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Top 15 Best Free Asana Alternatives in 2022

Best and most reliable free Asana alternative will be explained in this post. Asana has demonstrated itself as one of the must-have project management software for teams all over the world, with the number of project management tools filling the Internet and ruling the project management arena. Asana appears to have its game on point, with robust functionality, a nice UI, and a roaring list of clients.

Despite the actuality that it appears to be a wonderful alternative that you can use blindfolded, Asana has its own set of limits that should be considered before investing in the product. These constraints necessitate the use of alternatives that are better suited to an organisation in terms of usability, cost, and work patterns.

Top 15 Best Free Asana Alternatives in 2022.

Top 15 best Asana alternative are explained here.

What Are the alternatives of Using a Free Asana Alternative?

The following are some of Asana’s notable drawbacks as a project management tool:

Asana’s task assignment feature allows you to allocate a task to just one person. However, a project may necessitate the assignment of some tasks to more than one team member. That is not possible in Asana.

Task State: You can set the task status to Open or Closed in Asana. There’s no way to tell if a work is in progress, being reviewed, or even being considered. The scenario becomes perplexing for the team as a result.

Asana allows you to write comments on assignments, which is a useful feature for sharing additional information about a work. During talks and in the middle of projects, however, comments can sometimes go overlooked or forgotten. You don’t have the option of turning comments to task assignments, which is something that many apps provide.

Pricing: While most project management software give a wide variety of functions for free or at a low cost, Asana charges for the majority of its key features. A crew of up to 15 people can utilise the free version. As a result, Asana might be costly at $9.99 per month.

Project management is all about controlling workflow from anywhere at any time using mobile apps. In any business, mobile versions of project management tools play an important role. Despite the fact that Asana offers a mobile app, it is fairly limited in terms of capabilities when compared to the web version.

In brief, while Asana appears to be a terrific project management solution, there are some capabilities that are not included by default or are not available for free.

In such circumstances, enterprises must pay for the premium plan, use free or paid integrations, or adopt additional tools to work alongside Asana, even for project management-related important capabilities like Gantt Charts.

We’ve compiled a checklist of the top 32 free Asana alternatives. You can get the same or more features with these free Asana alternatives at cheaper pricing, and in some cases, for free.

1. nTask


NTask is a free online project management application that was created with teams in mind. Although it was designed for teams, it features a user interface that is simple to use and can be used by people for personal use or freelancers in a variety of industries.

It can be used by teams of any size and in any industry. NTask is one of the best free Asana alternatives on this list because it has a lot of features that aid with collaboration and streamlining projects and work processes.

nTask can assist you in managing various projects involving software development, marketing, human resources, design, and legal matters.


  • A uncomplicated user interface with access to a wide range of modules • Team customised workspaces that can be handled and tracked simultaneously are just a few of the features and modules of nTask.
  • Create and assign projects • Comment on & assign tasks to projects or structure them independently • Convert comments to tasks using Slack • Select from numerous statuses for a task • Kanban Boards with custom statuses and industry templates to manage and monitor project progress • Gantt charts, project reports, and project timelines to manage & monitor project progress • Timesheet management with the option of creating & managing team-specific timesheets
  • Meeting management keeps your teams on track when it comes to planning and scheduling meetings. You can schedule one-time or recurring meetings, as well as send out invitations, add meeting information, and specify follow-up procedures.
  • The problem management module aids in the identification and listing of issues pertaining to numerous jobs. To track issue maintenance, you can create a list of issues with the issue owner and necessary details.
  • The risk management module assists you in identifying and tracking potential threats. To keep track of risk management, you can write down the risk and assign it to a risk owner.
  • Extensive search and filtering capabilities to help you find tasks, projects, meetings, issues, and risks.
  • Reminders, alerts, and notifications to keep teams on target.
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • nTask offers both a free and a paid pricing plan.
  • Premium Plan: $3 per user each month with annual invoicing.
  • Business Plan: $8 per user per month with an annual paying cycle.
  • Looking for a great Asana substitute?

Discover why Asana users are migrating to nTask. Create an unlimited number of tasks, meetings, risks, issues, and other items.

  • Free Features: Get Started for Free

Here are some of the usefulness of a free subscription:

  • Workspaces that are limitless
  • 5 MB file attachment size • 100 MB storage space • Unlimited projects and meetings
  • Timesheets for teams • Tracking issues • Time tracker • Calendar management

2. ClickUp


Another of the greatest free Asana alternatives is ClickUp. It’s an online task and project management tool that’s garnered a lot of attention in recent years thanks to its extensive feature set and numerous integrations.

It offers a simple and intuitive user interface that appeals to a wide range of industries and team sizes. Users may become subjugated by the number of integrations and find it difficult to embrace, however the tagline “One application to replace them all” justifies this. It is, nonetheless, one of the most influential Asana-like tools with project management features.


  • Workboard charts • Set reminders & schedule meetings • Custom filters and statuses • Task checklist • Set task dependencies and recurring tasks
  • There is no charge for this plan.
  • Unlimited plan starts at $5 per user per month • Business plan starts at $9 per user per month
  • For the Enterprise plan, contact the ClickUp team.
  • 100 MB of storage for free
  • There are no regulations to the number of tasks or users that can be assigned to them.

3. Quire


Quire is a centralised project management software designed specifically for small and large teams with the goal of streamlining workflows. It’s one of the greatest free Asana alternatives for creative teams who want to reach new heights.

Quire uses the GTD method to assist teams in completing tasks. Quire allows you to break down any objective, no matter how big or difficult, into small, doable tasks that you can complete without losing sight of the overall picture.

Because of its well-organized and easy UI, this programme is one of our top three Asana alternatives. Quire also provides for continuous sync across all of your devices, ensuring that you never lose track of what’s important to you.

  • Nested task list • Gantt chart • Sublist • Turn the comments into tasks • Share project • Calendar • Share Smart Folder with members • Exhaustive project management tools • Real-time collaboration • iOS and Android apps are just a few of the important features this programme has to offer.
  • There is a free tier. Paid subscriptions start at $8.95 per user per month, with a 30-day free trial included.

Free features include:

The free plan includes the following free features: • 8 projects • 10 team members • 100MB storage

  • Kanban board and nested list • Permission control and project overview

4. Nuclino


For those that desire a more lightweight, minimalist, and quick solution, Nuclino is a wonderful free Asana alternative. Its minimalistic, clear layout and user-friendly design set it apart. Nuclino provides everything you need to get things done, with no clumsy menus or rarely-used features to keep you from getting things done.

Nuclino can be used solely as a project management application as a replacement for Asana, but it is capable of much more. Nuclino is a unified workplace inspired by the idea of a communal brain where teams can put all of their knowledge, documents, and projects together in one place. It allows you to create a workplace wiki, manage projects and tasks, share and collaborate on documents in real time, onboard new remote employees, and more – all without the clutter of files and folders, context switching, or silos.

  • Real-time collaboration • Board, List, and Graph views • Task assignments • Markdown commands • Drag-and-drop editor • Comments and @-mentions • Version history • Access rights management • API • 40+ app integrations, including Slack, Google Drive, and Figma

Plan of Payment:

  • Free basic plan
  • Paid monthly subscriptions start at $5 per user.

Free features include:

  • Infinite number of users • Infinite number of workplaces
  • 2GB total storage • Up to 50 items and 3 fields

5. MeisterTask


This online task & project management tool is a free Asana alternative. MeisterTask, like other technologies, enables teams communicate more effectively while allowing project managers to maintain complete control over their initiatives. A simple application allows teams to track the development of a project. Also check Best screenwriting software

Kanban project dashboards are one of MeisterTask’s most important features. Teams can observe, monitor, and be notified about the tasks because they are organised and transparent. It also interfaces with other applications like BitBucket, Dropbox, and Google Drive to make project and task management easier.

The following is a thorough list of functionality available with Meistertask:

  • Project Kanban Boards
  • Task Relationships • Automations • Integrations • Mobile Apps • Custom Dashboards • Tasks & sub-tasks • Notes and comments • File attachments and information sharing • Organizing tasks & placing tags and stars (iOS, Android, Windows)

Meistertask offers four different price plans: free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

Meistertask Pro is a paid plan that costs $8.25 per month per user.

The following are some of the free features free in the free plan:

  • Unlimited projects & tasks • Unlimited project members • Customizable dashboards & project boards • Two app integrations • File uploads up to 20 MB • Mobile apps

6. Freedcamp


Freedcamp is a cloud-based collaboration & project management tool for teams and individuals that is similar to Asana. This service has a long variety of features, including work assignment, communication, time monitoring, and scheduling.

All of this can be done without spending a lot of money. Setting up task lists and using them as sticky notes on Kanban boards are two of the main features.

The following are some of the important characteristics that this service provides:

  • Project templates • Kanban boards • Gantt Charts • Messaging & discussion boards • Team milestones • Calendar • Invoice management • CRM • Issue & time tracking • Time tracking • Document & shared file management • Read-only guest access • Data backups

Freedcamp offers four different pricing plans: free, lite, business, and enterprise.

Paid plans start at $3.99 per month per user.

Here are some of the nice features that are free for free with Freedcamp:

  • Users, projects, and storage are all unlimited.
  • Calendar • Messaging & discussion boards • Passwords Manager • Personal Task Manager • Shared file management • Tasks & subtasks • Team milestones and time tracking

7. KanbanFlow


KanbanFlow, the prior Asana alternative on our list, is a lean project management application with an easy-to-use user interface. The Kanban board keeps everything in sight, making it easier to track workflow.

The Pomodoro method of time tracking is an intriguing component of this programme. This strategy encourages you to work for 25 minutes straight before taking a break.


KanbanFlow has a number of critical features that you may take advantage of, including:

  • Tasks and subtasks • Team collaboration
  • Email task creation • Process and process analysis • Team assignment • Data import/export • File sharing & document attachments • Filter & search • Revision history • Swimlanes • Time tracking with Pomodoro support • Users and roles • Integrations

KanbanFlow has two pricing plans: free and premium.

The paid plan costs $5 per user each month, with an annual payment discount of 10%.

Free features include:

This programme includes the following free features: • Unlimited boards • Unlimited tasks • WIP limitations • Subtasks • Filter • Recurring tasks

8. Bitrix24


Consider Bitrix24 as one of your unrestricted Asana alternatives if you want a programme that is as extensive as Asana but is also very basic, intuitive, and free to use.

Bitrix24 is an online application featuring a user-friendly interface, a variety of task and project management tools, and sophisticated communication channels such as instant messages, chats, group discussions, and email.

A unified news feed allows you to keep track of events and other relevant information. You can also provide ideas and communicate with other members of the team by commenting on their activity. You can upload photographs and even “like” images that other members have uploaded.

It also has a video conference feature, so you can easily communicate with faraway teams and discuss key issues. You can optimise the time spent on activities and attain goals faster with its powerful task and project management tools, which include task templates.

Plus, there’s more. You can decorate it however you want. Choose from a variety of adjustable fields to construct a workflow that best meets your needs.

  • Team collaboration via email, instant messaging, & group chat • Videoconferencing & Telephony • User profiles • Photo albums • Tasks and subtasks • Task templates • Checklists • Project management via Gantt Charts & Reports • Time tracking / Workload planning • Custom Fields • Document management containing document search • Document Sharing • Comments & likes • Version History maintenance


Bitirx24 has four price levels: free, plus, standard, and professional, with paid plans starting at $39 per month.

Free features include:

  • Unlimited tasks/subtasks • Unlimited projects/Workgroups • Five Task dependencies • 12 users • 1 administrator • 5 GB storage

9. Project Insight

Project Insight

Project Insight is another free Asana option we recommend, especially for project-driven businesses. It comes with a wide range of project and portfolio management capabilities. You may also efficiently work with your team and share information.

It has a central interface that allows you to track team members’ actions and remain on top of your projects with status updates, project budgeting, reporting, and scheduling. It also has a robust feature set for time tracking, document management, and knowledge management.

This free Asana competitor, like Bitrix24, has a plethora of customization options, including the ability to customise workflows by defining custom fields, themes, labels, and other objects. In addition, Project Insight can be used on-premises or in the cloud. Also check Best game recorder software


Project Insight proposes the following major project planning features:

  • Project management • Channel for team participation and discussion
  • Intelligent project scheduling • Interactive Gantt-charts • Project dashboard reports • Built in resource management tools • Time tracking • Expense assessment & management • Capacity planner for resource management • Workflow and approvals • Customized fields, forms, and other entities • Budgeting and costing • Calendars for scheduling • Cross project resource allocation • Customized fields, forms, & other entities
  • Project insight is available in three different pricing plans: free, business, and enterprise.
  • Paid plans start at $20 per team member ($45 for power users) and go up from there.

Free features include:

  • The most fundamental features
  • VirtualPMTM for Slack is a SaaS/mobile application with online help.

10. Hibox


Check out our next suggestion for a free Asana replacement: Hibox. This tool keeps you and your team productive by providing a wide range of capabilities that authorise you to accomplish more in less time. Schedule and manage your projects with ease, and connect with your colleagues using a variety of tools such as team chat and video conferencing.

As a result, it’s an ideal way to interact with teams that need to communicate and manage work from afar. Hibox’s virtual assistant, which is driven by artificial intelligence, is a standout feature.

Hibox uses artificial intelligence to understand user behaviour in order to assist them work more efficiently. It does so by observing user work habits and providing auto task detection, auto recognition of dates and assignees, job delegation, and team sentiment analysis when needed.

Plus, there’s more. All of this is available to you under one roof. This eliminates the need for expensive add-ons or complex integrations, however integrations are still possible in some instances.


Here are some of Hibox’s most important features:

  • Task and project management • Collaboration and communication via instant messaging • Time tracking for tasks and projects • One-click video conferencing • Personal AI-Assistant • Powerful search engine • Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box integrations • High-grade security • iOS and Android mobile apps

Hibox has three pricing plans: free, pro, and enterprise.

Paid plans start at $4 per month per user.

Free features include:

  • Up to ten users • Two gigabytes of total storage • Task management basics • Online support basics

11. Allthings


Allthings is a project management & team collaboration app that uses Kanban boards to make life easier. Drag and drop on the Kanban board to organise and manage your workflow in this free Asana alternative.

Because everything is visibly displayed on a set of cards or columns on a clean interface, Kanban boards make it simple to stay up to speed on project activities and essential information. With Allthings, you can easily manage and prioritise your work by seeing tasks, status updates, and notifications.

Other amazing features include sharing lists, project time tracking, file attachments, and task and activity comments. Allthings also allows you to personalise your work by allowing you to build custom fields based on how you wish to manage and track your workflow.


Here are some of the primary features available with Allthings:

  • To-do lists • Project management options • Task management, including prioritisation, recurring tasks, and deadlines
  • Comments • File attachments • Time monitoring • Capacity planning • Create shared lists • Field customization • Group collaboration tool • Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps
  • Multi-platform • Online dashboard • Real-time alerts • SaaS • Resource planning • Drag-and-drop functionality • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • All-inclusive pricing There are three plans available: free, pro, and team, as well as a 30-day free trial.
  • Paid Plan: Allthings monthly plans start at $3.99 per user.

Free features include:

The Free edition includes the following features:

  • Make up to five lists • Make as many things as you want
  • Invite as many collaborators as you want

12. Sendtask


Sendtask is a task management system that also serves as a superb team collaboration tool. Because of its simple to use yet effective feature set for task management, project management, and collaboration with teams and clients, we recommend this as one of our best free Asana alternatives.

Instead of using many tools for communication and workflow management with teams, clients, and suppliers, use one single software to streamline your communication on all levels.

This programme allows you to manage tasks right from your inbox. This means you can use your email to manage tasks, as well as establish and monitor workflow. For collaboration, team members do not require individual accounts.

This allows you to converse and exchange information without having to go through the time-consuming process of creating a user account.


  • Task & subtask management, including recurring tasks • Task Monitoring & Scheduling • Search & filter • Reminders and notifications • Project management • Team collaboration without the need for user accounts • Email to Task Conversion • Email Management • File & information sharing • Integration with added tools • iOS mobile app. Also check Best websites for game cheat code

Pricing: The service is now in beta and will remain free indefinitely.



Wrike has been a popular among project managers across a variety of sectors. This sophisticated project management and collaboration tool has a simple and straightforward user interface, numerous capabilities, and interfaces with a variety of other applications.

Wrike has features to assist you manage team activities and workload assignments, as well as in-team collaboration and knowledge sharing, and task and project management. In addition to the free subscription plan, it offers a variety of payment options.

Due to all of these and more appealing yet affordable capabilities for small to complicated teams, this product makes it to the list of free Asana alternatives.

  • Real-time newsfeed • Task and project management capabilities • Team collaboration channels, including task-level conversations • Member tagging • Meeting management • Online file sharing & editing • Document collaboration & workload management • Email integration for teams
  • Wrike has five different pricing plans: free, professional, business, marketers, and enterprise.

Paid rates start at $9.80 per user per month, with free trials available on all options.

  • Board view for column-based work prioritisation • Drag-and-drop task ranking • Online file sharing & editing • Real-time Activity Stream • Spreadsheet view • Basic integrations • Cloud storage integrations
  • 2 Gigabytes of storage

14. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Tasks is a project management solution that can help your team become more productive by providing simple-to-use modules that are assertive enough to manage a variety of projects.

With Kanban boards, you can quickly organise your workflow & steer your task & project management in any manner that is suited for your team and project requirements.

This programme is also one of the free Asana alternatives available, and it works on both Windows and Linux. The nicest feature about this project management solution is that, rather than relying on third-party connectors, Teamwork provides Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Chat, which are simple to integrate with Teamwork projects.

Teamwork Desk nurses you in providing excellent customer service, monitoring user traffic, and assisting teams in collaborating more effectively. Teamwork Chat, on the other hand, uses messaging and discussions to help your team collaborate more effectively.


The following features are standard with teamwork:

  • Kanban board • Task & subtask management • Project management (including milestone and cost-to-completion monitoring) • Idea management • Budget management • Color themes & templates • Time tracking • Powerful search • 100 MB file space
  • Integration with a variety of third-party applications
  • Forever, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise (customised) plans are all free; paid plans begin at $9 per user each month.

Free features include:

  • 100MB of file storage • 2 current projects • task boards with limited functionality • basic project management • subtasks • colour themes

15. Trello


Trello is a preferred tool of many businesses, ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 firms. Trello encompasses a number of elements that make project management more engaging, including a drag-and-drop interface for visually managing tasks, projects, and teams.

Trello is a valuable option as one of the many free Asana alternatives floating around the internet. You can use it to carry out a variety of tasks by using lists, checklists, and cards to help you organise, prioritise, and maintain your workflow as needed.

Your team can stay on track & updated in real time with real-time comments, file sharing, and easy collaboration mediums. You can keep track of all of this and more using a central board that keeps you on awning of your game at all times.


Here’s a taste of what Trello can do for you:

  • Task management with boards, lists, and checklists • Real-time news stream
  • Drag & drop workflow arrangement • File sharing & attachments • Comments and team collaboration • Email-based card and comment creation • Powerful search and filtering
  • Apps for iPhone and Android

Trello has three pricing tiers: free, business class, and enterprise, with paid plans starting at $9.99 per user per month.

  • free boards, lists, cards, and checklists • Infinite members • Infinite attachments • One Power-Up per Board • Attach files up to 10 MB

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