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How To Fix a Black Screen On a Roku TCL TV?

This post will explain TCL TV backlight not working. Getting a black screen on your roku TV can be exhaustinng. Nevertheless, some of the causes are small and can be fixed by basic do it yourself repair work. Experiment with these options one by one till the issue is fixed:

How To Fix a Black Screen On a Roku TCL TV?

In this article, you can know about TCL TV backlight not working here are the details below;

1. Restart your TV

Restarting is an option that is offered practically each time as a fix for gadgets, especially modems and mobiles.it can also work just as well for your TV. A reboot will reboot all the software and hardware in your gadget. As a result, any small glitches that could be causing the black screen will be fixed, permitting you to take pleasure in quality images once again.

TCL TV backlight not working

To reboot your TV, simply unplug it from the power outlet (without powering off), wait for about one minute, then plug it in back and power it on. This procedure will work the majority of the time, fixing any minor issues affecting your TV. Also check discord no route error.

2. Factory reset your TV.

Did the reboot not work? The concern could be a tad more severe, for instance, corrupted settings on your TV. In such a case, a hard reset can help fix the concern.

There are 2 ways to reset your TV:

– Through the settings menu

– Through a difficult reset

Because you can not access the menu without pictures showing, the hard reset is the choice to follow.

  • Go to the back panel or side panel of your TV (where HDMI and other adapter ports are located).
  • Find the difficult reset button and press it (you might require a sharp-pointed item for this).
  • Hold the button for about 12 seconds then release it (your TV will power off).
  • Power on the TV and complete the directed setup treatment

With a factory reset, all settings consisting of network settings, and saved information will be gotten rid of. Therefore, you will need to establish your Roku account all over again when you are done. Also check Poptv com activate

3. Inspect the cable connections

TCL TV backlight not working

An HDMI 2.1 cable television. Are you linking the Roku cable television box to your TCL TV? Loose cable connections could be the issue.

HDMI cables can be particularly troublesome if they are defective, so examine to guarantee that they are not harmed. Loose or damaged power cables might likewise be triggering glitches to your screen, triggering the picture issue.

If the HDMI cable seems is malfunctioning, think about getting the iVanky high-speed braided cable television. It can stream HD material without lagging and it is braided significance that there are minimal chances of damage. The cable is offered on Amazon.

4. Update your TV firmware

TCL Roku TVs include firmware that needs to be updated for your device to operate optimally. For that reason, if you are experiencing a black screen with sound, the issue may pertain to out-of-date firmware.

TCL TV backlight not working

To fix the issue:

– Go to the settings menu on your TV

– Navigate to systems update

– Select the upgrade choice to download and set up the latest firmware

Now, this option will just work if the black screen does not affect the menu. Nevertheless, if the menu is not visible, you will need to get in touch with TCL client support. They will then advise you on how to fix and fix the issue. Also check Cast your android screen to tv


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