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Top 13 Best Remote Desktop Software In 2022

Best remote desktop software and access tolls will be discussed in this article.  If you wish to remotely access your system and its data, picking the appropriate remote desktop software access solutions is crucial. The best remote desktop software can assist you in achieving your objectives, from safe remote desktop programmes to file transfer services and VNC. To help you choose the best remote desktop programme for you, I reviewed and ranked the top 13 programmes in this guide, along with my top 5.

Looking for the top remote desktop programme right now? I’ll go with Zoho Assist.

Operating from anywhere is now possible gratitude to contemporary technologies.

With just a computer, webcam, & some video conferencing software, team members can effortlessly communicate and have meetings remotely from anywhere in the globe.

Surprisingly, the culture of working from home makes everyone more productive and contributes to greater outcomes.

More than 86% of workers claim that working from home increases their productivity.

However, you could need access to a computer at another location to perform a work from home job. And this is where the numerous choices for remote desktop software are useful.

You can manage your job, work with your team, monitor your progress, and more using these platforms. They also assist you in providing effective customer service to people around the globe.

What Remote Desktop Software Is the Best?

Top 13 Best Remote Desktop Software and Access Tools In 2022

Top 13 Best Remote Desktop Software and Access Tools are explained here.

1. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

A cloud-based platform called Zoho Assist is suitable for providing IT and customer assistance. Through the direct email invitation, it enables a connection on-demand without the need to install any software. Additionally, it enables users to quickly set up remote computer access for Windows and Mac both inside and outside the LAN. Also check adobe illustrator alternatives

Ideal For:

Businesses that want to provide remote customer care teams should use Zoho Assist.

Key characteristics:

Zoho help capabilities

On-Demand Support: Without any prior installation, quickly and easily address customer issues through ad-hoc or on-demand sessions from a remote location.

File Transfer: It allows you to share updates, security patches, or any file to the remote system even in the midst of a live session.

Sessions can be scheduled remotely at any remote time, regardless of the time zone.

Bulk Deployment: Quickly and easily distribute the unattended access installer to many remote machines at once.

User Interface:

The user experience with zoho

One of the multiple complete remote desktop software solutions is Zoho Assist, which offers choices for remote access and even unattended support.

Give your team varying degrees of control by creating role-based access, and quickly switch between remote and local access with just one click.

Without requiring a credit card, it offers a 15-day free trial. For remote support, monthly paid plans range from $10 to $24, while there are two unattended access plans ($10 to $15).

My likes and dislikes of Zoho Assist

Installing and configuring it is really simple.

Offers a freemium plan for services that are needed

Costing structure that is effective and based on the per-seat system

Provides a Chrome extension and a desktop software for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

There is also a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Mass unattended remote access deployment can be easily ensured

Provides end-to-end SSL 256-bit AES encryption to protect file transfers.

Enables you to have voice and video chats with customers

Any number of monitors linked to the remote computer are accessible to you.

Allows you to resume the previous session without giving up control of the device.


If you’ve never utilised remote access or unattended access, it can be difficult to appreciate their features.

Updating Products:

You can invite anyone to join your session using the guest user invitation feature.

You may easily move files between your computer and the remote device using the File Transfer feature of the iOS agent.

2. GoToMyPC.


GoToMyPC is another fantastic remote desktop programme that makes it simple to access to your work computer from home. It’s perfect for working from home because you can complete tasks swiftly and without a lot of lag time. Once you download the software to your computer, you can use it right away because it is simple to install.

Ideal For




Annual Savings

True – Save 20%


Attempt GoToMyPC

The top remote desktop programme on our list is GoToMyPC. You may work from home immediately thanks to its remote access features, and the desktop software’s simple installation requires no restarting of the machine. Additionally, it connects to the virtual machine quickly and provides excellent real-time in-session performance.

Ideal For:

It offers capable security and 128-bit AES encryption for professionals who frequently need to operate from home. rea

Key characteristics:

Gotomypc attributes

On the device you are using to access the virtual computer, you can hear music or voicemail.

Support for multiple monitors: Displays every connected monitor in its entirety.

Privacy: To maintain complete privacy on your computer, you may easily turn the screen off or lock the remote keyboard.

Useful information such as the time, place, length of the connection, and type should be recorded for each session in the usage report.

User Interface:

User experience with gotomypc

With this software, managing many PCs from a single account is simple, allowing for quick switching between them.

Your desktop is always with you, so you don’t need to bring a separate laptop for work and home.

Give your computers the appropriate nicknames so you can quickly locate the one you want to use.


Its Personal and Pro programmes have monthly fees of $35 and $33, respectively. Monthly rates for corporate plans begin at $28. These costs are listed per computer, each month.

My likes and dislikes of GoToMyPc


It has mouse share functionality to increase engagement.

Provides a remote desktop user’s log and timing information.

checks and confirms all of the information and files that are transferred through the user’s account.

offers reasonable prices

Through its simple drag and drop capability, you can transfer files with ease.

Allows for two-way communication with the linked machine.

Reliably synchronises all of the data between a desktop and a laptop.


Managing connections between several users is not always the easiest chore.

Updating Products:

To allow users to examine more of the product’s capabilities before deciding on a subscription plan, we enabled manual upgrade from trial accounts to paid plans.

Redesigned the login page to provide users a clearer picture of the capabilities and what GoToMyPC is capable of.

Start using GoToMyPC today and save 20%.

3. AnyDesk


Adam’s View

AnyDesk is unquestionably something to take into consideration if you’re seeking for remote desktop software that will improve your productivity and teamwork. If you’re looking for a new small desktop solution, it has several outstanding features that set it apart from the competition. This is another remote desktop software.

  • Ideal For
  • IT experts
  • Price
  • $9.90/mo-$29.90/mo
  • Annual Savings
  • No
  • Promotion

Over 100 million people worldwide use AnyDesk, one of the most widely used remote desktop software platforms. DeskRT is the codec that gives AnyDesk its reduced latency and serves as its base. High frame rates, real-time collaboration, encryption technologies, and other features are also included.

Ideal For:

For IT professionals who frequently work from remote areas with a slower internet connection, it is a dependable alternative.

Key characteristics:

Features of anydesk

Own Network: It’s simple to set up your Enterprise Network so that you have complete control over how your data is transmitted and encrypted from beginning to finish.

Highly Customizable: You may easily alter the user interface to conform to your branding principles.

Lightweight: Downloading and installing a small file quickly and without any hiccups or delays.

Bank-Grade Security: Uses TLS 1.2 technology, a banking industry standard, to provide complete safety for your computer.

User Interface:

anydesk customer service

Working remotely is quite simple with AnyDesk since it gives you a straightforward address you can use to access your computer from anywhere.

AnyDesk’s emphasis on simplicity and use sets it different from other remote desktop programmes, despite the fact that it may not have as many features.


The monthly fees for the paid plans range from $9.90 for the bare minimum to $29.90 for each user.

My likes and dislikes regarding AnyDesk:


Ability to operate without a hitch at low bandwidth up to 100 kbps

Provides 60 frames per second for a versatile experience on a local or other network.

offers a trusted machine whitelist so you can manage access to your PC.

It uses RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption to confirm each connection.

Any operating method, such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, or Android, can use it.

Absolute compatibility with earlier releases, such as Windows 7, is provided.

More than 28 different languages are supported.

makes it possible to securely and simply transfer data using the copy and paste capability.

Remotely restarting the computer is remote.

Easy contact management thanks to the integrated address book

includes a free trial


Low bandwidths cause stability problems for the software.

The desktop website is more powerful than the smartphone app.

Updating Products:

AnyDesk may now be utilised more effectively and with more ease thanks to improvements in the UI’s lightweight and simplicity.

Users now have more security thanks to the 1.1.1m update to OpenSSL.

4. LogMeIn



Adam’s View

One of the best solutions available is LogMeIn if you work for a large company that needs a lot of setup options for your remote desktop software. You can be certain that they will meet your needs thanks to their enterprise-level functionality. This is another remote desktop software. Also check block chain development companies

8.1out of 10

Ideal For

Large Companies



Annual Savings



One of the multiple powerful labels in the ecosystem of remote desktop software is LogMeIn. Unique features like comprehensive setup choices for business users are included. You also receive a tonne of trustworthy capabilities, such as endpoint administration, remote deployment, and remote monitoring.

Ideal For:

The subscription plans for this remote desktop software are not affordable for small organisations or individuals, making it the ideal option for large corporations.

Key characteristics:

System administration tools make it simple to enforce company policies and manage key features of the host system in your home environment.

File Transfer: Use drag and drop to quickly and securely transfer files.

Strong mobile app: Its iOS and Android applications provide a user-friendly and engaging experience.

Remote access with limitless access is available from any device.

User Interface:

User Experience with LogMeIn

LogMeIn offers an amazing user experience with the option to live chat with a specialist and get answers to your issues as you are helping clients.

The software is also incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, making it a wonderful option for non-techies.


The plans’ annual prices per user begin at $349.99.

What I Like/Dislike About LogMeIn:


It includes a LastPass premium subscription to save passwords in a secure vault and 1 TB of cloud storage.

You have access to any number of people remotely.

Enables remote printing to the available printer that is most nearby.

Gain quicker, easier access to the remote machine

Access to several remote monitors

Multiple characteristics of the host behaviour can be easily controlled in your environment.

Provides access from both Windows and Mac.

Offers strong mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

For simple cooperation, you can access all the files that have been saved.

Offers whiteboard features so that you may doodle on the screen


provides a tonne of complex features that are unnecessary for most customers who only require basic access.

Updating Products:

The LogMeIn Antivirus software has been updated to version, which adds a number of security enhancements.

5. Parallels


Adam’s View

A well-known company in the world, Parallels offers security solutions for companies of all kinds. I suggest them as a solution for people who want to keep their data safe and centralised while still having access to all necessary services offsite.

Ideal For




Annual Savings


Another outstanding remote desktop programme on our list is Parallels. You can work from any remote place you choose, and it offers flexibility. Additionally, it lowers the cost of ownership while monitoring, centralising, and limiting access to business-critical assets to assist enterprises keep their data secure. It may also simply scale up the IT infrastructure as needed to satisfy unforeseen market demands.

Ideal For:

One of the best remote access programmes for companies with rapid growth who need to scale up their IT infrastructure instantly.

Key characteristics:

Aspects of parallels

A seamless user experience is provided on HTML5 and Android, iOS, and other browsers.

Task automation: By utilising PowerShell cmdlets and REST-API, you may automate frequent, repetitive, and even complex processes to make the best use of your resources.

Advanced Access Control: To protect the security of company data, enforce business regulations based on user groups and end users’ device types.

Multitasking: It enables the operation of many applications and the storing of various files. Through intuitive gestures, users may quickly switch between various files and programmes.

User Interface:

Similar user experiences

Parallels is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a more sophisticated virtualization solution.

It costs more than some alternative solutions, but it offers features and performance that make up for the difference.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for those who desire a hassle-free virtualization experience because of the user-friendly UI.


The annual cost of its one-year subscription plan is about $99. A two-year subscription is available for $189.99, and a three-year subscription is available for $269.99.

What I Enjoy and Regret About Parallels


Even on older machines, the Parallels programme functions without a hitch.

Utilize the copy and paste capabilities to quickly transfer files between the host PC and virtual machines.

Enables simple application launch from the OS X Taskbar.

A swipe gesture will immediately transition between the host and virtual desktop.

Applications run more smoothly when in coherence mode.

provides technical help for all widely used operating systems.

Its Snapshots functionality makes daily Windows VM images a priority.

Gives you the chance to ensure USB device compatibility


Lack of support for multimedia and games, which may be essential to some

Updating Products:

You can utilise more demanding applications and even play some games with better graphics performance.

Your virtual computer will start up, resume, and shut down extremely quickly so you can get to work right away.

6. Splashtop Business Access

Splashtop Business Access.

People looking for a dependable and effective tool will find an affordable answer in Splashtop Business Access remote desktop software. It provides hassle-free remote access to machines that is quick, easy, and secure. Also check  virtual event ideas

Ideal For:

It’s a choice worth taking into account for companies seeking for a dependable and economical remote desktop solution.

Key characteristics:

You can view several displays from one or more monitors using the multi-to-multi monitor feature.

It enables two users to remotely access the same machine at the same time.

User management enables you to grant rights, assign tasks to new users, and grant access to particular computers.

Easy Deployment: Use your own deployment streamer for deployments that are trouble-free.


Due to data encryption, firewalls, and DDoS mitigation, its cloud computing environment is quite safe.

Features an intrusion detection system and a clock defence to ensure strict security.

Quicker connection, HD clarity, and a fuller sound

Get unrestricted access from any computer, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Remotely printing to a remote printer from a remote computer

File transfers are simple with drag and drop.

Create your own deployment streamer to ensure quicker deployment.

Easily enable remote computer access for the entire team.

Remotely reboot using the Splashtop app or web console

The device can be accessed simultaneously by two persons.

Simple screen recording to use


You must have numerous accounts in order to enable multiple user access.

The desktop option’s wake-up feature is unreliable.

Some users reported very slight lags.

7. ConnectWise Control.

ConnectWise Control.

ConnectWise Control offers two options, including control & support. The software comes supplied with remote control and unattended access capabilities to enhance efficiency and cut additional remote desktop software cost. This is another remote desktop software.

Ideal For:

It is good for short scale or mid-sized businesses that are looking for a powerful remote desktop software. If you require a wide range of third-party extensions, then also it’s a great option.

Key characteristics:

Flexible Plans: It provides a variety of plans to guarantee that each user can satisfy business requirements with a single tool.

Without a Trace:

Remove the remote support client from the remote computer after each session.

Attack by brute force: Lock users who repeatedly enter incorrect passwords to prevent entry by potential hackers automatically.

Auditing at the server level:

Recordings and audit logs of each remote session can be kept easily for later review.


includes a wide variety of adaptable connectors, such as Slack, ServiceNow, Outlook, Zopim, ITBoost, Naverisk, Passportal, and Zendesk, among others.

Strong security features are offered

Deployment and setup are simple.

It is compatible with desktop computers, servers, virtual machines (VM), and virtual private servers (VPS)

To ensure effective remote operations, renders a well synced remote screen.

Users can quickly access several sessions to communicate and control a number of PCs and users.

Its “Wake” functionality combines with the WOL (Wake-On-LAN) capability to enable the device to operate from any distance.

Offers a simple, user-friendly UI

For improved viewing, its remote screen is expandable and capable of having a resolution higher than that of the original system.


The subscription is more expensive than the alternatives.

Some features are difficult to grasp at first look.

The cost of connectwise

For you to examine the product, it provides a free trial.

The following three pricing options are then offered:

One: One user may establish one connection for $24 per month (paid annually).

Standard: $39 per month (paid annually), with a maximum of 3 connections per user.

One user may establish 10 simultaneous connections with Premium for $49 per month (paid annually).

8. RemotePC


AES-256 encryption is used to provide a secure connection by RemotePC, a cloud-based remote desktop programme. This is another remote desktop software.

Furthermore, even if you are a novice and lack technical understanding, its drag and drop functionality enables you to do the jobs quickly.

It works best for both people and small enterprises.

The following are the essential characteristics:

Offers limitless users access to the system and unlimited machines with an unlimited user licence.

Create Groups: Sort users into groups, then swiftly shift them from one group to another.

An empty host screen:

To provide complete anonymity throughout the live session, this feature blanks out the screen of a remote computer.

On the remote’s display, doodle:

A wonderful feature for architects, designers, and painters, drawing on the remote screen will ensure effective collaboration.


Permits you to add additional users using a secure ID and key

To provide direct user support, you can use its alternative helpdesk.

Through its web applications, you can easily customise and use all the capabilities.

It can effectively manage several computers because it is scalable.

Through its logical drag and drop capability, permits remote printing and file transfers.

Receive and send computer-to-computer conversation pings.

You can also use remote devices to play and listen to audio files.

Allows you to doodle on the remote screen for effective teamwork

Record remote sessions and store them where you choose.

Complies with all applicable regulations.


It is not possible to show many monitors in the same window.

Occasionally, the software may have very slight lags.


Remotepc Expenses

It offers the following five paid programmes:

Individual: $29.62 (for the first year)

– Access to two machines for one user with a licence

Soho: $44.62 (for the first year) – Access to 5 computers for unlimited users

Soho: $59.62 (for the first year) (for the first year)

– Access to 10 machines with unlimited user licences

Team: $224.62 (for the first year) (for the first year)

– Access to 50 machines with unlimited user licences (7 day, no credit card, free-trial available)

$449.62 Enterprise (for the first year)

Access to 100 machines with unlimited user licences (7 day, no credit card, free-trial available)

9. TeamViewer


With more than 2 billion energetic users worldwide, TeamViewer is one of the most widely used remote desktop software platforms.

It offers support for a huge variety of platforms and gives users the option of cross-platform access from a Samsung smartphone to a remote PC.

Great For: TeamViewer is best for large businesses that must prioritise security and cannot compromise on service quality. This is another remote desktop software.

The following are the essential characteristics:

IoT Device Control: Access and manage internet-connected devices from anywhere in the globe.

A dependable feature for companies with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) policy is device-agnostic connectivity.

Additional Reality

Remote Guidance: To access the remote camera on smartphones and take a closer look at objects, use augmented reality (AR) tools.

Non-Profit Cost:

To aid in their sustainability, it provides non-profit pricing for enterprises and organisations.


It provides a free version for users, so you may properly try the software before deciding to purchase an enterprise subscription.

In order to provide remote access to a PC using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it supports Samsung’s DeX technology.

Support for 4K desktops is available

Includes a VPN substitute and trustworthy file sharing functionality with mid transfer file access.

Using remote monitoring and centralised management, achieve a unified experience.

Instantly connect to, control, and keep an eye on IoT machines and devices.

Take advantage of smartphone-enabled remote help to provide 24/7 client care.

Comes with a GPU to allow for hardware-accelerated image processing


The software’s mobile version is not user-friendly.

One of the priciest alternatives available

The cost of teamviewer

For users with minimal needs, a free version is available.

Paid subscriptions are available starting at $50.90 per month and can cost up to $206.90 per month.

10. Remote Utilities for Windows

Remote Utilities for Windows

One of the multiple capable small desktop software programmes that is free is Remote Utilities for Windows.

It includes numerous premium features that are exclusive to paid tools.

Best For:

This remote desktop software is ideal for home users and small organisations searching for an economical option with good functionality.

The following are the essential characteristics:

Support for Active Directory: Enables simple integration of Remote Utilities into the Active Directory setting.

Using MSI Configuration

A custom Host installer is efficiently created by its built-in MSI Configurator for effective network deployment.

Self-hosted Server: Easily build an end-to-end autonomous solution to give customers dependable and solid service.

RDP Integration: Easily manage previously stored RDP sessions to connect to remote computers over the internet using the RDP protocol.


It supports up to 10 PCs being connected at once.

It is comprised of two pieces, Host and Viewers, which are installed on different remote and home devices, respectively.

Provides a mobile application for iOS and Android that allows for remote access.

The programme can be used without being installed on a software.

User Access Control (UAC) prompts can be remotely controlled.

It is simple to configure remote utilities by connecting it to a proxy server.

allows for peer connections with a single PC


Requires an additional installer

Needs an exceptionally fast internet connection to function properly.

This software is free to use.

11. Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

For both individuals and commercial organisations, Remote Desktop Manager is a great remote desktop programme.

It provides a reliable and safe service for remote computer control.

Additionally, it can be rapidly set up for immediate use and is packaged with a variety of useful functions.

Best For:

It is among the instruments that medium-sized and large enterprises can use to maintain reliable operations.

The following are the essential characteristics:

Account brokering: enables the addition of broker credentials to shield the user’s true credentials from view during the login procedure. This is another remote desktop software.


Its highly effective virtualized consoles, such as Terminal Server, Hyper-V, and Xen Server, ensure a rapid overview of the machine’s state.

Activity Record:

Take note of each action the user takes, and keep an eye on all live sessions in real time.


Connections at Launch

Direct connections allow you to launch safe and dependable connections.


It features an intuitive use interface that is straightforward to use.

It has numerous protocols, VPNs, and technologies built in.

Powered by a built-in password management tool of the highest calibre for businesses

For large companies to handle a lot of machines, it provides a site licence.

Individuals can use the free version’s constrained capabilities.

Enables simple password sharing across the organization’s admins

Real-time access to user data is possible.

Utilize top-notch mobile applications to control sessions, passwords, computers, and servers.

Launching and utilising offline sessions

Utilize the activity log to keep track of each user’s session.

Utilize numerous vaults to control sensitive documents, a large number of entries, and business-critical data.


Occasionally, its performance is a little sluggish.

Site-level subscriptions are expensive.

Cost: remotedesktopmanager cost

The annual cost of the single-user subscription is $249, while the annual cost of the single site plan is $5,999.

Additionally, if you need more quotations for more expensive plans, you can get in touch with their sales team.

12. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Cloud-based Chrome Remote Desktop provides all the tools needed to remotely control a desktop.

Additionally, you are able to use this free remote desktop software on desktop or mobile devices.

Best For:

People looking for a cost-free, straightforward method of remote system access should use this.

The following are the essential characteristics:

Features that Make It Appealing: It is dependable and provides straightforward remote desktop services, such as password management, shared databases & vaults, role-based access control, and more.

Numerous users

Login: Permit additional users to access the remote computer.

Simple Setup: To utilise the software, all you need is a Chrome browser and a Google account.

Absolutely Free

One of the multiple trustworthy solutions on the market that is cost-free.


You can generate a PIN to allow a separate user to log in from several devices.

Offers a competent and user-friendly UI

By using keyboard shortcuts and taking up less space than the browser toolbar, the Chrome Remote Desktop software is available.

This is another remote desktop software. Additionally, it offers strong Android and iOS applications to ensure remote machine access via cellphones.

includes access to the Google Chrome browser as well as Google’s reputation for dependability and security.

uses Apple and Android mobile devices


Only works with Chrome as a browser.

To access this tool, you must have a Google account.

offers few features that can appear ineffective to a business

13. GoToAssist


For both agents and end users, GoToAssist provides trustworthy and secure solutions.

Additionally, it provides a quicker and more fluid remote access experience to enable you always keep in touch with your staff and consumers. This is another remote desktop software.

Best For:

This balanced approach can meet the demands of both individuals and small enterprises.

The following are the essential characteristics:

Drawing, pointing, and highlighting on the remote computer are made easier with the use of annotation tools.

End-User Support Available 24/7:

You can effortlessly switch from chat or phone support to unlimited live assistance online.

A web browser

Start a remote session quickly by simply adding a plugin to your web browser.

Reporting on the session

Utilize interactive reports to get comprehensive session data, including the client’s name, the session’s length, and notes.


Take secure control of a remote computer’s keyboard and mouse.

It may hold up to 8 sessions at once. Receive and send files in an unattended or live help session.

Allows you to use immersive annotation tools to draw, highlight, and point to objects on the screen.

To quickly access machine information, including data, software, and hardware, go here.

With two-way screen sharing, both parties can share their screens.

You can quickly switch the remote meeting to a different team member.

Keep track of and download session videos

Enables you to quickly add a second layer of security

To effectively manage a large number of users, employ single sign-on (SSO).

On iOS mobile devices, remote access is supported


The cloud storage period for recordings is only 90 days.

Only iOS 11 or newer versions are supported.

The cost is $55 per year for a single subscription plan.

How does remote desktop access software work?

Through LAN or an internet connection, remote desktop software uses Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to let one computer access and control another computer that is situated in a different place.

In order to connect with the computer and apply the appropriate software to remotely administer it, a client-server approach is used.

Here’s how it functions:

The remote computer or device is the server.

The local device that is utilised to take command of the server is known as a client.

The server’s user interface is shown on the client monitor.

It allows for keyboard and mouse inputs to be used to operate a remote computer.

The inputs are subsequently processed by the remote machine’s environment, and the UI is continuously updated in real-time on the client display.

There are several reasons to use these remote desktop solutions, including:

IT administrators utilise remote access software to diagnose issues on staff members’ computers whenever possible.

Work from Home – Individuals that require a connection to their office environment use remote desktop solutions.

Help Desk – Remote desktop tools are frequently used by help desk software and technical assistance to fix problems on the client side.

Personal Use – Access your files and documents while you’re on the go by using your personal computer.


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