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Top 15 Lead Magnet Templates In 2022

Best lead magnet templates will be described in this article. You should think about the value you can offer your audience when selecting a lead magnet. Your lead magnet should ideally cause an epiphany in your subscribers or provide them a swift victory.

Depending on your theme and objective, you can make a wide variety of lead magnets. Making your opt-in will be much simpler if you are aware of the many lead magnet varieties and where to acquire lead magnet templates.


Ebooks are a terrific choice for those looking to educate their audience on a particular, pertinent topic because they are one of the most widely used lead magnets. Ebooks often have a good mix of text and pictures. Worksheets, lists, and other interactive content are occasionally included in ebooks.

Top 15 Lead Magnet Templates to Create Your Killer Opt-In 2022

Top 15 Lead Magnet Templates to Create Your Killer Opt are explained here.

1. Cool and Calm ebook layout

Cool and Calm ebook layout

This free InDesign ebook design has a subdued colour palette that will complement any contemporary brand. The paragraph, character, and object styles are easily customizable. With the help of 9 page templates, you can create a stunning ebook with the ideal ratio of written and visual information.

2. Canva e-book Template Bundle

Canva e-book Template Bundle

You receive more than 80 distinct templates for both ebook pages and social media graphics with this Canva ebook template bundle, which you can use to advertise your ebook lead magnet. Covers, welcome pages, chapter introduction pages, one- and two-column text pages, and call-to-action pages are only a few of the 58 ebook pages’ many page types.

3. Wellness Workbook Ebook Template

Wellness Workbook Ebook Template

There are 140 pages of templates in this workbook and ebook template from the AppSumo marketplace designed especially for wellness, health, and fitness brands. You will also receive workbook templates to provide your lead magnet more value in addition to the ebook page templates. This is another lead magnet templates. Also check WordPress Notification Bar Plugins


You probably don’t remember these worksheets from kindergarten. Worksheets for lead magnets give you a way to communicate with your leads even if you can’t be there in person. If you’re guiding your audience through a process or an idea, worksheets are a wonderful solution.

4. Introduction & Goals Worksheets

Introduction & Goals Worksheets

Three different worksheet pages are included in this collection of free Canva worksheet templates that are perfect for journal prompts or goal planning. Simply edit the wording to reflect the questions or prompts you want to include to personalise these bad boys.

5. Lead magnet Canva Templates

Lead magnet Canva Templates

You may find these worksheet templates in the AppSumo store. The colourful, vibrant colours may be changed to fit your branding, just like you can with any Canva template. You can mix and match the more than 30 distinct papers in this bundle to make your own lead magnet worksheet pack. This is another lead magnet templates.

6. Business Builder Kit

Business Builder Kit

When they call this the “Business Builder Kit,” they are not joking. You may quickly and simply customise all 96 of the template pages in Canva. This bundle also contains ebooks, challenge assets, social media marketing opt-in articles, and other lead magnet templates in addition to worksheets. Also check bulk email sender for unlimited emails


Workbooks provide the ideal blend between worksheets and ebooks. If you want to give your lead magnet an interactive component, workbooks are a terrific choice. The worksheet pages give readers the opportunity to apply what they have learned and gain new insights, while the written content enables them to learn.

7. Minimalist Workbook

Minimalist Workbook

This is another lead magnet templates. This free Canva workbook template’s basic style makes it adaptable to a wide range of professional fields. Additionally, you can alter the fonts, colours, and graphics to fit your branding. You can use the five workbook pages included in it to make a fantastic workbook.

8. Canva Workbok Template

Canva Workbok Template

Here’s yet another treasure from the AppSumo store. These professional-designed Canva workbook templates offer straightforward yet elegant pages. What’s best? With 100 pages to pick from, you may assemble an effective workbook based on the demands of your audience.

9. Opt-In Workbook Kit

Opt-In Workbook Kit

There is much more to this opt-in workbook set than simply the workbook. You also receive 6 Instagram post and Story templates to help you promote your lead magnet in addition to 16 minimalistic opt-in workbook templates. In contrast to the other templates on our list, this kit also includes specially created patterns and images that let you make your own distinctive designs.


Using checklists as a lead magnet will enable you to give your audience an immediate benefit. After printing the checklist, they will have everything they need to get started. If you want to lead the reader through an actionable item, checklists are a terrific choice. This is another lead magnet templates.

10. Bold & Bright Checklist

Bold & Bright Checklist

Here is yet another lovely (and cost-free) template from Canva’s library. Any straightforward checklist will benefit from using this template. It stands out from other lead magnets thanks to its strong, vibrant hues. If you don’t like templates that are loud and colourful, you may quickly change the colours, fonts, text, and logo in this template.

11. Professional Project Checklist

Professional Project Checklist

This is another lead magnet templates. Take that, Canva! This expert project checklist template is ideal for those who wish to construct their checklist in InDesign or Microsoft Word. This checklist’s geometric check boxes give it a simple yet distinctive look. It’s perfect for a simple checklist targeted at a professional audience.

12. Canva Checklist + Printable Templates

Canva Checklist + Printable Templates

Searching for a stylish check list? (With additional templates!) More than 11 templates are included in this set of checklists and printable templates, and you can use each one separately as a worksheet or combine them together to make a workbook. Change the fonts, colours, and photographs with Canva to make it uniquely yours in under an hour.


A novel choice for a lead magnet is a planner. When you want to assist your audience in establishing a long-term plan, such as objectives or a strategy, you can use them. Planners can be as straightforward as intricate as you like while still giving your audience a lot of value.

13. Elegant Goals planner

Elegant Goals planner

Attempting to keep things easy? Use this planner template to quickly plan your goals. For individuals who are prepared to make plans for the new year, you may offer a straightforward yet practical lead magnet with just one sheet. To complete it uniquely yours, you can actually modify the text and colours. Also check gumroad alternatives

14. Aesthetic Planner Bundle

Aesthetic Planner Bundle

54 distinct planning sheet templates are included in the aesthetic planner bundle if you’re looking for something beautiful yet practical. Select the planner pages that are most appropriate for your subject or target market before personalising the text, colours, and fonts to create a stunning lead magnet. This is another lead magnet templates.

15. Planner & Ebook canva Templates

Planner & Ebook canva Templates

Another stunning template collection from the AppSumo store! With this bundle, you have access to more than 100 editable Canva templates for all kinds of planning. Download templates for goal-setting, vision and life planning, mindset journaling, business planning, blogging, and planning for fitness and weight reduction. Bonus! Also provided are ebook template templates.

Create Your lead magnet today

You can use these templates as a fantastic starting point for developing your own lead magnet. Unsure of the type of content you want to produce? For inspiration, see our 30 lead magnet ideas!


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