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15 Free Anime Websites To Watch Anime

Best Free Anime websites will be described in this article. According to our impartial assessment, Crunchyroll is the greatest free anime website to watch anime online in 2022! Are you looking for the greatest free anime streaming websites?

You’re covered by the list of websites that stream anime below. Many of us had serious obsessions as kids with particular animated series, such as Dragonball Z and Pokemon, which are actually called anime.

Children that are younger can pass their time by watching anime. The majority of anime titles encourage teamwork, community order, family time, positive relationships, and friendships, but these anime series and movies are also an essential element of younger children’s lives.

As anime becomes more and more popular, a number of streaming sites for anime have emerged.

These are streaming services for a range of anime content.

This post will discuss some of the top free anime websites that you may utilise to watch your preferred anime productions.

Use a VPN for Anime Streaming that is the best.

Free streaming websites have a problem in that they are frequently taken down and then forwarded to another domain. Your online security and safety will be compromised as a result.

Although you may have used a streaming service in the past that you believed to be safe, there is no guarantee that it will continue to be safe moving forward.

Of course, you don’t want to take the chance of visiting a phoney website that claims to be legitimate but is really only out to steal your personal data, including your credit card number.

You should always keep your online security in mind and safeguard your personal safety.

Because of this, we have to advise using a VPN at all times to hide your identity when trying to watch anime online.

According to our opinion, NordVPN is the best VPN for accessing websites with free anime streaming.

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15 Free Anime Websites To Watch Anime

In this article, you can know about free anime websites here are the details below;

1. Crunchyroll


The Most Important Guide for Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is without a distrust one of the top free anime websites to watch anime content legally.

You accomplish’t even require to register an account on this platform to watch hours of entertaining anime movies and series.

Of course, you have the option to register if you wish to access your viewing history or add episodes to your queue for later viewing.

Crunchyroll also offers a variety of paid membership options, which you can choose from.

Additionally, a wide variety of anime subgenres like shojo, seinen, and shonen will be available to you. Also check GoGoAnime Alternatives

Crunchyroll has developed into a fantastic platform for watching the best anime films and series for free as a result of all these features.

The best manga library can be found on Crunchyroll; according to definition, manga is a genre of comic from which anime films and television shows are adapted.

A fantastic selection of Asian dramas and anime mobile games are also available.

In addition to the movies and TV shows, there are several forums, news articles, and a special store. This is another alternative of free anime websites.

Today, Crunchyroll is unquestionably one of the best places to find Asian media. You won’t be dissatisfied with the outcomes.

2. Funimation


The second place should go to Funimation, another fantastic free anime website and streaming service.

The most recent Dragonball Z episodes can be found here along with a tonne of other special content.

You can probably locate the anime movies and TV shows you’re looking for at Funimation if you can’t find them on Crunchyroll.

More than 13,000 hours of original anime programming may be found at Funimation.

Before it became a well-known platform, Funimation was known for its amazing TV shows and films, including Pokemon, Beyblade, and other titles.

Other Asian and Western TV shows can be found here as well. Both dubbed and subtitled versions are available for every video you see on the platform.

If you don’t want to pay for a subscription, you can still access the site for free. However, with a free membership, you will have to put up with a lot of advertisements while you watch movies or television shows.

You can view free anime without turning on your computer by downloading the Funimation app for iOS and Android smartphones.

The app seems to be incredibly user-friendly and fluid. In general, the mobile application will make it simple for you to view the most recent seasonal and well-liked anime stuff.

3. YouTube / YouTube TV

YouTube / YouTube TV

Naturally, free anime websites and streaming services are difficult to come by. You may always go to YouTube or YouTube TV if you do not want to waste time searching for legitimate anime websites.

Even if there is less content, the platform still has some well-known anime stuff.

These videos will typically be a shortened version of the original that you will need to constantly updating.

On the platform, full videos might also be available. Every video you find on YouTube will be of very good quality (mostly 720p and 1080p).

On YouTube, searching for videos is also fairly simple.

You may locate the results on the results page by simply typing the name of the anime (or keywords linked to it) into the search bar.

The results can also be filtered according to characteristics, duration, kind, and upload date. The fact that you can watch anime for free on YouTube is one of its best features.

Ads will unavoidably be present while you view the clips, particularly the lengthy ones. The majority of these videos have automatically generated English subtitles.

This is another alternative of free anime websites. You can also distribute the videos without being concerned for their security.



Despite being a relatively young anime website, HIDIVE has swiftly grown to become one of the most free places to watch anime. Also check dubbedanime.net

The top anime films and television shows can be found in a sizable collection.

The platform will also provide a tiny sample group so that you can see shows and films that are comparable to the ones you have already seen.

The free episode portion of HIDIVE is among its best features. As a basic user, you will only be permitted to watch one episode of each genre.

You will encounter the HIDIVE tag system as you watch the episodes. Every episode in these categories will be both subtitled and dubbed when you watch it.

Following the viewing of these episodes, you have the option to upgrade to a paid membership. You will need to pay a monthly fee of $4.99, which includes a 14-day trial period at the start of the cycle.

On the other hand, you may always hunt for something specific in the exclusive category section if you’re looking for it.

If the videos appeal to you, you may always choose the subscription option.

5. Anime Planet

Anime Planet

As you can expect, Anime-Planet is recommended as a top free anime website. On this portal, you may watch more than 45,000 anime films and episodes.

You may watch anime on the platform legally because the website is funded by the industry.

Crunchyroll is the source of the content used by Anime-Planet, which also has a significant edge over the supplier.

On Anime-Planet, you’ll discover that users are the ones who recommend things to other people.

You will also see user-submitted recommendations when you type in a title.

You will receive suggestions depending on the content you are watching, which is a very great feature.

You may watch a broad variety of anime genres for free at Anime-Planet, including action, horror, comedy, and more.

You may browse a variety of databases, suggestions, and reviews for anime films and anime shows. This is another alternative of free anime websites.

Overall, the website’s UI is very slick and easy to use. The experience of watching the movie or episode on your computer will be fantastic.

If you prefer not to leave your bed, you can choose to access the website using a mobile browser.

6. KissAnime


One of the most popular free anime websites and online anime streaming services available today is KissAnime.

You can find anime here that falls under a variety of genres and categories, including sports, comedy, action, horror, drama, etc.

All of these films & television shows are available for free viewing, but you also have the option to download the films if you wish to watch them at a later time.

If you keep a constant internet connection, you should be able to watch films in 720p and 1080p from most of the movies and TV shows you see here.

Kiss Anime has amassed many followers from all over the world as a result of the superb streaming quality.

The anime movies and series have all been subtitled and dubbed in English as well as other widely used languages including French, German, Chinese, Hindi, etc. in addition to its large library.

You won’t have to wait around for buffering because the server is quite rapid.

The movie can be saved as a bookmark so that you can watch it later if you do not want to see it right away.

Check out our list of the best KissAnime alternatives if you want even more options that are similar to KissAnime.

7. 9Anime


If you want to view both new and classic anime movies and series, check out 9Anime.

First time visitors to the website will immediately notice how slick and eye-catching the platform’s UI is. The user feels welcomed as a result.

Along with the appealing interface, 9Anime’s thorough navigation system will be a big hit with you.

The search option makes it simple to find both old and new anime films and series.

The search box is also equipped with a variety of filters that may be used to narrow down your search.

To make the search process quicker and simpler, you can decide to order all the films and television shows alphabetically.

The fact that 9Anime always has the newest movies and TV shows is another fantastic feature of this website.

This is another alternative of free anime websites. Once they have aired in Japan, these titles are automatically posted.

You may be guaranteed that you will have access to HD content on this very special website. There are more than 50 different types of information you can find overall.

All of the titles have both English subtitles and dubs as well as numerous other regional languages.

In addition to series and films, there are a tonne of unique episodes that are only available on Hulu.

8. Amazon Anime

Amazon Anime

Another excellent streaming service for anime-related stuff is Amazon Anime. Amazon Prime is one of the most popular streaming services available today, as we all know.

From the earliest to the most recent, you can find a huge selection of anime films and TV shows right here.

Pokemon, Grand Blue, Abyss, and other anime series are some of the most popular ones available on Amazon.

Every show and movie you can discover on this site has been subtitled and dubbed in many languages.

The descriptions and crucial details for each of the titles you discover here are provided.

With the aid of the X-Ray feature, you will also be given access to cast information while streaming any kind of entertainment.

You may continue reading on Amazon exactly where you left off before being stopped, which is another fantastic feature. The content can also be rated according to your preferences.

There is a vast selection of programmes and movies available for you to view. The shows differ according to genre.

9. Gogo Anime

Gogo Anime

You can view a tonne of anime films and television series for free at the fantastic website and streaming service Gogo Anime.

The website has a really fashionable appearance and provides extremely easy navigation. All types of anime films, both classic and contemporary, can be found here. Also check Intense sports anime

As previously stated, using the website is totally free, and there are no membership costs.

The most recent releases arrive on this platform virtually instantly.

To make it straightforward for you to locate what you’re looking for, all of the titles have been arranged according to the alphabet.

As an alternative, you can use the time of release and popularity rankings as additional filters to hunt for anime films and/or series.

On the homepage, there is a distinct section for trends.

Of course, this site’s drawback is that you will encounter some advertisements while streaming online. This is another alternative of free anime websites.

The website, however, loads swiftly and buffers even quicker. For the best viewing experience, the videos on this page are streamed in HD resolution.

Both the English dub and the original language versions of the series and films are available (mostly Japanese).

10. AnimeFreak


You may watch anime for free on the website AnimeFreak.

There are numerous anime films available that you may view without spending any money.

The platform’s user interface may use some attractive design work, but the site loads incredibly quickly and always has high-quality anime films.

All of the most recent anime programming that is available for streaming on the website is regularly announced by AnimeFreak. As soon as they are formally broadcast, these most recent films are uploaded.

Additionally, in the event that one server is down, you will be given a choice of other servers.

More than 40,000 anime films and series are said to be available on this free anime website. These videos can all be found at any time in 1080p HD.

There is also a community for anime fans where you can talk to people about everything related to anime and manga.

This is another alternative of free anime websites. If there is a problem with the platform, you can contact customer service assistance using the site’s live chat option, which is also well-known.

As you could infer from the name, AnimeFreak was created for stern anime enthusiasts who are constantly searching for the best anime stuff.

11. Chia-Anime


If you want to binge on some excellent anime episodes or shows, Chia-Anime is regarded as one of the best free anime streaming services.

The satisfaction that anime enthusiasts seek will be found on this platform, which is truly great. The text is written quite properly, and the free platform has a good appearance.

You will also be given some entertaining anime soundtracks in addition to movies and television programmes.

The entire page loads quite rapidly and is very easy to navigate. All of the most recent anime films and television shows are listed alphabetically.

You may also use the search option to look for particular titles.

You can get the most recent content here because all of these titles are updated as soon as they air in Japan. This is another alternative of free anime websites.

The videos here are HD-uploaded series and movies. There are also many various genres represented here, including horror, fantasy, adventure, comedy, etc.

With more than a million members from around the world, this website is also one of the first places to broadcast anime.

12. AnimeDao


AnimeDao is a fantastic streaming site where you can get only the best of what anime has to offer. It is yet another free anime website and streaming platform on my list.

The establishment of a secure community for anime fans is a key focus of this website.

You will, however, have to endure some adverts while watching, which is a drawback.

Overall, the website has a really odd appearance and excellent navigation. In order to complete it simple for you to locate what you’re looking for, all of the titles are listed alphabetically.

This is another alternative of free anime websites. On this platform, you can access both the earliest and most recent titles.

To ensure a positive experience, all of the videos are accessible in HD print. The videos will also allow you to bookmark them for later viewing.

AnimeDao is unquestionably one of the top platforms on the market in terms of dependability, content, loading speed, and video quality.

The movies and TV shows on this page have all been subtitled and dubbed in English and various regional languages so that you won’t have any issues watching them.

The website is also known for using the least amount of bandwidth possible, allowing you to save data, especially when travelling and using a mobile device to stream movies or television shows.

13. TubiTV


In recent years, the free anime website and streaming service TubiTV has become very popular.

You can access a variety of online anime content on this user-friendly website, along with a variety of other films and anime shows from many genres and artistic movements.

You won’t have to bother paying any subscription fees because the site is free to use.

Only the best anime films and television shows, both classic and contemporary, are included here.

You will only get the best viewing because every piece of information you see here has HD-quality print.

Whether you’re using a computer, laptop, or mobile device, TubiTV performs flawlessly on all of them. The videos’ calibre won’t deteriorate. The place is really well-kept.

Every week, all of these titles are updated to ensure that you never miss anything, especially when it comes to series. This is another alternative of free anime websites.

The overall layout of the website is also fairly straightforward, with an emphasis on easy navigation and quick loading and buffering times.

14. SoulAnime


Since SoulAnime has been around for so long, people often think of it when they think of manga and anime. SoulAnime is a rather ancient free anime website and anime streaming platform.

This portal has been introducing Japanese material to the western audience for years by providing some of the top anime films and television shows.

The most well-known anime films and television shows are available on this platform. From the earliest books to the most recent films, you may find all different kinds of entertainment here.

To find what you’re looking for, use the advanced search function. These films and television shows are all available in HD.

You’ll discover that SoulAnime includes a special section where anime lovers can communicate with one another and purchase items in addition to its selection of films and television shows.

This section also includes all the most recent details regarding any anime sitcom or movie.

This is another alternative of free anime websites. More than 30,000 anime titles are available for free streaming at SoulAnime.

It truly is one of the most popular anime streaming services. As soon as they are published in Japan, all of the titles are nearly quickly updated.

The platform’s material is all subtitled and dubbed in English and other languages.

15. Hulu


One of the biggest streaming sites is Hulu, which is also highly popular. Users have the choice to watch a huge selection of films and TV shows here, including anime.

Hulu is a premium streaming service that solely provides the latest anime movies and series. This is another alternative of free anime websites.

Additionally, you may watch the film or episode on a variety of gadgets, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

You are able to legally view anime content on Hulu because the platform buys the licences straight from the entertainment business.

These games are all produced by some of the most well-known Japanese developers.

Although there are many titles on the platform, there are rumours that additional titles will be added to the catalogue.

Although using the site for free is a possibility, it is always preferable to pay for Hulu’s services.

Fortunately, the subscription rates are fairly affordable.

After purchasing the membership, you’ll get access to some fantastic anime films and series on the app.

You’ll also enjoy a quick, easy, and hassle-free streaming experience.

You won’t be dispirited with any of the videos you see on our platform because they are all of the highest calibre.

Overall, if you have the means to pay for a budget-friendly membership, Hulu is a fantastic option.

Why Watch Anime? What Makes It So Unique?

Anime, as you might have guessed, is short for animation. All forms of animation are referred to as anime in Japanese culture.

However, the term has become as a well-liked catchphrase for all kind of Japanese animations in the outside world.

Japan has been producing animation of the anime genre for many years.

Aside from its particular style, anime also has thoughts, themes, and fantastic storytelling.

In the past forty years, anime has gained international acclaim.

Millions of admirers from all over the world are drawn to this form of animation; in fact, this number is so large that anime films and television shows are already being translated into many languages.

The popularity of anime has increased to the point where a whole generation of viewers in western countries has grown up watching these films and television shows and is now passing this on to their children.

Because so many different forms of anime content are frequently grouped together, the majority of people tend to think of anime as a genre.

Nevertheless, it isn’t. Anime is simply a production of how something is intended to be produced; it is not a genre.

In anime, there are many different genres to choose from, including drama, comedy, action, horror, and adventure.

Because it is unique and unlike American cartoon shows, anime, in the opinion of its users, has grown to be something really remarkable.

You’ll notice distinct distinctions in a number of areas, such as cultural quirks, the scope of the plot, the artwork, etc.


Is It Legal to Access Anime for Free Online?

Depending entirely on the free anime website you’re visiting, the answer to this question will vary.

There are websites that provide their users a pleasant experience and an official licence that allows them to stream anime series legally online so that you can watch them for free.

On the other hand, there are websites that aren’t authorised to stream anime, and although there may not always be any legal repercussions when you watch free anime on websites like these, they are still regarded as unlawful.

Is Online Anime Watching More Enjoyable Than TV Watching?

Yes, there are some benefits to watching anime online as opposed to on your television.

First off, you aren’t constrained to sticking to a schedule in order to watch your favourite show.

You can watch something that is being streamed online whenever you choose.

Second, watching anime online will spare you from the censorship you could experience when watching anime on television.

Which format should I choose when watching anime?

Your personal tastes will determine how to respond to this question.

Our preference is for the subtitled version since it preserves the genuine emotion that the characters were meant to have, which is frequently lost in dubbed versions.

Additionally, many anime streaming websites won’t carry dubbed versions of your favourite anime series, leaving you with only the option of a subtitled version.

What Should You Watch Out For on an Anime Website?

When selecting the best free anime website, there are a few aspects to take into account.

You must locate one that provides a variety of options, such as drama, action, and games.

New series ought to be accessible, and you ought to be able to request the video you want to watch.

Final Through

These are some of the top free anime websites that you can use to watch anime online for no cost, as you can see.

Even if they are all free websites, it is advised that you choose the paid versions or use IPTV services so that you won’t have to worry about things like viewing commercials or privacy concerns. Make sure you are using a trusted VPN for anime if you aren’t already.

The subject matter of anime today is highly diverse, so there is something for every age group.


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