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Top 10 Intense Sports Anime In 2022

Best Intense sports anime will be discussed in this post. Sports, we’re pretty sure, is the least-watched genre in all of anime. There are a lot of sports anime out there, just like there are a lot of regular anime.

It doesn’t matter if you came here for sports anime or by accident; either way, you’re going to see some freaking amazing sports anime down the list.

Top 10 Intense Sports Anime in 2022.

The top 10 best intense sports anime will be discussed here

1. Haikyu!! (2014)


It’s self-evident to begin the list with a game changer. Yes! Haikyu isn’t the kind of anime you’d watch on a regular basis. An anime usually has a protagonist and antagonist, but what if there isn’t one?

That’s Haikyu for you, then. Of course, there is a protagonist in this anime, but we’re confident you’ll agree after seeing it. Haikyu came in first place in our list of best sports anime because of its numerous beautiful and terrible moments, struggles, and triumphs.

When Hinata Shoyo sees a player nicknamed “Little Giant” who is roughly the same height on TV, he decides to become the best volleyball player. After losing a middle school bout to Kageyama, he challenges him to beat him the following time. Also check Streameast For Free Sports Streaming

However, they both end up at the same high school, Karasuno (Little Giant’s school), in high school. Surprisingly, this pair becomes the foundation of Karasuno’s volleyball squad, which has been on hiatus for three years.

Will Hinata be able to overcome the challenges in his path and achieve his goal? I’m confident that watching this sports anime will make your life more meaningful.

2. Kuroko’s Basketball (2012)

Kuroko's Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball is another another fantastic sports anime about Kuroko, a below-average basketball player. He discovers a means to become a basketball player despite his lack of physical attributes such as height and quickness.

Teiko Middle School’s basketball squad is exceptionally good, having won three championships in a row. All of this is possible because to a group of five prodigies known as the “Generation of Miracles.” Kuroko, on the other hand, develops into a new prodigy among the “Generation of Miracles” as a result of his new abilities. Is he capable of achieving it?

This anime can be incredibly motivating for those who give up due to their flaws. Kuroko isn’t the type of guy who would fit in with the basketball squad in the anime. His passion for basketball, on the other hand, motivates him to take a different approach to it.

This anime will be your night out companion if you watch episodes all at once. This anime will capture your interest right away by depicting many emotions as a drama. As a result, we included it in our list of the best sports anime.

3. Hajime no Ippo (2000)

Hajime no Ippo (2000)

Consider how you’d deem if you were treated like a loser and billed by those around you. Now imagine that those bullies pushed you to grow into a fantastic person. Isn’t that incredible? It’s all about drive and inspiration in Hajime no Ippo.

Ippo is the protagonist of the story, and he is the same person you envisioned at start. But his life changes when a boxer named Takamura Mamoru protects him from bullying and introduces him to a new world of boxing. Isn’t the plot quite thrilling?

He no longer considers himself a loser. Instead, he resolves to become a world-class boxer and rule the ring. Thus begins Ippo’s quest as he tortures his body with undeniable willpower and motivated drive.

Every minute of the anime serves as a cautionary tale for all losers in the real world. The franchise has even spawned a series of video games based on the anime, which have been quite profitable. However, you should add it to your watchlist because it is one of the best sports anime currently available.

4. Big windup! (2007)

Big windup! (2007)

Big Windup is a 25-episode anime series. However, for a 25-episode show, the tale has far too much complexity. Yeah! It’s meant as a complement. You’ve presumably never heard of it, but it’s still one of the most popular sports in the world.

It’s a baseball anime, so even if you don’t like baseball, you’ll like it and learn something new. If you want to avoid the sports genre, this anime is a nice place to start because it is short, but you can always start with Haikyu. The relationships, characters, humour, and everything else are all spot on, and this wonderful sports anime is a must-see.

Ren Mihashi is a baseball player and the team’s ace pitcher. However, they lose the majority of their games due to his terrible pitching. As a result, his teammates begin to criticise him for not being deserving of Ace’s title, and he eventually gives up the game. Also check VIPRow Sports Alternatives

Mihashi, on the other hand, chooses to attend a school in a prefecture where baseball is not played. Surprisingly, they recruit him and make him the starting pitcher for their school team.

Even though he is apprehensive at first, with the help of a catcher, Takaya Abe, he proves himself worthy of the title Ace. It is, without a mistrust, one of the best sports anime series ever made.

5. Fastest finger first (2017)

Fastest Finger First (2017)



Fastest Finger First isn’t an outdoor sports anime like other sports anime. However, in terms of intensity and plot, it is on par with them. Koshiyama is the type of person that spends the majority of his time reading historical and classic literary books.

He prefers living this way, despite his family’s encouragement to live an active life by playing other games. When he gets a chance to compete in a tournament with his school’s quiz team, though, his habits make him worthy. Then he becomes even more enamoured with the game of quiz, and he wants to play it even more.

You could believe it’s just another anime with some dull instructional quizzes and such. However, after viewing a few episodes, ask yourself why you’re watching it all the way to the conclusion. Each quiz bowl is depicted in the anime in a unique and fascinating way.

You won’t see any dramatic changes in their characters, but you can bank on them to keep the plot moving. That’s how it rose to the top of our list of best sports anime.

6.Yowamushi Pedal (2013)

Yowamushi Pedal (2013)

With the term “Pedal” in the title, you could have guessed what sports are involved in this anime. Sakamichi Onoda is the protagonist of the story, who is excited to join his school’s anime club.

When the group is abolished, however, his desire of making friends is dashed, so he tries to resurrect it. He, on the other hand, fails to do so. Onoda, who has been cycling since fourth grade, makes a round journey to Akihabara on his cycle.

He meets Shunsuke Imaizumi, a fellow student from the same year, in the middle of his ride, and thus begins his first step toward joining a bicycle club.

You could have a lot of questions regarding this anime since what kind of thrills can you expect from a cycling anime? But don’t worry; there are plenty of situations to keep your interest piqued.

They constantly discuss the methods they utilise from the sidelines during each of their training sessions. This anime depicts how the protagonist progressed from an underdog to a top dog by combining skill and practise. If you enjoy cycling, you will undoubtedly enjoy this anime.

7.Yuri!! On Ice (2016)

Yuri!! On Ice (2016)

In many ways, Yuri On Ice is a unique anime. It portrays homosexuality in a different light than Yaoi anime and is widely regarded as the most refreshing. Yuri Katsuki, one of Japan’s best skaters, is the protagonist of the story.

However, after losing at the Grand Prix Finale, he has mixed feelings about skating and decides to put his career on rest for a while. When he finally decides to return, though, the rivals become far more talented, and some go to great lengths to be the best.

The series’ best feature is its wonderful animation, and it always seems appropriate to watch it again. The skating scenes alone can keep you hooked on the anime, but the plot and other elements retain their significance.

Using the sport of skating, which is well-known at the Winter Olympics, we can see the true competition as a large number of countries compete. Rather than focusing solely on athleticism, this anime assists you in learning more about the characters’ personalities.

If you like skating sports anime, you won’t be able to find a better one than this. This anime is unlike any other on our list in every aspect.

8. All Out!! (2016)

All Out!! (2016)

All Out focuses on Gion Kenji, a shorty who makes up for his lack of height with his attitude. Along with Iwashimizu Sumiaki, Hachioji Mutsumi, and Sekizan Takuya, he joins the Rugby squad. Despite the fact that they joined the squad at separate times, fate binds them together as a unit. Also check Bally Sports Alternatives

When the time comes, we’ll see each player’s rugby abilities as well as Sekizan Takuya’s captaincy. Overall, we get to see these disparate individuals come together to form the league’s ultimate squad. Yes, a lot of the time is spent just on character development.

Despite the fact that All Out’s premise is similar to those of most sports anime, Rugby is its main selling feature. Even if you have no preliminary knowledge of rugby, you may still enjoy it because it exposes you to the game in an easy-to-understand manner, complete with terminology and rules.

You will love it more than anyone else if you are a Rugby fan. In addition, there are lots of amusing moments to keep you entertained. It is, without a doubt, one of the best sports anime series available.

9. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (2013)

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (2013)

A type of anime that receives a lot of fan service is free. The reason for this is because it is full of gorgeous and pretty boys that can attract the majority of females simply by their personality. As a result, there’s no reason to be surprised by its massive fan base. But what if I notified you that the fan service is well worth it?

Its captivating plot and exquisite art entice you to enter the realm of Free. And I’m sure you’d want to swim right away after seeing those stunning pictures while they swim.

Haruka Nanase enjoys swimming and is an excellent swimmer. He competed with one of his pals in elementary school and won before they parted ways. Years later, as high school students, they regroup and decide to start the Iwatobi High School Swim Club.

Rin, on the other hand, is obsessed with defeating Haruka in a swimming competition. They require a fourth person to participate in the competition. They become the ideal team of Swimming champions with the addition of Rei, who Nagisa recruits. If you enjoy swimming, you should watch this sports anime right away.

10. Inazuma Eleven (2008)

Inazuma Eleven (2008)

Inazuma Eleven is the kind of anime that you’ll watch again and over again. The plot follows Mamoru Endou, the grandson of Inazuma Eleven’s first-generation goalkeeper.

While other Japanese schools compete to establish that their soccer team is the best in the country, Raiman Middle School’s club struggles to recover from its status as a defunct club.

However, after Mamoru is elected captain of the squad, he intends to resurrect the club by recruiting suitable players from his school and transforming their soccer into the best in the country. Is he capable of achieving it on his own?

You can immediately feel the goosebumps inside you since Inazuma Eleven is a soccer anime. This anime is lots of fireworks and flashy manoeuvres, as you could anticipate. However, unlike in the anime, participants in this game have superpowers. And this is where the anime’s thrilling section begins.

Each player, with varying talents, displays some impressive moves on the playground. Doesn’t it make you even more excited? However, it does show us some formidable opponents against whom Inazuma Eleven believes they will lose.

The End of the Sports Anime List!

So there you have it! This is the ultimate list of the best sports anime available. However, we may have missed other fantastic anime such as Slam Dunk and The Knight in the Area, but we believe these are the best. To get off to a solid start, make sure you choose the best one.

If you’re new to sports anime, Haikyu is the best place to start. It’s amusing, tense, and, most importantly, motivating. So, which sports anime is your favourite? Did you relish our selection of the best sports anime? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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