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Top 10 Excel Alternatives for Every Business in 2022

This article is about Excel Alternatives for Every Business. It’s no surprise that Microsoft’s Excel has become a mainstay application in the corporate sector, with 82 percent of organisations utilising spreadsheets to manage data, according to cybersecurity firm RSA.

Top 10 Excel Alternatives for Every Business in 2022

In this article, you will know about Excel Alternatives for Every Business here are deatails given below;

People use spreadsheets for a variety of reasons, and Excel has long provided a tool to organise, analyse, forecast, and visualise data. Despite its widespread use, the application has some serious flaws. Some even believe Excel to be antiquated, citing issues such as lack of flexibility, data security, portability, and project management tools.

If you’re starting out in company, you might be looking for less expensive alternatives to Excel (an Excel Office subscription costs roughly $70 per person, per year).

Excel alternatives

While there may not have been much rival at first, Excel now has a plethora of alternatives. If you’re searching for something less expensive or simply aren’t a fan of Microsoft’s application, we’ve put together a list of 10 alternatives for you and your team. Also check Slow Motion Video Apps

1. Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a readily accessible alternative to Excel that is part of the tried-and-true G Suite of products. You’re almost ready to start if you have a Google account. Google Sheets performs nearly as well as Excel and even includes several functions that Excel lacks. It’s also completely free.

Google Sheets files, like everything else you generate with G Suite, are saved to the cloud. As a result, Sheets is a very portable programme that can be used on a variety of devices. Sheets facilitates collaboration by allowing you to share projects via email or Slack while concurrently editing them.

Sheets also works with other Google programmes such as Google Translate and GoFinance, and it can pull data directly from online URLs.

Google Sheets

2. Zoho Spreadsheet

Zoho Sheet is an excellent budget alternative to Excel because it is free for teams of up to 25 individuals. Zoho, like Google Sheets, is cloud-based, so you can easily back up your work and access it from any device.

The capabilities of Zoho are similar to those of Excel, but with a slicker user interface. The software supports.xlsx,.xls,.csv, and.ods file types and provides pivot tables and charts similar to Excel.

Zoho allows for simultaneous editing, so you can work on projects with colleagues in real time and save time. Filters can help evaluate data to show you only what you need to see, and visual charts and tools are available to make your presentations more eye-catching.

Zoho Spreadsheet

3. Excel Online from Microsoft Office

If you’re set on using Excel or want to give it a shot but aren’t sure if you want to spend the money, Excel Online provides a workaround. Excel Online is a browser extension that offers a free cloud-based version of the software.

Excel Online is part of a suite of free, web-based Microsoft Office products that stores everything in OneDrive, Microsoft’s version of the cloud. The caveat is that none of the programmes available here include all of the functionality included in the full edition.

Users can, however, use all of the program’s basic commands and functions. Excel Online allows you to create and share spreadsheets as well as collaborate on them with peers. To use the software, you only need to create a Microsoft account, which you probably already have if you’ve used Skype.

Excel Online from Microsoft Office

4. Smartsheet

Smartsheet’s project management features are its strongest suit. Companies using Smartsheet may keep track of their work using Gantt charts, file sharing, and collaboration tools.

Smartsheet is also a less expensive option than Excel, featuring a free trial period for consumers to try it out. Subscriptions for personal accounts cost $14 per month once the trial period finishes, and business accounts are $25 per month. Also check WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

The mobility of Smartsheet makes it simple to collaborate with peers, which is particularly crucial while working remotely. This tool for project management is useful for setting up charts with % readouts to track targets, as well as the collaborative elements.



LibreOffice, like the MS Online suite of tools, is a collection of free, open-source office software that includes spreadsheets. People have grown to expect many of the same capabilities from a spreadsheet app that they have from Excel, such as pivot tables and text to columns. It’s also completely free to use.

However, LibreOffice is on the more basic end of the spectrum and lacks some of Excel’s key features. There is no extensive formatting, and the application has been known to fail when dealing with huge amounts of data.


6. WPS Spreadsheets

WPS Spreadsheets is part of a larger set of online office applications. WPS Office is a free download with a premium edition accessible if you opt to upgrade. The annual fee for the premium edition is $30.

WPS is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. Because of this universality, WPS can handle almost any office file format. WPS Spreadsheets is also cloud-based, so it automatically backs up all of your data.

Even if you use the free version of WPS, your documents are synced across all of your devices, so any changes you make appear on any device you use. The premium edition, which includes collaborative features, up to 20GB of cloud storage, and more built-in formulas, is required to get the complete feature set.

WPS Spreadsheets

7. Quip

Quip’s collaboration features are one of its strongest assets. It supports simultaneous editing, which is useful if your team has to work on budgeting or data reporting at the same time.

Quip contains around 400 functionalities, making it capable of handling large tasks. CNN and Pinterest are among the company’s impressive clients. You can sample Quip for free before upgrading for $30 per year for a team of up to five members. For larger and smaller enterprises, they also have beginning and enterprise choices.

Chat and collaboration, cross-device access, and the ability to generate spreadsheets, documents, and slides are just a few of the features. Salesforce connectivity with your spreadsheets is available in Quip’s enterprise tier for enhanced data reporting.


8. Apache OpenOffice

Calc Apache OpenOffice is a widely used suite of open-source office applications. It includes all of the needs you’d expect from an office suite, such as word processing, graphics, and presentation software, as well as spreadsheets. Also check iPhone Widgets For Customization.

Because the programme is open-source, you can customise it to match your specific needs if you know how to code. Projects are downloaded, so you can work on spreadsheets even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Data analysis is performed via Calc, Apache’s answer to Excel, and data is stored in an open standard format by OpenOffice. Calc also enables for multi-user cooperation and comes with pre-made templates.

Apache OpenOffice

9. Airtable

For a reduced price, Airtable has many of the same capabilities as Excel. The programme comes with a free version with limited functionality that you may use to try out the software. Then there are paid subscriptions that start at $12 per user each month.

Airtable may be used to not only organise your data, but also to create databases for various types of data. Its UI is simple to use and produces visually appealing spreadsheets—always a bonus when creating something to show a customer or client.

The way Airtable organises data is its strength. It allows for more flexibility in data classification, storage, and retrieval, resulting in a far more intuitive user experience. Because you can track multiple sorts of data in one location, these organising features lend themselves well to project management.


10. numbers

Numbers is probably already recognisable to Apple users. Numbers comes pre-installed on every Mac and offers high-quality data analysis, reporting, and graphic capabilities for making your spreadsheets look fantastic.

Numbers places a strong emphasis on appealing aesthetics, including a collection of templates that includes doughnut charts and shapes that may be turned into data representations. Handwritten figures and data can now be converted to typed text in newer versions of the platform. Videos can also be included in spreadsheets.

Numbers can be utilised on any iOS device, so if your PC and smartphone are both Apple, you can take it with you.

You can also save files in Numbers as Excel files so they can access them if you’re dealing with someone who utilises Excel. Apple’s Pages software accomplishes the same thing, allowing you to save documents as Word files for better compatibility.


Excel Online is the best Excel substitute.

Microsoft Office Excel Online is the greatest overall alternative to Excel. You can’t do much more promising than the same programme — even if it is a limited edition — if you’re seeking for a less expensive version of Excel. True, it lacks the bells and whistles that come with the full version of Excel, but it will tide you over until you can upgrade.

Excel Online is very useful for small enterprises on a tight budget. They can work with the Excel files that their clients are likely to expect, and they have access to the majority of the spreadsheet tools they require. This is the software to try if you just want to get things done, don’t need anything fancy, and are familiar with Excel.

Google Sheets is the best free spreadsheet programme.

You can’t beat Google Sheets if you don’t want to continue with Excel and want something with a little more freedom than Excel Online. It’s web-based, stores everything in the cloud (with more storage available at any time), and works on iOS, Windows, and Android.
Almost everyone and every firm has a Google account, therefore G Suite is already in use by the majority of them. File sharing and editing are even easier now that practically everyone is familiar with the application.

Sheets also integrates with Slack, another popular office programme. This makes it simple to swiftly share files with your team or a client. If you’re working on a tight deadline, simultaneous editing can help you save time.

Bottom line: For zero bucks, Google Sheets gives you nearly as much capability as Excel. It doesn’t get much better than this for a free utility.

Raise the Bar for Your Spreadsheets

For many of us, spreadsheets are an indispensable tool in the workplace. Large and small organisations alike want a quick way to manage and categorise data. They can run the figures and organise their data with good software so they don’t become buried in requests or misplace handwritten notes.

Despite their widespread use, up to 88 percent of spreadsheets include inaccuracies, according to studies. It’s not a question of whether there are errors in enormous spreadsheets, but how many. One effective, although time-consuming, way to avoid errors is to double-check your data, cell by cell if necessary. Instead, choose a service that will keep track of your data and accurately manage your process.

Accelo accomplishes this. Our solution assists your company in all aspects of operations, from data collection to time management, and we’ve saved some of our clients up to 20 hours a week.

Project management

• Retainers & contracts

• Workflow automation

• Flexible invoicing

• Automated ticking

• Sales and quote support are just a few of the services we offer.

Marc Avila, the CEO and founder of 3 Media Web, conducted all of the company’s project management tasks using Excel sheets in a recent case study. They had distinct tools for invoicing and time monitoring in addition to manually updating spreadsheets. Getting through several systems can be a time-consuming and error-prone procedure. The team now has a single system for their operations and saves 20 hours per week to focus on more important work after deploying Accelo.


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