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How To See Word Count While Typing on Google Docs

How to See Word Count While Typing on Google Docs will be described in this article. If, like me, you enjoy experimenting with various writing tools, a word counter is a feature you’ll likely find yourself drawn to frequently.

I’ve always used Microsoft Word because of the same function, which shows the number of characters and words I’ve entered on the screen as I type.

How To See Word Count While Typing on Google Docs

In this article, you can know about How To See Word Count While Typing on Google Docs here are the details below;

When experimenting with Google Docs, you might require assistance locating certain functions because they are hidden in the toolbar.

Fortunately, it’s just as simple to enable and use the word count feature as it is on other programmes.

How to Enable Word Count on Google Docs

How to Enable Word Count on Google Docs

If you’ve never utilised a word count tool, you’ll never understand its significance.

Although you can estimate the number of words you’ve written in a paper by skimming the pages, nothing compares to actually seeing them. Also check window 10 without password

You can work on a portion of your manuscript without going over the intended word count by using the word count tool.

With Google Docs, though, you can view more than just the word count for your project; you can also see how many characters you’ve typed and how many pages those characters have consumed.

You can maintain a near eye on your work and, most importantly, keep it organised with the help of all this information.

In light of that, adhere to these instructions to enable word counting in Google Docs:

Start Google Docs in any browser of your choosing, then open a text-filled document. From the top menu, select Tools > Word Count. In the Word Count mini menu that appears, check the box next to Display Word Count While Typing. Finally, click OK to activate the adjustment.

Your word count should be shown in a little drop-down on the bottom left of the screen.

There are hidden choices in the drop-down menu that, by default, just shows your word count.

These are what they are:

Pages, words, characters, and characters (Excluding Spaces)

  • Word Count Ignored

If you find the drop-down distracting, you can conceal it by selecting the final option, Hide Word Count.

Remember, you may uncheck the opportunity to display the comment count while you type if you think you’d do better without the drop-down in the corner of your screen and prefer to check it infrequently.

In this manner, you can only view your word count by selecting it from the Tools > Word Count menu. Also check How To Get Free Robux

How to See Word Count for only a Section of Your Document

How to See Word Count for only a Section of Your Document

Sometimes all you need to check is the word count of a certain piece of your document.

To do this, you must either:

  • Highlight the section or paragraph whose word count you want to see (Hold and drag your mouse cursor over the texts to do this);
  • Check the drop-down (If enabled) in the bottom-left corner of the screen to see the word count of the highlighted text; or
  • Navigate to Tools > Word Count and click there to see all the information for only the texts you highlighted. Also check fix windows shifts not working

Final Notes

On Google Docs, you can now see the document’s word count as you type.

The only drawback I can think of with this function on Doc is that, unlike Microsoft Word, you’ll need to re-enable the Display Word Count While Typing option each time you start a new document or even just return to an existing one.

However, given that they are already spending hours on a single page, I suppose that isn’t a deal-breaker for them.


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