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Top 10 Best iPhone Widgets For Customization In 2022

This article is about iPhone Widgets For Customization. Widget apps are popular among smartphone users because they provide rapid access to favourite apps. We have a number of pre-installed widget apps on our smartphones that we utilise. Apart from the pre-installed widgets, here are some of the best iPhone widgets you should download right now.

10 Best iPhone Widgets For Customization in 2022

In this article, you know about iPhone Widgets For Customization here are details below;

We’re putting together a comprehensive list of the best iPhone widget apps in each area. We’ve included everything from the launcher widget to time management apps for your convenience.

Excited? So, let’s get this party started.

Why Should You Install Widget Apps?

Widget apps might be one of the most useful tools for getting things started. It can help you boost productivity, keep track of everything on your phone, and get instant insights into your apps. Here are some compelling reasons to download widget apps to your mobile devices:

• Make the home screen more appealing

Widgets can make your home screen more appealing. You can change the size and appearance of the widgets. On the home screen, attractive widget apps make your home screen look more aesthetic and inviting. Also check Wallpaper Apps For Android

• Provide Quick Answers

You may receive quick insights and an overview of your apps with the widget apps. You can use the widget app to read the news or WhatsApp messages without having to launch the programme.

• It saves time This is one of the main reasons why people put widget apps on their home screens. Widgets such as weather, notes, news, music, and reminders can be added to the home screen.

You may get right into the app with a single click on the app

• Launcher

• IMDb

– What to Watch

• Dropbox

• Battery Widget

• Google News

• Wikipedia Top Read

• Tasks


• Wi-Fi Widget

• Hour Blocks

1. Best iPhone Widgets – launcher

Launcher is a very customizable best widget that may assist you in a variety of ways. On the home screen, you can add a one-tap launcher to turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DND, and toggle Airplane mode on and off. You may start making calls and sending messages with a single swipe using the launcher widget app.

To add translucent widget apps to your home screen, you can import wallpapers from your smartphone. One of the nicest aspects of this programme is the ability to design unique icons. The app includes a Siri shortcut that can help you save time and get things done quickly.

It is one of the best and most useful iPhone widgets available right now. It offers a vast range of options and customization options, making it the best widget on this list.


• Create own icons

• Support for Siri

• Stack widgets

2. What to watch on IMDb – Best iPhone Widget 2021

IMDb is one of the most trusted sites for information about web series and movie reviews and ratings. If you’re a movie buff, the IMDb what to watch widget is one of the best iPhone widgets you can obtain.

The app’s widget displays you some of the most popular shows to watch right now. All online series and TV shows from all genres are available with a single click. By clicking on the widget’s thumbnail, you’ll be taken to the show’s web page, where you may add it to your watch list.

What to watch on IMDb

• Latest trending shows

• One-tap glimpse

• Content from diverse genres

3. Dropbox – The Most Productive iPhone App

Dropbox is a one-stop solution for productivity that we have on our devices. You can use your smartphone to scan a photo, upload a document or photo, or add an audio file. The Dropbox widget will provide you with a one-click answer to all of your problems.

You can put the Dropbox widget on your home screen and complete all of your files with a one click. This could be one of the finest iPhone widgets for your iOS devices if you want to increase your productivity.


• Increase productivity

• Provide a one-click solution

4. The Best iOS 14 Widget is the Battery Widget.

We all use a battery widget app to see how much power we have left. Battery widget is a colourful and attractive widget software available for iOS users. The widget has a graphical battery level display that shows the device’s battery status. The widget shows three battery statuses: draining, charging, and full. Also check Apps like Qubism

It’s one of the best iPhone widgets to try because of the colourful colour battery widget possibilities. The programme also keeps track of your storage consumption in real time, so you know how much space you have left. One distinctive aspect of this programme is the eye-catching depiction of memory allocation.

Battery Widget.

• Graphical battery level display

• Visualization of memory allocation

• Real-time memory consumption monitoring

5. Best New iPhone Widgets from google news

We all want to be kept informed about what’s going on in the world. What could be more convenient than having a news widget on our home screen? The subsequent app on our list of the best iPhone widgets in Google news is perfect for that.

The app provides you instant access to the top 5 stories in your chosen categories. The widget’s news feed is updated frequently so you don’t miss out on anything. The app provides you with the most up-to-date news from the major publishing house in categories such as politics, sports, entertainment, life and fitness, and more.

google news

• News from the world’s leading publishing house

• News aggregator

• End-to-end coverage

6. Best iPhone Widgets For Reading – Wikipedia Top Read

Wikipedia is to credit for providing extensive information on any topic you look for. Wikipedia Top Read is a handy and one of the best iPhone widgets for quickly retrieving knowledge on any topic.

You get recommendations based on your reading history, as well as articles selected by the Wikipedia community. The app’s event of the day in history function will help you increase your general knowledge. The app’s widget on your home screen can also help you find nearby locations.

Wikipedia Top Read

Highlights include:

• Wikipedia community-selected articles

• nearby landmarks

• historical events of the day

7. Best iPhone Widget For Projects: Tasks

One of the best things you can put on your home screen is a to-do list organiser widget. One such project organiser that you may use to manage your projects is the Tasks app. You can see all of your assignments in chronological order so that you can complete them on time. You can use tags to organise your list and use it as a screen reminder widget.

You have the option of leaving the widget in normal mode or switching to dark mode. The programme has a drag-and-drop feature for numerous tasks, which is why it was included on the list. It is presently one of the best free iPhone widgets available.

You can collaborate with your team on numerous projects. Additional features such as the native design and interface make this software more enticing to consumers.


• Support for dynamic type accessibility

• Multiple task dragging and dropping

• Create and cooperate

8. ETA is the best iOS traffic widget.

We all despise being stuck in busy locations. ETA is your personal assistant that can help you save time by offering instant access to journey schedules, public transportation, and driving directions. This widget on your home screen displays all of the important information you’ll need when travelling to your destination.

The single home widget screen displays information like as driving directions, current traffic, and turn-by-turn directions. Aside from that, the app shows you the time it takes to travel by public transportation. The app’s informative widget elevates it to the top of our list of the best iPhone widgets.


• Widgets that provide useful information

• Transit information

• Current traffic conditions

9. Best iPhone Widgets – getwifiwidget

The word “free” is rarely associated with Apple, but this app defies expectations. The app comes with a lot of free features. Without unlocking your smartphone, you can share your wi-fi password. Yes, you read that precisely, and this is why the app made it onto our list of the best iPhone widgets.

The wi-fi password is safe and secure thanks to iCloud keychain. A single press on your home screen will share your wi-fi password with your friend. The app’s 3D touch and general theme are interactive, enhancing the appearance of your home screen.


• Password sharing with a single tap

• Speed and latency tests

• Wi-Fi Privacy mode

10. IPhone Widget – Hour Blocks – Best Time Management

Hour blocks allow you to properly manage your time throughout the day and keep track of all of your tasks. The widget on the home screen of the housing blocks will keep you informed about completed and unfinished chores. Also check best call recorder apps

The software could be a useful productivity tool because it displays a 24-hour timeline as well as the tasks that must be completed. When you finish the previous task, the following one will be queued. One of the reasons to choose this software is that it includes an hour blocks widget on the new iOS 14 home screen.

Hour Blocks

• A chronological timeline is included.

• Convenient

Final Thoughts

We’ve completed another incredible list of the best iPhone apps. We hope this list proves useful in your search for the best iPhone widget apps. Try out these apps & let us know which one worked best for you. Don’t forget to like & share if you want to help us grow.


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