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Top 15 Best Client Portal Software In 2022

Best and most efficient Client Portal software will be described in this article. Nevertheless, incorporating different technological tools into your business processes could disrupt your ongoing operations. The greatest client portal software tools, fortunately, are made to seamlessly interface with your current systems.

More importantly, there are no special system requirements or complicated setup procedures for these tools. We’ve created a list of the top 25 client portal software solutions to assist you in making the finest software selection.

The technologies discussed in this post can help you communicate with customers both internally and externally, give them the service they deserve, and more. Right now, these are the top products available. Continue reading to learn more about each instrument, including its finest qualities, drawbacks, cost, and other information.

Client portal software: what is it?

A customer portal technology called a client portal serves as a self-service platform. The portal gives your customers 24/7/365 access to comprehensive information about your goods and services. A secure client portal that provides storage space for sharing and distributing vital information and documents can either be a web application or a website.

Using this software application, businesses can construct community forum software alternatives, various specialised help portals, and staff communication.

Self-service web portals and community forums are great ways for businesses to give their clientele a safe client portal that can act as a digital entrance.

Why should your company utilise client portal software?

Businesses have been utilising a variety of collaboration and communication tools to facilitate data flow inside their organisations for many years. These tools, known as intranets, enable businesses to create a secure environment for successful cooperation with their target audiences. Intranets, however, are better suited to managing internal activities.

A client portal software can help solve issues that develop when a firm wishes to extend the same functionality and efficiency to external business activities as well. Let’s examine the advantages of employing client portal software for your company.

Collaboration and communication with customers are improved

With the help of client portal software, your customers, clients, workers, and suppliers may access a digital portal with a variety of self-service options and discover all the information they require whenever they need it.

It’s a safe portal that offers round-the-clock customer service and enables companies to benefit from a reduction in the volume of support requests. By providing a customer portal, you can promote brand loyalty and customer happiness, which assures a better user experience.

Greater accessibility

A client portal software’s objective is to give your customer base simple access to pertinent information. It can be used to build your internal knowledge base that will act as a resource for your online community.

Use it to create a community forum where your customers may access a variety of resources to find pertinent information. Your community forum ought to contain:

  • FAQs, support articles, and knowledge base articles
  • Customer projects
  • Jointly provided services
  • Options for sharing documents
  • Options for sharing files
  • Free client access

Increase client loyalty

The ability to customise the user interface of client portal software is one of its most important benefits. There are several choices available that you can use to arrange and customise your user interface to better meet your goals for customer care and assistance.

Accurate information creation, management, and updating will boost client loyalty and retention.

Improve Customer Services

The opportunity to improve your customer service is perhaps the largest perk of employing client portal software. More than 70% of consumers, according to recent studies, demand unheard-of levels of customer service.

Additionally, there is the matter of consumer preferences for various communication mediums. Some people favour email, while others favour phone calls and live chat.

Regardless of your perspective, current consumers favour interacting with brands through their preferred medium. What’s more, they want to do it freely, whenever, and whenever they like.

Increase Responsiveness

Consumers of today will value a company that provides them with 24/7/365 access to a client portal where they may get all the information they require.

Customer service will be available to your clients after business hours. That can be very helpful for working with clients as well as for your customers. Increased responsiveness is essential given that remote working is on the rise (16% of organisations are now entirely remote).

Comparing the top 5 client portal programmes

As of May 27th, dated

Features of the best client portal software

Businesses are finding it difficult to select the best client portal software option given the variety of options available for their unique customer care and support requirements. This ranking of the top client portal software features could be able to help.

knowledge base

To assist organisations in effectively managing their knowledge repositories, client portal software solutions should be fully scalable and have an intuitive UI and user-friendly features.

However, it’s crucial that your solution supports a variety of knowledge bases and gives you unrestricted access to managing both internal and external knowledge bases.

Select a piece of software that enables you to build a multi-knowledge base with a FAQ page, several categories, relevant articles for your sector, and a WYSIWYG editor.

Community forums

Internal/public community forums with completely adjustable categories and SEO optimization based on keywords and phrases are a necessity for every organisation. Such features ought to be offered by your client portal software, but in a way that complements your style of design.

Tracking and managing tickets

A single inbox and complete transparency are essential features of the ideal client portal software, which will also enable customers to take action. A hybrid ticket system with choices for ticket submission and ticket history would be an even better addition to your proposed solution.

Your clients may take care of their problems and requests on their own with the help of an effective ticket tracking system. Your customers can examine submitted tickets, access older tickets, and more thanks to automatic ticket distribution.

Select software that allows you to define your own rules, such as SLA rules, action rules, and time rules. With such software, you may efficiently trace transfers, delay or adjust the priority of requests, follow their resolution, and remove them.

live chat

One of the most essential functions a client portal software can offer is live chat. It is simple to integrate and encourages users to get in touch with your customer service representatives if they can’t locate what they’re looking for.

Utilize the power of automation and email ticketing by integrating live chat with your knowledge base to provide your customers the service they deserve. With its built-in live chat feature, the top-notch client portal software LiveAgent lets you:

  • To better arrange your communications, select the chat button.
  • Make your chat windows unique.
  • Add live chat functionality to your website.
  • Send proactive chat invitations to speed up and improve the effectiveness of client conversations.
  • Design post-chat polls
  • Keep an eye on the traffic to your website to determine how many people are visiting it currently.

Integrated CRM

To offer agents with pertinent customer data, previous inquiries, orders, and interactions across all communication channels, client portal software should include a built-in CRM.

You should consider using a built-in CRM to better manage customer communications. More importantly, you may add as many contact fields as you need to hold all of the data about your contacts.

What is the price of client portal software?

Last but not least, consider pricing before deciding which client portal software to choose. The price of a certain software product is determined by the pricing options.

While some software solutions use freemium pricing models, others use proprietary pricing models as their price foundation. Pay close attention to facts like the price per user or per user every month. Your best choice is to choose a solution with a tailored pricing model if your company has particular needs.

Top 15 Best client portal software In 2022

Top 15 Best client portal software are explained here

1. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is arguably the best and most efficient customer portal software available today, out of all client portal software options. LiveAgent should be your first pick if your company requires a solution to offer first-rate service at lightning-fast speeds. This is another client portal software.

By enabling them to develop several customer portals and knowledge bases, firms using this cloud-based customer care software are better able to manage rising ticket volumes. More importantly, it has a fully editable WYSIWYG editor that enables users to produce FAQ pages, community forums, how-to articles, and more.

key attributes

  • Various customer portals, internal information bases, and external knowledge bases
  • Integrations between social media, contact centres, email ticketing, and live chat
  • Strong automation regulations
  • Constant user and client support
  • A multilingual chat widget that offers assistance in several languages
  • FAQs, discussion boards, feedback, and articles on SEO
  • Tracking tickets via many channels
  • Unrestricted access to users and storage
  • Integrated CRM


  • Outstanding usability and functionality
  • Ideal for expanding businesses
  • Simple user interface
  • Mobile assistance


  • Lacks integration with WhatsApp
  • Involves a learning curve.

2. SuiteDash


SuiteDash is a complete, cloud-based, and fully integrated platform, not simply a standard client portal programme. This software is a great choice for small- to medium-sized businesses. While many businesses struggle to integrate numerous technologies, SuiteDash easily solves this problem. Also check sports clubs management Software 

It gives users access to all the most popular features, tools, and settings for efficiently handling customer care and support requirements. SuiteDash may be the ideal choice for your business’s needs in terms of both customer service and the all-in-one solution.

key attributes

  • Completely functional client portal and CRM
  • Project and task management
  • Simple file-sharing and collaboration software
  • Subscription payments that are estimated, recurring, and invoiced
  • Email and drip marketing software
  • Messaging that respects privacy
  • Real-time customer service and live chat
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliance


A great way to streamline communications

Outstanding automated features

  • Prompt client service
  • A dynamic dashboard


  • Some aspects lack clarity.
  • Workflow automation may have bugs.

3. Monday.com


By enabling businesses to monitor and track all customer interactions and procedures in distinct threads, Monday.com is client portal software with a built-in CRM that enables businesses to handle customer data in a much more effective and structured way.

To give your customer support team a clear and structured perspective of all business possibilities, performance, processes, sales, and other factors, the solution offers the possibility to develop fully configurable dashboards. It is an appropriate option for organisations of all sizes and enables you to communicate your progress to your clients and customers. This is another client portal software.

Important characteristics:

  • Client-accessible dashboards that can be shared
  • Automatic reminders and due date notifications
  • Task scheduling and assignment automation
  • Generating and collecting leads online
  • Community discussion boards, client manuals, tutorials, webinars, and FAQ pages
  • Platform adoption and quick onboarding
  • Storage for files


  • Simple to use
  • Unlimited storage is included with premium plans.

Unlimited boards and users are included in the free trials.


  • Time trackers need to be improved and have bugs.
  • There are some missing social media integrations.
  • More thorough reporting could be done

4. Nifty


Nifty is a fantastic project management application that can be quickly altered to become a fully functional, real-time client portal. Nifty is used by many businesses to enhance team productivity, customer service, and other areas by bringing together customer cooperation, communication, and management under one roof.

The tool’s greatest strength is its ability to combine automation, communication, and collaboration into a single, user-friendly platform, albeit it can shorten project development timelines. It’s the ideal solution for businesses that need to keep track of project stakeholders, client and customer interactions, and organisational goals in one location.

key attributes

  • Project portfolio dashboard for categorising projects by departments, teams, clients, and folders
  • Automated task assignment and scheduling
  • Built-in automation for auto-invitations, document creation, job completion tracking, and milestones for track-lists
  • Client consent
  • Project overviews, open API, dependencies between tasks and milestones, and repeating tasks
  • Onboarding tools including tutorials, video instructions, and live chat assistance
  • Advanced attributes
  • Very approachable
  • There is no significant learning curve.
  • A variety of features are included in each pricing level.
  • More in-app information is required for the onboarding process.
  • Sprint velocity needs to be increased
  • Better navigation is required for the task/milestones feature.

5. Kahootz


Your customer care team will receive a user-friendly, potent tool for secure communication and collaboration in the cloud-based environment with Kahootz, despite the technology having a steep learning curve and requiring some IT advice, training, and tech-savvy. It makes it possible for support and customer care teams to set up offices and quickly provide clients an outstanding level of cooperation.

This is another client portal software. The extraordinary level of security offered by Kahootz is by far its greatest asset. To ensure that your data is secure, the software offers a number of safety and security safeguards. More importantly, it provides choices to independently audit security credentials, which makes Kahootz the ideal choice for governments, big businesses, and other organisations.

key attributes

  • Modern document management with processes for direct editing, approval, and version control
  • Personalized and tailored questionnaires to get client feedback
  • Databases that are user-friendly and interesting to clients and enable them to vote on service/product improvements
  • Controls for client content management
  • Online forums, blogs, and other content
  • Features for customising and customization


  • Simple to use

Outstanding mobile support

  • A great option for remote work
  • Time-saving deletion of pointless emails
  • Free 30-day trial


  • Email notifications often lead to congested inboxes
  • Database is not archived
  • Unsuitable as a business solution for small enterprises

6. Zendesk


A well-known cloud-based customer support software called Zendesk enables companies to build client and customer portals with a variety of self-service options. You may use a number of features, including talk, chat, guide, and support services, if you purchase the Zendesk Suite.

For businesses that require fully functional customer assistance, including a client portal, Zendesk is a great all-in-one solution.

key attributes

  • Advanced task administration
  • Social media surveillance

Tools for teamwork

Sentiment evaluation

-depth reporting

  • Individualized help and customer care with the Guide function and extra self-service options.
  • A real-time messaging and live chat system for customer engagement
  • Connected Zendesk marketplace
  • A system for managing tickets


  • All-in-one, quick, and trustworthy platform
  • Simple integrations with additional apps
  • Simple tracking of tickets and conversations


  • A settings page with too many options that is confusing
  • In comparison to other similar solutions, this software is somewhat costly.
  • Some aspects require improvement (ticket merging, etc.)

7. Clinked


Clinked is a great option for businesses looking for a manageable way to continue ongoing customer collaboration and communication. One of the top choices for file sharing is this. It enables your customer service and support employees to interact with customers immediately, communicate pertinent information, offer the aid and service that they require, and more. This is another client portal software. Also check payroll software systems

However, Clinked’s collaborative features, which were created especially for customer service and support employees, are its greatest strength. Clinked is the best approach to offer individualised service and let your customers give comments, access online information, interact with your customer care, and more if they prefer private conversations.

key attributes

  • Unlimited space for sharing files (depending on the plan)
  • Extra customer support tools including group chat, real-time conversations, shared calendars, and more
  • Confidential client communications across several sites
  • Effective mobile optimization and support


  • Options for immediate collaboration and communication
  • Team with responsive customer service
  • Simple UI with clear options
  • Amazing selection of features


  • The software doesn’t have a spell-check function.
  • More customisation options are required
  • Other software solutions are not integrated.

8. Onehub


For companies of all sizes, Onehub was created as a traditional cloud-based file-sharing software application. Onehub is deserving of our list because it has additional features in addition to its extensive file-sharing capabilities. You can rely on excellent features, such workspace customization, activity tracking, communication, and collaboration, to meet your client portal demands.

key attributes

  • Workspace individualization
  • Dropbox file management and sharing
  • Uploading several files simultaneously
  • Setting permissions for greater security
  • Permit customer involvement with your material by viewing file previews.
  • Using tasks, comments, alerts, and notifications to engage customers
  • Numerical indexing automatically


  • Support for mobile and online
  • Integration with Google Docs
  • File-sharing system that is safe and secure


  • Sharing files can take several hours.
  • Access issues
  • Basic features are missing from the UI

9. Huddle


The only software needed to use the Huddle client portal is a web browser. It’s a user-friendly client portal solution that works great for keeping track of all events and interactions, talking with clients, exchanging files and data, and more.

Users can easily utilise Huddle in conjunction with Microsoft Office Online to co-edit and review all of the shared documents. The fact that you may use the software for free only enhances its already great collaboration and file sharing features.

key attributes

  • You can upload and download files up to 10 GB in size via file sharing systems.
  • Integrations with Microsoft Office and G Suite
  • Mobile accessibility and optimization
  • The ability to share multiple files (up to 500 files at a time)


  • Supports the native file types for documents
  • Accessible workspaces by invitation only
  • Advanced options for customising email inboxes


  • The approval feature has no automation or workflow options.
  • Huddle doesn’t offer a way to upload Google Docs.
  • No concurrent editing

10. Client Portal

Client Portal

Client Portal is a WordPress plugin that you can seamlessly integrate with your website to take care of your customer service and support needs. It is not your typical client portal software. It provides a tonne of tools that enable organisations to manage diverse projects, track interactions, and handle many client queries with ease.

Client Portal won’t obstruct the background operations of your website because it is a plugin. Take the portal template, grant your clients access, and begin adding and changing the components to create a client portal. This is another client portal software.

key attributes

  • Document collaboration with Google Docs
  • Integration with websites
  • Team communication tools like Slack
  • Simple module removal and addition
  • User-friendly website support and design

File synchronisation using Dropbox


  • A single dashboard to control client interactions
  • Sharing updates is simple
  • Simple user interface


– Few possibilities for modification

  • A cluttered editor interface and back-end
  • There is no opportunity to add more users.

11. Supportbee


Suppportbee, despite being essentially an email ticketing system, offers a wide range of excellent choices for the majority of client portal requirements. Supportbee offers everything your customer service needs to manage client interactions from a single, unified location, in addition to extensive email setup and ticket management features.

Each new email received by Supportbee is automatically converted into a support ticket, ensuring that no client request or question goes unanswered.

key attributes

  • Management and assignment of tickets including commenting, forwarding, and other features
  • Make email attachments you send larger by 20 MB.
  • Extend the maximum size of received file attachments to 100 MB
  • An email ticketing system with features like auto-responders, spam filters, and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Emails rendered in HTML.


  • Client request filtering
  • Monitoring and tracking of traffic
  • Third-party incorporations


  • A disorganised message thread
  • UI could need some organisation.

12. Mendix


Here is yet another useful technique for building client portals for organisations. In addition to allowing you to create apps, Mendix also enables you to completely adapt and personalise your client portals to better meet the demands of your consumers and clients. Also check NDSR software alternatives

With Mendix, you can pick a template for your client portal and create an application that is robust, scalable, and portable so that it can be deployed anywhere with ease. By utilising the power of artificial intelligence, this software enables you to establish an intelligent and user-friendly client portal where your clients can easily tap into conversations, uncover pertinent information, and more. This is another client portal software.

key attributes

Develop a client portal

Cloud adoption

Context-aware and visual design for a multi-experience for the best user experience.

  • Options for cognitive enhancement of your portal
  • Integration of data
  • Full process automation
  • Project management using Agile

Visual modelling capabilities


  • Completely scalable remedy
  • Excellent and versatile development possibilities
  • Coding expertise is not necessary
  • Scrum assistance


  • A little expensive in comparison to other equivalent alternatives
  • Improved mobile optimization is possible.
  • Ineffective time management

13. PayPanther


Paypanther is used for project management and CRM, but it may also be a great business management software for building client portals in the cloud.

For small and medium-sized businesses, there is PayPanther. It provides solutions for customer service like document management, CRM features, project management and work assignment, online client invoicing, etc. This is another client portal software.

may be the ideal option for your needs if your company needs a fully-featured operational toolkit to handle your business operations, project management, and client relations.

key attributes

  • Full integrations with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks, Gmail, and Google Calendar
  • An account manager and staff dedicated to customer support
  • Bill branding
  • Task administration
  • Timekeeping
  • Developing data insights
  • Effortless client communication and file organisation
  • Individual reporting


  • Convenient and logical
  • Client communication is simple
  • Syncs with applications such as Box, MailChimp, QBO, and others
  • Timekeeping has to be improved
  • Report creation can be challenging.

14. Lucion


Although Lucion is intended to be a document/file management programme, there is much more to this amazing piece of software than meets the eye. In addition to offering one of the most secure file-sharing options available, Lucion makes a great client portal for startups and small businesses.

Since Lucion offers so many wonderful features, small businesses love it. This client portal software has various customization and personalization possibilities for both users and clients and is available on a phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

key attributes

  • Complete customising options for adding brand logos and custom colour schemes to the portal.
  • The FileCenter file management and document sharing system and the client portal are fully linked.
  • Transmit/receive files to/from customers.
  • The ability to establish the expiration dates for all shared data in shared folders and files, as well as scheduling before and after sharing and transfer of data.
  • Client access is unrestricted
  • Sophisticated file management and organisation


  • A platform that combines document management and client portal
  • Outstanding user-friendliness
  • Producing and modifying PDFs
  • OCR lookup
  • The majority of cloud services are integrated


  • Pop-up advertisements that are persistent
  • Some features take a while to load.
  • Inability to preserve choices for settings

15. SmartVault


For all of your client portal requirements, SmartVault is an excellent piece of software. Through a secure client portal feature that offers a number of collaboration and communication capabilities, it enables your clients to download their files.

These technologies are available for your customer service and support staff to use in order to engage with clients and complete tasks without jeopardising convenience, privacy, or security. This is another client portal software.

software streamlines the sending of documents. The document only needs to be kept in the SmartVault and managed there. To distribute and securely request files, users can build client portals with their own branding.

key attributes

  • Support for several file formats, including PDF, graphics, movies, and photos.
  • Support for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Secure file sharing with the use of built-in tools like KBA, e-signature, and other features.
  • Tools for compliance including SEC, FINRA, and HIPAA
  • Automating client workflows using Quickbooks, DocuSign, and Hubdoc app integration


  • Superior cloud document archiving
  • Clients can access files with ease
  • Notifications via email
  • Fantastic answer for accounting firms and tax preparation businesses
  • Secure client portal for electronic data transfer that is interactive


Random error messages frequently appear.

  • Issues with servers’ file-saving capabilities
  • Negligent customer service


Making the right client portal selection for your company might be challenging. However, by emphasising the areas you must pay close attention to, we may make it a little simpler.

  • The greatest client portal software available today

While each of the 25 solutions on our list is a great choice, we can confidently assert that LiveAgent is the greatest all-in-one client portal software option. It is reasonably priced, simple to use, loaded with features, and completely scalable to meet your business growth objectives.

  • Top client portal software with integrated ticketing, live chat, and call centre

With integrated ticketing, live chat, and call centre functions, LiveAgent is the ideal client portal software. Along with giving you access to many wonderful capabilities, it also enables your customer service and support employees to communicate with clients via the preferred digital channels.

  • The most robust client portal software available

There are a lot of client portal solutions with lots of features on our list, but none of them has as many features, settings, and tools as LiveAgent. With about 200 functions, it’s the best client portal.

  • The client portal software with the best price/performance ratio

No other service can offer as great value as LiveAgent, with pricing plans beginning at $15 per user each month. Each pricing option offers a wealth of features and ensures a positive user and client experience.

  • Client portal software with the best reviews

With an aggregate rating of 4.7 on Capterra, LiveAgent has the highest client portal software rating of any product on the list.

  • The simplest client portal software to install, configure, and utilise

As the most straightforward solution to set up, use, deploy, and integrate, LiveAgent wins the award once more. Since LiveAgent is almost entirely automated, you don’t need to be a software genius to use it.


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