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Top 15 Best TodoMovies Alternatives in 2022

Best and official Todomovies alternatives will be described in this article. The TodoMovies software allows users to create a list of movies according to their preferences, at which point they can mark them as viewed or unwatched and download movie posters to use as wallpaper. You can see the birthdate, age, and title of your favourite actor’s most recent film.

The software enables users to browse a wide number of expertly compiled lists based on their viewing history and preferred genres, along with the movie’s release year and genre name. In the information section, a movie’s screenshots are also displayed, and you can read the actors’ whole biographies.

The TodoMovies app helps users tap on their favourite movies to display user ratings and ratings from a number of well-known rating websites. Before adding a movie to the list and scheduling it for viewing, you can see its year of release and its duration in minutes.

Top 15 Best TodoMovies Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best TodoMovies Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Reelgood


Reelgood’s Streaming Guide & Remote software makes live streaming simple for customers because all they need to do is connect their phone to a large screen and choose the material they want to watch. For enhanced amusement, you can tap on a movie to add it to your favourites list and choose the preferred online streaming provider. This is another todomovies alternative.

Users of the Reelgood – Streaming Guide app can change the channel, volume, brightness, and mute the sound by touching on the buttons on the app’s built-in TV remote. You can either search for movies and TV series separately or all at once.

Users of the Reelgood – Watch Movies & TV Shows app can run a scan to look for new content on the phone’s internal storage and control the playback of the live stream with the app’s help. To view the list of movies, you can use a variety of filters including rating, score, and release year.

2. TV Show Tracker Pro

TV Show Tracker Pro

You may watch thousands of popular and trending TV series on the TV Show Tracker Pro app’s huge array of online streaming options. Users can set up as many reminders as they like and adjust the reminder’s time.

The user-friendly interface of the TV Show Tracker Pro – Schedule for Your TV Shows app makes it easy for you to go to the Wishlist, calendar, search, top shows, settings, and profile sections. Users can watch an infinite amount of programmes, and their viewing habits can be used to gain badges.

You may examine the schedule of all the TV shows airing on a particular date by selecting it on the calendar section of the TV Show Tracker Pro app. Users can rate a TV show to assist other users in choosing a show to watch by watching review videos of the TV show in the details area.

3. Must for TV & movies

Must for TV & movies

The Must for Movies & TV app let users rate and write reviews for movies and TV series so they can share their thoughts with other movie buffs. A TV show’s seasons can be tapped to see the names of all the episodes and their combined runtimes.

Must-Have for Movies & TV – A social movie experience app enables users to touch on the profile of other reviewers to examine details like the total number of movies watched, the total number of series watched, the location, and the movies that are on the reviewer’s favourite list.

The Must for Movies & TV app provides daily movie and TV programme recommendations based on recent viewing habits so users never run out of options and may watch the movie directly on their smartphone screen. Additionally, you may follow actors and filmmakers to get updates on their new movies, including reviews, total movie releases, and the most recent release. This is another todomovies alternative.

4. Ketchup TV Show 

Ketchup TV Show Schedule

The Ketchup – TV Episode Schedule app assists you in adding TV shows and movies to the list below so you can manage your schedule and receive updates and reminders about when each show will air.

You may examine the airing date, airing time, the name of the episode, the name of the show, and several other details in the daily show area of the Ketchup – Episode Tracker app. From the main screen, users may access the search feature, where they can type in a show’s title to find it in the list of all the shows that are currently accessible.

The Ketchup – TV Show Schedule app helps you watch a TV show’s trailer to acquire a better understanding of the plot and overarching theme. It also allows you to share the trailer with other fans. From the main screen, users may see the total number of episodes in each season and the number of episodes that have been seen.

5. Show Time – Movie & TV

Show Time – Movie & TV

Aditya Neelkanth’s entertainment app Show Time – Movies & TV Shows includes a list of well-known films so users can easily find new films based on their viewing preferences. The Show Time – Cast, Trailers, Videos & more app helps users access the TV shows area so they can quickly see what’s fresh and popular.

You can also go to the cast area to see the names of all the actors from real life and movies, as well as to follow an actor to see additional films. Users of the Show Time – Movies & TV Shows app can touch on a movie to view its release year, IMBD rating, running time, genre, complete title, and cast list. To save time and effort, you can watch a movie’s trailer and sample photographs before purchasing it. This is another todomovies alternative.

6. TMDb Movies & TV

TMDb Movies & TV

The TMDb Movies & TV Shows app helps you keep track of all your favourite films on the screen of your smartphone so you can watch them later. Users can read the most recent film industry news in the news area and share it with their family to further their knowledge. The programme aids in organising the list of movies by offering a number of criteria, including genre, release date, running time, and many others.

Users can synchronise the data on a cloud server and access it on all of their other handheld devices by logging in with their email address or by logging in through other social media apps. The TMDb Movies & TV Shows app has an explore section where you may browse for new movies by typing their names into the search bar as well as examine the app’s customised base list of movies.

7. Wali | Movies & tv show Lists

Wali | Movies & tv show Lists

An entertainment software from Good Factory called Wali Movies & Tv Show Lists assists users in building their ideal watch list by adding their favourite films and TV shows so they can watch them in accordance with their daily schedule. You can share a movie’s link by simply copying it and participate in live chats with other users to recommend movies to them.

Movies and TV show lists created and shared by Wali The user design of the Watch Lists app is simple and has buttons for the search, discover, schedule, profile, and home sections. This is another todomovies alternative.

The Wali Movies & Tv Shows List app let users create new playlists or add new movies to existing ones by hitting the addition icon in the movies section. To let your families & friends know about recently released movies, you can add movies and TV episodes to a watch list.

8. CLZ Movies – Movie Cataloging

CLZ Movies - Movie Cataloging

You can use the mobile phone’s camera to scan the bar code of a DVD to read the information before purchasing it thanks to the CLZ Movies – Movie Cataloging app, which has a comprehensive database of the IMBD ratings for thousands of movies.

Although the trialware version of CLZ Movies – catalogue your DVD / Blu-ray collection allows you to obtain information about a limited number of DVDs, you can purchase the premium version from the shop section.

You may view a pie graph showing the percentage of the different types of movies in your collection using the stats part of the CLZ Movies – Movie Cataloging app. It also displays the precise quantity of films by genre, rating, director name, etc. Users may also see each movie’s total number of reviews, its place of origin, and original language.

9. iTV Shows 3

iTV Shows 3

The iTV Shows 3 app has features that let you access comprehensive information about your preferred TV shows without logging in. In the metrics section, users can also see how many episodes, seasons, shows, and days they’ve spent using the app overall. This is another todomovies alternative.

With the help of the iTV Shows – Track your TV Shows app, you can make a widget that is completely customised and share it with other fans to learn about an upcoming episode of a TV show. Users can flag a series or a specific episode to get alerts when it is about to air.

The iTV Shows app assists you in putting series to a favourite folder so you can watch them later and recommends new shows based on your prior content preferences. Users have access to extensive statistics on how a certain TV programme is doing around the globe.

10. Movie Grade

Movie Grade

After providing reviews for numerous different movies, the MovieGrade app helps users learn more about their personal film preferences. Invite your family to see the film with you by sending them an invitation.

The user-friendly interface of the MovieGrade – Movies For You app includes buttons that allow users to quickly access the profile, box office, on-demand, trending, trailer, and theatre sections. You can enter the profile area to see the user’s overall grade and match totals.

The MovieGrade app offers options to choose the preferred online streaming services, enabling users to quickly identify movies compatible with their smart devices and rate a film based on its box office performance. By entering your current location, you can browse the movie schedule at the theatres that are close to you. You can then use the space filter to select the theatres that interest you.

11. Movie List Free

Movie List Free

A list of your favourite movies may be made using the Jimbl entertainment software Movie List Free, which also helps you keep track of when you plan to view them. Users can add a new entry to the list by providing the title, a succinct description, the amount, weight, and volume of the film, as well as its running time. This is another todomovies alternative.

Movie List – Free programme has a side panel so you can easily access the list of all the movies, and the help section includes instructions on how to make the ideal list of movies.

The free Movie List software let you view a list of all the movies organised by genre and displays both the proportion and overall quantity of films in each genre. Users can use the drag and drop tool to reorder the list or to sort the movies in either ascending or descending order.

12. GMovies


The GMovies app offers the ability to reserve movie tickets, allowing users to avoid standing in lengthy theatre line-ups and so save some additional time. By using the app to purchase additional movie tickets, you can earn in-app prizes like movie tickets and other items. Users can input the title of their favourite movies to view all the theatres with the help of the GMovies – Movie Ticketing App. It also displays the total number of theatres operated by each firm.

The GMovies app enables users to examine the location of the theatre on the built-in map and provides the theater’s street address, name, and GPS distance from their current location. The broadcast time, theatre type, and available seats are displayed when you tap on a movie. You can even scan the QR regulation at the door to gain admittance without a ticket.

13. Watch List: Movies

Watch List: Movies

The WatchList: Movies app let you create a discussion group and can engage in conversation with your friends & family by inviting them to the group. Users can explore for movies by using filters like popular, latest, forthcoming, and top-rated movies without having to log into the app or create a WatchList.

By tapping on the title of your favourite movie, the WatchList app enables you to gain detailed information about it. It displays the length, release date, PG rating, names of the cast and crew, director, and a brief synopsis of the plot. This is another todomovies alternative.

The WatchList: Movies app includes biographies of well-known celebrities. By tapping on an actor’s name, you can discover information about their place of birth, date of birth, nationality, age, and a list of all the films they have been in. Users have the option of adding their favourite films to a WatchList and sharing it with their acquaintances.

14. MrMC Lite

MrMC Lite

The MrMC Lite app enables users to fully control movies so they may be seen directly on a smartphone screen. It displays information about the movie, including the director, writer, studio, rating, formats that are available, release year, overall running time, and a synopsis of the plot.

The MrMC Lite – Most Versatile Video Player software allows users to import multimedia files from the phone’s internal storage in a variety of formats, including videos, music, and other files. The list of recently added movies is displayed on the main screen, and you may pick up watching a movie just where you left off.

By using the pause, play, rewind, and forward buttons as well as the slider to start watching from the desired point of the file, MrMC Lite programme helps users control the playing of the movie. The media player displays the entire running time of the video and allows you to adjust the volume.

15. MoviX


You may easily watch trailer and teaser footage of your preferred forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster movie with Gal Zaid’s entertainment app, MoviX. It displays the box office revenue for the film as well as its overall production costs.

In order to reserve your seats in advance and ensure that you don’t miss the premiere, the app provides comprehensive information about a film. Users may access their favourites, popular theatres, upcoming movies, and top-rated movies from the side panel thanks to its simple UI. This is another todomovies alternative.

The MoviX app assists you in adding movies to your favourite list by letting you tap on the heart icon in the details area. It also displays the movie’s rating from both popular rating sites and other users. By reading the whole biography of an actor or actress, which includes information such as name, date of birth, place of origin, and list of films, users may better understand the film industry.


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