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Top 12 Adobe Illustrator Alternatives In 2022

Best adobe illustrator alternatives will be describe in this article. The industry has adopted Adobe Illustrator. It is a powerful programme with a tonne of tools and features that is popular among expert designers and could assist you in producing stunning vector designs. There are numerous tutorials available online, and it is quite versatile.

The claim that it is the ideal vector programme, however, is overdone. Illustrator has its own drawbacks, including a steep learning curve and a high monthly pricing (one licence starts at $20.99 with an annual subscription). As a result of having so many features that make the app heavy, the app can occasionally be slow.

Users have recently learned that there are more than just one or two Adobe Illustrator alternatives. However, who are they and can they actually compete with the most popular vector editing software in the world? Let’s investigate.

Top 12 Best And Most Demanding Adobe Illustrator Alternatives In 2022

Top 12 Best And Most Demanding Adobe Illustrator Alternatives are explained here.

1. CorelDRAW


Platform: Windows and macOS Subscription price: $269 Yearly skill level: Intermediate

One of Adobe Illustrator’s “legacy” rivals is CorelDRAW. The application offers most of the tools you’ll ever need as a skilled designer and is incredibly feature-rich. Users claim that CorelDRAW can effectively replace Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. However, based on our experience, we are aware that there isn’t a single design that can satisfy all requirements.


One of CorelDRAW’s main benefits is its user interface, which is intuitive. The application will be very simple for designers to use.

Fast loading times – dealing with large files is never easy. However, even if you have a limited budget, using a computer won’t be a huge issue.

Easy to use – some apps may make it difficult to understand how to work with vector drawings. For CorelDRAW, no. The user is the focus in every design decision.


Expensive; as we already noted, Illustrator’s monthly starting price is $20.99. The price of its biggest rival is $269 per year ($22.42 per month).

It’s an underdog today because, despite Illustrator’s popularity among businesses and CorelDRAW’s superior capabilities, collaborations are more difficult. Also check software companies

The majority of Adobe Illustrator alternatives are attempting to undercut it with more alluring costs, which is poor market positioning. While not the industry leader, Graphics Suite is excellent yet pricey.

Industrial designers, print designers, and marketing specialists are the target market.

You can read a detailed comparison between CorelDraw and Illustrator here, including information on their features, costs, learning curves, and recommended uses. We hope it will assist you in making the best decision possible.

2. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer

Platform: macOS, Windows, Linux Subscription: Free/$99 Annual Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate

It’s time to provide the first free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. The fact that Corel currently owns it speaks highly of the tool. The value you receive from a product determines how wonderful it is. Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux are supported. The nicest part is that you can collaborate while working online and it’s simple to link with Google Drive. The annual subscription fee is $99, but there are occasionally discounts available.


Free version: Having a free version is always viewed as having a big advantage because you can thoroughly examine the software without being constrained by time restrictions with free trials.

Cross-platform functionality – Because Gravit is cross-platform, you can edit your designs on any kind of device, both offline and online. This is another adobe illustrator alternatives.

Very user-friendly – Gravit Designer is designed to be easy so that you can pick up using the programme quickly. The programme is easy to learn and has a friendly user interface.


Limitations of the free version – Gravit’s free edition is so limited in terms of export possibilities, offline mode, and other features that it is almost useless for skilled designers.

No real-time collaboration – real-time collaboration is one of the main benefits of creating designs in the cloud, but you won’t be able to get it here.

If you are switching from Illustrator, you may find this software to be a little “short” in possibilities. And Corel won’t forego its golden chicken in favour of the less expensive alternative.

3. Sketch


Platform: macOS Subscription: $99 annually Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Sketch was introduced in 2010 and has since become very popular. It is not designed as a multipurpose app, in contrast to the majority of these products. Instead, it concentrates on producing excellent mobile and web designs. The software is only compatible with Mac OS, and it has a starting annual price of $99, which has become the norm for many alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. It’s ideal for making prototypes because of how lightweight it is. This is another adobe illustrator alternatives.


Easy to use – Since Sketch contains all the capabilities required for a quality prototype but none that would be distracting, it is very simple to use.

There are numerous plugins to choose from, and they let you add extra functionality and personalise elements to your designs.

Real-time collaboration – Sketch enables you to collaborate on designs concurrently with collaborators for quicker deployment.


It’s unfortunate that Sketch is only available to Mac users; Windows users cannot use Sketch. We view that as a major negative.

Collaboration problems – even if you use a Mac, working with a cross-platform team poses challenges.

Very little features; as it’s a specialty programme, you can’t really use it for intricate graphics or print design.

4. Canva


Many people love Canva since it is one of the simplest yet best web applications for working with vector drawings. It makes it possible for anyone to produce any kind of design, including posters, A4 letters, social media postings, and more. You can get the subscription for as few as $1.99 per person per month if you have up to five accounts.


Extremely simple to use – Canva is the simplest programme to use out of all those on the list. You can make beautiful designs with just a few minor adjustments.

There are numerous pre-made templates that may be utilised in this internet application, all of which only need minor updating. There are also numerous stock photographs available for use.

Canva offers a free plan, but even if you choose the Pro edition, the cost is still very reasonable for small teams.


Canva is highly restrictive for designers in terms of print. Element export is not possible, and PDF export is limited to RGB. This is another adobe illustrator alternatives.

PRO functionalities are sacrificed because Canva is designed to suit the average user. For instance, Canva’s alignment may not be accurate for designers.

Intellectual property – as Canva’s designers created the designs, you won’t have any ownership rights to them. You are limited to usage rights.

5. Inkscape


Free Platforms: macOS, Windows, and Linux Expertise level:

Anyone who wishes to make their own drawings and graphics at no cost should choose Inkscape as their go-to tool. This open-source option doesn’t appear to be the simplest among Adobe Illustrator alternatives, though. However, Inkscape is a flexible option if you’re producing vector drawings for your own company or attempting to pick up a new talent. This is another adobe illustrator alternatives.


Free forever — Being free for business use allows you to avoid paying large sums of money for software subscriptions.

Open-source software allows for customization, which is one of its additional advantages. There are lots of templates and the community is incredibly helpful.

Software is not labor-intensive, but graphic design software generally wears out hardware. Because Inkscape is finely tuned, it uses little system resources and functions effectively even on ageing PCs.


The user interface (UI) of Inkscape has received numerous criticisms for looking antiquated and being difficult to use.

Doesn’t support CMYK, which is important for printing. It is undoubtedly not your first pick of a programme for print design, even though you can discover a way to use it for printing.

Learning curve is a drawback of having so many features; it is not simple. It is comparable to Adobe Illustrator and undoubtedly more difficult to master than many of the programmes on our list. Also check artwork approval software

6. Vectr


Platforms: Mac, Windows, and Web Level of difficulty: Easy

This is another adobe illustrator alternatives. In an effort to compete with more challenging-to-learn applications like Illustrator, Vectr was introduced in 2014. It is highly practical for teams or people who constantly switch between devices because it is a cross-platform tool. Numerous features are lacking, however you may tweak the software with plugins or even use HTML5 to build your own features.


Simple to use—unlike other applications on our list, this one simply provides the essential tools you need to create designs. Your user interface will be cleaner if you do this.

Customizable with plugins — If you feel like your design possibilities are limited, you can add extensions. You have a tonne of options for additions. Additionally, you can add your own code.

Cross-platform: This refers to the fact that working on many devices and sharing it with others is quite simple when something is cross-platform.


Limited functionality—While you can add some plugins, if you’re coming from Illustrator or another product with a lot of features, you’ll notice right away that there aren’t as many tools available.

Lack of supported formats — Vectr is a vector graphics-focused programme, as indicated by the name. However, SVG is the only vector format that it supports. That is insufficient.

Relying on an Internet connection – if your Internet connection is erratic, using the app may be frustrating for you.

7. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer

Platforms: Mac, Windows, and iPad Price: $54.99 One-time Intermediate

Since its release on the market in 2014, Affinity Designer has gained a lot of fans. The pros far exceed the drawbacks, despite the fact that it doesn’t have as many capabilities as Illustrator. These advantages include a one-time charge with upgrades, powerful functionality, and a wide range of supported formats. This can be the greatest option for businesses on a tight budget. This is another adobe illustrator alternatives.


Extremely cost-effective; given what it does, Affinity Designer offers great value. For less than $55, which you pay only once, you can purchase excellent vector software.

Affinity has put a lot of work into making its interface incredibly intuitive. In several areas, such as working with anchor points, gradients, and offsetting controls, it even eclipses Illustrator.

Not hardware-demanding: Despite having a sizable number of features, the software is small and can run without issue on a typical PC.


No image trace tool is one of the essential qualities that many professional designers seek. One of the slight differences between a high-end product and a substitute is this.

Lack of online tutorials: Affinity Designer isn’t as well supported as other, more well-known vector programmes like Illustrator and CorelDRAW, despite having some excellent tutorials on YouTube.

Lacks a cloud-based option — Affinity would really improve their game if they allowed their software to run in the cloud, as this will encourage greater team collaboration.

Startup agencies and independent designers are the target market.

With our selection of 25 lessons for beginners, you can start using Affinity Designer right away.

8. Krita


Free Subscription Mac OS, Windows, Linux Easy/Intermediate Platform

Krita is an open-source, cost-free art programme. To illustrate digitally, it works beautifully. It can be altered to produce stunning artwork. You can create your own meetings or import ones from other programmes (like Adobe Photoshop). Krita is a specialised piece of software for artists with a vibrant community. This is another adobe illustrator alternatives.


Free forever – Since Krita is always free, you won’t have to worry about paying subscription fees. It is also open-source, so you can alter it however you like.

Very feature-rich for artists; Krita will be of great use to people who concentrate on producing illustrations.

Relatively simple; although some more difficult methods must be used, it is very beginner-friendly and enables beginners to improve quickly.


Limited functionality – Krita offers advanced options for illustrators but lacks essential features for print and web design, such as the inability to support AI and EPS files.

Krita is a specialised piece of software that caters to drawing lovers but is not well-liked by other professional designers.

Incomplete documentation – Krita’s documentation is lacking, which makes the software unsuitable for teams.

9. BoxySVG


Platform: Cross-platform Subscription: $9.99/year Level of difficulty: Easy/Intermediate

This is another adobe illustrator alternatives. Boxy SVG, as its name suggests, focuses solely on producing scalable vector drawings. The software is extremely specialised and makes use of tags, the main advantage of SVG. If you are familiar with SEO, you can alter both HTML and CSS scripts with this software, which allows for highly detailed code customizations. Also check CCXProcess.exe


It is perhaps the most reasonably priced app with price tags, even though it is not free. Using it would cost you just about $10 a year.

User interface (UI) is incredibly user-friendly. It lacks any pointless features that can divert consumers.

You can concurrently sketch and write code using SEO Powerhouse. You now have a deeper knowledge of the SVG file format.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one vector programme, BoxySVG isn’t going to be your best option. There are extremely few non-essential options.

UI does not have the best aesthetics; simplicity comes at a cost. BoxySVG appears to have a user interface that is years behind all other products.

Zooming in and out of a vector software is laggy, which is a designer’s worst nightmare while using it.

SEO experts and web designers are the target market.

10. Figma


One of the brands most associated with UX/UI design is Figma. Figma is the ideal tool for prototyping and supports SVG. However, do not let that deter you from the fact that you may produce beautiful designs, share them with the team or clients, and utilise the free plan for modest tasks. This is another adobe illustrator alternatives.


Even though it’s one of the major companies on the market, Figma offers a free plan. Additionally, the free plan is fully functional and permits partnerships.

Team collaborations: Figma has dominated the industry because it enables enormous design teams to communicate and work in real-time, gradually improving the process.

Unlimited bandwidth in the cloud is a huge benefit for major agencies with a large number of projects.


Figma doesn’t support EPS and AI, which restricts its ability to print and sync with clients who use Adobe Illustrator. Doesn’t support AI extension.

Advanced hardware is needed because Figma is resource-intensive and heavy. To ensure efficient work, you should also have a quick and reliable network connection.

Internet-dependent — if your Internet connection is unstable, working in the cloud might become a nightmare.

To assist you in mastering Figma, we have compiled 24 excellent courses.

11. Design Evo

Design Evo

This is another adobe illustrator alternatives. You can build a logo using one of the more than 10,000 pre-made templates available in Design Evo. When it comes to simplicity, it directly competes with Canva. A logo may be created in about 10 minutes, even by beginners. The SVG and PDF file formats are also supported.


Design Evo makes it incredibly simple to create a company logo in a matter of minutes. This is really helpful.

Free logo design – If you want to design a logo, you may do so without spending any money. All that is required is attribution.

There are numerous professional designs accessible; rather than beginning from scratch, you may use some of the fantastic templates on the platform and modify them (this is also available).


Templates are generic; until you use some creativity, your logo design will resemble many others.

The free performance only shows a few features; to access the SVG and PDF formats, you must buy the Plus version.

No one will claim ownership of your designs due to intellectual property laws. You will only be given user authorization, not owner permission, just like Canva.

Target market: Independent logo designers.

12. Vectornator


Platform: macOS/iOS Subscription: Free Skill Level: Advanced

In 2017, Vectornator was introduced. The software is completely free to operate and is currently supported by investors. It has a tonne of features, and the UI is very gorgeous. It is only available on Apple devices right now, but soon there will be lots more new improvements. This is another adobe illustrator alternatives.


The fact that this programme offers a lot of functions for free is one of its many strengths.

There are numerous supported file types, including SVG, AI, and PDF, making it suitable for all kinds of design.

The documentation is extensive, with many helpful instructions and video lessons that explain the functions of the application.


Restrictions to Apple devices only – It is kind of disappointing that such a terrific utility is only available on Apple devices.

The learning curve is steep; you cannot expect to master such complex programme quickly.

If you are switching from a more established platform, you may find Vectornator to have an odd UX.

Small agencies and independent graphic artists are the target market.

Our Verdict

Software like Adobe Illustrator is difficult to rival. It has every feature a skilled designer could imagine. Can you think of a single designer who makes regular use of every Illustrator tool, though? In some circumstances, you might have to decide what you need and choose a solution that can provide it.


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