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Top 15 Best Netkups Alternatives in 2022

Best Netkups alternatives will be described in this article. Netkups is an online file hosting service that allows you to upload and download files of any form, whether it movies, images, music, or documents. Users can then share the information with others by supplying a public link. Users have the opportunity to establish a password and expiration date for the links they generate. Moreover, there is also an option to convert their files into a PDF format and download them as a whole document. Another option to secure your data is by setting an expiration date for them.

This implies that after a specific period of days or dependent on the number of downloads, the file will become unplayable. This setting helps guarantee that individuals won’t be viewing your files once you share them with them. Another fantastic function is that when you upload a video file, especially MP4, it will convert it into a smaller streaming URL that you can share with the public who want to watch the movie or TV show.

Top 15 Best Netkups Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Netkups Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. SendGB



This is another netkups alternative. SendGB is a free-to-use file sharing service that allows you to exchange files online. It gives 5 GB of free storage to transmit files and requires no signup. Files are sent at great speed, enabling you to avoid delays. The site provides SendGB extra, which allows you to transmit files up to 20 GB at an inexpensive price. Besides file transfer, SendGb additional boosts the storage capacity to 1 TB.

Subscribers to SendGB extra can erase saved files anytime they’d want. Files that were posted in the past can also be shared without any limits. The platform includes various more SendGB extra features such as No adverts, 1 TB Storage, Sharing of files up to 20 GB, Deletion of files, Countless downloads, Password security, tracking of file transfers through email, and more. Also check ungerboek software

2. Nullupload.com


Nullupload.com is an Online Material Upload, File Hosting, and File Sharing service where you may upload any sort of file. It allows users to upload files and share them using a URL, which may be shared via email or IM. The service supports different file kinds, including PDFs, pictures, documents, videos, and more. In addition to its file hosting service, Nullupload.com provides a Flash Uploader enabling clients to upload files from their own websites.

The utilisation of the service is extremely basic; the user needs to join up, which is free of cost and start uploading the content. The file upload limit is 100 MB per file. A nice feature is the extended file retention duration which you may pick from one day, seven days, 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. Moreover, the file may also be encrypted with a password during uploading, so it doesn’t influence unlawful access.

3. DelaFil


DelaFil is an online file-sharing platform that allows users to exchange and save files online. Users may make their papers, spreadsheets, images, or videos available for viewing and downloading via the web interface or by delivering a link to a designated set of individuals. The documents are encrypted, which means that only you and the individual who shares the link to your files may view them. It is a helpful solution for users to securely store documents and view them from anywhere. This is another netkups alternative.

Even though the platform gives a free account for all users, the firm takes the security extremely seriously, and all the data are encrypted. The contents of your shared folder may simply be erased by administrators at any moment, as well as edit access to the folder contents through administrator settings. It offers the option to establish an expiration time for the files. Moreover, the highest upload file size restriction is 6GB.

4. Load.to


Load.to is a one-click file hosting solution that enables you show, distribute and convert your files in a Snap, and your files are hosted. These files can be accessible by anybody on your team, including clients. They may be sent, downloaded, and converted to PDF all inside the interface. You may share files confidentially with clients or publicly to advertise your business. All files are also accessible to be downloaded in the .ZIP .RAR .7Z .TAR, .GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, .JAR, .ZIPX, .TAR, .GZ, formats.

You may save, share, and back up digital information such as music, video, photographs, and documents across devices, computers, and places using the unique URL. The highest file upload restriction is 1 GB per file, and there is no limit on the number of files. Multiple files can also be uploaded at one click. You will obtain a download link to that file that may be shared with anybody. Other than that, you can leave comments and attach your email during the upload.

5. PreFiles.com


PreFiles.com is an online file hosting and sharing service that lets users to upload, share, store, manage and retrieve files of any size and any type. Users may then access their files at any time, on any device. It provides an easy and safe method to save, distribute and manage all of your documents, photographs, videos, etc. It’s easy to upload files, share links, and get started. Most of the clients use PreFiles.com to save, distribute, and backup their files. Others utilise it to transfer huge files to clients. Also check Momix alternatives

This is another netkups alternative. PreFiles enables simple drag-and-drop file uploads, downloads, file editing, and sharing features with other users. The service is meant to be used as both a personal and collaborative tool for small enterprises, non-profits, educational institutions, family members, and anybody who wishes to save files and exchange them securely. There are many payment and storage choices that vary from 5GB per day to limitless storage with pro membership.

6. LiteShare


LiteShare is an online file-sharing network aiming to give users with an option to exchange files with each other in a quick, safe, dependable, and easy way. The sharing allows you to effortlessly save, view, download, and share photographs, movies, documents, and anything else you could have in mind. As soon as you add a file to your account, it is promptly posted to the server and ready for download.

The data are securely encrypted and kept on the server so you can be confident that neither hackers nor third parties may access them. The protection is quite robust: 256-bit encryption with the possibility of making pals for an extra degree of security. The uploader is entirely compatible with all the contemporary browsers. You may put up the expiry time between one day and three weeks. A remark option is also accessible to convey any message along with the file.

7. MASV.io


MASV.io is a file transfer service that lets you to move data across devices without caring about the size, amount, or types of files. Its file transfer limit is determined on how much you pay, i.e., $0.25/GB. It enables users to share files, photos, and videos to anyone, anywhere, and at any time, even if they are not online, and also lets you to post your own assets to the network. You may browse the web freely, knowing that all your information will be protected. This is another netkups alternative.

In addition, MASV.io includes a feature that is known as a Share link, which acts as a web link to any file on the network while keeping its date and time of creation. The connections are additionally secured using AES-256 algorithms/ MASV.io gives all the fundamental services you need: you can transmit any sort of content instantly, even follow its progress and get notifications when the transfer is complete.

8. EasyUpload.io


EasyUpload.io is a file sharing and file transfer service that allows you to upload and share files. The site aspires to be focused on simplicity, security, and privacy. It features a basic enough interface, enabling you to pick whatever files you wish to send, enter an email address and transmit the files in your usual browser. The link you get is a file-sharing URL, so it will be available for others to download when it is provided.

The access link you obtain expires after 30 days, so it won’t be available long enough for anybody to download your files unless they have the link. This keeps your data in your hands and secret until you share the access link with another individual. You may also restrict the amount of downloads per hour in order to make sure the files aren’t being disseminated too broadly or not at all.

9. ySendit File Sharing

ySendit File Sharing

This is another netkups alternative. ySendit File Sharing is an online file sharing service that allows you to upload and share your files with anybody you choose. You may transfer files of any sort, even incredibly huge ones. You may transfer files to someone using an email address they provide you or a URL they give you. Files may be downloaded at full speed, with no waiting around. Files can be password secured, so they can only be opened by the person you send them to. The files and links you produce are saved securely on our servers. The files remain available indefinitely and are not destroyed once the link has expired.

10. Hitfile.net


Hitfile.net is a file hosting service where you may upload and download files rapidly, all from any device. It doesn’t restrict your downloads to any bandwidth, but most other file hosting do. You may also produce and distribute your own materials, such as ebooks, papers, images, movies, etc., online without worrying about size constraints. You may also embed video, music, and other materials on a website or blog by utilising the embed tool. The service offers single and multiple file uploads and downloads.

The files may be accessible through HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols and include comprehensive download management options like scheduling, bandwidth restriction, etc. HitFile provides extra tools to boost the visibility of your files, including user ratings and comments. It’s a terrific site where you can post your files with simplicity and let them be seen by millions across the world.

11. Turbobit.net


Turbobit.net is cloud storage that provides file hosting and file-sharing services. It lets users to upload and store any form of digital assets, including photographs, movies, software, documents, or anything else, in their cloud account. When customers join up for this service, they are supplied with a personal cloud storage space that can be accessed from any computer over the Internet. It is possible to share files and folders with other users via public connections. This is another netkups alternative.

Files can also be made available for download by putting up a password. Turbobit.net also offers a free FTP client to upload/download files from your account, as well as an embeddable HTML code generator to embed a file viewer straight in your blog or website. You may upload all your data to their server and share them with anyone over the Internet and never worry about losing anything.

12. Media Shuttle

Media Shuttle

Media Shuttle is a media management tool that allows users to upload and organise video, audio, and image assets. The platform exposes your data in the best way possible by having it arranged in a clean and professional style. Its easy interface allows you to add files from any device and connects them in a safe and secure environment. All information is backed up on the cloud and can be viewed from any device, making it easy for consumers to share their material.

Media Shuttle’s easy dashboard allows portal managers total control over portal setup and modifications, members, and member rights. Another excellent feature is that in collaboration mode, the media admins may establish or change groups, allowing employees to log in to a protected environment using login credentials. Media Shuttle clients may construct and personalise an infinite number of transmit, share or submit portals for different projects, partners, teams, or workflows.

13. MediaFire


MediaFire is a popular media hosting, file synchronisation, and cloud storage service launched in 2006 by Derek Labian and Tom Langridge. The programme is accessible to use on practically all the main platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android and has more than 43 million registered users across the world.

It provides all the capabilities where you may quickly post and share photographs, videos, music, and documents. After submitting your material, you may distribute it by email, link, or social media network without any limits.

This is another netkups alternative. MediaFire offers better than 60GB of free storage space, which means you can upload unlimited photographs and documents and access them anywhere across the world. Like other file storage services, it also automatically generates a backup of all your photographs and movies that you can simply change without any limits. Also check netcut alternatives

14. Uploaded


Uploaded is a cloud based file sharing and storage platform that comes with the mechanism of importing the files and sharing with others. With no registration formality, Uploaded allows its customers to upload the content with a full size of 250 MB and then communicate it with others. Uploaded has a shadow storage system as well that can be accessed by its website or utilizing an uDrive setup open for Mac OS X operating systems.

It is an excellent choice for those who’re forced to make use of the emails method to share vast records. Through utilising the Uploaded, there are no other means for sharing the large files via extension. The other excellent aspect about Uploaded is its compatibility element that makes its customers competent to sync their various cloud repository with the Uploaded.

Nevertheless, those who will subscribe to the bonus version of the Uploaded will get more functions. The bonus version of Uploaded offers the availability of uDrive, full download pace, unlimited storage of uploaded records. Other features include parallel downloads without any restrictions, control uploaded documents, ad-free downloads without any further prolong, availability of earning choices, and way more.

15. MEGA.nz


On the web & on mobile gadgets running Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, MEGA.nz is a cloud storage and file hosting service. The application is renowned for its security feature, which encrypts every file end-to-end locally before uploading. Anyone attempting to access the data without the passkey used for encryption is prevented by its security feature. This is another netkups alternative.

You can store, search, download, stream, view, and share your data anytime, anywhere, even on any device, by uploading your files from your smartphone or any web browser. Send your contacts your files and folders so they can see your updates in real time.

Because of MEGA.nz’s encryption, it is unable to access or change your passwords. You must keep it in mind or you will be unable to access your saved files. MEGA.nz provides all registered users with bonus achievements a generous 50GB of free storage space. The platform offers various paid plans, each of which has its own price and primary advantages.


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