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Top 15 Best EZ Website Monitoring Alternatives In 2022

Best EZ Websites Monitoring alternatives will be described in this article. A website monitoring application called Website Monitoring keeps track of your website automatically and warns you via phone, SMS, or email when it goes down. This programme allows you to track keyword rankings, receive alerts when they change, track site issues, set up email notifications for uptime and downtime errors, and use an intuitive interface without any technical expertise.
It also looks for any server problems, such server load or 500 errors.

The programme also provides additional features that let you track competing websites’ SERP positions and find the keywords for which they rank. Keep track of website failures to identify if they are client-side or server-side, Run many websites simultaneously within the software, and create alerts to be delivered to you when competitors lose places, go offline, or encounter issues.

Top 15 Best EZ Website Monitoring Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best EZ Website Monitoring Alternatives are explained here.

1. StatSignal


This is another ez website monitoring. With the help of the website monitoring application Statsignal, you can keep an eye on your servers, websites, and any other internet-connected equipment with a URL address. It keeps an eye on your websites round-the-clock and notifies you via email, SMS, Pushover, or Slack whenever one of them goes down. The foundation of this platform’s design is HTML5, jQuery, and Bootstrap. This application makes advantage of the open source server Sniffer, which is deployed on a distant server and tracks the uptime of your servers and webpages. Also check book design software

Features of Statsignal include dynamic threshold modifications to prevent erroneous alarms brought on by network issues, email service disruption notifications with follow-up action assistance, Centralized monitoring of numerous websites from a single location and assistance with monitoring dynamic material like AJAX and Flash applications without regard to the browser. To keep organisations informed and to avoid unfavourable outcomes like lost business, data loss, or financial fines, monitoring is done in real-time.

2. OnlineOrNot


To find out about any errors or downtime before your customers do, use the Website and API Monitoring tool OnlineOrNot. Keep track of your web presence in one location. When your website is unavailable, you are immediately notified by text message, email, or phone call. You are also kept informed of any updates until your website is operational again.

It includes a long list of crucial tools and services, including URL Shortener, Ping, File Sharing, Email, and more, that you can test and monitor. The website also offers testing for Webhooks and an API. Not just websites but also web services can be monitored with the OnlineOrNot API. For instance, a business that wants to guarantee the availability of its order processing system can use this API to have an alert sent to a developer immediately if the website stops working or becomes sluggish.

3. Site monitoring

Site monitoring

Website monitoring software called “Site Monitoring” serves as a tool to examine the status of websites and displays error codes and web results. This technology can also send SMS notifications to mobile devices depending on the findings of website testing, checking, and checking software. Using this tool, the user can manually check the status of the website by submitting a request to the URL and inputting the domain name. This is another ez website monitoring.

By typing the domain name into the checkbox and pressing the enter key on the website monitor software, the user can manually test the HTTP status code of a website. This tool allows you to view all error messages in real time, complete with descriptions. You can use it to ensure that your website is operating properly and that your users can get the content they need. In our app, you can manage the Page Monitoring procedure and create unique monitoring criteria.

4. Uptime Kuma

. Uptime Kuma

A self-hosted, open-source website monitoring application with a stunning, simple UI is called Uptime Kuma. You don’t need to send any of your data elsewhere because it is free to install on your own web server. Any operating system can use it, and it is compatible with every kind of website, web server, and application. When a website goes down, Uptime Kuma immediately notifies the owner so that they can take immediate action to fix the website. The dashboard’s ping chart is used for monitoring, which is carried out every 20 seconds.

It enables the owner to immediately identify an issue and send automated email notifications to the site’s visitors and hosting company. The programme also provides a dashboard that displays a site’s uptime status in addition to failure notifications, traffic reports, real-time and historical uptime records, and more. The operating systems that support PHP are all compatible with Uptime Kuma.

5. WebmasterSidekick


With the aim of assisting webmasters in managing their websites with the utmost comfort and simplicity, WebmasterSidekick is a collection of website monitoring and SEO tools. You can check on the status of your website from various locations, or you can use the monitoring area to see what is occurring there right now. Through the special dashboard function, you can also access a tonne of helpful statistics about your website and visitor activities.

You can carry out various automatic tasks with WebmasterSidekick, such posting scheduling, link building, local bookmarking, keyword ranking, etc. Anytime you wish to, all of these can be completed automatically with a few clicks. By producing thousands of fresh backlinks, it can also assist you in backlinking, which can fast improve the rating of your website.

6. Uptime Doctor

Uptime Doctor

This is another ez website monitoring. A website monitoring application called Uptime Doctor makes it simple to keep track of uptime, downtime, and performance. You may quickly view the status of your website, response time, and server load. Slow load times will increase the likelihood that visitors will leave your site and never come back. The application enables you to monitor the performance of your website and address issues before they arise. With just one click, connect to our website from your browser.

The software is designed to run swiftly and has a lovely user interface that enables you to rapidly check the performance of your website on any screen or device. It is ideal for website designers, web hosts, or any business with a website. Uptime Doctor offers thorough details on the precise locations and causes of website outages. The platform enables you to see the current status of any endpoint, including your website, mobile app, API calls, and other endpoints. Determine whether the problem is on your end or with any external networks.

7. AppBeat


A website and server monitoring tool called AppBeat empowers teams to take quicker, more informed decisions that dismantle silos and compete on innovation speed. It replaces pricy, challenging old monitoring technologies with an easy-to-use interface. Users are given real-time access to information about the performance of any web resource that is important to them, including websites, APIs, and mobile apps as well as back-end infrastructure and application performance.

With the help of AppBeat, you can quickly and easily respond to queries concerning performance in order to maximise the speed of innovation. Complete visibility, immediate issue notifications, in-depth performance analytics, and the ability to swiftly troubleshoot any difficulties you may be experiencing are all provided for you. You can test, monitor, and view real-time issues, bugs, and loading times for websites, servers, and apps.

8. Happy Apps

Happy Apps

HappyApps is a solution for monitoring website uptime that gives you a thorough overview of the availability and efficiency of your apps, databases, IT systems, and business services. By doing so, you can keep an eye on your business continuity and prevent downtime. The app monitoring system offers 24/7 support and immediate alerts. Real-time statistics on uptime, response time, mistakes, outages, and other occurrences are available. It features visually appealing, simple-to-read dashboards and reports. This is another ez website monitoring.

You can follow the status of your servers and active processes in real-time with detailed monitoring and alerting. To find hardware failure, unresponsive apps, and more, keep an eye on the disc space use and CPU consumption. From a single interface, full app administration enables you to fix broken connections, restart services, shutdown, and restart servers. It is a cloud-based device that gives you the ability to keep track of, evaluate, and receive notifications regarding the functionality of your web services and apps.

9. UpTower


UpTower is a website monitoring tool created for developers that keeps track of current activity on your site, such as new blog and forum comments or new products uploaded to an online store, and notifies you with specific information on how well your site is performing. It is a fantastic substitute for the cumbersome, expensive technologies that the majority of web developers use. You won’t ever control to be concerned about missing out on crucial information again thanks to the robust features it includes, like push notifications and email notifications. Also check artwork approval software

It not only keeps you notified about the uptime and functionality of your website, but it also offers you insights on how to improve its functionality. You may even plan out monthly reports so you can monitor the growth of your website and social media traffic. There is also a smartphone app that enables you to keep an eye on things while on the go.

10. Status List

Status List

An website for monitoring websites, called Status List, provides features like temporal breakdowns, diagnostic data, dashboard snapshots, reachability, HTTP statuses, and performance thresholds. On a single page, the website gives you an overview of your website’s performance. It’s simple to determine how quickly your website loads in various locales, web browsers, and mobile devices. It also informs you of any website failures by displaying a list of HTTP status codes and network connectivity issues.

This is another ez website monitoring. Status List delivers easy-to-understand, thorough information on the websites you care about. Additionally, you can add your own websites to the list to monitor them without having to do anything. Simply launch the bookmarklet in your browser to access Status List, which will provide you a snapshot of information that is current to the millisecond. You may see live server logs, view signal strength status codes, and request details including headers, response codes, time-to-first-byte, and performance metrics.

11. ApiChecker


API uptime and performance monitoring is provided by ApiChecker, allowing API providers to keep track on API usage through a single, user-friendly web interface. Users of the service can check the most recent status of any open API endpoint. Users may rapidly access historical data for past uptime as well as for any faults that may have happened as well as execute quick website inspections using a list of active endpoints. Additionally, they can set up email and SMS alerts for personalised monitoring.

Finding the quickest API endpoint, monitoring website latency, uptime, and performance, notifications through Slack, email, and webhook, real-time graphs of your request and response statistics, and an overview dashboard that makes it simple to see all of your endpoints are some of the key features. Both SOAP and RESTful APIs are supported by ApiChecker, which also offers full support for XML, JSON, and HTML interfaces. It provides a simple user interface, full analytics, and a dashboard to help you monitor the success of your API.

12. Pingometer


A programme for monitoring website uptime called Pingometer provides information on the status, performance, and ping. With the help of this tool, you’ll be able to rapidly address any issues with your website or app. It’s ideal for engineers, developers, and managers that want to constantly monitor the status of their websites. It monitors the uptime, downtime, and performance of your website from various points across the world and provides alarms, in-depth reports, and historical monitoring data. This is another ez website monitoring.

Instead of getting values, each signal strength’s colours can be customised, providing a rapid visual perspective. You can see historical data, check the loading speed of your website, see when it’s down, and get email notifications when it’s down. Because Pingometer is intelligent, it can distinguish between a brief outage and a permanent one. Only once the site has been operational for a short period of time will the alert be sent.

13. Lean20 Ping

Lean20 Ping

A real-time website, application, service, and API monitoring tool called Lean20 Ping offers a single location to watch response times, locate unavailable services, and spot trends. It is integrated with hosting platforms, DevOps tools, mobile and desktop apps, and web development frameworks. It provides capabilities like Geo search, alerts, service connectors, monitoring uptime, monitoring performance, and historical archives. You can use it to keep an eye on cloud-based application servers in addition to websites. It also keeps an eye on APIs for up-to-date information on the health of your application.

Lean20 Ping can inform you of the performance of your website in comparison to other websites with comparable traffic in addition to monitoring it and its services. This assists you in keeping tabs on the overall condition of your website and in finding any problems that can compromise the efficiency of your company. You can more accurately predict when you need to scale up or take other steps to prevent downtime by comparing the performance of your site to others that are similar to yours.

14. MxToolBox


The website MxToolBox is dedicated to providing free internet access to DNS MX record verification. Simply enter the domain name to see the status of your DNS lookup, SMTP diagnostics, blacklist check, and other information. This online DNS lookup solution provides numerous types of diagnostic tools as well as reliable and free network diagnostics. Millions of IT specialists throughout the world use this internet service. Also check payroll software systems

This is another ez website monitoring. The diagnostic tools are intended to help these users handle their infrastructure problems in a professional manner. The best feature of this toolkit is how it instantly switches the domain name’s authoritative name servers whenever the actual administrators do so. When you click the diagnostic button, a dedicated mail server will connect to you so you can verify the reverse DNS records and carry out other tasks including monitoring performance and checking open relays.

15. BlacklistAlert


A user-friendly website called BlacklistAlert provides its customers with a lookup service. You can quickly find out all there is to know about a website. It is well-known as one of the reliable websites that allows users to enter an IP address or domain name and receive a complete list of a site’s blacklist entries in return. It provides customers with two options for determining whether or not their email server is blacklisted. The outcome will be in front of you in just a few short seconds. This is another ez website monitoring.

When users enter a domain name, they receive a response in alphabetical order with all the details related to that domain name. BlacklistAlert will display the end result regarding the fitness of a website after the search. Simply said, it is one of the greatest internet sites for consumers to quickly verify the status of their domain and IP address.


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