alternative.

It also enhances the system’s resolution and comes with a GNU LGPL2 licence. Additionally, its system integration is quite easy and supports a variety of operating systems. As a result, Fresco is a lightweight and simple windowing system platform that aids in improving the visuals.


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