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Top 10 Best FLCL Alternative In 2022

Best and popular FLCL alternatives will be described in this article. 2018 saw the official release of FLCL’s third and final season, which, like its predecessors, includes several differences between the Japanese and American/English versions. The third season, dubbed FLCL Alternative, debuted on Adult Swim three months after season two (called FLCL Progressive) and 18 years after the release of the original anime in Japan.

Alternative follows Kana, 10, and her three closest friends as she fights to understand that they are all changing and growing up. Alternative’s Japanese release came out after the English edition, similar to Progressive, which makes the differences even more intriguing.

Top 10 Best and demanding FLCL Alternative In 2022

Top 10 Best and demanding FLCL Alternative are explained here.

1. The Kardashian of Japan

The Kardashian of Japan

Kana and her pals Hijiri, Pets, and Mossan are discussing their futures early in the first episode, “Flying Memory,” and there is a discrepancy in Hijiri’s goals. She expresses her desire to wed a professional baseball player in Japanese, leading Mossan to compare her to Saeko, a well-known Japanese actress who is currently divorced from a professional baseball player. In the American version, Hijiri is compared to a Kardashian and says she wants to wed a basketball player or a well-known rapper. This is another flcl alternative. Also check Free Anime websites

2. Only The 1% Can Go To Space

Only The 1% Can Go To Space

Before Haruko is presented in that same first episode, a news report indicates that the prime minister has declared a complete ban on all space flight. It’s not like folks can access to space simply, a diner at the restaurant Kana works at remarks.

The customer responds in Japanese when Kana mentions recent commercial space trips, saying that they are just for “the affluent and powerful.” For American audiences, the English language has been explicitly modified to “the 1%.”

3. Mama Like Haruko’s English

Mama Like Haruko’s English

Alternative to FLCL A new 1967 series Mustang guitar is given to Haruko.

The four buddies laboriously design, construct, and embellish a handmade rocket, but their efforts are foiled when a huge pin falls from the sky on them. A robot attack results from this, and Haruko jumps into action. Haruko takes out a flower/horn that is currently protruding from Kana’s forehead, revealing a 1967 series Mustang guitar. Haruko shouts an unofficial “all right!” in the original Japanese. She shouts “mom like!” in the slang form of English instead. This is another flcl alternative.

4. Making Kana Look like She’s Flirting

Making Kana Look like She’s Flirting

In FLCL Alternative, Kana tries to read the business card.

The focus of episode 2 is the fact that Hijiri dated a photographer in college by the name of Toshio. When Toshio meets Hijiri’s friends, he gives Kana his business card, which reads “Photographer” at the top and is entirely in English. Kana tries to explain the pronunciation in the Japanese version by asking, “Photo…photo-photo?” She can read the English version perfectly well, but they have kept the “photo-photo?” phrase, giving the impression that Kana is trying to be nice with him. Also check AnimeShow

5. An English Idiom to Get Hijiri’s Attention

An English Idiom to Get Hijiri’s Attention

Hijiri’s college lover breaks up with her later in episode 2, “Grown-Up Wannabe,” and handles it in a very mature and level-headed manner. However, it is clear that it has upset her since the following day at school, Hijiri is dozing off at her desk, causing her friends to attempt to grab her attention. They call her name again in the Japanese version until she speaks. Still, they say in English, “Hijiri. Hijiri to the earth! “which is a precise localization for audiences who speak American English.

6. When In Doubt, Make Haruko’s pun filthy

When In Doubt, Make Haruko's pun filthy

This is another flcl alternative. In episode 2, Kana’s anger causes a truck to appear in her thoughts. To defeat Toshio’s automobile, which has mysteriously transformed into Bumblebee from the Transformers, Haruko needs the truck. She makes a pun that, when translated from Japanese, really rhymes and reads, “Guys have charm, females have guts, and Nasser’s the UAE president.” Men are from Mars, ladies are from Venus, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a gigantic penis instead, according to the English dub.

7. Do They Make Weed Jokes in Japan?

Do They Make Weed Jokes in Japan

At the soba restaurant that she manages, Kana and her pals are having lunch. They are all chatting with her boss, Dennis Yoga. As he gestures to his own dreadlocks, Dennis tells them about his encounter with the soba god and how the god’s hair was composed of soba noodles. The girls are joking around and giggling, concluding with the phrase “he’s out of his mind.” This was altered to “too much ganja,” another term for marijuana, in the English translation. This is another flcl alternative. Also check GoGoAnime Alternatives

8. It’s Hot As What?!

 It's Hot As What?!

In “Pit-A-Pat,” the fourth episode of the season, Kana’s hometown is experiencing a severe heat wave. Mossan comments on the heat as she fans herself while everyone in the gym is watching the high school guys’ basketball game.

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She describes how hot it is and how they are being “steamed” in the Japanese version using very informal Japanese, but in the English translation, her phrase sounds more like it would come from an American adolescent. Mossan says, “Oh man, it’s hot in here,” as opposed to something else.



This is another flcl alternative. The earth is becoming hotter in episode 5, “Shake It Off,” and the wealthiest individuals in the world are moving to Mars to escape the heat. When Kana and her pals discover that Pets has vanished, they spend some time cooling off in the school pool. She definitely attended because her family is extremely wealthy, one of the annoying males in their class informs the girls. When the girls confront him, Mossan makes a threat to apply ointment on his face. It is known as MUHI in Japanese and is used for insect bites. The name of the popular cream used to treat painful muscles in English is Bengay.

10. Add An Idiom To Spice Up Your Dialogue

Add An Idiom To Spice Up Your Dialogue

When Kana fully unleashes her N.O. channel in the Alternative finale, “Full Flat,” a robot resembling Canti from seasons one and two unexpectedly materialises and is prepared to engage in combat. Haruko says, “You showed up,” in the original Japanese, and is ready to confront the robot until its friends join in. Look what the cat dragged in was substituted for this sentence since it was deemed to be less cool in the English dub. This is another flcl alternative.


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