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Best 4 Benefits of Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant


This post will explain best amazon virtual assistant. Virtual assistants. They are available in human and non-human ranges. And if you are an Amazon retailer, you are most likely familiar with both. You use software tools to automate a number of your tasks. You might not have yet checked out employing human assistants. However as your organization has actually grown, you are now starting to feel that discomfort of trying to do all of those human jobs on your own. What’s more? You don’t have period or the desire to bring on full time, on-site personnel to handle them.

Best 4 Benefits of Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant

In this article, you can know about best amazon virtual assistant here are the details below;

 A virtual assistant is probably your solution.

As you seek to working with a virtual assistant, you require to do some severe thinking about what jobs can and must be taken “off your plate”– those that are eating up your time that could be easily entrusted out. Once you have that program, you are game to search for the right, qualified individual( s) to presume those tasks. And it may very well be higher than one assistant, worked with on an agreement basis.

Your task is to discover those perfect assistants and supply them with the tools they need to do their tasks– often in the form of software application from a SaaS e-commerce options company. You will also want any tools of your individual to keep an eye on and track the efficiency of any virtual assistant you employ, so check out the best software services for e-commerce entrepreneur that lots of software companies provide. Also check New technology 2022 gadgets

 Consider the many advantages of hiring virtual assistants:

 1. Freeing Up Your Time

The biggest benefit has currently been discussed. You can entrust any variety of tasks that have been requiring time from the primary focus of growing your service. And if you have actually made an accurate list, you know exactly what to try to find in a virtual assistant.

 2. Individualize and Improve Customer Service

This individual can send out and respond to messages, issues, and questions that consumers and possible consumers might have. They can carry out social reference and tracking tools, get informs whenever your brand is discussed anywhere on the Internet, gain access to those discusses, and react appropriately. They can enhance favorable comments and react rapidly to unfavorable products. These activities show that you appreciate your audience and want to serve their needs on an individual level. All in all, when clients receive timely, individual attention, you receive a lot of good will. Also check Smart Home Gadgets

There are a large number of Helpdesk devices that you can select for such an assistant to use, enhance your customer support, which will accelerate the procedure even more. Consumer relationships are the key to doing organization in the 21st century.

 3. Produce Engaging and Compelling Content

A lot of entrepreneurs are not experienced creative writers or reporters. And yet, this is what is wanted for a range of material marketing places– your blog site, your social networks accounts, your marketing, and, quite essential, your product descriptions. If you require innovative marketing authors for these tasks, you can discover any plenty of them on freelance composing websites or through composing firms. The advantage is that you can arrange a couple of. If they are great, hold them; if not, move on to other authors. Also check Advantages of Home Renovation

 4. Reach an International Audience

Not all virtual assistants are people. Sometimes, a virtual assistant can be different company or company. Such holds true when you have a need for translation or such things as software application localization services. In these cases, you need true original experts. To find them, you can examine firm reviews at PickWriters or take suggestions from others who have actually had good experiences with a particular person or company. Just keep in mind, mere translation is not enough. Localization implies that all cultural worths are honored, as well as language subtleties. Only natives can accomplish this.

10 Mattresses That Will Help Relieve Back Pain


This post will explain best mattress for back pain. We spend approximately a 3rd of our days laying on our mattresses but they may not love us as much as we like them. Back pain is frequently exacerbated by what we sleep on, and resting on the wrong one might keep you from attaining a restful night’s sleep. Fortunately, however, is that the very best bed mattress can in fact reduce back pain

Pain in your posterior has a myriad of purposes, but among the most common in the deeper back is degenerative disc disease or the natural wear & tear of the spine, according to Tamara Huff and M.D., F.A.A.O.S., an orthopedic cosmetic surgeon based in Columbus, GA. When the spongy back discs in between vertebrae diminish, piece, or herniate, as they typically do, you’ll start to observe pinching and pain.

10 Mattresses That Will Help Relieve Back Pain

In this article, you can know about best mattress for back pain here are the details below;

Other triggers for upper and lower pain in the back include postural problems, muscle imbalance, and pulled muscles, Dr. Huff discusses. And even sleeping in the wrong location (with your spine out of alignment) can start to back pain, underscoring the requirement for a good mattress. Though a brand-new mattress won’t solve all of your issues, it’ll definitely assist.

 How to select the best mattress for pain in the back.

” You’re much more most likely to have issues sleeping if you have neck and back pain throughout the day,” Dr. Huff says, so it’s vital that you find the ideal mattress– otherwise, you could be stuck in an unpleasant 24-hour cycle. Here’s what you require to understand before you go shopping:

✔ Look for the right density. Just 20 years back, orthopedic cosmetic surgeons would have recommended opting for a firm mattress, however that suggestion has because altered, Dr. Huff discusses. The perfect density is medium-firm, per a landmark 2003 research study and another from 2015, which promotes “sleep convenience, quality, and spinal alignment.” Foam mattresses may likewise have a small edge over spring options, however density has a bigger effect on sleep quality and neck and back pain than material does, Dr. Huff says. The ideal firmness is achievable with foam, coil, and hybrid beds.

✔ Think of your sleep environment. Consider your sleep space, then buy a model that matches it. “If you’re a side sleeper, you likely desire a softer mattress, since that alleviates a few of the weight on your hips & shoulders,” Dr. Huff explains. “It also helps you align your spinal column.” Back-sleepers, meanwhile, can go with firmer bed mattress, given that their weight is more uniformly distributed. And stomach-sleepers (like Dr. Huff herself) need to look for pillow-top bed mattress (or mattress toppers) that permit easy air flow and less pressure on the neck.

✔ Replace your mattress when it’s time. Dr. Huff cites one 2009 research study that found a significant decrease in neck and back pain and sleep disruptions when beds that were at least 5 years old were changed with brand-new ones. There isn’t terrific research study around when to replace your mattress, Dr. Huff states, however she trusts the Sleep Foundation’s suggestion of getting a new one every 6 to eight years.

✔ Look for bed mattress that come with a trial duration. “So you can truly see what works for you,” Dr. Huff says. And no matter which mattress you pick, she states, you need to likewise utilize pillows tactically, keeping your spine aligned while you rest.

All set to settle in for your best night’s sleep? Store these premier bed mattress to help aleviate neck and back pain, listed below.

 1 Helix Midnight Luxe

The Midnight Luxe mattress claims six layers, including a breathable Tencel pillow top, weights of super-supportive foam, & more than 1,000 covered springs, which are its marquee feature– they’re softer under your shoulders and more durable under your hips, which helps align your spine throughout the night, particularly if you’re a side-sleeper. “Ever since I got the Helix, I have not gotten up with neck and back pain,” one reviewer raves. “I find myself sleeping much better, tossing and turning less and sleeping a lot more comfortably, not to mention that it was the very first mattress that my girlfriend and I sleep both well on.” Plus, free performance is the cherry on top. Also check Unique home gadgets

 2 SweetNight Sunkiss

Something of a covert gem on Amazon, this memory foam mattress is remarkably cost effective, considering the number of reviewers swear by it. “This mattress is similar to it markets: soft however extremely helpful. Precisely what I need with my existing lower back and hip pain,” one composes. “Now I can finally hibernate through the night outdoors being gotten up by my pain. Likewise, I don’t wake up my spouse any longer each time I get up and go to the restroom during the night.” Its secret is a not-too-deep style that perfectly strikes that medium-firm sweet spot, playing well with all sleeping positions.

 3 TEMPUR-Adapt ®.

Although it’s the most valuable option on this list, the Tempur-Adapt mattress still outshines its price. An incredibly durable hybrid alternative, it’s somewhat firmer than other mattresses, but still provides Tempur-Pedic’s signature mix of support and comfort. (Yes, you’ll sink into it and never ever want to return up.) Plus, it’s arranged a cooling cover, which is perfect for anybody who sleeps hot. “I purchased this mattress after my back surgical treatment, and it made a big distinction in my recovery,” one reviewer discusses. “It stays cool (even in Florida) & is so healthy. I lastly get great sleep and get up without back pain.”.

 4 Nectar Memory Foam Mattress.

Nectar’s all-foam mattress is perfect for side-sleepers since it’s on the a little softer end of the medium-firm spectrum, which Dr. Huff suggests for perfect shoulder and hip support– an important way to combat neck and back pain. It’s thick adequate to feel like sleeping on a luxurious hotel bed, and customers rave that it will not move if your partner tosses and turns throughout the night. Better yet, Nectar has 1 of the most charitable trial duration of any of the brands on this list, indicating it’s a must-try for indecisive shoppers.

 5 Puffy Mattress.

Puffy’s flagship mattress boasts 3 levels of foam, each designed to cradle your body and align your spinal column when sleep. On top of all that, its top is cooling, stain resistant, & hypoallergenic, indicating it’ll hold up against years of sleep. “After spending months of stirring up with stiff necks & backs, routinely with headaches, my partner and I upgraded,” one customer writes. “We right away noticed the distinction and have had fantastic nights’ rest. We awaken completely revitalized and no longer in pain.”. Also check best rowing machine for home

 6 The DreamCloud.

Stomach-sleepers will be thrilled by this hybrid mattress’ pillow top, which supports your neck and supplies cooling air flow with a mix of quilted foam & cashmere. But that’s only the very first of 5 layers, which also include memory foam and separately wrapped coils. The outcome is a bed that seems like sleeping on, well, a cloud– one that includes pillows, a sheet set, & a mattress protector consisted of, no less.

 7 Saatva Classic.

Although it’s not precisely cheap, Saatva’s Classic alternative in high-end company (translation: medium-firm) looks much more high-dollar than its rate would recommend. The hybrid mattress is developed with a dual-coil design and high-density memory foam, both of which avoid sagging, promote assistance, and lengthen the life of your purchase. And, yes, it’s excellent for people with pain in the back: “As someone who has back and leg pain, I’ve feared going to bed for the past couple years,” one reviewer states. “But this brand-new mattress is extraordinary, striking a balance in between softness and assistance. If you have back, leg or hip issues, I extremely advise this mattress.”.

 8 The WinkBed.

Although medium-firm is the best density for neck and back pain, Dr. Huff says, you might wish to go with a soft or firm option rather– and WinkBed allows you to select from all three (plus an even denser choice) in its flagship mattress. A cooling eucalyptus cover is ensured to keep you comfortable throughout the night, while a pillow top, individually wrapped coils, and memory foam ensure it’ll ease your back pain, no matter your sleeping position.

 9 Avocado Latex Mattress.

Latex mattresses are a few of the most resilient, per the Sleep Foundation, implying they’re a worthwhile financial investment– pay a little bit more up front, then pay way less down the road. Avocado’s latex choice is perfect since it’s natural and organic, includes 3 layers of company, supportive material, and is 100% biodegradable. There’s even a vegan option, ought to you desire one. “I like the truth that it’s clean and comfortable with zero smell,” a customer states. “It immediately alleviated my back pain from day one.”. Also check best home blood pressure monitor

 10 Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam.

With five depth alternatives and a generous trial duration, this affordable mattress is a safe choice for those who want a glamorous feel without a glamorous cost. Brooklyn Bedding recommends choosing the 10-inch depth for a perfect medium-firm feel– the density Dr. Huff suggests for a corrective night’s sleep. Its cooling comes from open-cell foam in each layer, offering plenty of air flow, even when you’re under your covers. “Not one early morning have we woken up with back pain like all the other bed mattress we have tried,” one customer composes.

11 Best Pedometers for Tracking Your Steps In 2022


This post will explain Best wrist pedometer. While there are loads of souped up fitness trackers readily available, often easy is best– and most economical. You probably previously have a pedometer in your pocket: Smartphones typically have apps to track your actions strolled and stairs climbed, together with distances, states James Shapiro, a NASM-certified personal trainer.

Nevertheless, all that tracking eats up battery life and needs you to take your phone definitely everywhere (including on trips to & from the bathroom). On top of that, previous research study shows that the results from mobile phone apps in comparison to pedometers may not be as precise while tracking slower speeds.

11 Best Pedometers for Tracking Your Steps in 2022

In this article, you can know about Best wrist pedometer here are the details below;

 What to try to find in a pedometer

Precision is one of the most essential aspects to consider when buying a pedometer, says Destin. To double check if it’s hunting the right amount of actions, merely clip your pedometer onto your waistband (line it up straight below your underarm), set the device to absolutely no, and walk 100 actions, counting them as you go. At the end, your pedometer ought to be within that variety, offer or take five steps. Here’s what else to remember when searching for a pedometer:

✔ Battery life: You can choose in between a gadget with a little, circular replaceable battery or a rechargeable battery. If the idea of needing to charge another gadget is stressful, choose a changeable battery. For many individuals, requiring to charge a device every few days gets in the way of regular use. Also check best rowing machine for home 

✔ Calorie counters and activity trackers: If total physical fitness and weight loss is your objective, look for these two functions on your pedometer. An activity tracker lets you understand if you’re reaching the minimum exercise guidelines for general health, states Destin. (That’s 150 minutes of moderate activity every week, or 75 minutes of energetic activity each week.) Meanwhile, tracking the calories you burn exposes how difficult you’re exercising and what you need to do to keep or satisfy your weight loss objectives, he ads.

✔ A 7- to 30-day log: The log will permit you to see your development. To Destin, this is relatively more prominent than your actual actions. “I have people focus on their action trend instead of the exact count. I inquire: ‘Are you doing more than yesterday or recently or last month?'” he states. Also check technology trends

✔ Display: Look for a screen that’s simple for you to check out and functionality that makes good sense to you. Extremely fussy devices might come with exciting features, but eventually, if it’s too complicated to follow, you won’t bother engaging with the functions (or gadget!).

The best pedometer for you will constantly be the one you wear regularly, so to assist you wade through the options, we’ve assembled our favorites in a range of classifications.

 Best Overall: Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Alvita Pedometer

Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Alvita Pedometer

This pedometer is from a group remembered for its high blood pressure accessories and wearables, so you understand it’s good quality. It tracks actions, range, and calories burned and is easy to use and little sufficient to hold on too the longest walk.

 Best User Friendly: 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer with Rope

3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer with Rope

If you’re searching for something no-fuss that’s simple to find out, this pedometer has to do with as straightforward as it gets. Amazon users like it for its easy user interface, as well as the lanyard it features that makes it easy to throw on & forget regarding as you run errands or simply walk around your home. This pedometer is a no-frills method of tracking your actions. And on top of that, the display screen is massive and simple to check out. The pedometer likewise goes to “sleep” when you’re stagnating– an overall win if you require extra long battery life. Also check Tech trends

 Best High-Tech: Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness & Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness & Activity Tracker

Follow this tracker on 24/7 & you’ll discover everything about the variety of steps you take, your response rate, the calories you burn, your active times, & even your sleep state in a day. It’s also water resistant and has the ability to supply insight into swimming workouts, too. “The only pedometer I have eternally practiced is Fitbit and I thought its aspect of competitors amongst peers and everyday and weekly obstacles were excellent– particularly for new exercisers,” states Lyuda Bouzinova, ACE-certified individual trainer and co-founder of Mission Lean. Connect with buddies on the Fitbit app, and you can complete to see who strikes the most actions, in addition to other fitness objectives. Reward: It reminds you to move each hour, so you won’t stay stagnant while working from house for too long! Also check best mattress for back pain

 Best Sensor Technology: 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer

3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer

The Realalt 3DTriSport Driving 3D Pedometer has a premium sensing unit that makes it able to track your actions, range covered, calories, and time invested working out no matter where it’s established (even buried deep in your bag!). This battery operated pedometer will track your exercise for 30 days before resetting, and it likewise enables you to set up a step objective. A step objective is necessary, says Bouzinova, due to the fact that when you meet it, you’ll have “a feeling of accomplishment that aids with inspiration.” The 3DTriSport issues with both a clip & a lanyard.

 Best Easy to Read: Ozo Fitness CS1 simple Pedometer

Ozo Fitness CS1 simple Pedometer

With its great deals and simple screen, you’ll be able to see your step count for the day at a glimpse– without fumbling for your reading glasses or cycling through a complicated array of settings. And the OZO Fitness CS1 SC2 trails just your measures, so no toggling through various methods to find what you’re searching for,

 Best Clip On: PINGKO Outdoor Multi Function Portable Sport Pedometer

PINGKO Outdoor Multi Function Portable Sport Pedometer

This cute tiny pedometer is light enough & small sufficient to bring with you anywhere– clip it on your handbag, a fanny pack, even your waistband. It’s easy to practice & view and tracks your steps and the range took a trip. Pro idea: affix it to an area near your waist, arm, or leg, for the most precise reading.

 Best Overall: Fitbit Inspire 2 Health and Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Inspire 2 Health and Fitness Tracker

Fitbit wearables presently do a lot more than just count actions. Make Active Zone Minutes as you progress towards your weekly 150 minutes of exercise and utilize 20 plus workout modes to track objectives like range, calories burned, and more. You can count your actions, range, and per hour activity. And stay on top of your background in light, low, & REM sleep– you can even get a Sleep Score to much better comprehend the quality of rest you’re getting! Also check Unique home gadgets 

 Best Fitness Features: Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

Do just about whatever with the brand-new Apple Watch Series 6. Besides tracking actions and your sleep, monitoring your heart rate, and giving you the capability to get in touch with emergency services with Emergency SOS, you can register for Fitness+ to access a library of trainer led workouts to boost your workout routine, along with audio-led strolls including inspiring visitors. Also check benefits of digital technology

 Best Value: Letscom ID115Pro

Letscom ID115Pro

If you’re looking for all the characteristics of a fantastic physical fitness tracker at a budget friendly rate, attempt the LETSCOM ID115Plus HR. You can track your actions, in addition to your activity throughout all types of other exercises, from yoga to hiking to biking. And, it can be found in great deals of various colors to match any exercise equipment.

 Best Data Visualizer: Garmin vívofit 4

Garmin vívofit 4

For some people, the quality of competitiveness and a love of data makes them wish to have the ability to compare their step count over wide swathes of time– more than the common 30-day memory on basic pedometers. Enter smart device apps, which track information and develop appealing visualizations so you can see your steps with time (in addition to your sleep and other workout activity). Among the Garmin vívofit 3, you can sync the information on the device to a totally free mobile phone app (for both iOS and Android) through Bluetooth– so no cords needed!

 Best Stress Management: Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense

Tame stress while you count your moves with the Fitbit Sense. It’s a smartwatch with all the action tracking you are searching for, plus an unique sensing unit that identifies and tracks your response to tension. Then, access a big variety of mindfulness tools to assist calm and unwind you. You can also recommend to Fitbit Premium to open even more mindfulness functions, such as positive affirmations, mindful consuming, and a library of directed meditations.

Passive Income Freelance Platform?


Best ways to get Passive Income Freelance Platform through jump task will be described in this article. Have you already participated in the gig economy? Recent news reports have made a lot of fuss about people leaving their employment and turning to freelancing. In fact, the gig economy is a sizable industry with a $400 billion projected market in 2022. Is it difficult to make money there?

Passive Income Freelance Platform?

In this article, you can know about Passive Income Freelance Platform here are the details below;

To make income in the gig economy, you typically need to put up a lot of work and finish assignments. As the freelance market becomes more competitive, you often need to possess particular skills or knowledge. That’s not the only route into the field, though.

What if there was a single platform that allowed freelancers to earn both passive and active income? There is, claims JumpTask, a cryptocurrency platform that provides gig workers with microtasks. Let’s find out whether what they are claiming is accurate and if you ought to think about joining it.

What Is JumpTask?


JumpTask provides quick jobs so gig workers can supplement their income. Unusual for a platform, JumpToken has its own coin (JMPT). Jobs are completed by freelancers, who are paid with JMPT. It implies that you can acquire cryptocurrency without investing any of your own funds. Also check How To Get Free Robux

The platform, which debuted in January 2022, is expanding very quickly. More than 1 million active users indicate that many independent contractors find it useful.

JumpTask is distinguished by its distinctive method of freelancing. The platform focuses on microtasks rather than providing complicated assignments or big projects. All jobs may essentially be completed by anyone without special abilities or knowledge.

How to Get Started On JumpTask?

On JumpTask, getting started is really simple. Initially, you can use your laptop or smartphone to access their website. In actuality, the website’s design may use some improvement. The JumpTask team has, nonetheless, already disclosed that they are redesigning their website.

A crypto wallet is the only thing you require before you may earn JMPT. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. When you utilise social logins, JumpTask automatically creates a wallet using Torus. You are then prepared to gather JumpTokens. If you would like, you can later convert them for cash.

What Are Ways To Earn?

What Are Ways To Earn

Both passive and active options to earn money in JMPT are provided by JumpTask. At the moment, passive approaches include staking and pooling internet bandwidth. As an alternative, you might actively participate in little jobs or surveys to make money. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Sharing your web traffic is one way to earn a passive income. How does it function? The Honeygain app, a JumpTask partner, must be downloaded. The next step is to allow the programme to collect JMPT while it is operating in the background on your computer or phone.

Crypto staking is another passive income option. It operates much like a standard savings account. You deposit your tokens and accrue JMPT incentives instead of depositing cash and earning interest. Staking is a good approach to make the most of your current tokens.

Offerwalls and surveys are additional ways to actively earn money. Simply said, installing and using the newest apps, viewing videos, and completing puzzles are all ways to earn JumpTokens. Additionally, you can finish engaging surveys and get rewarded for offering your ideas.

The current duties may be too simple or monotonous for some folks. However, it’s vital to hold in mentality that JumpTask only launched this year! Therefore, as described in the project’s whitepaper on its website, more work kinds will be added in the future.

How much Money Can I Make?

When it comes to income, JumpTask offers a great starting point for working as a freelancer. You won’t make millions, it’s true, but $50 a month is very doable. It is possible to reach $100, but doing so would take more work. Also check freelance websites

How many chores you accomplish determines how much money you make. For instance, your income rises if you combine active and passive income generation strategies. Additionally, you increase your earning potential by using your current JMPT earnings for staking.

Last but not least, you can enter JumpTask token drawings for a chance to win JMPT. The platform runs a once-a-month Windrop event that functions like a crypto airdrop. In order to be eligible for the prize draw, investors must meet certain requirements.

Ending Word

Overall, JumpTask gives independent contractors the chance to make money both actively and passively. The platform might offer more tasks for different skill levels and a more improved website. However, according to JumpTask, both upgrades are on the way. As a result, the platform is a good option to make extra money; discover whether it works for yourself!

Top 10 Test Security of Android Application Tools


Test security of android application tools will be discussed in this article. The terms “mobile technology” and “Smartphone devices” are two that are frequently used in today’s hectic environment. Nearly 90% of people on the planet are using a smartphone.

The goal is to execute multiple transactions utilising various mobile applications in addition to “calling” the other party using the smartphone’s camera, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi functions.

Mobile application testing is the application of evaluating a software programme created for a mobile device in terms of its performance, security, usability, and other factors.

Testing for mobile application security covers authentication, authorization, data security, hacking vulnerabilities, session management, and more.

There are many justifications for the significance of mobile app security testing. A few of them include: guarding against malware or virus infections, fraud attempts on the mobile app, security lapses, etc.

Thus, security testing is crucial from a commercial standpoint, but since mobile apps are aimed at a variety of platforms and devices, testers frequently encounter difficulties. As a result, the tester needs a mobile app security testing tool to make sure the app is secure.

Top 10 Best Mobile APP Security Testing Tools In 2022

Top 10 Best Mobile APP Security Testing Tools are explained here.

1. ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite

ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite

A unique combination of mobile app and backend testing is provided by ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite in a single offer. SANS Top 25 & PCI DSS 6.5.1-10 for the backend and Mobile OWASP Top 10 for the mobile app are both comprehensively covered. It has adaptable pay-as-you-go plans with a SLA of zero false-positives and a money-back guarantee for even one false-positive! Also check timesheet apps

Key characteristics:

Backend and mobile app testing.

Compliance with GDPR and PCI DSS.

Scores for CVE, CWE, and CVSSv3.

Enforceable remediation recommendations.

Integration of CI/CD tools and the SDLC.

WAF-based virtual patching with one click.

Access to security analysts round-the-clock.

For developers and SMEs, ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite provides a free online mobile scanner to find privacy concerns, confirm application permissions, and conduct comprehensive DAST/SAST testing for OWASP Mobile Top 10.

2. Zed Attack Proxy

Zed Attack Proxy

Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is created in a straightforward & user-friendly manner. It was formerly solely used to identify vulnerabilities in web applications, but it is now widely utilised by all testers to evaluate the security of mobile applications.

ZAP allows for the delivery of malicious messages, making it simpler for testers to test the security of mobile apps. To test if a mobile app is susceptible to the malicious message or not, send any request or file through a malicious message.

Key characteristics:

The most widely used open-source security testing tool worldwide.

Hundreds of international volunteers actively maintain ZAP.

Installing is really simple. This is another test security of android application tools.

There are 20 distinct language versions of ZAP.

A support system and active development are both provided by this tool’s global network of volunteers.

It’s a fantastic tool for manual security testing as well.

Visit the Zed Attack Proxy website.



The US-based social networking service company LinkedIn was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in California. As of 2015, it employed about 10,000 people and generated $3 billion in sales. Also check battery condition monitoring apps 

QARK, also known as the “Quick Android Review Kit,” was created by LinkedIn. The term itself implies that it is beneficial for the Android platform to find security flaws in the source code and APK files of mobile apps. A static code analysis tool called QARK provides information about the security risks associated with Android applications and gives a clear and succinct application of the problems.

The ADB (Android Debug Bridge) instructions that QARK generates will aid in validating the vulnerability that QARK identifies.

Key characteristics:

An open-source tool is QARK.

It offers comprehensive information on security flaws.

A report regarding potential vulnerabilities will be produced by QARK, along with instructions on how to fix them.

It draws attention to the problem with the Android version.

The entire mobile app is scanned by QARK for security flaws and misconfigurations.

It produces a bespoke APK application for testing purposes and pinpoints any potential problems.

The official QARK website

4. Micro Focus

Micro Focus

The largest software firm in the world is now made up of Micro Focus and HPE Software. At its Newbury, UK, headquarters, Micro Focus employs about 6,000 people. As of 2016, it generated $1.3 billion in revenue. For the most part, Micro Focus concentrated on providing its clients with enterprise solutions in fields like security and risk management, devops, hybrid IT, etc.

Micro Focus offers end-to-end testing of mobile app security across a variety of hardware, software, networks, servers, etc. Micro Focus’s Fortify is a technology that encrypts mobile apps before they are downloaded and installed on a mobile device.

Key characteristics:

Fortify uses a flexible delivery strategy to carry out thorough mobile security testing.

Static code analysis and regularly scheduled scans for mobile apps are part of security testing, which yields accurate results.

Recognize security holes in the client, server, and network.

Standard scans are supported by Fortify and aid in the detection of malware.

Numerous operating systems, including Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, & Blackberry, are supported by Fortify.

Visit the Micro Focus website.

5. Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge

Google created the Android operating system for mobile devices. Launched in 1998, Google is a worldwide corporation with headquarters in the US. It employs more than 72,000 people and has its headquarters in California in the US. The total revenue for Google in 2017 was $25.8 billion.

To evaluate the security of mobile apps, the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) command-line tool interacts with the linked Android device or emulator.

It may also be connected to various android devices or emulators as a client-server utility. It consists of “Server,” “Client,” and “daemon,” which run comma.nds and send commands, respectively (which manages contact between the Client & the daemon).

Key characteristics:

The Android Studio IDE from Google can include ADB.

Monitoring system events in real-time.

It enables employing shell commands to do system-level operations.

ADB connects with devices through USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other technologies.

The Android SDK bundle itself contains ADB.

Visit Android Debug Bridge’s official website. This is another test security of android application tools.

6. Codified Security

Codified Security

With its corporate headquarters in London, the United Kingdom, Codified Security was established in 2015. A well-liked testing tool for mobile application security testing is Codified Security. It finds security flaws, patches them, and makes sure the mobile app is safe to use.

The results of the mobile app security test are scalable and dependable since it uses a programmatic approach to security testing. Also check Cash Advance Apps 

Key characteristics:

It is an automated testing system that finds security flaws in the code of mobile apps.

Real-time feedback is provided via Codified Security.

Static code analysis and machine learning are used to support it.

Mobile app security testing is supported for both static and dynamic testing.

Code-level reporting aids in locating problems in the client-side code of mobile apps.

Platforms such as iOS and Android are supported by Codified Security.

It performs a mobile app test without downloading the source code. The Google cloud is used to host the data and source code.

Files can be uploaded in a variety of formats, including APK and IPA.

The official Codified Security website

7. Drozer


This is another test security of android application tools. Founded in 2003, MWR InfoSecurity is a cyber security consulting firm. It currently has offices in the US, UK, Singapore, and South Africa. It is the cybersecurity service provider with the quickest growth. It offers all of its clients across the world a solution in several fields including mobile security, security research, etc.

To deliver security programmes, MWR InfoSecurity collaborates with the clients. MWR InfoSecurity created the Drozer mobile app security testing framework. It identifies security flaws in mobile applications and devices and makes sure that Android smartphones, mobile applications, etc. are safe to use.

By automating the difficult and time-consuming tasks, Drozer can examine security-related vulnerabilities for Android devices more quickly.

Key characteristics:

An open-source utility is called Drozer.

For security testing, Drozer supports both real Android devices and emulators.

Only the Android platform is supported.

Executes Java-capable programmes directly on the device.

It offers answers for all cybersecurity problems.

To locate and take advantage of concealed weaknesses, drozer assistance can be increased.

It locates the hazard area in an android app and engages with it.

Visit the MWR InfoSecurity website.

8. WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Security

A 2001 startup software company with its headquarters in California, WhiteHat Security generates about $44 million in annual revenue. An ethical computer hacker or computer security specialist is referred to as a “White Hat” in the online community.

WhiteHat Security has been honoured for providing world-class services to its clients and has been acknowledged by Gartner as a manager in safety testing. It offers solutions for computer-based training as well as services like web application security testing and mobile app security testing.

A mobile app security solution is offered by WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile Express, a security testing and assessment platform from WhiteHat Security. With its static and dynamic technology, WhiteHat Sentinel offers a quicker answer.

Key characteristics:

It is a security platform built on the cloud.

It works with both Android and iOS devices.

Sentinel platform offers comprehensive data and reporting to determine the project’s status.

It can find flaws in mobile apps more quickly than any other tool or platform thanks to automated static and dynamic testing.

Installing the mobile app allows for testing to be done directly on the device; emulators are not used.

It provides a succinct and straightforward explanation of security flaws as well as a fix.

Sentinel is compatible with CI servers, bug tracking applications, and ALM software.

Visit WhiteHat Security’s website.

9. Synopsys


United States-based software company Synopsys Technology was established in 1986 and is headquartered in California. As of the 2016 fiscal year, it employed about 11,000 people and generated about $2.6 billion in sales. It has offices all over the world, dispersed across various nations in the US, Europe, the Middle East, etc. This is another test security of android application tools.

A complete solution for mobile app security testing is offered by Synopsys. With the help of this solution, the mobile app’s possible risks are found and its usability is made safe. Because there are many concerns about mobile app security, Synopsys has created a unique mobile app security testing suite using static and dynamic techniques.

Key characteristics:

Get the most complete mobile app security testing solution by combining several technologies.

Focuses on releasing software into the production environment that is free of security flaws.

Synopsys aids in cost-cutting and quality improvement.

Removes security flaws from APIs as well as server-side applications.

Embedded software is used to test for vulnerabilities.

Mobile app security assessment involves the use of both static and dynamic analysis technologies.

Visit Synopsys’ official website.

10. Veracode


This is another test security of android application tools. Software company Veracode was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. With about 1,000 total employees, it generates $30 million in revenue. Veracode was purchased by CA Technologies in 2017.

Application security services are offered by Veracode to its clients globally. Veracode offers services for web and mobile application security using automated cloud-based services. The Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) solution from Veracode finds the security gaps in the mobile app and recommends taking urgent action to close them.

Key characteristics:

It offers accurate security testing findings and is simple to use.

According to the application, security tests are carried out. While the straightforward online application is only evaluated with a quick scan, the financial and medical applications are thoroughly inspected.

Comprehensive use case coverage is used to conduct in-depth testing for mobile apps.

Veracode Static Analysis delivers an immediate and precise code review outcome.

It offers several security analyses, including static, dynamic, and mobile app behavioural analysis, on a single platform.

11. Mobile Security Framework (MobSF)

Mobile Security Framework

An automated safety testing framework for Android, iOS, & Windows platforms is called Mobile Security Framework (MobSF). In order to test the security of mobile apps, it conducts static and dynamic analysis. This is another test security of android application tools.

The majority of mobile apps use online services, which could be vulnerable to security flaws. Web services’ security-related problems are addressed with MobSF.

Key characteristics:

It is a mobile app security testing open-source tool.

MobSF makes it simple to build up a testing environment for mobile applications.

Because MobSF is hosted locally, sensitive data never communicates with the cloud.

Improved mobile app security analysis across all three platforms (Android, iOS, Windows).

Both binary and ZIPped source code are supported by MobSF.

It supports API Fuzzer security testing for Web APIs.

Security flaws can be found by developers while the project is still in development.


We gained knowledge of the various Mobile APP Security Testing Tools through this article.

According to the needs and nature of each mobile application, it is crucial for testers to use specialised security testing tools.

Best 7 Ways To Fix Windows Update Failed In 2022


Best ways to fix windows update failed will be described in this post. Windows users who encounter update failure errors find them annoying.

This article will assist you in resolving Windows update faults whenever you have recurrent Windows update failures and encounter a blue screen with a message indicating troubles updating Windows.

Best 7 Ways To Fix Windows Update Failed In 2022

In this article, you can know about fix windows update failed here are the details below;

Why Windows Updates Fail?

Although the failure of the Windows 10 update to install is not unusual, what causes win 10 update errors?

The failure of Windows updates can be attributed to a number of factors: Damaged update files In this situation, try deleting the problematic file to see if that fixes the problem. Update Queue is overloaded. Also check fix windows shifts not working

Windows may need numerous updates at once. To solve the problem, try restarting the computer. Drive Space is Limited.

The reason Windows updates are failing could be due to a shortage of free space on your hard drive.

Try performing the Windows update one again after making some space on your discs.

Hardware or drive conflict.

Try unplugging any linked drives, USBs, or printers to see if that stops Windows updates from failing again.

Why Would Someone Want to Install This Important Update?

When new versions of necessary drivers and updates become available, it automatically instals them.

The recommended practise is to have Windows updates installed automatically on endpoints running Windows.

How to Fix Update Error

There are a occasional things you should try to eventually update the operating system on your computer if you’re wondering how to install Windows updates that keep failing. This is another way to fix windows update failed.

Try the below-listed actions in the correct order until your Windows update error is resolved.

1. Restart the Compurter and Run Windows Update Again

Restart the Compurter and Run Windows Update Again

The majority of updates go without a hitch, but occasionally multiple updates may queue up and attempt to execute simultaneously, leading to Windows update failure.

For instance, you must first install a maintenance stack update, reboot the computer, and then do the subsequent update installation. Also check Fix PFN List Corrupt In Windows 10

2. Check for Driver or Hardware Conflict

As was previously noted, conflicts that result from connected peripheral devices could be the cause of Windows’ inability to update. This is another way to fix windows update failed.

Restart your computer, disconnect all printers, USB drives, and webcams, and then attempt to perform Windows update once more.

3. Vacate Space on Your Drive

. Vacate Space on Your Drive

It’s conceivable that there isn’t enough free space on your drive to apply the update.

Try clearing some space by purging or using an external drive, then restart the computer and try the Windows update again.

4. Try the Windows Update Troubleshooter Tool

Try the Windows Update Troubleshooter Tool

A special utility is included with Windows 10 to help with Microsoft update problems.

Enter troubleshoot into the taskbar search field to quickly access it.

This is another way to fix windows update failed. Run the Troubleshooter after clicking Windows Update in the settings menu.

Then adhere to the suggestions that are given.

5. Stop Updates

Stop Updates

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Click Update & Security in step two.

Step 3: Click Windows Update in step three.

Step 4: Select the Advanced Options option.

Step 5: Deactivate the toggle for Pause Updates.

Step 6: Restarting your computer

Step 7: Run Windows Update once more

Resolving windows update issues

6. Erase software Distribution Log

A safe mode restart is the first step.

Step 2: Launch File Explorer & go to C:Windows.

Step 3: Locate and remove the Software Distribution folder

Step 4: Restart your machine and launch Windows Update.

7. Download the latest feature update from Microsoft

You should think about going to the Microsoft website to download the update file if Windows Update keeps failing.

After downloading the update, manually run it.

8. Run the System File Checker (SFC) Scan

Run the System File Checker (SFC) Scan

In Windows 10, the System File Checker is a built-in tool.

It is your quickest way to fix corrupted system files and other issues. It is also known as “SFC scan.” This is another way to fix windows update failed.

Run it to try to fix any potential Windows installation problems.

9. Restore Windows 10 from a Backup

We advise you to look for a Restore Point on your machine if you are unable to fix failed Windows updates. Also check ways to fix error code 0xc0000225

Utilize it to return the computer to the time the Windows Update was properly installed.

From there, you can update the OS to the most recent version.

Why Should I Install Windows Updates?

Am I able to skip Windows Update?

Consider Action 1 RMM for Remote Update Deployment

If you need to update Windows on distant endpoints, utilise Action1 RMM.

The Action1 remote monitoring and management system was created to streamline and automate patch and update deployment and improve IT management effectiveness.

Action1 RMM can be easily onboarded in just a few minutes and is free to use on up to 100 endpoints.

How To Fix Windows Shifts Not Working In 2022


Best ways to fix windows shifts not working will be described in this article. If the Windows + Shift + S keyboard shortcut is working properly, the Snipping Tool can be used to capture screenshots. How to fix it is covered in this manual.

Using the Windows key + Shift + S keys as a keyboard shortcut is one of the simplest ways to snap a screenshot on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer. You can operate the Snipping Tool to grab a screenshot by utilising this shortcut.

How to Fix Windows + Shift + S Not Working In 2022

In this article, you can know about fix windows shifts not working here are the details below;

If this keyboard shortcut suddenly stops working, you’ll need to investigate the problem or find a workaround. You can also use different keys and key combinations. You could also attempt to fix the Snipping Tool directly.

Fortunately, you may use the following instructions to fix Windows + Shift + S not working on your Windows PC.

Check Your Keyboard

Check Your Keyboard

If the keyboard shortcut isn’t working, the keyboard itself may be broken. Make sure your computer can detect it and that it is plugged in properly.

Got issues with your laptop keyboard? Check to see if an extra keyboard that you have sitting around works by plugging it in. If it does, the keyboard itself most likely has a problem. Also check timesheet apps

Do you using a wireless keyboard? Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to repair it again.

Additionally, make sure that the keys are free of debris, inspect any wires for damage, and press down accordingly. Check out these Windows 11 remedies for a malfunctioning keyboard for more information.

Use the Print Screen Key

You can utilise a workaround initially if you need a screenshot right away and don’t have time to troubleshoot. Press the Print Mesh key to catch your desktop in its entirety.

It is often marked as PrtSc, PrntScrn, or something similar on other keyboards, and it is located on the top right of your keyboard.

Take a screenshot of the windows 11 keyboard layout

The screenshot of your entire desktop is copied to your clipboard, where you may then paste it into a word processor like Word or an image editor like Paint. After that, you can change it anyway you like, send it to someone else, or save it for later use.

Fix Windows + Shift + S Not Working

The Snipping Tool’s Reset or Repair Procedure

You can reset or repair the Snipping Tool if it stops functioning in order to make it functional once more. This will assist in resolving keyboard shortcut problems like the one we just discussed.

For Windows 11’s Snipping Tool to be reset or fixed:

Select Settings by performing a right-click on the Start button.

Shift + S to fix Windows Not working

Press Apps on the left of Settings after it has opened.

Then click Installed programmes on the right.

Fix Windows + Shift + S Not Working

In the app’s top search field, enter “snipping tool.”

Select Advanced settings by clicking the three dots next to Snipping Tool.

Shift + S to fix Windows Not working

Click the Repair button in the Reset area, then wait a moment while the repair is finished.

After the repair, see if Windows key + Shift + S still functions.

In the event it doesn’t work, try clicking the Reset button.

Shift + S to fix Windows Not working

How to Enable Clipboard History to Fix Windows + shift + s Not working

You can also make sure that the clipboard history feature is turned on. You can use this function to copy numerous pieces of text to your clipboard. It can fix in resolving issues with keyboard shortcuts. Also check  remote desktop software

Windows users can enable clipboard history by:ing:

Open Settings and choose System from the list of options.

After that, select the Clipboard option by scrolling down.

Fix Shift + S + Windows Not working

Turn the switch next to the “Clipboard history” option under System > Clipboard to the “On” position.

Fix Shift + S + Windows Not working

Exit the Settings page.

To test whether the clipboard history feature is working, take a few screenshots. It ought to offer a history of the pictures you took that you can paste into a file or programme like Paint. On Windows 11, use the clipboard history

Clean Boot Your PC


Clean Boot Your PC

A clean boot of your computer is another option to try if the aforementioned steps don’t work. The Snipping tool could be hampered by other PC programmes. For instance, a clean boot will only make use of the startup programmes and drivers necessary to load Windows. Compared to Windows in safe mode, it offers better control over the services and applications.

By following our guidelines to clean boot Windows 11, performing a clean boot of Windows is simple. When using Windows 10, the clean boot procedure essentially follows the same procedures.

Run a DISM and SFC Scan

Run a DISM and SFC Scan

A corrupt system file could be the reason why your keyboard shortcut isn’t working. However, the problem can be resolved and your keyboard can fix working again by running an SFC and DISM scan. These checks assist in making sure that your Windows system files are not damaged.

To perform a Windows SFC and DISM scan:

Using the Windows key, look up PowerShell.

From the results on the right, select Run as Administrator.

Admin for Windows Terminal

Use the terminal to run the following command:

“sfc /scannow”

the SFC-scannow terminal

If SFC is unable to replace some system files, you should run a DISM scan after it is finished.

Run the next command while PowerShell is still open as an administrator:

Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth under DISM Online

Windows 11 DISM Scan

Keep in mind that the length of time required to finish these scans can vary. Check the Windows key + Shift + S keyboard shortcut when the scans are finished by restarting your computer.

Get Screenshots and Fix Windows + shift + S Not working

If the Windows + Shift + S keyboard shortcut stops working, try one of the aforementioned fixes to get things back up and working so you can take the necessary screenshots. Also check flowchart software

Check out these holes if the Snipping Tool prevents working if the keyboard shortcut does end up working but you’re still experiencing additional Snipping Tool problems. Read our article on how to take a screenshot on Windows 11 for more information regarding screenshots. You can also use third-party tools and the Xbox Game Bar as alternate solutions, which are included.

Best Paid and Free Timesheet Apps for Businesses


Best timesheet apps will be explained in this post. Do you remember the days when you actually had to punch the clock? Maybe you’re not so old after all. Timecards are now digital, that’s the point.

We’ve gathered the best timesheet applications to keep your business running smoothly—and on time, whether you’re a freelancer looking to log hours or a CEO wishing to manage your remote workforce. After all, having the right time management tools is crucial for every corporate operation.

You can use this guide to choose the best time tracking and timesheet app for your company:

card not present. No check was sent. No shady cash transaction in the parking lot’s back. I only have free timekeeping tools for you and your group.

Best Paid and Free Timesheet Apps for Businesses in 2022

Best Paid and Free Timesheet Apps for Businesses are explained here.

1. Agiled


One of the top project management tools is Agiled (Appsumo Partner), an all-in-one company management platform. Project management and time tracking are made simple by Agiled. Agiled makes it simple to keep track of your team’s and your own time. This is another Timesheet Apps. Also check demanding Apps To Download Online Videos

Additionally, you can be paid for the time you tracked by easily creating timesheet invoices. It has very thorough data that makes it easy to keep tabs on the development of your team and organisation.

Agiled has a wide range of additional tools that make it simple to manage your entire freelance business in one location, including HRM, proposals, contracts, financial administration, forms, and CRM. Along with Zapier, Integromat, and Pabbly Connect connectivity, it also has several native integrations that make it incredibly simple to integrate with other programmes you already use.

Agiled has a generous free trial period. Their entry-level package is $15 per month. Agiled Premium Plan Annual is available on Appsumo for $249.

2. Harvest


This is another Timesheet Apps. Harvest, one of the most well-liked time-tracking applications online, offers straightforward time tracking and reporting capabilities and interfaces with numerous applications, including those on this list, like MeisterTask.

For individuals working on two projects, it is free to use. For teams who desire an infinite number of individuals and projects, there is a premium version available.

In addition to being a mobile or computer app, Harvest is now available as a browser plugin. You can easily start and stop the clock at the top of any browser screen rather than switching back and forth between screens. Freelancers and consultants can effortlessly deliver their total hours to clients using their invoice tool.

3. Toggl


Another well-known timesheet software is Toggl. Similar to Harvest, Toggl can be downloaded to your computer, used as a mobile app, or as a browser extension.

With built-in idle detection and tracking reminders, Toggl can also assist you if you frequently forget to hit the stop button on the clock. Additionally, Toggl’s free account supports up to five users, whereas Harvest’s free version only permits one user. This provides for simple time monitoring and reporting among small teams.

4. Clockify


You won’t be charged more by Clockify if your team is big. Both big & small businesses can use it for free, and the free plan offers limitless users and projects. Because the free version is designed to accommodate such a wide range of team sizes, the dashboard may include too many bells and whistles for independent contractors who only need basic time monitoring.

Having said that, Clockify provides a wide range of tools, such as reporting, backend dashboards for tracking your time usage, and project overviews for gauging the contribution of other team members. “Come on, Tyler, you only worked two hours this entire month,”

This is another Timesheet Apps. Premium Pricing: Clockify Plus starts at $9.99 per month when your company requires a little more control. Also check Cash Advance Apps

Best Paid Timesheet App

We have the top standalone time trackers available on the web if you need a little bit more from your timesheet tool. Your favourite is:

5. Timely


Timely provides a potent depiction of the progress of your entire team across projects and dates. It is a timesheet app designed to make scheduling and billing simpler for your entire team.

To give clients a visual representation of where you’ve spent the most of your time, you may even develop customised reports. Timely is a partner of AppSumo, which makes it even better.

Price: Timely is invoiced annually at a starting rate of $5 per month. At just $49, the AppSumo lifetime offer was affordable.

6. HourStack


This platform assists you with all matters pertaining to business hours. HourStack includes tools to keep your staff on time, including the ability to clock hours and schedule your weekly calendar.

Utilize a digital calendar to assign shifts to your crew. Utilize the time tracking feature to record your hours and automatically associate them with particular projects or tasks. Real-time updates on your progress and the progress of your team members are available. The hours can immediately convert to a report for invoicing once they have been clocked.

7. Teamdeck


A comprehensive resource management tool, Teamdeck is designed with you, creative agencies, software companies, product teams, and finance in mind. This programme is truly focused on assisting you in managing thorough timesheets and time tracking across entire teams—and succeeding at it.

This is another Timesheet Apps. The ability to compare assignment time estimates against actuals is one of the best features since it ensures that you never unintentionally exceed the number of hours agreed upon with a client. Along with other crucial capabilities like leave management and resource scheduling, Teamdeck’s performance and reporting features are often quite sophisticated.

8. Quidlo



A simple time tracking app is Quidlo Timesheets. It’s a less expensive option to bulky, expensive, and complex time-tracking systems. The technology functions equally as well for any size team and was created with remote and agile teams in mind.

With Quidlo, time tracking is effortless on all of your platforms, including web, desktop, and mobile. You’ll be able to instruct your chatbot to keep track of time or issue reminders thanks to connectors with Google Chat and Slack. You can effectively manage your staff and increase their output with the aid of intuitive reports. Your timesheets can be quickly distributed to clients or other team members. Also check battery condition monitoring apps

9. Apploye


A timesheet app for digital enterprises and beyond is called Apploye. Employers can keep tabs on mobile workers using GPS position tracking to measure their output during commutes and other out-of-office times.

This is another Timesheet Apps. Apploye naturally includes all the typical timesheet features as well, including time tracking, reporting, employee scheduling, and more. This one is unquestionably a good fit if you’re looking for a timesheet app that works for your mobile and work-from-home employees.

Price: The monthly cost for Apploye users is $6. But keep an eye on the AppSumo budget because you never know when a lifetime deal might appear.

Software for project management that tracks time

Standalone timesheet applications have their place and their time. However, a lot of companies favour time tracking tools that are minor components of larger software. This reduces some of the frequent tool-jumping that already occurs.

In light of this, the following are our top picks for time tracking in project management software:

10. MeisterTask


MeisterTask is a project management kanban tool (and an AppSumo partner). At AppSumo, the majority of our project management is done using MeisterTask. It’s a wonderful way to streamline some of that digital collaboration when you need team members to cooperate toward the same goal with numerous steps and prompts along the way.

You can enable the timesheet feature in MeisterTask as well. You (and other team members) can see how many hours you put into a project as you clock in and out of it. This gives the rest of your team project context.

11. Monday.com


Monday.com is a highly regarded project management tool and an award winning piece of software. That status entails a very robust product, which some people may find to be too feature-rich (or just right). Time tracking is one feature that is built right into the kanban board next to each task. If tracking while you’re on the go is important to you, use the mobile app. This is another Timesheet Apps.

Additionally, you can create reports to see how your team allocated its time across projects, clients, and tasks.

12. Ora


Ora is a task management tool with numerous features, including time tracking, to increase your productivity. You can turn on the timer to automatically record your minutes as you finish tasks. To keep track of how long the project took to complete, just manually add your time if you forget to turn it on.

Pricing: The first three users of Ora are free. Following that, it costs $4.33 per user, per month, charged yearly. Or you can purchase AppSumo LTD for $39 starting today.

13. Freshbooks


Accounting software for small businesses is called Freshbooks. With the help of this time tracking tool, small businesses, freelancers, and agencies can quickly and accurately migrate clocked hours to the subsequent invoice.

Freshbooks has a Chrome extension, similar to many other tools on this list, to guarantee that your timer is always prepared when you are. There’s no requirement to switch between tabs or click back and forth. This timesheet obviously offers the simplest integration if you already use Freshbooks.

14. And.CO


This is another Timesheet Apps. Project management software for independent contractors is called And.co. Additionally, AND.CO provides a stylish time tracker that syncs with invoices automatically because billing by the hour is so popular. Simply keep track of your time as usual; AND.CO will ensure that those hours are reflected on your subsequent invoice. You can easily share timesheets with clients and track your hours across multiple devices.

CO is available for free. The cost of the premium features is $18 per month. AND.CO has a lifetime deal for $49 and is also an AppSumo Partner.

15. TSheets by Quickbooks


TSheets by Quickbooks

Quickbooks is the accounting software division of Intuit, a major financial corporation (who also owns TurboTax and Mint). For quicker payroll and less data entry, TSheets by Quickbooks is a time tracking tool that syncs seamlessly with your Quickbooks accounting tool. You can use the interior time following tool when you subscribe to Quickbooks Premium or Elite. This is another Timesheet Apps.

The timesheet feature integrates seamlessly with other Quickbooks tools if your business already uses them, making it more straightforward for you to preserve track of and record team members’ hourly work.

We discussed both free and paid applications in this article that you can try out with your group. I wish one of them piqued your inquisitiveness and will enable you to continue working on your projects. Are you looking for more resources for your company? For lifetime discounts on effective business software, visit the AppSumo Store.

Top 10 Powtoon Alternatives In 2022


Best powtoon alternatives will be discussed in this article. A second look is warranted for any product that 96% of Fortune 500 organisations utilize. Say what?

Create animated films with graphics, voiceover, sound effects, and more using Powtoon, a visual communication tool. It seems to be highly popular among influential people. Uses of Powtoon include:

It’s basically like Canva, but for video. And there is a free version. But fair warning, like PicMonkey, you can’t download a film generated in the free version unless you join up for a membership.

So if your team is ready to discover the top Powtoon alternatives, here’s your list of places to start.

Top 10 Powtoon Alternatives for Eye-Catching Video Creation In 2022

Top 10 Powtoon Alternatives for Eye-Catching Video Creation are explained here.

1. Wideo


Wideo is a web-based video creation software that enables you generate animated films and presentations fast. Get commenced with a tape template that you can alter using drag-and-drop capability. And voilà! You’ll have a professional-looking film ready to share right away. Also check adobe illustrator alternatives

Main features:

Video template library

Licensed music library

Drag-and-drop animation editor

Easily convert your video layout in only a few clicks

Cost: Wideo generally starts at $19 per month, invoiced annually. But for a limited time, you can acquire it on AppSumo starting from a one-time payment of $59.

Best for: Marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and content teams who want to generate more engaging presentations and video material

2. Moovly


Moovly is a video making studio programme. It offers a recognisable video editing look, with reduced tools so newbies don’t get lost in the weeds. You can add your own audio, video, and photographs — or utilise one of the many starting templates and free media assets available within Moovly. This is another powtoon alternatives.

Main features:

Video template library


1.3M free media objects

Video automator

Google Sheets integration for bulk video creation

WordPress plugin

Mobile app

Cost: Moovly starts at $49 per month. There is a free plan.

Best for: Creatives who need to make movies on the go or companies looking for an automated solution for making high-volume explainer videos

3. Animaker


This is another powtoon alternatives. Animaker is an animation software and live-action video maker for beginners and non-techies. As an established tool in the short animated explainer video field, Animaker includes some in-depth capabilities like auto lip-syncing for your little animated characters as well as a brand kit for storing your company’s colours, fonts, and logos.

Main features:

Drag-and-drop 4K video and character builder

100M+ free stock movies, photos, sound effects, and music

1000+ templates

Resizing for specific social networks

GIF creator

Auto lip-sync for cartoon characters


Brand Kit to keep your assets, fonts, and colours

Cost: Starts at $19 per month. Animaker has a free plan.

Best for: Companies wishing to produce their own animated explainer videos

4. VistaCreate


VistaCreate is a Canva alternative that lets you to make attractive short movies for usage across social media. The power of VistaCreate is in its stunning, made-for-social graphics and animated components that correspond with current design trends. Designs on point. This is another powtoon alternatives. Also check  FLCL alternatives

Main features:

25K templates for all key social media platforms, including 5K animated choices

50K free video clips

Depositphotos access

YouTube intro/outro maker

One-click resize

Cost: Crello Pro normally starts at $7.99 per month. There is a free version.

Best for: Businesses generating aesthetically stunning online video commercials via social, particularly Instagram Stories (plus other graphic design elements) (plus other graphic design assets)

5. Vyond


Vyond, originally known as GoAnimate, is an animated video creator for training, eLearning, and marketing applications. Vyond offers a package of enterprise-ready products, including enhanced data security and a white-glove service with a dedicated Customer Service Manager, etc.

Main features:

Three 2D character looks: contemporary, business-friendly, and whiteboard animation

Multi-user video collaboration (for larger planning) (for larger plans)

White-glove enterprise-level support

Extra data security features

Cost: Starts at $299 per year. Vyond does not have a free plan.

Best for: Teams wishing to build huge suites of secure, animated eLearning/training videos

6. InVideo


This is another powtoon alternatives. InVideo is a comprehensive drag-and-drop video maker for everything from YouTube videos to “bite-sized ads.” Create attractive modern explainer videos, explore thousands of easy to use templates for various social media networks, edit films for YouTube, create video presentations, and more. Also check  gumroad alternatives

Main features:

Advanced editing: trim/extend clips, crop frames, loop video, and more

Media library comprised of millions of gorgeous images, videos, and music

Licensed music library

Tons of templates

Convert articles into engaging videos

Cost: InVideo generally starts at $10 per month.

Best for: Marketers, media businesses, and any business that wants to make badass marketing videos

7. Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts

The lucky-number seventh Powtoon option on our list is Raw Shorts, a drag-and-drop animated movie maker for businesses. Powered by artificial intelligence, this application essentially transforms your textual content—like blogs, scripts, advertising, and spreadsheets—into animated films. Let’s unpack some more features. This is another powtoon alternatives.

Main features:

AI-powered text to video

Video templates

Stock videos

Turn text information into videos in minutes

Upload your media or use content from their library

Choose from multiple animation styles

Whiteboard animation maker

Cost: Raw Shorts starts at $39 per month paid annually. They do not have a free plan.

Who should use it: Companies who want short explanatory and promotional videos without the time and headache of traditional video editing

8. Biteable


This is another powtoon alternatives. For businesses wishing to generate presentations, marketing videos, and other types of content, Biteable, a Powtoon substitute renowned for its simplicity of use, is the best choice. They give you access to countless video templates so you can quickly and easily produce engaging and professional content. Their use of visuals is, in my opinion, incredibly striking.

Main features:

Models for videos


Alter text, colours, music, and other elements.

Browse templates and tools according to category (advertising, promo video, animated text, etc.)

Animate your brand.

Advertise your content

Graphic artist

The premium edition of Biteable costs $15 per month when purchased yearly. There is a free version of it.

Best for: Basically everyone, including small firms, lone entrepreneurs, and large enterprises.

9. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Of course, one of the most popular design software programmes on the planet is Adobe. You may be sure that they have a fantastic Powtoon substitute in store. You are correct: It is known as Adobe Spark. It’s a straightforward graphics and quick video editor that works well for producing straightforward social media material. This is another powtoon alternatives.

Main features:

Numerous free pictures and icons


Work together with your group with Adobe Spark

Make branded template designs

Mobile-friendly (iPhone and Android video editing apps) (iPhone and Android video editing apps)

Cost: A free version of Adobe Spark is available. Monthly premium memberships begin at $9.99.

Companies and people looking for a straightforward graphics and social video producer should use this.

10. Prezi


Prezi, a presentation tool for academics, marketers, and business owners to elegantly express their ideas, is another well-liked Powtoon substitute. They offer three main services: Powerpoint-like PowerPoint capabilities, graphic/image editing, and video animations. This is another powtoon alternatives.

Main features:

Pie charts and other visuals aimed for business

Video slideshows that play back while you deliver your speech

For live and recorded videos, create on-screen graphics.

Premade static and animated graphics

Rudimentary video editing (like trimming and adding text)

Cost: Monthly premium pricing starts at $7. A free version of Prezi’s video tool is available.

Best for: Teachers, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and students

Additional Powtoon substitutes

Which Powtoon alternatives have thus piqued your interest?

In the comments, please! Such tools as Movavi, Animaker, VideoScribe, Emaze, Wideo, Promo.com, and others are available. Additionally, keep an eye on the AppSumo store if you still can’t seem to find what you’re looking for. Giving you the best prices on top-notch software is what we do best. You never know when the next Powtoon substitute with a lifetime bargain will appear.

Top 7 Best Flowchart Software In 2022


Best and amazing flowchart software will be discussed in this article. Do your staff members find your lists of strict policies, procedures, and workflows so boring that they turn to Buzzfeed to hunt for cat videos? These elements don’t always have to be dry passages of text. Shapes, colours, animations, and images can be added to flowcharts to make them more appealing and entertaining.

Instead of posting walls of text, you can utilise flowcharts to make entertaining and interesting visual material for your social media accounts and articles.

Although creating them may appear highly complex, there is straightforward flowchart software available. These often include pre-built shapes, drag-and-drop builders, and templates to make things simpler. To make them, you don’t need to be a master designer.

I’ll provide the best flowchart software in this post so you can make stunning flowcharts that your staff and online audience will adore.

What characteristics distinguish the best flowchart software?

There are hundreds of solutions available if you search for flowchart software. However, not all of them possess the crucial components. Here are the most crucial ones that you require.

Beginner-friendly builder: Designers utilise programmes like Photoshop and Illustrator to make original, complex flowcharts. However, flowchart software is typically used by novice designers who want to rapidly and easily build flowcharts. The builder ought to support drag and drop. Additionally, it is advantageous if it supports mobile devices.

Templates: It will be challenging for beginners to produce high-quality flowcharts using a builder alone. However, anyone can rapidly add or edit the text and elements in professionally prepared templates to create a beautiful flowchart in a matter of minutes. It’s also essential that the various templates differ significantly from one another. A benefit is having the opportunity to import templates or hire a competent designer to make templates.

Building blocks: A wide range of components, including forms, arrows, images, pictures, typefaces, illustrations, and charts, help you create distinctive flowcharts. You should be able to change the colours and sizes using the software. Your images, symbols, and branding components like logos must all be able to be uploaded. Some home builders provide a branding kit to make this simple.

Measurement features: To help you easily maintain consistency with the spacing between the items and arrows, the software should provide elements like grids and rulers.

Flowcharts can be used for a variety of purposes, thus you should be able to download them in a variety of formats. It would be wiser to produce a PDF if you were developing a workflow flowchart to describe a procedure to your team, for instance. However, PNG or JPEG would be best if you wanted to publish your flowchart on social media. Animated flowcharts work well when shared online in video and GIF forms.

Integrations: Integrations will streamline and enhance the flowchart creation process. Integrations with Microsoft Word, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack are available in the majority of flowchart software. This makes importing design components and exporting the finished output simple. You can share your flowcharts on social media with some.

These core capabilities should be present in your software. Of course, if you have alternative tools that make up for the shortcomings or if you don’t require them, you can skip some of them.

Top 7 Best Flowchart Software In 2022

Top 7 Best Flowchart Software are explained here.

1. Lucidchart


To create flowcharts that your team will understand, you must solicit their input as you are building them. Lucidchart shines in this area. The ability to edit in real time is one of its strong points. Your flowcharts are editable by your team members, and you can see any changes right away. It is very similar to making flowcharts in Google Docs. For each editor, you may make a profile and change their permissions, responsibilities, and groups.

Other tools that make teamwork easier include collaborative cursors, shape-specific comments, and in-editor chat.

Every other functionality required for making understandable flowcharts is present in Lucidchart. These consist of a simple editor, elements, and more than a thousand templates. With data linkage, measurements can also be overlaid onto already-existing diagrams. To create charts, there are also auto visualisations. Also check mind mapping software

Your designs can be exported in a number of formats, including JPEG, PDF, PNG, and SVG. Additionally, both iOS and Android apps as well as the web version are available.

Numerous well-known third-party applications, including Asana, Google Drive, Slack, Salesforce, AWS, and Quip, are also integrated with Lucidchart. This is another flowchart software alternative.

Additionally, it integrates with rival products like Gliffy, Draw.io, OmniGraffle, and Microsoft Visio. Your flowcharts can be easily imported and exported thanks to this.

Individual and team plans are priced at $7.95 and $6.67 per user per month, respectively (minimum three users). A Free plan and an Enterprise plan are also available.

2. Draw.io


The flowchart software Draw.io is free. To utilise it, you don’t even have to register. This software’s interface’s resemblance to Google Workspace features like Google Docs and Sheets makes it stand out from the crowd. It also functions similarly.

It’s simple to use since each time you visit the website, a new file automatically opens. To make it simple to arrange the different components, there is also a grid in the backdrop. Shapes, text, and arrows are just a few of the many elements that may be customised by changing their size, colour, and shape.

This software makes it simple to download your works or save them to GitHub, GitLab, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The formats include HTML, XML, PDF, PNG, and SVG. Similar to sharing a Google Doc or Sheet file, you can share a URL if you save your files to Google Drive or OneDrive.

You may import files from all of the aforementioned programmes into Draw.io. It has many features for a free flowchart programme. Its lack of variety and small number of templates are its only drawbacks. Additionally, the fact that the templates are located under the “Arrange” tab rather than the “Edit” tab and that there are no beginner tutorials may seem contradictory to some users.

3. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft’s Visio is a flowchart for creating flowcharts. Because it makes it simple to import and export data between the tools, it’s a great option for those who use other Microsoft software, such as Microsoft 365. Also check software development companies

One illustration is the capability of Data Visualizer to transform Excel map data into Visio diagrams. Additionally, you may use Word to document your Visio process diagrams and keep the results on Microsoft’s OneDrive. Additionally, the fact that the interface is similar to other Office applications may soothe novice users.

Other graphics, like org charts, floor plans, and network diagrams, can be made using Visio’s builder. The creation of these images is made simple by the availability of numerous templates, beginning diagrams, and stencils. This is another flowchart software alternative.

Visio users have the option of using the desktop (Windows) or web versions to work together and create in real-time. You may neatly and reliably lay connections and shapes by using features like autospace and autoalign. In addition, there are grids, rulers, and layers.

The absence of Macbook and Android versions is the sole disadvantage. On these devices, you must use the web version. However, there is an iOS version available for the iPhone and iPad.

Pricing: The Visio Plans 1 and 2 include monthly user fees of $5 and $15, respectively. You could also buy something just once. Visio Standard and Professional are priced at $250 and $530, respectively.

4. SmartDraw


This is another flowchart software alternative. An AI-powered flowchart tool is SmartDraw. Intelligent formatting is one of its distinguishing qualities. When you move, add, or remove shapes from your diagram, it will automatically adjust and preserve the layout. The AI makes sure that everything is joined together and realigned with the appropriate spacing.

Additionally, the UI is simple to use. To create flowcharts quickly, utilise the builder and keyboard shortcuts.

With SmartDraw, you can make 70 more kinds of visualisations in addition to flowcharts. These consist of planograms, organisational charts, decision trees, mind maps, and infographics. To make these diagrams fast and easily, there are over 4,500 templates and 34,000 symbols available. Additionally, technical and architectural diagrams can be created and printed.

It also has a number of integrated extensions. Among the products that integrate with it are Google Workspace, Jira, Excel, Powerpoint, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Trello. Lucidchart imports are supported, as are Visio imports and exports.

It’s simple to collaborate using this software. There are Mac and online versions available. Users can also share diagrams and comment on them.

Pricing: The Single User & Multiple User plans have a seven-day free trial period and monthly fees of $9.95 and $5.95, respectively, for customers with five or more.

5. Miro


A whiteboard tool with an endless canvas is called Miro. You and your team can operate together to develop flowcharts from scratch or using pre-built templates. You can construct a flowchart that is as lengthy as you like thanks to the unlimited canvas. Your creation can be saved as a PDF or a picture.

Miro also allows for freehand drawing. Your doodles are transformed into rigid shapes in the Smart Drawing mode. This is another flowchart software alternative.

Even strong collaboration tools like Screen Sharing are included. You can use it to describe your flowchart to team members and stream your creation. You can monitor other collaborators’ cursors to observe how they interact with your diagrams and the modifications they make, which is another noteworthy feature.

Miro is available as an app and a website. It has applications for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac. In contrast to other flowchart generators, it has several tool and app integrations. These include Product Hunt, Livestorm, Unsplash, Hubspot, Typeform, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

The monthly fees for the Team and Business programmes are $8 and $16, respectively. Additionally, there are Free and Enterprise programmes.

6. Venngage


This is another flowchart software alternative. Venngage’s main function is infographic creation. Its templates and components can be used to make interesting flowcharts. Start with the flowchart templates or the infographic and other content-specific templates. Afterward, include icons, images, and other components from its library or upload your own.

Utilizing the graph templates from Venngage, you can easily include graphs in your flowcharts. A graph will be created automatically if you manually write your data, upload an Excel file, or paste the link to your Google Sheet.

Additionally, Venngage offers a brand kit that makes it simple to include brand guidelines, logos, and typefaces in your fresh flowcharts.

You can produce various types of material besides flowcharts and infographics, like ebooks, roadmaps, timelines, newsletters, and flyers.

When you’re happy with your work, you can save it as an image or a PDF and save it to your computer or share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The only issue is that in order to remove the Venngage branding, you must upgrade to the business plan ($49 per month/user).

Price: The monthly fees for the Premium and Business plans are $19 and $49, respectively. A free version and an Enterprise plan are also available.

7. Cacoo


With over 2.5 million users, Cacoo is a well-known flowchart creator. It includes excellent features for collaboration. Team members have the option of making their own adjustments or making comments on the schematics. Changes can be seen in the revision history. The team can also provide comments and debate ideas using the in-app video and chat features. This is another flowchart software alternative.

The fact that so many of these features are included in the free plan itself is impressive. The free edition also allows for an infinite number of users. Also check remote desktop software

You may produce more visualisations with Cacoo for things like project management, design, and marketing. It includes templates for personas, Gantt charts, site maps, empathy maps, and wireframes.

Your diagrams are available for download or sharing via a link. Additionally, you can embed them on websites. Popular tools like AWS, Google Drive, Typetalk, Microsoft Teams, and Box are all integrated with it.

The multiple significant drawback is that there aren’t many flowchart templates available.

Pricing: The Pro and Team subscriptions have monthly fees of $6 and $6 per user, respectively. A Free plan and an Enterprise package are also available.

What is your preferred flowchart programme?

Any of the flowchart software options on our list is a sure thing. The one you choose should be determined by your needs, your budget, and the number of users.

Draw.io is the ideal choice if you have a limited budget and intend to use it by yourself. Lucidchart, however, will be superior if you operate with a big team. If you want to create more interesting flowcharts to post on social media, Venngage is a better choice.

Make a list of all your requirements, test the software that meets them, and then choose the best option.