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Top 15 Best Scribe Alternatives in 2022

Best and most reliable scribe alternatives will be explained in this article. An outdated server application called Scribe was created to gather log data in real-time from a large number of servers. It is capable of stopping the network from failing and is scalable, extendable, doesn’t alter the client side. In accordance with the rules of the Apache License 2.0, Facebook made the solution available in 2008.
Every server is arranged in a directed graph and only knows about the server right next to it. Utilizing this network structure has the advantage that other levels may be added as needed. The goal of the approach was to take dependability into account without requiring heavyweight protocols and extensive disc use.

Top 15 Best Scribe Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Scribe Alternatives are explained here.

1. Stackify


Developers may use tools for app performance monitoring on the Stackify platform. Before the release of the product, you may use it to locate performance issues inside the app and eliminate mistakes. Everyone may use the solution to improve code performance in their development or quality assurance environments. Gain thorough knowledge of the code.

This is another scribe alternative. Lightweight profiling is used by Prefix and Retrace to give you information about the state of the code. To inspect, view, and arrange the server and app logs, centralise all the logs and make use of the retrace consolidated logging function. With well-known cloud providers, programming languages, and containers, the system operates smoothly. These include NET, PHP, Ruby, Azure, Kubernetes, Python, AWS, and Node.js. Also check ungerboek software

2. Snare


InterSect Alliance developed the Web Log Analyzer Snare to provide central audit event collection, archival system, analysis, and reporting. Complete source code and documentation are available. These tools enable your team to create and implement Snare security goals based on your essential security requirements.

You may easily complete important security tasks with the help of the solution, which comes with a variety of security goals. The Snare Server is a Linux-based appliance, and for your convenience and comfort, the administration burden is reduced to a minimum. To personalise, view, and alter the associated Snare infrastructure, it makes use of a web browser.

3.  Cloudlytics


For today’s enterprises, Cloudlytics is a platform that offers Cloud-Driven Security. Asset monitoring, cloud compliance, and security analytics are some of the features. Many companies all around the world have confidence in the platform to make managing their cloud operations simpler. For the purpose of maintaining a resolute security posture, you have access to a compliance manager. This is another scribe alternative.

Through insights that drive actions, the solution assists you with the discovery, prioritisation, and remediation of compliance concerns. Build strong apps with comprehensive security on any cloud. To stop attacks in their early phases, the platform delivers unique security features backed by ML and big data analytics. You may get a thorough overview of the AWS Environment by using a well-structured operational excellence framework. Learn about the resources that are located in the cloud, record their current condition, and report any changes to these states. For resources that have been deleted, you can keep the configuration information.

4. CatchJS


CatchJS is a clever JavaScript tracking tool that shows you Log problems directly from the browsers. You may view stack traces, images, and event trails on the platform to fully comprehend errors. Knowing how problems occurred gives you greater agility to hunt them down and address them appropriately. There is a straightforward connection, and all you have to do to start tracking mistakes is add a script tag and create an account.

With the programme, you get a faultless user experience. You may record every error that occurs on your website, and the problems show up right away in the error log. As new items emerge, the alert system will let you know about bugs. You have access to the screenshots and may rewind the incorrect clicks. Error tracking without bloat, getting complete error context, GDPR readiness, email notifications, trends, browser metrics, and more are just a few of the features.

5. TrackJS JavaScript Error Logging

TrackJS JavaScript Error Logging

TrackJS A great monitoring tool that gives you information about issues so you can solve them is JavaScript Error Logging. The platform includes all of the user behaviours, network requests, and application events that lead to issues. You can use inline source code and stack traces, which provide the quickest means of comprehending frontend problems. The automated procedure offers instant information about the flaws, enabling immediate bug reporting.

This is another scribe alternative. Your teams will find it easier to manage errors thanks to TrackJS, and all errors will be visible to your company. The platform gives you clearer reports and more visible notifications so you can quickly resolve issues. These features help you comprehend issues with frontend code better. Java Scripting may be done in three simple steps, the first of which is installing the agent. After having automated logging to record API, you then have reports and warnings that appear as a result of your problems.



CULA is a comprehensive open-source server and website monitoring application that offers practical content inspection, email alerts, and weekly reports with in-depth analysis. The programme helps you to take a more traditional, practical approach and gives you the ability to check for any server-related issues while remaining constantly aware of your website. You may check for any content regardless of the site, and CULA graciously alerts you of any outage. Also check Photo Stitching software 

The platform keeps track of all the servers and gathers the vital information you want for your website. You may follow servers, URLs, FTPS, and ICMPS with the flexible monitoring’s rich analytics and reports. You have complete access to the URL history you require and receive personalised notifications via emails, Slack, or Pushover. Even you can monitor CPU utilisation, and there is a pig interval of about two minutes for effective monitoring for improved outcomes.

7. GitLab Issues

GitLab Issues

The GitLab issues tracker is a dependable, agile solution renowned for its ability to adapt collaboratively when creating ideas, organising tasks, and resolving challenging situations. Extreme functionality is offered by the programme, enabling you to carefully monitor all problems before finding the finest cure to eliminate defects and increase client happiness. The platform gives you access to comprehensive data and reports so you may work more efficiently and effectively toward finding solutions to difficulties. This is another scribe alternative.

The programme allows for flawless execution between you and your team by sharing and discussion of the proposal prior to problem-solving. GitLab’s issues tracker includes a straightforward list or spreadsheet that helps administrators identify potential issues with a project and set priorities appropriately. Tracking task and job status, accepting feature requests, support requests, bug reporting, and developing new code implementations are examples of typical uses.

8. Raygun


The reputable platform Raygun offers a sophisticated application monitoring service for both online and mobile apps. The programme gives you strong flexibility for more effective end-user problem detection, diagnosis, and resolution. Users can see how your programme is acting thanks to Raygun, and if there are any problems, you can quickly and accurately rectify them. The programme has comprehensive crash reports that include every aspect of the flaws, allowing you to make decisions more accurately based on the circumstances.

Raygun offers you every diagnostic you require to solve and identify the ideal remedy. The programme is simple to set up, straightforward to use, and integrates with your whole tech stack. You are given the authority to adopt code-level diagnostic, deployment tracking, and user information in order to identify every fault and address the issue. Raygun gives you the go-ahead to link with your preferred tools for numerous service access and language support. A contemporary UI for quick build-ups, the ability to find and isolate the root using an infinite server, complete trace capture, customisable dashboards, and automated issue identification are among the other best-in-class features.

9. Airbrake


This is another scribe alternative. A full-stack application monitoring solution called Airbrake gives you cutting-edge technologies so you can be more proactive in finding issues. The programme has real-time functionality that may alert you to problems in a matter of minutes and provide you with solutions. Because Airbrake is lightweight and easy to use, you can spend more time on appropriate development rather than spending as much as searching down problems. You have excellent support for a wide range of frameworks and programming languages, which makes it possible to find any issues across apps.

By showing event trails in the form of backtraces and breadcrumbs, the programme helps you identify the source of issues so that you can understand and replicate them. Airbrake integrates with popular productivity tools like JIRA, Slack, Gitlab, GitHub, and others and works well with the current workflow. The platform gives you a superior deployment choice that helps you to maintain a sharp development process, and in-depth analytics assist you in identifying risky files and deployments.

10. ErrLytics


You may track the functionality of the JavaScript error in your online site with ErrLytics, a reputable on-demand analytics services provider. The programme shows you every client-side issue and makes it easy for you to get stats for your website using clever filters. With ErrLytics, businesses can concentrate on their goods rather than dealing with the hassles of manually triggering JavaScript events.

By removing all mistakes and accumulating user behaviour with dependable functioning, the programme is dispensing a greater amount of customer pleasure with a better experience for customers. Future features like heat maps, funnel monitoring, active consumer involvement, page-load information, and more will make you happy. With ErrLytics, you can track clicks whenever you want without writing a single line of code, which speeds up the process of gathering sufficient data.

11. Bugsee


With the help of the reliable bug and crash reporting tool Bugsee, you can speed up problem-solving and bug tracking. The programme continues with thorough reporting and analysis that empowers you to decide more wisely for the most fruitful outcomes. You may view a video of all user interactions with the backend and the system state that caused the issue so that you can address it appropriately. This is another scribe alternative.

The programme connects with issue tracking solutions, paving the way for more efficient automation and simplification of your problem lifecycle. In addition to having the ability to replay all console logs for your app in sync with network activity and video, this feature also gives you data on crashes that are comparable to yours. You may add your own data to the timeline in Bugsee and evaluate trends by device type and OS. The programme also provides you with the precise filename, method, and line number of the crash in addition to letting you examine all HTTP and HTTS answers and requests.

12. Sentry


Sentry is a cutting-edge programme for mistake reduction and application monitoring that gives you the greatest features for a productive workflow. The app enables you to track faults and keep an eye on performance across all popular programming language frameworks. Sentry is open-source, contains extensive asynchronous and stack traces context, and has a high level of confidence from Dropbox. The programme also offers easy interfaces with your preferred services and apps for optimal performance.

The software allows teams to prioritise problems in real-time and is cloud-based and self-hosted. You have the advantage of having all the problems in one location, and you can identify linked difficulty spots by picking a few projects. Sentry employs redundant and well supplied servers for every aspect of the service and provides context to help unearth insights. Event trails, version changes, extreme control, customizable searches, data visualisation, and more functionality are among the important characteristics.

13. Bugsnag


An intelligent tool called Bugsnag lets you keep an eye on mistakes and gives reports for app stability. You may take use of the software’s functional flexibility and notifications regarding bugs, errors, and other issues. With the help of Bugsnag, you are given more stability for efficient monitoring, allowing you to design new features and make data-driven choices that are better informed. A full-stack stability monitoring solution gives you the advantage of best-in-class capabilities for several mobile apps. Also check artwork approval software

This is another scribe alternative. The simple dashboard that comes with Bugsnag provides you a wonderful experience of all your apps in one convenient area. With the end-to-end diagnostic capability, you can minimise errors as much as possible and achieve more beneficial outcomes. Your choices for customization are virtually endless because to the software’s accurate search, prioritised customer groups, and adaptable error capture libraries. Additionally, with cutting-edge diagnostic capture for mobile, backend apps, and online, Bugsnag is a dependable solution for sound error reduction.

14. The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie is a capable and user-friendly project management and problem tracking tool that includes agile capabilities to speed up the development process. The app gives you quick tools for effective bug tracking that produce beneficial outcomes for improving things. With the Bug Genie, you can burn down graphs, charts, and estimating tools without the need for additional plugins and get excellent support for Scrum, Kanban, and other methodologies.

You are allowed to connect with any current source control system using the programme, including everything from GitHub to private repositories. The Bug Genie offers a variety of processes with unique transition views that establish the tone for the team’s time tracking and organisational workflow. Project dashboard with several items, RSS support, intelligent wiki, integrated features, automated roadmaps, live estimating, pair programming, source code, command-line tools, and many more features make Bug Genie more opulent.

15. Logentries


A software analytics and log management platform called Logentries helps development, IT, and security activities run much more smoothly and error-free. The programme streamlines the process of sending data to Logentries for rapid search and centralises it automatically in any format. Data may be kept in a single, safe area where it is simple to aggregate, search for, and view log data and get your questions answered appropriately. This is another scribe alternative.

You may see the login table or raw formats using the programme for simple decoding, and you can add your own unique tags. With the simple examination of logs from platforms, containers, network services, and servers, infrastructure monitoring is now feasible. You may track the performance metrics for debugging and real-time analysis as well as streaming live application logs. Real-time searching, on-demand scaling, in-depth analytics, alerts and reporting, robust security, API and integrations, and cross-platform compatibility are the standout features.


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