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Top 15 Best Sports Fan Trivia Alternatives in 2022

Best and most popular sports fan trivia alternatives will be described in this article. Users of the Sports Fan Trivia app can connect with players while taking short quizzes for the chance to win real money and other prizes, as well as the option to share their winnings with loved ones. To prepare for the big game and win the jackpot by providing accurate answers to every trivia question, users can access the home screen to see how much time is remaining in the upcoming trivia quiz. The app includes details about each quiz, like the overall number of questions, the total reward pool, the total number of participants, etc.

The Sports Fan Trivia app has a countdown timer so users can keep track of how much time is left in a quiz and complete all of the questions before the quiz ends to earn extra cash. Users can encourage their friends to enter contests by showing them a screenshot of the prize money for each winner.

Top 15 Best Sports Fan Trivia Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Sports Fan Trivia Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Sports fan quiz

Sports fan quiz

Robbie Elias created the cutting-edge quiz software Sports Fan Quiz – Multiplayer Sports Trivia Game, which has features that allow you to test the sports knowledge of your friends and family members and pave the street for them to become the ultimate expert in well-known sports.

The Sports Fan Quiz app offers a variety of worldwide sports, including basketball, football, cricket, golf, hockey, boxing, NASCAR, and others, to make it easy for you to choose your favorite and compete against other players. The statistics section lists the total number of right answers, grade, number of incorrect answers, and percentage of right answers for each quiz. This is another sports fan trivia alternative.

2. All Sports Quiz

All Sports Quiz Questions Sport General Knowledge

All questions for the sports quiz with the help of the features offered by the Sport General Knowledge app, users may play games of fun trivia with other users and gauge how well-versed they are in their preferred sport by responding to straightforward questions. Three times in a single level, you can use the assistance option to quickly get the answers to all the challenging questions.

Users can choose a quiz based on their skill level from the available options, and it has more than five distinct difficulty levels for an improved learning experience. The programme allows you to use the fifty option to eliminate the two incorrect answers so you can choose the right one from the two provided possibilities.

3. Sports Quiz Trivia

Sports Quiz Trivia 2019

You can play a quiz game to progress up the scoreboard with the Sports Quiz Trivia 2019 app, which has a large collection of more than 1800 unique trivia levels. To receive hints on challenging questions, users can purchase more coins from the store section by making in-app purchases.

You can input the answer using the app’s built-in keyboard, and you can press the delete icon to get rid of any incorrect characters. After completing each level, users can snap screenshots, and they can use character tips to figure out tricky sentences.

4. Sports Quiz

Sports Quiz by mifthi

This is another sports fan trivia alternative. Sports Quiz is a trivia app developed by mifthi that offers features to let users have a real gaming experience on their mobile device’s screen. Additionally, it displays your teammates’ highest scores for each stage so you can outperform them.

Before participating in the trivia game to earn more points and move up the leaderboard, you can open the rule section from the home screen to understand all the regulations of the quiz.

5. Fan Quiz for NBA

Fan Quiz for NBA

The Fan Quiz for NBA app enables you to compete against many players from across the world in a head-to-head match to assess their ability to respond intelligently to questions.

The app has features that let you respond to tens of thousands of questions about a wide range of international sports, and it regularly updates the list of questions so you never run out of options. At the top of the net, users may see the total number of questions accessible and the amount of time left to answer each one.

6. Sports Quiz by ISC Developer

Sports Quiz by ISC Developer

By learning new facts about the world of international sports, users of the Sports Quiz app by ISC Developer can sharpen their minds by responding to some basic trivia questions about their favourite sports. This is another sports fan trivia alternative.

From the home screen, users may access all the sets of questions that are currently accessible and begin playing right away. They can also share a set of questions with other sports enthusiasts using a variety of social media apps. You can examine the overall number of attempts for each set of questions in the stats section of the app.

7. Sports Quiz Sports Quiz by Learn & Play Quiz

With the help of Learn & Play Quiz’s Sports Quiz app, you may break up with your mundane daily routine and take a sports trivia quiz to reveal your untapped sporting prowess to the world. The answers to a set of questions can be saved by users in a separate folder so they can see them later.

The app has elements that enable you to view a thorough breakdown of the results for each set of questions at the conclusion, including data on the total number of questions, time, correct answers, incorrect responses, and overall score for each level.

8. Fan Quiz for NFL

Fan Quiz for NFL

The Fan Quiz for NFL app offers a substantial selection of questions about the national football league so users may challenge their pals to a friendly game of answering trivia. By paying some in-app money, you can use the hint feature to get the right response to a challenging question.

Users can see the scores of all the players in multiplayer mode at the bottom of the screen and can answer all the questions correctly to advance in the game and become the greatest football expert.

9. Fan Quiz for MLB

Fan Quiz for MLB

The MLB Fan Quiz app has features that let you compete against friends or random players from across the world by selecting the correct answers to some multiple-choice questions about other international sports.

This is another sports fan trivia alternative. With the use of features in the MLB Fan Quiz – Multiplayer Baseball Trivia app, you can advise rival players on a possible response to a trivia question, assisting them in picking up new sports knowledge. To change your avatar, go to the settings area from the home screen and select a new one from the list.

10. Guess the NBA Player Quiz

Guess the NBA Player Quiz

Guess By answering a few simple questions on basketball trivia on their mobile devices, users of the NBA Player Quiz app can correctly determine the name of their favourite basketball player. Users can gain points by answering the multiple-choice questions correctly, and they can browse the leaderboard section to see where they stand in relation to other players. You can challenge your family members with the app’s more than 18 levels and hundreds of basketball player-related questions.

Guess The NBA Player Quiz app has elements that let users use hints and clues to figure out answers to challenging questions. Users can also share questions to other users for guesses at the right answers. All of your game information, results, and stats can be saved on a cloud server so that you can access them from other smart devices.

11. Sports Trivia Questions Game

Sports Trivia Questions Game

Sports-related Trivia There are options in the game app that allow you to respond to questions on well-known athletes and world records set by notable figures in sports like basketball, baseball, tennis, football, and athletics, among others. Four distinct types of questions are included, so you won’t get tired of playing the same game again and over.

Two game options, including an unlimited mode and a time challenge mode, are available in the Sports Trivia Questions Game – Free Quiz on Sports app to assist you in competing against your opponents and outwitting them in sports trivia.

12. Football Quiz Games Sports Trivia

 Football Quiz Games Sports Trivia

Football-themed quizzes Sports Users of trivia apps can use the features to respond to questions regarding soccer general knowledge to put their knowledge to the ultimate test. Following each level, you can post the statistics to various social network accounts. This is another sports fan trivia alternative.

To learn how to correctly answer every question in a quiz, go on to the next set of questions, and master football, users can access the information section on the home screen. The top of the screen in the app displays the total number of correct answers, the number of incorrect answers, and the remaining time for the quiz.

13. Quiz Logo American Sports

Quiz Logo American Sports

American football lovers can test their knowledge of team names, renowned players’ names, numerous world records set by notable football players, etc. by taking the hard questions in the sports trivia app Quiz Logo American Sports, which was created by Gille Game.

The offers trivia questions about popular US leagues, like the NBA, MLB, National Hockey League, National Football League, and many others, so you can demonstrate your expertise to friends and family. Users can check the overall number of quizzes that are available, the overall number of quizzes that have been solved, and the percentage of completed quizzes.

14. Popular sports quiz

Popular sports quiz

This is another sports fan trivia alternative. By obtaining trivia quizzes about different sports based on their ability and knowledge level, users of popular sports quiz apps can experience the full luxury of gaming right on their mobile phone screen.

From the main screen, users may monitor their in-game friends’ quiz results and compete against them to get the top spot on the scoreboard. To manage your time in relation to the overall number of questions, you may check how long it takes to answer each query in the quiz.

15. F.A.Q Football & Quiz Soccer Quiz

F.A.Q Football & Quiz Soccer Quiz

F.A.Q: Football & Quiz: The Soccer Quiz app assists you in responding to some simple questions on some international sports by competing against players from around the world to demonstrate their degree of intelligence to the public.

To help you learn more about your famous game, the app offers a huge library of thousands of trivia questions. You may regularly update the list of quizzes to keep yourself interested in simple learning activities. By selecting a different avatar from the profile area, users can alter their avatar.

16. Football Pics Quiz

Football Pics Quiz

Football Pics Quiz is a quiz app that TwoThreeFive Developers released on the market. It offers features to help you learn more about football by evaluating your current knowledge and learning the entire history of the game through photos. This is another sports fan trivia alternative.

Without requiring an active internet connection, you can play a game with your sworn enemy anywhere with the Football Pics Quiz: Soccer Trivia Game app. You can also share a quiz with your friends to enlist their assistance. Daily logins to the app are required for users to receive free in-app currency.


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